Wiz Tiles For WP7: Customize The Text, Color & Icons Of Live Tiles

It seems the trend of Live Tile customization apps for Windows Phone 7 is growing. Just recently, we covered two apps from said genre, namely Skinery (which offers custom themes for tiles of stock apps only) and Themes For WP7 (offers better theming options, but for unlocked WP7 devices only). New to the Windows Phone Marketplace, Wiz Tiles makes some nice new additions to the genre. Like Skinery, it only lets you customize the tiles for stock apps, but in addition to selecting a background image of your choice for each tile, the app lets you set custom icons, titles and text. More after the break.Read More

Action Movie FX For iPhone: Add Awesome Special Effects To Your Videos

Action and sci-fi movies would be incomplete without special effects. You often find friends huddled outside cinemas discussing scenes of a movie involving exploding cars, planes, buildings; in short, pretty much everything involving an explosion. Just imagine for a minute how much fun it would be if you could film videos and add similar special effects to them (like a missile hitting your car, or a car smashing your friend) right from within your iPhone. Action Movie FX for iOS makes doing so a piece of cake. The app lets you create explosive (pun intended) videos with special effects common to action and sci-fi flicks in just a few taps. More after the jump.Read More

SharePlay: Manage Podcast Streams & Project To External Screens [Mac]

You will find lots of apps for streaming podcasts on almost any platform, and for Mac, both iTunes and QuickTime are great for managing different streams, but if you have one Mac and a large audience that you want to play a podcast to through an external display, you might end up fiddling with a projector for a while before things are up and running. SharePlay is a free Mac app that streams Podcasts and automatically detects and supports external displays. Using the app’s hotkeys, you can control full screen mode and forward or rewind a stream 10seconds from your keyboard.Read More

Tab Notifier: Get Desktop Notifications From Social Networks [Firefox]

Firefox has a built-in feature for sending users desktop notifications but it isn’t used as much. Despite its sophistication, Firefox’s desktop notification just don’t see as much use as they could be. Tab Notifier is a Firefox add-on that helps make better use of the notification feature in Firefox. It lets you receive notifications from any website. You can configure it to show or restrict notifications from websites. It is useful if you would like to be notified when there is new activity on your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoomail or Hotmail etc., or any other page. When the title of a tab changes, or when you receive instant messages on various social networking sites, even when the tab is not focused, Tab Notifier notifies you with new desktop messages, and clicking on these simply opens the tab that triggered the message. You may add filters to specify websites that will be ignored when sending desktop notifications.Read More

Tabulate! Lets You Send Multiple Open Tabs To Others At Once [Chrome]

The process of sharing a bunch of open tabs with your friends or colleagues can be a monotonous task and if you’re easily distracted by repetitive work it gets all the more annoying to do. Not only do you have to copy-paste each link separately, but you might often mix up which links you’ve already and to whom. This task can not only take forever, but can also be quite frustrating. Tabulate!, a Chrome extension, makes this whole process dead simple by letting you send a list of all your open tabs to someone else as a single, shortened URL. The extension simply creates a link to a list of the tabs open in your current window. It uses the Bridge URL service to create the shortened, unified link, which leads to a page with individual links to every page, along with an option to open all links at once.Read More

TopHat App Menu: Access Favorite Apps From System Menu Bar [Mac]

Dock is the precious space that you reserve for your frequently-used apps, but it’s also where minimized windows go until you revisit them. Imagine having one too many apps or folders on the Dock, and trying to find the one you need. While Launchpad might make it easier for you, you can give TopHat App Menu Lite a try. This Mac app adds a window to your desktop that lists all, frequently-used, recently-used and favorite apps (that you add yourself) for quick access.Read More

Photo Power: Feature-Rich iPhone Photo Editor With Fine Tuning Control

When it comes to photo editors for iOS, there is no shortage of apps that can be used to tinker with your photos and add all kinds of effects to them. We have covered a lot of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch photo editors, like Bleach Bypass and Luminance among many others, but there are still many popular ones that haven’t been touched just yet, mainly because there are free alternatives available for them. Photo Power is one such app, which was priced at $2.99 until recently. Now, however, the app has gone free, and that’s why we decided to take a good look at it. Read on to know everything about this convenient and feature-rich photo processor.Read More

Radio Controlled Is A Free Pandora Client For Windows Phone 7

Pandora is a music streaming service with quite a lot of followers. For such a popular service, it makes sense that some of its users must be on Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, there is no official Pandora app for WP7 yet, despite the presence of a considerable WP7 contingent among Pandora’s subscribers. However, what isn’t available officially on the Mango platform, usually makes its way to the Marketplace via third-party clients. Same is the case with Pandora, which has now got Radio Controlled, an app that will let you do just about anything related to your Pandora account, and while listening to its radio, you aren’t likely to feel that you are not using Pandora’s official app.Read More

Jailbreak & Unlock WP7 Samsung Phones, Enjoy Homebrews And Root Access

If you own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, Christmas just arrived a day earlier for you. Thanks to the amazing work of Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker, an interop unlock has been released for WP7 devices. However, it has to be admitted that Jaxbot’s WindowsBreak is not the first option available for unlocking Mango devices. To get root level access on your phone, you can either pay $99 and register with Microsoft via the developers hub, or there is the option to go for the newly-released Chevron, which costs $9. WP7 users who don’t have a Samsung will still have to resort to those methods, but the lucky Samsung users can get interop unlock for free, which grants a higher level of registry access than Chevron’s $9 developer unlock.Read More

Dotti Disposable Camera: Snap Photos, Have Them Printed & Delivered To You [Android, iOS]

Sincerely Inc. is a name that has already made its mark among smartphone users with some wonderful apps such as Postagram and Holiday Cards for Android and iOS. The concept behind both the apps is simple; just personalize a postcard on your smartphone (with a photo, design and message of your choice), and get it delivered to your desired postal address in printed form. Dotti Disposable Camera is the dev team's latest release in the Android Market and iTunes App Store. The app converts your smartphone into a classic disposable camera, complete with sound effects and animations, and lets you fill its camera roll with as many as 12 captured photos. After a filling the roll with snaps, you can place its delivery order to an address of your liking. Each photo gets printed on 4x6 inch high quality fine paper, and the entire compilation gets delivered in a solidly built envelope to keep your snaps protected. Depending upon the target location, shipment charges and delivery time may vary.Read More

easyRing&Music For WP7: Stream SkyDrive Music, Download & Edit MP3 Songs [Free For Limited Time]

easyRing&Music for Windows Phone 7 lets you search and download songs in MP3 format, look for ringtones, listen to whole playlists created by other users, and even edit songs to make ringtones out of them. In short, if a thing is related to MP3, easyRing&Music can do just about anything with it. The app also provides a solution to a problem which has hounded Mango users for a long time, namely, SkyDrive music streaming. The app originally has a price tag of $0.99, however, the price is on a “pay if you want” basis for a limited time, that is, if you download the app's trial version right now, you will be able to continue using it without any sort of time limitation.So, why exactly would you want to download easyRing&Music when the Marketplace has so many other good ringtone apps on offer for Mango phones? Well, for one thing, using the app is really easy, and in addition to that it just might have one of the biggest repositories of tones as compared to all its competitors, and the best thing is that the number of ringtone sources in the app is always on the rise.Read More

iXiGO Brings Its Hotel & Flight Searching App To The Android Market

After the success of its official iOS client in the iTunes App Store, the popular online flight and hotel search service, iXiGO, has released an Android variant of the app in the Android Market. Just like its iOS counterpart, the official Android client of iXiGO vows to help you search for the best available travel facilities in terms of price and accessibility. Whether you wish to search for cheap flights, track flight status and delays, call your preferred airline services, locate worldwide hotels, travel sites and airports on map, compare various hotels by amenities, fares and distance, or make online bookings, iXiGO provides you with all the information you need, right on your mobile device.Read More

Words With Friends Official App Available On Nook Store For $2.99

The Nook Tablet hasn’t seen the resounding response that the Kindle Fire has, but people are nonetheless getting on board. As with all such new devices operating in a whole new ecosystem, the world of unbounded browsing isn’t yet open. So, while you may be enjoying reading books on the Nook, you still have to hold out on official apps to use a lot of services. For those addicted to Words with Friends, Zynga’s poplar game and viable alternative to scrabble, there is now an official Words with Friends app available on the Nook Store for $2.99.Read More

3 Apps To Change Mac Desktop, Save Icon Layout & Add Second Menu Bar

If you need a feature-rich image editor, or a really great app to edit and mash up videos, you wouldn’t normally go scourging for small apps, and you’d very likely be paying for what you need. For the bigger things you want to do on your Mac, there is a whole store full of them, but for smaller desktop managing needs, here are three apps that you might find useful. Secondbar lets you add a second menu bar to your Mac display, and you can extend it as a separate bar to a second monitor. The  bar can be dragged to any part of the screen, mirroring the original system menu bar in behavior. Desktop Icon Manager is a simple app that will memorize where you’ve positioned your icons, and will restore them to that point for you. Change Desktop is an app that lets you select several folders on your system, and display all images in them as wallpaper. The app expertly handles smaller photographs by complimenting the extra space with a color that brings the images out. More on these three after the break.Read More

Password Security Scanner: View Passwords Stored In Windows Apps & Check Their Strength

Most Windows applications including Google Talk, MS Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger etc, which have login input form, allow users to save the username and password, so they don’t have to enter their login details every time to login in to the application. Since Windows doesn’t have an option to list all the saved login details to verify the username and password integrity, you may need an application that lets you check all the saved passwords from one hood. Password Security Scanner is a standalone application from Nirsoft, which finds all the saved login details, letting you check the password strength and other like attributes to verify the integrity without having to manually extract login details from applications.Read More

Remotely Access Your PC Or Mac With LogMeIn For iPhone & iPad, Free Version Now Available!

LogMeIn is a tool that can be used to create a remote connection between one desktop computer and another, or between a desktop and a smartphone. Up until now, the iOS app for LogMeIn bore a price tag of $39.99, but - good news for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users - you can now use this amazing tool without having to pay a dime! LogMeIn has released a free version of its iOS client, which, despite having a few limitations, still has the potential to be termed one of the best free remote desktop solutions for the platform.Read More

Keka: Extract Protected Archives & Split Large Ones Into Parts [Mac]

Compressing files to reduce their size is something we’ve all done, either to save disk space, or to make it easier and faster to email them. For the Windows platform, there are a multitude of file compression applications available, and very few of them will cost you anything. Mac, however, is a different story. The default Mac archiving utility takes care of most compression formats, as does Unarchiver, a famous file compression and extraction app. However, password protected zip archives are different. Keka is a paid Mac app that handles the usual file compression and extraction functions, and can also create and open password protected files (provided you have the password; this isn’t for cracking passwords). The app supports 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2, lets you password protect files, and split files by size suitable for writing to a CD or DVD. Keka costs $1.99 in the Mac app store, but if you want the older version of the app (which we tested), you can download it for free from the developer’s website.Read More

Evernote’s Skitch Now On iPad, Lets You Edit & Annotate Photos, Maps & Webpages

Yes, we know that there is a new drawing tool almost everyday in the App Store and there is absolutely no point in downloading another one, but if you get a combination of a drawing, map and image editing/annotating tool that has been launched by none other than the productivity app giant Evernote, then you ought to give it a second thought as, previously available only for android platform, Skitch by Evernote is now available for iPad users too. With Skitch, you can capture and annotate snapshots, navigate and mark map locations, or use the iPad's larger screen to create some elaborate sketches.Read More

HostsMan: Edit, Restore, Manage And Merge Multiple Windows Hosts File

Just like other OS platforms, Windows includes a hosts file that lets user map domains with their IP address to increase access speed, redirect domains to preferred locations (by specifying IP address), and completely block the domain access. In a network environment, a system administrator may enforce using a single hosts file that redirects, let’s say, Facebook.com to Google.com every time a client PC tries to access Facebook, or map domains with active IP locations, so client PCs can quickly access them without having to wait for DNS resolve processes to respond. Earlier, we covered a number of hosts file managers including BlueLife Hosts Editor, Hosts Mechanic and Hosts Editor. This time around we bring you a feature-rich hosts file management solution called HostsMan. It has been developed to efficiently manage and edit multiple hosts file without having to manually modify Windows hosts file (present in System32/drivers/etc folder).Read More