Memo: Add Password-Protected Sticky Notes To Your Desktop [Mac]

The phrase, ‘There’s an app for that,’ got around not only because in the world of Apple, there is an app for everything, but also because that is how you get most of the features you want on your product. Case in point; getting sticky notes on your Mac. There is, no doubt, a multitude of apps, both free and paid, available for the Mac platform (Evernote being one of the more famous cross-platform services), but for your simpler sticky note needs, you have Memo. Much akin to the Sticky Notes app in Windows 7, this simple app creates memos on your desktop and lets you password protect them. It also claims to sync with iCloud, and lets you separate which memos to sync and which not to. Read More

QRGen Is Lightweight QR Code Generator With Multiple Image Formats

Whenever you go to you nearest grocery store, you must have noticed the sales man scanning a UPC (Universal Product Code) of your product. UPCs are barcodes and akin to UPC on your products, barcodes are used in numerous other ways. Barcodes are basically machine-readable, data-encoded images that contain miscellaneous information related to an item. The information embedded inside is non-readable to humans and cannot be altered, too. A barcode can contain any type of data, ranging from the price of an item to simply the download link of a song. Barcodes are now being used a lot on the internet in the form of QR codes, to distribute links among users. Should you own an Android device, you must have seen QRCodes in Google Play Store as well. Ever wondered how these codes are created? By simply using a computer application (and a little bit of your brain). Some days back, we covered a QR code generator called BarCode Generator, that would let you generate and export QR codes into images. If you wanted a lucid solution to generate QR codes, check out QRGen . It is a portable application that lets you to easily generate QR codes and save them into multiple image formats. Supported image formats include JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. Details to follow shortly. Read More

Color Finder: Extract All Colors’ HEX & ARGB Values From An Image

Use of the right colors gives a lot of appeal to a website. In graphic design projects, colors are of a major importance, since your use of colors decides the end-look of the website. Suppose, you spot a color in an image that you really like, and want to use in your website’s color palette, but how will you find the exact HEX code of that particular color? Colors Finder is an open source application that lets you list the' HEX values for all colors in an image. It will help you in fine tuning the HEX color codes for your website. The application lists the Color, its Hexadecimal value, its OLE code, the RGC values and HUE, and Brightness and Saturation ratios. You can add the image from a folder, copy it from clipboard or directly analyze an image on the web by providing its URL. Read more about Colors Finder after the break. Read More

Xperia Play Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Port [Download & Install]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gets ICS! Finally, after the Xperia Arc, Ray & Neo V got ICS ports, the Xperia Play seemed to have been left out in the cold. Not anymore thanks to XDA-Developer forum member nickholtus who has released what is an Alpha build, based on Android 4.0.1. So let’s take a look into what this ROM has to offer. Read More

Face Swap For WP7 Lets You Exchange Faces Of Two People In A Photo

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is riddled with apps that are there just for fun. Such apps might not strictly fall into the category of games, but their main purpose is to amuse. Microsoft Research's Face Swap is one such app. The app borders between an app and a game. Its purpose, as its name implies, is to swap the faces of two people in a photo. All you need to do is pick a photo with two faces clearly visible in it, and the app uses its face-recognition to do the rest for you - excellent for having some fun with your friends' photos. The best thing about the app is that the modified photos barely leave any tell-tale traces of graphical alteration; they actually look very real. Read More

Unbrick Rooted HTC EVO View 4G After Honeycomb 3.2 OTA Update

If you’re here, you have probably managed to update your S-OFF and rooted EVO View 4G to Honeycomb 3.2, consequently ending up soft bricking your device. Luckily, there is a solution out of it that will fix your device in no time and have it back, up and running tahnks to Android Central forum member and developer beezy. So lets not waste more time, and get down to business!

Read More

Customize Or Remove iOS Screenshot Flash With IsMyFlash [Cydia Tweak]

There are a few fundamental features of iOS that aren't given a lot of attention. Take screenshots as an example. Whenever you take a screenshot on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there is always that familiar flash on the screen, which lets you know that the current screen has been successfully captured. You might not have given much thought to it, but a developer from the Cydia store has. IsMyFlash is a jailbreak tweak using which you can make a few interesting changes to the way the aforementioned screenshot flash appears on your screen. The tweak serves a dual purpose. It is possible to change the colour of the screen capture flash using IsMyFlash, but in addition to that you can also choose to display a notification every time a screenshot is captured successfully. Read More

ICS / CM9 AOSP ROM For Motorola Droid 3 [Download & Install]

The Droid 3 gets Ice Cream Sandwich! Owners of the Droid 3, can finally taste the ICS goodness on their device thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Hashcode. The ROM has been developed using the CM9 sources as well as some of the published Moto Source from Droid 3 and RAZR. The ROM is an Alpha build right now and like a lot of ICS AOSP ROMs out there; has bugs and glitches that need to be ironed out. Read More

Sign Docs Electronically On The Go With Adobe EchoSign For iPhone & iPad

More and more people are using electronic signatures in the corporate sector for secure transfer of legal documents since it is a much better alternative to sending your documents via courier or air mail, especially if you have offices or clients overseas. Also, electronic signatures are ideal for confidential fax and emails that can easily fall into the wrong hands. Popular electronic signature web service Adobe EchoSign has has released its official mobile client for iOS devices to allow the secure sending and receiving of  important legal and corporate documents from anywhere and at anytime. The app allows you to keep track of all documents that have been signed or are pending for signatures with this app and send electronically signed faxes. Read More

Motorola Droid A855 Gets ICS Custom ROM [Download & Install]

The first Droid from Motorola, gets its first taste of Ice Cream Sandwich! This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member kfazz in the form of a custom ROM based on Android 4.0.3 and is a Pre Alpha release for now, meaning, the ROM is not fully functional or suited as a daily driver. The ROM is strictly meant for advanced users who can help test the ROM, or for those who are simply adventurous. So if you wish to try out the first early ICS build for the first Droid, do not let us stop you. Read More

Automatically Mount USB Disks On The Galaxy Nexus With StickMount

Lately, several phones have been released with hardware support for using them as USB hosts, so that you can connect USB mass storage devices to them and access the data stored on them right from your phone. However, it is more than likely that you have faced difficulties in doing so on your Galaxy Nexus, despite the fact that it supports the USB On-The-Go feature. Apparently, Google has disabled the automated mounting for mass storage devices for some reason unknown to us right now. While we aren't sure whether Google is working on this or not and whether we will see this functionality added in an update or not, you can do it right away with free app StickMount. More info after the jump! hat does the app do? It automatically mounts and dismounts your USB mass storage devices. Oh and, if you're not rooted, this app is not for you as the app requires root permission in order to run the commands required to mount the external storage. More on the app, after the break! Read More

Convert & Download Websites As EPUB eBooks With dotEPUB [Chrome]

Reading interesting articles can be both relaxing and rewarding, but reading them online can be quite tiring. dotEPUB, a Chrome extension, allows you to generate eBooks from webpages that you can read later. When you come across interesting but lengthy articles or webpages, dotEPUB allows you to download them as EPUB eBooks. These can then be read on different EBook readers, including all major smartphone platforms. dotEPUB can also be of help when you don’t have access to the internet and want to read something. It lets you create a library of all your favorite articles, posts and more. Read More

ABBREX: View Abbreviation & Acronym Definitions In Tooltips [Chrome]

ABBREX is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to find the meanings of abbreviations and acronyms on any website. You no longer need to navigate away from your current webpage to find the meanings of different abbreviations. Whenever you mouse over abbreviations, the full form is displayed in tooltips, including a definition for the term. ABBREX is community-based, and any one can contribute to it by adding abbreviations or meanings to its database. By default, ABBREX is on blacklist mode, meaning it will expand abbreviations on all web pages unless you put a domain in the blacklist, and if you switch to whitelist mode, it won't retrieve the meaning on any site unless you add that particular website to the whitelist. Read More

CamTethering: Take Pictures & Schedule Time Lapse Photos On Mac

You may have connected a lot of devices to your Mac; phones, tablets, cameras and what not. For the most part, you do it only to access files on the device, and very seldom is it seen that you can actually use the device. This means not connecting you device for just accessing the storage, but actually using the device for its intending functionality. CamTethering is a free Mac App that allows you to connect your capable DSLR camera via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth, and take pictures from it. You can specify the shutter speed, the F Number, shutter speed and crop factor. Read More

Fully Customize Windows Restore Points With System Restore Manager

System Restore Manager is a portable application that provides you with a complete range of options to manage your Windows system restore points. Using this application, you can create a System Restore Point, let other users enable/remove restore points, select the amount of disk space allocated for system restore points, change the restore point time to live (TTL) and change the system restore interval (e.g. 24 hours). Read More

Dropbox For Android Updated With Batch Upload, Improved Gallery & More

As announced on the official Dropbox forums, a preview build of the updated (v1.3.0.6) official Dropbox client for Android has just been released, an APK of which is now available for download. Apart from getting a taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI, the updated client brings plenty of new features for Android smartphones as well as tablets. These include better and quicker access to your Dropbox content, batch-uploading files to cloud and quick access to favorite content while offline. The updated client also brings a new native gallery to help you select/upload your photos and videos with ease. Preforming various file and folder actions such as renaming, deletion, sharing et al have also been made quite convenient. Read More

Social Lite: Facebook, Twitter & Gmail Client With iOS-Like Interface

Social Lite is an application which makes it possible to manage Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts within a compact, iOS-style interface. This way, one can avoid using the browser for managing social media and Gmail accounts, and also receive system tray notifications for new updates. Furthermore, Social Lite is a cross-platform application with versions for Windows and Mac OS X. Details, screenshots, and download link after the break. Read More

Cardmon For iPhone: Create & Share Custom Greeting Cards With Friends

With Christmas just a few days away, it's time to start sending those Christmas postcards on their way. There are a ton of greeting card apps available for iOS, some of which even let you design, purchase and send real postcards, like Apple's very own Cards for iOS 5. Cardmon is a nice new addition to the genre. The app lets you create custom cards for all occasions, and then share them with your friends via email or over social media. You must have come across a lot of services that offer cards for all occasions, but sending those cards to your loved ones never sends the right kind of message, given the fact that anyone could have sent the exact same card to them, and there is usually a logo or ad linked with the e-Card as well. Cardmon solves all these issues by letting its users make clean, personalized cards and share them easily with your friends even if they don't have an iOS device. Read More

browsAR: Scan QR Codes To View Facebook Profiles In Augmented Reality [Android & iOS]

The reason QR codes are so popular with mobile device users is that they eliminate the need to go through the hassle of typing in the information contained, be it URLs or plain text. Scanning a QR code simply displays the information on a separate screen within the scanner or, in the case of an encoded URL, launches the browser. Wouldn't it be much more convenient if you view the encoded information right over the QR code, without having to navigate to a separate page? Developed by Gravity Jack, browsAR for Android and iOS blends the concept of QR code scanning and augmented reality into what the dev team calls QAR (Quick Augmented Reality) codes. As of this writing, the app allows you to create and scan QAR codes for Facebook profiles. When you scan one of these QAR codes with the app, the associated Facebook profile information appears right within the scanner's viewfinder, as if hovering in mid air. Read More

Cloud Printer: Send Files To Google Cloud Print From Desktop [Mac]

We’ve reviewed a Chrome extension in the past that allowed you to print webpages via a cloud printer associated with your Google account, but to print documents, you would have to access them through Chrome. Cloud Printer is a Mac app that lets you send print jobs to Google Cloud printers from your desktop. You do not need to access Chrome (although you must have it installed on your system), as the app lets you browse for the file and send it to a configured printer. The slight downside of the app, is that it does not let you choose printer preferences for a particular job, and if you want to restrict printing to simple black & white, you will have to set it from Chrome’s print page. Read More