Opera Mini Available For Fully Unlocked WP7 Custom ROMs

There are several mobile browsers available for a range of smartphone devices but among all of them, Opera Mini's smooth and light browsing experience makes it perhaps the most popular choice among mobile device users. Currently, Windows Phone 7 is the only major platform that doesn't have the browser in its app store. Fortunately, XDA-Developers member ultrashot seems to have successfully ported the Windows Mobile variant of Opera Mini 5.1 to the metro platform. However, it isn't for everyone unfortunately, since to run the port, your device must have fully unlocked custom firmware (such as DFT Freedom) flashed to it. Let's find out more about Opera Mini for Windows Phone 7 after the jump. Read More

Microsoft Releases Lync 2010 Client For Windows Phone 7

Good news for professionals who own Windows Phone 7 devices: Microsoft has released a mobile client for their remote conferencing service Lync 2010 to the Windows Phone Marketplace. With Lync 2010 for WP7, you can hold instant message conversations or VoIP calls with your professional colleagues with just a tap of your finger. Lync 2010, like its desktop version, follows a solid security protocol to protect your confidential conversations. In what follows, we will take a brief look at Lync 2010 and the features offered by this mobile remote conferencing app. Read More

Access Frequently Used Applications From Desktop Toolbar With Coolbarz

Desktop management applications are used to provide you with easy and quick access to your frequently accessed applications, while keeping the desktop clean. Many users want to avoid having a lot of icons on their desktop, as it can give a look of the desktop being cluttered. A few weeks back, we covered an application management tool, Stardock Tiles, that manages active application by installing a visual bar to the side of your computer screen. If you are looking for a similar autohide-bar to manage shortcuts for frequently accessed applications, check out Coolbarz. It allows you to add application shortcuts to desktop toolbars on all four edges of your screen. The toolbars are have autohide functionality, enabling you to perform your tasks without any interference. It also lets you change the behavior and style of toolbars such as Position, Color, Alignment, Fade In, Fade Out etc. Read More

MyFolders: Copy/Move Items And Execute Commands From Selected Folders

MyFolders is a Windows Explorer Shell Extension that makes it easier to instantly open folders, and to execute commands from specific system directories. It creates a new drop down menu within the Windows right-click context menu, where you can add folders and execute commands from specified directories. Moreover, you can also easily copy and move items to specific folders. Read on past the jump for more on this nifty shell extension. Read More

Root Toshiba Thrive On Honeycomb 3.2.1 OTA ROM [US & Canada]

Toshiba Thrive gets rooted on HC 3.2.1! Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb tablet, which was achieved by putting the tablet into fastboot mode. However, a lot of users upgraded to the official Honeycomb 3.2.1 OTA update that Toshiba pushed out, in the hopes that root will soon be made available. Well that wasn’t the case, much to the users dismay, Toshiba had removed fastboot from the US and Canadian ROMs due to the addition of DRM for renting of Google Videos. Toshiba however was kind enough to offer a roll back, but that is not the answer. Tablet ROMs forum member dalepl and @Turnyourbackandrun from thriveforums.org have just released an automated script that will root your your device running the Canadian or US ROM in no time at all. Read More

SoundCloud Downloader: Search & Download Music, Add To iTunes [Mac]

We’ve covered desktop apps for downloading music from SoundCloud for Windows 7, and we also featured a browser script that lets you do the same. SoundCloud Downloader, as common as the name is, is a downloader app for Mac, which allows you to search for a song from the said service, download it, and add it automatically to your iTunes folder. The app doesn’t have a music player, which means you cannot preview a song before downloading it, and will only know if you’ve got the right one once download is complete. The app downloads songs in MP3 format. Read More

SwitcherLoader: Customize & Add Options To iPhone’s App Switcher [Cydia]

App Switcher is one of the most-widely used features of iOS. Every iPhone user is in the habit of double tapping the home button every few minutes to bring up the list of apps that have recently been used, as well as to control the music volume. Seeing the App Switcher’s wide usage, it is a bit surprising that there are very few ways of customizing it, even with Cydia tweaks. SwitcherLoader is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to do just that. If you have got this useful tweak, you can reorder the app switcher, remove some pre-existing functions, and even add new items to it. Read More

Screenshot Dam: Stop iPhone Screenshots’ Sync To iCloud [Cydia]

iCloud became an integral part of the iOS after release of iOS 5. It certainly is a pretty convenient service to have, especially if you own more than one iOS devices. With iCloud, the photos and apps on your iPhone automatically appear on the iPad and iPod touch you own (check out our detailed review of iCloud and all its features). Apart from that, it is a good way of backing up your data. However, with iCloud come certain annoying nuisances, with one being the syncing of items that you don’t want to go to the cloud, thereby cluttering up the storage and making it difficult to find the thing you were actually looking for. Usually, when you take screenshots on your iPhone, you probably won't want them to go to iCloud, as they are mostly for temporary usage. Screenshot Dam is a simple Cydia tweak that recognizes screenshots as separate entities from other photos, and doesn’t allow them to sync with the cloud. Read More

Waze: Navigation On iPhone/iPad With A Touch Of Social Networking

While human beings cannot match computers in terms of efficiency and speed, there are some things which can only be done properly with a human hand and mind, at least until now. Many services and apps for iOS can help you navigate while driving, but the information is, usually, pretty mechanical, and can never replicate a phone call from your co-worker, telling you of a road-block on the way to work. Waze is an app for iPhone and iPad that lets people collaborate with each other to map out the best route to a particular place. Users of the app broadcast any information they might have about a hazard or accident regarding a particular area of any road. Details after the break. Read More

Run Selected HTML: Instantly Execute And Preview HTML Code [Chrome]

HTML might be a very basic web language but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. Basic HTML is extremely easy to learn and you can literally teach yourself how to create a simple form in a day. Once you do get started, you will realize two things; one, that it really is easy to learn and two, that you have to refresh your HTML page each time you make the slightest change to the source file. Not just that, many of the best websites for learning HTML don’t give you a preview of what a particular tag does and if you only want to see how a certain bit of code renders as a webpage, you will have to create an HTML file for it. It’s time consuming to say the least. A Google Chrome extension, Run Selected HTML, can be of great help in such a case. With this extension, you can instantly run a demo of any selected HTML code. Usage is as simple as highlighting the code, clicking the Run Selected Code option in the context menu, and view the code as a webpage. Read More

What Is The WP7 Homebrew Store, Bazaar, & How To Install It

If you are a smartphone user, then you most probably have heard about Cydia, the alternative app store for jailbroken iOS devices. In Android, no such alternative is necessary, as anyone can flash an APK file to their device. That left out Windows Phone 7 - or not any more, as the platform just got its very own marketplace for apps that didn’t get Microsoft’s approval to be published in the official Marketplace, or are just homebrews. Every other day, the XDA community, or other developers, launch XAP files containing useful apps, which would never be published in Marketplace for a variety of reasons. Bazaar hopes to be a new way of streamlining the whole process of finding and installing new homebrews to unlocked Mango phones. Read on to find all about this potential game-changer, which is still in it’s beta testing phase. Read More

IE View: Load Websites In Internet Explorer Compatibility [Firefox]

Some websites are still not compatible with Chrome or Firefox, and work best when launched in Internet Explorer. This becomes quite a catch, because both Firefox and Chrome are definitive market leaders, and generally preferred, but most intranet websites (especially those employing Microsoft's tech under the hood) rely on IE for intended rendering, thus enforcing a choice of browser on the user. Then, there are web developers, who need to switch between different browsers in order to test new web pages for cross-browser compatibility. Previously, we covered an extension, IE Tab Classic, that loaded a webpage with full Internet Explorer compatibility view inside Chrome. IE View, a similar Firefox add-on, allows you to load a webpage in Internet Explorer through the right-click context menu. Furthermore, you can also mark certain websites to always load in IE. Read More

CALCNEXT: Handy 7-In-1 Calculator/Converter For Android & iOS

The mobile/smartphone world is certainly no stranger to calculators and metric conversion tools. Whether you’re looking for a replacement to your device’s stock calculator app or a scientific one that offers extensive calculating options, rest assured that you’ll be able to find more than a significant amount of apps to choose from. CALCNEXT is yet another extremely useful addition to the long list of calculator apps for Android and iOS-powered devices that provides you with an option to work with no less than seven of the most essential calculation/conversion tools - a scientific and mortgage calculator as well as currency, area, mass, time and temperature converters. CALCNEXT comes with TTS (text-to-speech) support, that is, it reads aloud all entered data. Read More

Quickly Manage & Switch Multiple Gmail/Google Accounts In Chrome

Using two or Google accounts at one time can be really bothersome, especially since you can only use one account at a time across all Google services. Quick Login For Google Accounts, a Google Chrome extension, allows you to log into any of your Google accounts with a single click. All you need to do is enter your username and password (optional) in the Quick Login options, and the next time you come across a Google login page, Quick Login assistant will pop-up and let you view all your configured accounts, so you can login with just a click. This extension not only lets you access different accounts, but also works as a password manager, login helper and an account switcher, specifically for Google accounts. Read More

HRS Hotel Search For WP7 Lets You Find And Book Hotels On The Go

You have bought the tickets for your vacation, done last minute shopping, taken care of all the urgent tasks at work, and are all set to board the fight when you realize you haven't booked a hotel! HRS Hotel Search lets you search for and book rooms in over 250,000 registered hotels using your Windows Phone 7 device. You can customize the search in terms of days and nights you want to stay, whether you would be staying with a child, the star rating of a hotel, etc. Read More

Secure Sensitive Information Under One Password With Vault For WP7

It's nearly impossible to keep a mental record of your entire work security information, National ID Card number, credit and debit card PINs etc, and keeping the information in a book or slip of paper isn't a feasible solution at all. Wouldn’t it be better if you could save a digital copy of all your private information in one place under just one security code? Vault for Windows Phone 7 lets you save information about your credit cards, debit cards, work, personal, social accounts information and more and secure it all under one password. Read More