Sweet Home 3D: Cross-Platform, Interior Home Design Software For The Average Joe

Sweet Home 3D is an open source, Java-based interior design application that lets you place your furniture on a 2D plane with 3D preview. It allows you to draw walls and rooms, drag and drop doors, windows and furniture from a catalog into the plan, change colors, texture, size and orientation of walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. While designing and decorating the home in 2D, the application lets you view all the additions and changes simultaneously in a 3D preview. You can create photorealistic images and videos with various light sources to choose from. Moreover, you can export the interior designing plans in various standard formats and import additional 3D models to the application. Read more about Sweet Home 3D after the break. Read More

Sort & Organize MS Outlook Items According To Project With yourMail

yourMail is an MS Outlook add-on which helps you reduce the time and effort involved in manual email management. It compiles emails, attachments and other tasks for a particular project, and displays them in a unified manner for easy sorting and management of MS Outlook items related to that specific project. It’s intuitive search and filing options allow emails and attachments to be stored in a structured way, which saves time, and easily allows to located project specific items, when needed. Read More

Dragbox: Drag & Share Source Code Without Signing Up [Web]

Dragbox, a simple web application, allows you to share source code with others in only a few easy steps. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the code files into the provided container. As you drop these files, a link will be generated, which can then be shared with others. Your target recipients can not only view the code, but also manipulate it. Dragbox is completely free, and only requires a log in with your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, code files with a maximum size of up to 5MB can easily be shared. Read More

Publication Finder: Find & Download Research Papers As PDFs [Chrome]

Looking for scholarly or academic research articles? If you're a student, for instance, finding the right research paper for your final year project can be a pain. While some papers are provided for free, often access to research papers is restricted in one way or the other. You might not be able to find the actual source, download it as a PDF, or it might simply be paid. Publication Finder, a Chrome extension, annotates digital library web pages with direct links to research publications, direct download links to PDFs and a search option. A Google Scholar toolbar is added to the top of these webpages. It is quite a handy tool for finding research papers online while browsing popular digital libraries. Read More

Ocster Backup: Backup Files & Folders Even When They Are In Use

Backup of important data can act as a lifesaver in case of, say, a hard disk crash. The problem with most backup applications is that they don’t let you backup files and folders if they are in use. Ocster Backup is a backup and restore utility that takes care of this problem. It lets you create incremental backups of your data and store the backups on hard drives, USB drives or in the cloud using Ocster Secure Storage. The application allows you to encrypt your backups with AES (256 Bit) encryption, and backups can be performed automatically at scheduled times. Backups can also be paused and resumed in the middle, should you need to shutdown your computer. Read More

Encode Messages & Valuable Text Inside Images Using Cipher Image Free

Transferring sensitive information from one place to another without compromising the privacy of data is a tricky business in the current world, where not even your account statements are safe from hacker groups and privy individuals. Hiding information inside images is called Steganography, and it is a rather safe method for transferring sensitive data. This way, until unless knows that a picture contains data, and has the key to decrypt it, no one can get  to it. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to hide data into images, read on. Cipher Image Free is a tool that lets you encode images and hide valuable text into any image. Several encrypted images together with hidden text can also be saved into one file. The program supports more than 21 image formats, and allows saving the output file in 7 different formats. Cipher Image Free uses 128-bit encryption, and allows you to either generate an automatic key or create one of your own. Read More

List Ubuntu & Debian Package Dependencies In Terminal With apt-rdepends

Sometimes, it can become quite a complicated task to make a package work on an Ubuntu machine. The reason for this is mostly associated with the requirement of installing a few package dependencies. In such a case, you are also likely to come across a pop-up dialog box, informing you that the package cannot be installed as the required package dependencies are not installed. apt-rdepends is a utility that performs recursive dependency listings of any Ubuntu and Debian packages. This tool searches for and lists all the package dependencies by looking through the APT cache. Read More

mDesktop Lets You Create & Manage Up To 10 Virtual WorkSpaces

If you are one of those people who are easily distracted if there are a lot of applications opened on their screen, virtual desktops are a great way to get your focus back. Virtual desktops allow you to create multiple workspaces, enabling you to keep your work organized. You can avoid all the clutter and distraction, increasing your productivity and decreasing the time wasted in opening and closing applications. Having a separate work space for each project increases your efficiency because you will not have to waste time in looking through a pile of open documents to find the one you are looking for. Today, we are bringing you a desktop manager that allows you to have more than one virtual desktops. mDesktop is an open source application that lets you create multiple desktops on your computer screen. It supports up to 10 virtual desktops, allows switching between desktops using hot keys, and lets you send active applications to any virtual desktop. Moreover, you can maintain a list of applications that you would like to keep enabled on all virtual desktops. Read More

Root LG myTouch On Android 2.3 Gingerbread [How To]

The LG myTouch was developed by LG for the US mobile carrier, T-Mobile. The device packs a potent hardware setup with a 1Ghz Scorpion CPU, HSPA+ connectivity and a 5MP camera capable of recording at 720p. Such a device, deserves to be rooted to unleash its true potential, and what better way to root it than the SuperOneClick tool. However, the tool does work, only after a slight commands sent via ADB. No, its still not complicated at all. We’ll show you how.

Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Precedent In One Click [How To]

Galaxy Precedent is a CDMA based mobile phone intended for the budget market. It is not uncommon for budget phones to have their rooting guides on popular Android forums buried underneath a pile of guides concerning the much hotter phones. If you still have a Galaxy Precednt lying around, or are still using one and have never rooted it, you may like to know that rooting the device is simply a one click automated process. Want to root yours? Just read on for our complete guide. Read More

HTC Sensation Gets Sense 3.5 Based ICS ROM [Download & Install]

Ice Cream Sandwich for the HTC Sensation has arrived, but layered with the HTC Sense 3.5. Earlier we covered a post on an ICS leak for the Galaxy S II, and that too, carried the TouchWiz UI on it, and people had mixed feelings about that. So how would people feel about running ICS with Sense 3.5, remains to be seen. For now, lets take a look at the ROM that comes from the popular developers at XDA, the RC Team. RCMix ICE is based on Android 4.0.1 and we take a look at what the ROM has to offer and how you can install it on your Sensation. Read More

Location-Based Photo Sharing App Evaway Comes To Android

Evaway is a free web service using which you can share geotagged photos of memorable travels with the world. To entertain the needs of Android and iOS users who love capturing, sharing and exploring photos of scenic locations on the go, the service has a mobile client available on the app stores of both platforms. More than anything else, the app is meant to provide you with a chance to share your travel experiences with other users. You can instantly grab a fresh snap, or import one from your device’s gallery and share it via the app in just a few taps. That’s not all; the app features a Challenges section that lets you earn badges by traveling to nearby locations. Read More

Rooted Kindle Fire Software Update (6.2.1) Available [Download & Install]

Amazon pushed out a software update for the Kindle Fire this week, and while all went good for users with non rooted devices, those who updated their rooted devices, lost all root access and the Android Market, keyboard apps, and are now back to a stock Kindle Fire. Well, you had to see this coming Kindle Fire users, but if you’re one of the few lucky ones who got caught into this post and were considering updating to 6.2.1 but are now deciding not to, hold that thought, because there is a fix available, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member eldarerathis. He has released a  pre-rooted updated ROM that you can now flash on your Kindle Fire and be running the 6.2.1 updated ROM without loosing root access and privileges. Read More

One Click Root, Recovery & Market Installation For Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire gets automated root, recovery and market installation! Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the Kindle Fire, followed by a guide on installing the Android Market on the device. Honestly, very tedious methods, and we’re sure there are plenty of users out there with the Kindle Fire wanting to root their devices but are waiting for a rather simpler solution than the ones available. Guess what, that simpler (way simple!) solution is now available, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Vashypooh. He has developed a tool that automates the rooting process, market installation, recovery installation (the new TW 2.0 touch based recovery) and much more. Aptly named, Kindle Fire Utility, it is going to become every Kindle Fire’s owner dream come true. Read More

How To Recover Lost Partitions And Hard Disk Data [Guide]

In our previous guide on securely wiping the hard disk and removable media via Ubuntu Live and DBAN boot CD, we discussed that Windows based disk shredding applications don’t allow wiping the disk partition where Windows is installed. Similarly, there are a great deal of data recovery applications available for Windows such as Recuva, Power Data RecoveryUndelete 360, RecoveryDesk etc, which can seamlessly perform the data recovery operations over not only auxilirary disks, but also removable disks including USB drives, external hard disks, SD cards and so on. What if you want to recover data from disk partition that holds Windows? What would be the most convenient way to run disk recovery operation over an entire disk (including all basic, extended, logical partitions and unallocated space), especially when system fails to boot up? Read More

FileWing: Recover Deleted Files & Shred Data For Complete Removal

In every computer, there are some sensitive files that are not meant for everyone to see. When those files have a purpose to serve, we keep them buried deep inside our hard drives, encrypted and hidden from plain sight, but what to do with them once their use is complete and need to feasible disposal way? Sensitive information always remains sensitive, even if it gets old and you no longer need it. Almost everyone knows that simply deleting a file doesn’t ensure the complete removal of it from the computer; it leaves some traces behind, which can have disastrous effects if wrong people get their hands on it. For example, if you're working in a bank, sensitive information leak such as your clientele's credential, can be the worst possible situation one can imagine. That’s where file shredders come in, to eliminate any chance of file recovery. File shredders completely eliminate the data from your hard drive. Such data can not be used again. I discovered a very neat file shredding tool known as FileWing . The application not only lets you recover files, but as well as shred them using different file deletion algorithms, such as GOST, DoD (ECE), Bruce Schneider, Peter Gutmann etc. Read on to find out more about FileWing. Read More

Enable Functional Table Of Contents For Any Website [Chrome]

Websites today aren’t all text; the content we see online is a good mixture of both images and words. Both elements are inseparable when it comes to good content and to be perfectly honest, the internet would be less interesting without pictures. The only slight problem is that sometimes these elements tend to clutter pages or make them very long. Just going through the home page of a popular website can be a trail on your reading and comprehension skills. When browsing through blogs and content-rich websites, how many times have you actually read everything?  People generally skim through items until they find the right thing to read. TableOfContents is a Google Chrome extension that makes navigation of webpages easier by allowing you to toggle the Table-of-Contents (ToC) for the said page. It creates an expandable Table-of-Contents list, which conveniently allows you to access the headings of lengthy articles. Clicking on a particular heading highlights it, and the webpage content is navigated accordingly. TableOfContents gives users a overall view of what a webpage consists of, rather then displaying selected parts. Read More

ServiceCommander: Manage & Monitor Windows Services On Networked PCs

The best thing about Windows users society is that you can find almost any kind of software containing features not available in out of the box Windows experience. For instance, some days ago we covered Windows Service Monitor, an open source utility that lets you monitor, start and stop user-specified services directly from the system tray without having to open the Windows Task Manager or Service Control Manager. This makes it a tad bit easier to control or halt the behavior of those services with out going through a few additional clicks. Today, we have another tool, ServiceCommander, that allows you to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume or Restart selected services on any computer on your network from the system tray. What sets ServiceCommander apart from the formerly-reviewed tool, is its ability to control and manipulate services on networked PCs, a highly useful feature for many system/network administrators. The program lets you easily add services to the monitoring list, and displays the control functions of each service in the system tray. It also enables you to start, stop or restart all added services at once, as well as direct access to the default Windows applications of Service, Event Viewer and Task Manager. Read More

Official MSN Autos Apps Released For Android, iOS & WP7-Using Car Lovers

If you are one of those blokes who like to visit every car showroom in the city and watch re-runs of Top Gear, scour the web for the latest updates about the automotive industry, and dream of owning a Lamborghini someday, then you are probably familiar with MSN Autos, which is considered to be the largest source of information about all kinds of cars on the internet. If the name does ring a bell with you, and you happen to own an iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7 device, then here's some good news for you. The official app for MSN Autos is now available for all three mobile platforms. The MSN Autos client offers a comprehensive set of features, including search of new and used cars by make/model, category and favorites, slideshows of latest cars in the market, and articles/blogs pertaining to them. Read More

Better Omnibox: Search Bookmarks & History Using Chrome Omnibar

The Omnibar has been one of the distinguishing features of Google Chrome, combining URL entry with instant search and several other useful features. Better Omnibox, a Google Chrome extension, improves upon the existing capabilities of Omnibar and enhances your search results by pulling results from both your bookmarks and browsing history, enabling you to find previously-visited or starred content with even more ease. Better Omnibox is unobtrusive and easy-to-use. All you need to do, is simply type #, hit Space and then enter your query. The extension will display a list of top matches from both bookmarks and history, allowing quicker navigation. Read More