Android 4.0.4 ICS Official Leak For Sprint Nexus S 4G [Download & Install]

The Nexus S 4G gets ICS 4.0.4. Where the Nexus S quickly received its due share of the ICS goodness, the Nexus S 4G was left without something official coming out for the device. However, that has changed with the leak of an official Android 4.0.4, yes, not 4.0.3 but 4.0.4 for the Nexus S 4G. The leak comes to us courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member mrxkills who had earlier released the files that could be flashed via ODIN, and now thanks to Swap Goblin, there is now a CWM flashable zip file availabel as well, making it much easier for users to install this firmware on their device. Even better, the ROM, is rooted.Read More

[Giveaway] QuickShot For iPhone: Automatically Upload Photos & Videos To Dropbox

If you are an iPhone user running iOS 5, then you must be aware of the iCloud integration offered by this latest iOS version. One of the most used feature of iCloud is Photo Stream, which automatically uploads all your Camera Roll photos to the cloud. No one can doubt the usefulness of this capability, but if you are already using some other cloud storage service, like SkyDrive or Dropbox, then it poses a bit of a problem, as your photos are divided across different services, and it becomes relatively hard to manage them. Fortunately, for Dropbox users, now it is possible to easily share your photos and videos over the cloud storage service with the amazingly useful app QuickShot. The app will automatically upload all the photos and videos shot with its camera to Dropbox, and you can even sync older media with ease, too.Read More

How To Convert Physical Computer Into Virtual Machine (VMware, VirtualBox & Virtual PC)

Virtual Machine software like VirtualBox, Virtual PC, Parallels, VMware etc, provide the utility of not only running multiple virtual environments on the host system, but also allow creating and configuring the machines as per the requirements. The Virtual Machine software are designed keeping high-end usage requirements in mind, and therefore, such applications are authorized to gain complete control over all the installed hardware and software components. While machine virtualization utilities are widely used to run disk images of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions, they don’t allow converting the physical into a virtual machine in order to use the entire system on other platforms in a virtual environment. Today, we look at the the simplest way to convert the local machine to virtual machine, and then configure and run it on other systems using virtualization software.Read More

Encoding Decoding: Quickly Encrypt/Decrypt & Password Protect Files

Encoding Decoding is an encryption software, which provides a dead simple mechanism for encoding files, i.e., by dragging them to the applications interface and entering a password for them. This easy to use application makes it possible to quickly secure your important files, to protect them from unauthorized access. Furthermore, it does not replace the input file, but rather, creates a more secure version of it. The only thing that you may have to be concerned with is to remember the password, in order to gain access to protected files. Encoding Decoding (application) can be used to encrypt any kind of file, including pictures, code files, Excel sheets and other MS Office documents, PDF files, etc.Read More

Automatically Activate Android Bluetooth For BT Headset During Calls

Bluetooth headsets, when paired with mobile phones, offer great convenience in making and receiving calls. However, to avail said feature, users have to sacrifice much of their device’s battery life by keeping Bluetooth enabled on it for as long as they wish to receive their calls via the headset. Say hello to Bluetooth on Call – a free Android app that helps automate the process of enabling your device’s Bluetooth, and pairing it with the headset each time a call is received. In this way, Bluetooth remains activated only during calls. As soon as you end the call, the Bluetooth is automatically turned off. In addition, the app can also be set to have your phone automatically enable Bluetooth while your phone is being charged.Read More

Thumbico Lets You View & Extract Icons Of Files, Videos & Applications

Icons allow you to easily differentiate file types and applications from each other by giving you a different visual for every application. Changing file icons through changing the theme is always risky, since it might modify some important and sensitive Windows' files, which can result in some system file getting corrupted. Usually, people keep the default theme offered by Windows and do not make a lot of change to the visuals, but other like to customize every aspect of their operating system in order to have a more personalized feel. If you are one of those people who regularly change their themes and icon packs, but are not satisfied with some of the icons, give Thumbico a try. It is a portable application that lets you view thumbnails of any file, image, document, video or application in your computer, and extract their icons. You can use it to experiment with icons using features like resizing and converting to use the ones that fit both your mood and the application. Keep reading to find out more about Thumbico.Read More

Likes! For Android: View All Your Facebook Friends’ Likes In One Place

In a very short span of time, the social media giant Facebook has had an enormous impact on our daily lives. Not only does the world’s most feverishly followed social network provide us with new and better means to share our sentiments and interesting findings with our friends, but also lets us express our fascination towards a post, comment or place by simply hitting the famous ‘Like’ button. With literally hundreds and thousands of items being Liked by your friends across the entire network, it surely must be hard for you to keep a close tab on the tastes and preferences of every single one of them. Enter Likes! – an extremely handy location-based Android app that scans your Facebook profile for virtually anything that has been Liked by your friends (barring comments), and ranks all items by number of Likes. It is perhaps, the simplest and most ideal way to get a comprehensive overview of everything that’s running hot among your mates on the network.Read More

Official Android Client Released For App, Theme & Ringtone Store Mobile9

Even before smartphones and tablets took the mobile world stage by storm, users of feature phones and dumb phones had the option of resorting to a mobile app store of sorts to download content compatible with their devices. Although not as rich as the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, most of these app stores offered adequate material for users to satiate their hunger for almost all sort of stuff, including wallpapers, GIFs, screensavers, ringtones, apps, games and utilities etc. During those times, Mobile9 has held the the distinction of being one of the most visited online app stores courtesy of the extensive collection of quality apps, games, eBooks, themes, ringtones et al that it offers to users of almost all popular mobile platforms and eBook readers. The app store now has an official Android app, providing users with yet another alternative to the Android Market mobile client. mobile9 Market+ sports a neatly designed interface, arranges apps under several categories, and provides advanced filtering options.Read More

Metro Cheat: Get Classic Start Menu Without Losing Metro UI In Windows 8

Since the release of Windows 8 developer’s preview, there has been a debate among users regarding the utility of the Metro UI and its elements. For those users who did not like the Metro UI, tweaks such as the Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle were introduced shortly after the pre-beta release of Windows 8. However, it appears that it is not the Metro UI itself, but the start menu of the said interface, that has mostly annoyed users. Metro Cheat is a portable application, which allows you to acquire the Windows 7 style classic start menu, while keeping other Metro features intact (e.g.,  the new Task Manager, Explorer Ribbon and Metro Apps). Before using this tweak, please make sure that UAC (User Account Control) is disabled, as the application will not be able to auto start if UAC is even partially enabled.Read More

Search For Similar Images On Google By Drawing Them [Web]

Unofficial Google Image Search By Drawing is a web application that allows you to search Google Images by drawing shapes and anything else you like. You can perform Google Image Search by drawing anything in the box, take pictures from your webcam, or simply drag & drop images from your computer into the box.  Click the Search by Drawing button and results will instantly be displayed. The service offers users with multiple colors and different pencil sizes, which can be changed by moving the slider.Read More

liveshare: Photo Sharing App That Lets Anyone Add Images To Same Album [Web]

Imagine a party where you and some of your friends took photos, and now want to share them for all. Normally, one person would upload those photos to their Facebook profile, or, to collect them all in one place, you might resort to an online file sharing service. There are many services out there that allow you to share photos with friends, but liveshare , a web application, offers users with something unique. It allows you to share photos in a collaborative, real time manner. All you have to do is kick off a photo stream, add photos from your computer, invite friends so they can add their photos to the same album, and then watch the album grow. In addition to that, you can either set the photos to be public or private. liveshare is an amazing way to capture memories and photos from the same event that you and your friends attend. It allows real time sync, is fast, and every member can add photos.Read More

Add & Manage Shortcuts In Windows Send To Menu With Send To Manager

The Send To menu is a very useful but underrated feature of Windows. The reason for it to be underrated, is the fact that the default number of application shortcuts provided in the Send To menu is very low, and editing it is a bit of a hassle if done without a tool designed to edit the Send To Menu. If you don’t want to manually navigate to the Send To folder and add shortcuts to the menu, you can use Send To Manager. It is a portable application for Windows that allows you to manage the shortcuts present in the Windows Send To menu. It lets you view the list of currently available shortcuts, remove unwanted shortcuts, add new custom shortcuts and view the target path of each shortcut. More on Send To Manager after the break.Read More

Sprint Zone: Sprint Customer Support & Battery Monitoring App For iOS

Sprint is a carrier which boasts of more than 53 million users, and a considerable percentage of those subscribers are on iPhone. That is the reason the service provider has launched an iOS app, using which Sprint subscribers can gain access to customer support with ease. Not only that, the app will also let you find Sprint and Apple stores near your current location. Even if you are not on Sprint, Sprint Zone can prove helpful, as it can be used to monitor the battery life and running processes on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Read More

Picturenaut: Create HDR Images From Bracketed Exposures Using Filters

High dynamic Range Imaging, aka HDRI, or simply HDR, is a technique that allows bringing out the range of intensity levels (in images), which are found in real scenes, such as direct sunlight or faint moonlight. HDR techniques are geared towards the representation of contrast between photos of a single imagery. Non-HDR cameras, for example, take pictures at a single exposure level, and hence, have a limited contrast range. This often results in the loss of bright and dark areas of a picture, which can be corrected by using similar images and using HDR techniques. Picturenaut is a HDR imaging application that enables users to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from bracketed exposures. All you have to do is to select the input images, and Picturenaut will adjust the exposures in a single HDR image, with automatic exposure correction, picture alignment and color balancing. Additionally, you can tweak the image by managing the tone mapping for creating a desired image effect. Picturenaut provides 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit modes, gamma adjustment, support for RAW images and real-time preview. Furthermore, this application is fully capable of making use of multi-core processors.Read More

Shadow Explorer: Access And Export Windows Shadow Copies According To Time

Shadow Copy (Volume Snapshot Service) is a technology included in Microsoft Windows that allows users to take manual or automatic backup copies of data. This was first included in Microsoft Windows XP and updated in Windows Vista to make better use of the Shadow Copy service. From time to time, Windows Vista and Windows 7 create copies of your file and store them, enabling you to retrieve previous version of the files and folders in case they are accidently deleted or modified by you or someone else. This service is turned on by default in every system running the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. However, Microsoft only grants access to Windows Ultimate, Business and Enterprise edition users. Shadow Explorer is a tool that allows Windows Home version users to access the shadow copies, and provides a unified interface to explore and export all shadow copies viewable according to time filters. The application lets you retrieve older versions of saved files and folders by letting you browse through the saved data according to date and time.Read More

Pandora for Chrome: Control & Rate Pandora Music From Browser Toolbar

Pandora is an online radio station that lets you listen to a variety of songs from popular artists, but switching between songs and controlling Pandora while you work online can be a bit tiring. Pandora For Chrome, an extension for Chrome, allows you to control Pandora right from the browser's toolbar. It gives you full control of Pandora, and all you have to do is click the button in the toolbar and launch the service from the compact pop-up. Once launched, you can switch between songs, play/pause songs and like/dislike songs. A useful feature of the extension is that, it works seamlessly even when Pandora is open in a different tab or window. It allows you to work and listen to music at the same time without any disruptions. The pop-up displays the song title, artist name and a sharing option.Read More

WNM Live For iPhone: Make New Friends & Chat With People Near You

It doesn’t happen too often that an app is released for iOS after it has been around on Windows Phone 7 for quite a while, but WNM Live is one such rare app. The app has just been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, and it has all the components which made it a success on WP7. WNM Live is basically a social network, but instead of letting you interact with people you know, it allows you to make new friends based on your location and interests. Continue after the jump for details.Read More

CRM & Sales Management App Base Now Available For Android

Although the Android Market presents its users with numerous business-related apps, not many are tailor-made for your sales tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) needs. That said, not all the available solutions are free, or very user-friendly. Enter Base – a simplistic business app for Android and iOS that caters for your business tasks, deals, contact management and sales-related chores in a very effective way. The app provides a simple platform for managing any business deals that you've recently struck, new company/clients you’ve shook hands with, new tasks relevant to your business that you wish to get completed, individuals or companies that you plan to assign a particular project to, and any sales tracking information that you want to log for record-keeping, complete with notes, relevant tasks and concerned entities.Read More

Search Assistant: Get Results From Custom Search Engines In Chrome’s Address Bar

Often, when we browse the web for research purposes, we have to search the same keyword on multiple search engines. Typing the search term over and over again in different search engines can be a difficult and time consuming task. Search Assistant, a Chrome extension, solves this problem and lets you search multiple search engines for the same keyword with only a click or two. The extension adds a tiny button in the address bar, which, when clicked, displays a pop-up, with a list of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and YouTube. The extension is customizable, so you can delete the default search engines and add others according to your preference.Read More

View Detailed System Information In Ubuntu With i-Nex

When trying to determine the hardware specifications for your computer, it is not desirable to open the hardware casing, which, in some cases, can lead to loosing your warranty claim (e.g., in the case of laptops). In such a scenario, one can use some handy tools for determining the installed hardware specifications. i-Nex is one such tool that provides detailed hardware information within a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Ubuntu.Read More