Windows 8: Our Detailed Coverage, Everything You Need To Know

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of buzz about Windows 8, ever since Microsoft initially showcased it last year and released a developer’s preview, which we extensively covered for you. Today, at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Microsoft is releasing the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and as always, we will be providing you with an in-depth coverage of everything Microsoft’s latest operating system optimized for both PCs and tablets has to offer.Read More

Camera ICS Gives Android 2.2/ 2.3 Devices A Taste Of ICS Camera App

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich brought with it a variety of new and improved features, and the revamped stock camera app of the OS is one of them. The stylish and user-friendly interface, in-built file sharing options, the zero shutter lag, tap-to-focus, integrated support for capturing panoramic images, face detection, enhanced gallery, convenient zooming via a slider, and a plethora of customizable options to adjust your image/video quality as per requirement are among some of the goodies that the stock camera app of the latest version of Android supports. However, all said are available only to the devices running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or higher. Not any more, because a new camera replacement app, Camera ICS, has just arrived in the Android Market to give any Android device running Froyo or Gingerbread a taste of the stock ICS camera app.Read More

Mirror Display: Share Your Mac Screen To Any Device [Paid]

We covered some remote desktop sharing apps for both Mac and Windows in the past. These apps come in handy when you’re trying to troubleshoot someone’s system, need to access your home system from work or trying to demonstrate a software to someone. The slight shortcoming with these apps is that they require configuration on the other end and/or a client installed across all devices that will be accessed. Mirror Display is Mac app available for $1.99 in the Mac app store that lets you share your screen with up to 10 devices via a web browser. The app provides you a simple address that you can open from any device’s browser (Window’s PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Kindle etc.) While it doesn’t allow you to control one system from another; however, for simple demonstrations and tutorials, this app is heaven sent.Read More

GroupMe Brings Group SMS & Chat To Windows Phone 7

There are many messenger apps in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and a lot of good ones at that, but with every new release, something fresh comes to the Mango platform. GroupMe is not a new app for WP7 by any means, but it was taken off the Marketplace some time back. The good news is that it’s back, and better than ever. For those who are not familiar with GroupMe, the app lets users define groups, and then you can chat with all your contacts in those groups. If you are living in the US, the app will even let you send group text messages, increasing its usefulness. Read on to know more about GroupMe for WP7.Read More

Gmail Notifr: Check For New Emails In Multiple Accounts [Mac]

We’ve covered quite a few apps that allow you to monitor your Gmail account from the Mac menu bar. MailTab for Gmail was just one of the apps covered that gave you complete access to you inbox, and BackUp Gmail allows you to backup messages in your inbox to your hard drive. Gmail Notifr is a simple app that lets you periodically check for new email messages from the menu bar. The functionality isn’t really something to get excited over, but the app lets you monitor new messages from multiple accounts. You don’t have to sign in and out to switch between them; the app lets you add any number of both Gmail and Google App accounts and check for new messages either individually or collectively.Read More Live Scores, Fixture Details & News From Soccer Leagues [WP7]

Being a sports fan, there are some Windows Phone 7 apps without which I just can’t imagine my Mango phone, like ESPN ScoreCenter, NFL Pro ‘12 and ScoreMobile FC. These are only those apps which I use regularly; apart from these, WP7 has many other good sports apps as well, and the list is always growing. is an app which has been released just a few days ago, and in that short span of time, it has become pretty popular among fans of the beautiful game, soccer (or football, if you prefer to call it that). The app has the latest news, analysis, scores and fixture lists from popular soccer leagues all over the world. In addition to that, no matter if you are a fan of Arsenal or Schalke, or any other popular team, you can pin their app page to your Start screen and stay up to date with the latest happenings regarding that club.Read More

Scribd Reader Is The Official Scribd Document Explorer For Android

Scribd is a popular online multi-format document sharing platform that needs no long introduction. Whether you’re a student, researcher or a casual user who frequently needs some assistance with preparing notes and assignments via online content, chances are that you might’ve stumbled across the said service somewhere down the line. So far, Android users were able to access the service’s rich repository of documents via the official website or several third-party clients, but you no longer need to resort to any such alternative means as the official Scribd client for Android has just been rolled out into the Android Market. Packed with hundreds of thousands of online documents and eBooks, the app ensures that you can access all documents shared publicly on the Scribd network to find content pertaining to virtually any topic ranging from music to computers, and numerous others in between. With the app, you can also get handy recommendations for reading documents about various featured topics. In addition, the option to manually search for required content across the entire Scribd network, and access recently explored documents with a mere tap make the app a handy tool to have.Read More

Convex: Unit Conversion With Animations & Intuitive Understanding [iOS]

An iOS app which converts a value from one unit to another is nothing new, and you can even perform most such calculations using the stock calculator app present in the iPhone. There is one unit conversion app, however, which might force you to change your mind. Meet Convex, an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which does nothing more than unit conversion, on the surface at least. You will know what we mean as soon as you launch it for the first time. Convex has a strikingly beautiful interface, and that alone is enough to take it out of the “just another unit converter” category, but wait - there’s more to the app than that. Convex deals with a staggeringly large number of units (close to a thousand), and the best thing about it is that you are sure to find your desired units in no time at all. There are interactive animations associated with every genre of units, and you can learn more about them by heading past the break.Read More

Capture Screenshots Of All Open Chrome Tabs In A Separate Window

Recently, we covered a Chrome extension, Tab Expose, that allowed users to manage their open tabs more effectively with thumbnail previews. Chrome Tab Panel- Expose Tabs is a similar extension for Chrome that takes screenshots of all your open tabs and displays them in a new app window. This window is launched when the button is clicked in the toolbar and runs as a separate process. With it, you can quickly open or close selected tabs. Moreover, a tab count is displayed on the button in the toolbar to show how many tabs you have open in total.Read More

Snackr For iPhone: Listen To Top News Stories & Personalize Channels

An RSS reader is a wonderful tool for keeping yourself in touch with everything which interests you, and it gathers useful information from all over the web, so that you don’t have to scour the internet. However, as with most fields of technology today, people are always looking to revolutionize even something as simple as a news reader. Snackr is an iOS newsreader, but instead of presenting news articles to users in textual form, the app will read aloud everything to you, so that you can do anything else in real life while Snackr updates you on the current happenings in the world. The best thing about this iPhone app is that you can add any feed to it, and Snackr also supports personalization of channels, so that you can get a completely feed containing items which represent your interests exclusively.Read More

Social Radio: Listen To Twitter Updates While Enjoying Music [iPhone]

If you use Twitter on regular basis, and own an iOS device, then chances are that you spend some part of your day going through the tweets in your timeline daily. The Social Radio for Twitter is a new iPhone app which spices up the whole process of checking out your Twitter timeline. The app is a combination of music player and Twitter radio. It reads aloud your tweets, but many other apps do that, too, so what makes Social Radio different from other apps? The fact that it fetches the music in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s library, and mixes the songs with the Twitter audio feed, giving the effect of listening to a personalized FM station, is what makes The Social Radio an entirely new experience. Not only does the app reads out your own timeline, it also lets you stay in touch with tweets related to trending topics.Read More

Search Tabs: Get Search Results From Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube & More [Chrome]

Search Tabs, a Chrome extension, allows you to get search results from popular search engines and social networking websites, such as Facebook, Dropbox, YouTube, Wikipedia, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. The extension adds a tiny toolbar with various sources to the right-hand side of Google search results. With it, you can enhance your search both for professional and personal purposes. It allows you to search various sources all from one place. Moreover, you can easily customize the extension by adding your own sources or selecting some from the different categories.Read More

Highlight Words & Find Expressions From Urban Dictionary [Chrome]

There are different kinds of dictionaries available online; some for different languages, some for specific fields like accounting, chemistry or biology. Then there is Urban Dictionary; a wonderful and rich resource of all the slang and slander on the internet. From the newest to the oldest terms used either as internet slang or to hurl insults on public forums without being caught by moderators, the site has it all, except for a quick way to access it. Urban Dictionary Search is a simple, but useful extension for Chrome that allows users to search all types of expressions on, right from their toolbar. Searches can be carried out in two different ways; you can either select a word on a webpage and click the button in the toolbar to lookup the expression, or click the button in the toolbar and enter a word. After typing the word, hit Enter and the results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. Urban Dictionary Search is easy-to-use and has no options or settings, whatsoever.Read More

Is Adapting To Windows 8 And Its Metro UI As Hard As It Seems?

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview release is just around the corner, and while you get ready to see what features Microsoft decided to scrap, which ones it decided to keep, and what’s new, you will either be reading a recap of its new features or what the general expectations are. This is neither of those two. This article looks to address what the initial expectations and reservations were that circulated the web and how much truth there is to them. Be warned that the post does not address anything on the developer end, and is based on my perception solely (which includes my giddy excitement for new things). It does offer you some insight on what it’s really like to use Windows 8, and will hopefully put you at ease about using the new system, and perhaps at arms, if you hadn’t taken them up at first. Read More

Score Alarm: Get Notification Alerts For Live Sports On Android & iOS

A true sports fanatic (like me) will do whatever it takes to keep abreast of their favorite sporting events and score line, regardless of whether they’re in school, at work or on their way to home. Even if you can’t catch all the action live on your TV, there are numerous means to access the live scores of your desired sports via SMS alerts as well as various sports websites. However, imagine the hassle involved in constantly switching back and forth various websites/apps to check up-to-date information of multiple sports at once, or worse yet, the cost that you have to bear in order to receive the latest scores by subscribing to various SMS packages with your service provider, and that too, only to receive belated updates. Well, if you own an Android or iOS-powered device (with an active internet connection), you might be delighted to learn about the release of Score Alarm – an immensely user-friendly and neatly designed sports app that ensures that you receive all the latest info regarding your favorite sports via real-time notification alerts right on your mobile device. Be it a scoring point, goal or a crucial event, the app brings you all the live action from some of the most feverishly followed international sports/games of your choice, on an ‘as it happens’ basis.Read More

How To Download APKs Of Play Store Apps To Your Computer Using APK Downloader

Certain Android-powered mobile device manufacturers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble, for instance) design their variants of the OS without the Play Store, forcing users to make do with the limited number of apps in their native app stores. You could always install apps of your choice on a Market-sporting Android device, extract their APKs and side-load them onto such devices, but why go through all that trouble when you can use APK Downloader, a Google Chrome extension that lets you download Play Store APKs directly to your desktop. The extension seems to bypass any location or device restrictions, allowing you to easily side-load apps that aren’t yet available for your region, or try out those that are supposedly incompatible with your device. APK Downloader hit the blogosphere a couple of days ago, shortly after which the developer took it down, fearing that it would be used for pirating paid apps. Fortunately, courtesy the persuasion of a few users, the developer has now released a new version of the extension that only allows downloading free apps.Read More

Panorama Pro For Android: Capture Panoramic Images With Snazzy Effects

Photography apps are abound in the Android Market, and quite a few of them let you capture panoramic images from your device’s camera. Developed by Wondershare Software, Panorama Pro is yet another very fine addition to the apps from said genre. Using Panorama Pro, you can capture high quality 180 degree panoramic images with a custom (and stylish retro) effect of your choice. Grab as many images as you like, and once done, share them on a social network of your liking, including Facebook and Twitter. The app also supports a One click sharing feature, using which you can instantly share captured photos to a social network of choice. There is also a native gallery from where you can preview, share and/or delete all the captured photos. The app’s interface is self-explanatory, and guides you through the capturing process so that you can easily capture memorable shots from your Android’s camera, regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a mere rookie.Read More

Easily Tweak And Customize Your Windows 7 System With Sunrise Seven

Most users want their Windows to be customized to their own liking and comfort, and they start changing options here and there soon after installing the OS to their system. Customizing your Windows, starting from your desktop icons and background to the way your queries are handled and files are displayed in Windows Explorer, are part of the customization process. Sometimes, however, it happens that you change a setting which causes an issue and when you go back to revert it back to normal mode, you cannot seem to remember where exactly the option was located. That is where tweaking tools come in. They provide you with a unified interface to access and change multiple default and added settings for Windows that allow you to quickly tweak your system according to your requirement. Sunrise Seven is one such application that is designed for Windows 7 and provides you with a long list of tweaks to change and manage from within the interface. Keep reading to find out more about Sunrise Seven.Read More

Stickies: Attach Notes To Specific Programs & Recur After Specific Time

Most of us have been in a situation where a random but really important thought crossed our mind but we did not have anything to note it down at that moment, and it slipped out before we could note it down. The default Sticky Notes gadget of Windows comes pretty hand in such situations, and has found a lot of utility in both office and home computers. It allows you to save and quickly access important information. If you are “go green” type of person, using virtual Sticky Notes instead of the real Post-It notes can also help in conservation of the environment, since it is becoming a big issue. More and more trees are getting cut down to meet the world demand for paper. However, the problem with Sticky Notes is that there is no unified interface to manage the sticky notes that you have placed on your computer screen. Some days ago, we covered Sticky7List, an application for Windows that lets you manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. Stickies is another utility for Windows that provides you with extensive options to create and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop.Read More

Quickly Find Hidden Or Disguised TrueCrypt Container Using TCHunt

TrueCrypt is a super powerful disk encryption software to secure a set of files as well as entire disk to prevent data theft and like attacks. Apart from encrypting data, it allows users to disguise their encrypted containers, so that external sources can’t even check if the disk contains TrueCrypt containers or not.  However, if you created multiple Trucrypt containers on the disk, and have forgotten where they actually reside, TCHunt may help you find them without having to manually search each location on your disk. It’s a small CLI-based tool that checks the attributes of the files to locate TrueCrypt containers on the disk partitions. Read past the jump for more.Read More