5 Best Free Screen Capture Software For Windows

At AddictiveTips, we are always looking for newer and better software that can make the life of our readers simpler. Screenshots are used in several situations; from creating a manual to getting help on a forum, screenshots act as a visual aid to the topic or problem under discussion. We have covered a lot of screenshot-taking tools in the recent, as well as not-so-recent past. Today, we thought of picking out some of the best screenshot tools and comparing them against each other for our readers. The following articles contains a roundup of five of the best screenshot taking tools featured on AddictiveTips.Read More

PlayGram: Browse Personal, Popular & Nearby Instagram Photos On Android

With its registration phase already underway, the official Android variant of the popular photo editing and sharing iOS app, Instagram, seems to be inching closer to being released in the Google Play Store. We still have no final word on the release date, however, what we do have in the Google Play Store is PlayGram – a comprehensive Instagram photo explorer for Android. Using the app, you can log in to your personal Instagram account to view your Instagram followers' and your own recent uploads and activities on the network. The app provides separate sections for viewing public photos uploaded to Instagram from near your location (much like the iOS app InstaBAM) and popular public photos from all across the globe, lets you browse photos by tags, like and comment on photos or share them over the web.Read More

PowerSave Lite: Schedule Shutdown/ Reboot Sessions For PC & Programs

Power management options in new computer machines and operating systems, like Windows 7, are a great way for saving on hefty electricity bills. Most of the time, we leave our computers running 24/7. However, what if you want to schedule the computer to turn off at a particular time, for say when you're at work or out with your friends? There are various software available that let you set a shutdown timer for your PC, along with restart or log off options, for instance, Chameleon Shutdown and TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler. PowerSave Lite is another new and portable application, which offers more than simply restarting, shutting down or logging off your PC. Read on past the jump for details.Read More

Discover Interesting Titles On iBooks Using Book Wall For iPhone/ iPad

Reading books on your iOS device might not be the most most popular reason for buying an iPhone or iPad, but the fact of the matter is, there are many people who use these gadgets for reading eBooks, and the existence of Apple’s iBooks is a testament to that. Like any good real-life bookstore, iBooks offers a huge amount of choice to its users, and there are thousands of titles available. Due to the presence of so many books in the virtual store, it isn’t easy to decide which ones you should buy. That is why Book Wall can prove to be a really useful addition to the app list of your iDevice, as using this remarkable app, you can discover the books which are currently available in the iBooks store, and it comes with a lot of customizable filters for finding the book you are exactly looking for.Read More

Stay Fit, Exercise & Count Calories With SlimKicker [Web]

When it comes to losing weight, staying fit or living healthier, most of us lose motivation and fail to develop healthier eating habits. This is where SlimKicker comes in. This web app is a level-up game and point-based program that helps you stay fit by offering you virtual coaching from a team of experts. These experts help you stay in shape by recommending health diets in a personalized way. With it, you can diet according to a plan and take part in challenges, even with a chance to reward yourself when you reach a milestone. Additionally, you can find recipes, related articles on health and fitness and the chance to get in touch with nutrition experts or coaches.Read More

Automatically Add All Media Files To iTunes Library On Mac [Tip]

If you often download videos and music files instead of purchasing them in iTunes, you have to then manually add them to Apple's native multimedia behemoth. It isn’t difficult, but if you keep downloading media and neglect adding it to iTunes, you get clutter, and lots of it. A much simpler way of doing so is by pasting your media files directly to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder. By adding files directly to this folder, iTunes indexes them and they appear in their respective category when you launch the software. Bear in mind that this means the file is copied to iTunes, and not just indexed at its original location.Read More

Koalcat’s Clear Is A Clear For iPhone Look-Alike To-Do List App For Android

When it comes to finding easy-to-use and aesthetically rich to-do list managers for Android, rest assured that you’d be presented with more than adequate options in the Google Play Store. Previously reviewed to-do task management apps, such as Any.DO, Forget Me Not and Klick Todo, are just a few fine examples that instantly come to mind. While most of these apps are currently exclusively available in the Google Play Store, there are a few potential candidates present in Google’s nemesis, the iTunes App Store, too, that the users would love to get their hands on, like Clear for iPhone – a multi-gesture-based to-do list manager that lets users add, prioritize and mange their routine tasks via a visually appealing ‘heat map’ interface. If you (like me) are an admirer of said app and wish to get a taste of it on your Android device, then Koalcat’s Clear is probably your best bet, especially considering that the we have no word as to whether an official Android client of the Clear (for iPhone) app will ever be rolled. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure that with Koalcat’s Clear, you aren’t going to miss too many features that Clear for iPhone has to offer to iOS users.Read More

Icon Badger: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs [Chrome]

While pinning tabs is quite convenient, you might lose the ability to see the unread item notifications that many websites add to the favicon. This is where Icon Badger, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. It takes care of the problem for you by placing a count of unread messages or items to the favicons of various popular websites.  This nifty little tool provides an easy way for you to see new items at a glance, even when your tabs are pinned or when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open. The extension works for many popular websites, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more.Read More

Automatically Organize Your Movie DVD/Blu-Ray Collection With DVD Chief

IMDB is a films equivalent of Wikipedia, and is undoubtedly, the biggest database of films and TV shows on the planet. We have covered several movie management applications in the past, such as EMDB and Movie Explorer, that use varying internet sources to gather and store movie information to generate offline catalogs. DVD Chief is yet another such program, which is also one of the most comprehensive ones. It keeps track of your favorite films, TV shows, celebrities information, all at one place in an organized manner. Just insert your Blu-ray/DVD, and DVD Chief will automatically download all its information, either from IMDB or Amazon, depending on the preferences of the user. Want to watch something with your kids? Don’t worry, you can instantly check the MPAA rating to be on the safe side before even watching a film. It allows you to enter the information in three ways, by typing the title, inserting Blu-ray/DVD and selecting an ISO file from the computer. All the information is then stacked in three separate ways, Movie information, Cast members and Statistics.Read More

“File Viewer” For 60 Audio, Video, Image, Web & Text File Formats [Mac]

File formats for just about every file type are numerous, and when it comes down to users on different operating systems, this disparity gets worse. While you can chose what types of files you create and download, you cannot tell someone else which format to send you a file in. This can, more often than it should, result in you sitting with a file on your disk with no means of opening it. File Viewer is a free Mac app that solves this problem for some 60 common formats. It is a file viewer for audio, video, image, text and web files, and supports multiple formats including DOCX, which means your friends, family or co-workers who use Windows and create documents on MS Word can send you files without converting them to PDF.Read More

BigNote: View All Your Evernote Notes On A Single Virtual Noticeboard [Android]

When it comes to selecting a convenient and feature-packed note-taking app, the popular cross-platform note taking, editing and sharing tool, Evernote, is undoubtedly the number one choice for many users. While the official Android client of Evernote is quite good at helping you with preparing text and multimedia notes, it is restricted to displaying the contents of just one note at a time on your screen (even in the tablet version). What if you wanted to take a look at all your notes from a specific notebook on the same screen? This is where BigNote for Android comes in handy. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BigNote presents all your Evernote notes from within a selected notebook on a single noticeboard of sorts (referred to as Notes board) that you can zoom in and out of - particularly useful on an Android tablet. That’s not all; you can also rearrange your notes on the noticeboard through simple drag-and-drop. The app also supports exporting the entire Notes Board as an image (JPEG) file so that you can share the notes with anyone on the go.Read More

30 Day Challenge: Vote On & Share Photos Based On A Daily Topic [WP7]

Photo sharing is not a new concept by any means, even for a relatively-infant platform like Windows Phone 7, so it is always nice to see apps which bring something new to this rather crowded genre. 30 Day Challenge is one such app, which brings an amazingly new flavor to photo sharing. Much like writer’s block, we all tend to ignore the cameras in our smartphones for long stretches of time, undecided which photo you want to snap and share. This app provides a solution for that, and presents users with an exclusive topic each day, requiring you to post photos related to that topic. Other people using 30 Day Challenge get three votes daily, and the photo with most votes ends up featured for all to see.Read More

Instant: Add Instagram-Like Filters To Your Images On Mac [Paid]

Instagram is perhaps one of the coolest apps available for iPhone (and soon to be available on Android). The app is popular because it lets you get more out of your iPhone’s camera, making your images stunning to look at and providing you a sharing/showcase platform. Instant is a Mac app worth $4.99 (for a limited time) on the Mac App Store that lets you combine a polaroid camera and 28 filters to make your photos amazing. The app also lets you connect with your Flickr account and share photos directly to it. You can customize the filters and add a caption to the image. When you add a caption using Instant, the app adds a frame to your image, giving it an authentic polaroid shot look.Read More

GO Backup: Android Apps, Data, Contacts & SMS Backup/Restore App By GO Dev Team

Yet another rich data backup/restore solution for Android hits the Google Play Store; this time, courtesy of the GO Dev Team – the team behind the increasingly popular GO Launcher EX, GO SMS Pro and many other Android apps. GO Backup vows to become your new default Android data backup/ restore solution. Using the app, you can create multiple local backup instances of all your contacts, text messages, apps and app data. That’s not all; the app supports ‘silent installation’ to restore your apps in the background (that is, without requiring you to manually go through the installation process of every individual` app). The option to log in to the app using a GO account allows you to create multiple profiles, each with its own set of backup content, and as it seems, will soon allow cloud backups as well, much like MIUI's native backup application or Apple's iCloud does. Unlike most other backup and restore apps on the Play Store, GO Backup's interface is, as should be expected, very neatly designed.Read More

Snappy: Capture Screenshots On Time, Mouse & Keyboard Events

A lot of different screenshot tools tend to offer different options for taking screenshots. Some of them are good for grabbing screen area, some work best for capturing whole windows, while others are useful when you want to take scrollable screenshots of webpages. However, a screenshot tool can only have so many options. Since these applications are mostly focused on capturing screenshots, while their image editors don’t have a lot of options. Snappy is a desktop-capture software for Windows that allows users to capture the screen of your computer and edit the image, such as its RGB settings, brightness, contrast etc. It also features a very interest “Event Capture” option, allowing you to take a screenshot of your desktop when specified events occur. Moreover, it also allows you to export the screenshots in BMP, JPEG, PNG, PDF, XML and AVI formats. More on Snappy after the break.Read More

Delete Messages Chat History For Any Date Or Contact On Mac [Tip]

We reviewed OS X Mountain Lion’s Messages when it first debuted its Beta version, and at that time, one of its noteworthy features (which we duly noted) was the chat history. For those of you who forget what you were talking about yesterday, chat history lets you keep every one of those conversations forever. Regardless of whether you were discussing ways to hack into top secret government files and change your name to James Bond, or just trying to decide where to eat, those conversations will be saved. The slight problem here is, while some conversations should be saved for future reference, others should be wiped off the face of the earth (or atleast your Mac), and Messages has no way to delete your chat history. It doesn’t even have a help topic on deleting chat history, so it is safe to assume there is no button or menu that can do it. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it just needs to be done manually.Read More

MLB Pro ’12 Arrives On WP7, Just In Time For The New Season

The Pro series of sports apps for Windows Phone 7 is pretty decent, consisting of apps for the Mango platform that let users stay apprised of the latest happenings in their favorite sports. We have already covered NFL Pro ‘12 and NBA Pro ‘12 from the series, and now, another member has joined this family. Released to welcome the arrival of the Major League Baseball season is MLB Pro ‘12. The app is everything the previous two apps were. It lets baseball fans stay up to date with the latest scores, news and everything else related to MLB. The app also has the feature to allow you to make predictions for every fixture, and compete against fellow users.Read More

iTunes Hotkeys: Global Shortcuts For Play/Pause, Next & Previous Track

iTunes is, hands down, one of the most popular media players around. Its elegant and intuitive interface, and iOS integration has lead it to be used by millions of people. Even though, the application is awesome in every way, it still lacks on of the most important feature - support for global hotkeys. One has to use third-party apps to implement hotkey support for volume adjust, playback, playlist navigation and use other supported features. A couple of days ago, we covered iTunesInfo, an iTunes controller that allows you to configure global hotkeys to perform different actions, such as Play, Pause, Stop, Adjust Volume, Shuffle Playlist etc. It is no doubt, quite a big program with lots of options to adjust hotkeys and view song information in notification window. However, if you are looking for a simple software that enables you to change the track and play/pause music without confusing you with a lot of options, and is also very light weight, then try iTunes Hotkeys. This open source application for Windows interacts with iTunes and allows you to set custom hotkeys to switch to the next or previous song in the playlist and play/pause the currently playing track. More on iTunes Hotkeys after the break.Read More

Batch File Renamer Provides 5 Different Ways To Rename Files In Bulk On Android

Android file explorers are abound in the Google Play Store, but not all allow you to rename files in batch. Batch File Renamer is a free Android app that supports as many as five different modes for achieving said purpose. Using the app’s native file explorer, all you need to do is select a folder that contains all the files that you wish to rename. For your file renaming needs, the app presents you with the option to add a custom number/text at the beginning or end of the files’ existing titles, replace a string of letters within a file name with another, remove specified number of characters from the start, end or middle of a filename, and/or add the current time and date at the beginning or end of a filename. The app is an ideal solution for all such situations where you are required to quickly rename a large number of files residing within the same folder. You can utilize any or all of the five supported modes to rename your files. Another good thing about the app is that it lets you preview all changes that you make to the selected folder's contents, so that you can make necessary adjustments prior to saving the changes.Read More

Polarfox Lets You Edit & Upload Images To Multiple Websites At Once

Photo sharing is one of the frequently used element of internet. Social networks, image hosting sites and other file sharing services have provided a gateway to share all kind of photos among people around the globe. The usual method to upload image to an image hosting service is to log on to its URL, complete the required sign up process and then upload the image. The alternative method on the hand is to use an official or unofficial desktop client to instantly upload them. Previously, we have covered some very good picture uploading clients for different image hosting and social networking websites. Different software upload images to different websites, such as Picasa Uploader is a free plugin for Picasa which adds the ability to publish your selected photos directly to Facebook, and Dropico is another web application for sharing pictures across multiple social networking websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr etc. Today we have Polarfox, an Adobe Air-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that allows you to edit and share images to multiple websites at once. More on Polarfox after the break.Read More