[Giveaway] Passport Photo Maker: ID Photo Editor With Presets, Face Recognition & Background Replacement

Passport photos have a lot of requirements, and having a right photo for your passport is an essential part of the application process. Professional photographers who are trained to take and develop passport photos can do it, but for an individual who is not properly trained in the art of photography, capturing a self image and then editing it according to the guidelines provided along with the passport application is not that easy a job. To get the photo right, most of the people have to take the help of a professional. It means that you will have to go out and possibly waste a lot of time for it, and in today’s world, time is a very valuable commodity. Most image editing software usually don’t have any professional options to create a perfect passport photo, and you have to set everything up manually. However, that implies a lot of chance for error, and in a passport application, everyone knows how little margin one has for errors. Today, we have application called Passport Photo Maker that allows you to create professional level images to be used for passport and ID applications, using built-in presets for different countries with different passport photo dimensions and a group of editing tools (including fast background replacement), and print them directly from within the application.Read More

WinMend File Splitter: Split Large Files & Merge The Parts Without The Application

Sending large files via email wasn't very much plausible until recently and still, various email services don't support ubber large file attachments. Same goes true for file hosting websites and even if they support large file size, they do ask for some sort of premium subscription. If you want to split a large file into small chunks in order to upload it to a website or send it via email, then worry not, as WinMend File Splitter is all you need. It's a free Windows application which comes with an integrated file splitter and joiner utility, allowing you to split files into parts by specifying either the Number of blocks or Block size, whichever should you so desire. Unlike most file splitters and joiners that require the main tool to reassemble the split blocks, this particular program creates a relative BAT file after the splitting process, and running the BAT script brings back the original file by merging its parts. Could it get any easier? Read More

Evernote Hello For Android Brings A More Visual, Rich Contact Book To Your Phone

It’s been six long months since Evernote Hello was released in the iOS App Store to provide users of said mobile OS with a visually and functionally-enhanced contacts book. Just like their other products – Evernote and Skitch – the company has lived up to its reputation of offering multi-platform-supported mobile apps by releasing the official Android variant of Evernote Hello. Akin to its iOS counterpart, the Android version of the app is also all about letting you tie people and their photos to their contact details, manually logging your encounters with these contacts via photos, notes and locations, and viewing all the contacts on a graphically rich mosaic layout. The best part about the entire deal is that your Hello contact book is synced to the Evernote cloud, and can be accessed from virtually any other supported device. Another major trait of Evernote Hello for Android is its firm integration with LinkedIn, which means that you can find ample info about the required contacts from said service, provided they’re already registered LinkedIn users. Details to follow.Read More

How To Restrict Account Users From Changing Personalization Settings In Windows 8 [Tip]

Like previous Windows versions, each user can keep their own personalization settings in Windows 8. That means that everyone can have their own customized desktop with respect to theme settings, screen saver, sounds, desktop background, and other visual styles. Yesterday, we published a tutorial on how to restrict users from accessing internet connection settings property sheet in Windows 8, using the Local Group Policy Editor. The Local Group Policy Editor allows users, with administrative permissions of the system, to specify a wide range of system components usage settings, and put restraints on the amount of control a non-administrative user has on the system. In this post, we will show you how to restrict Users from making changes to the Personalization and Visual Style settings in Windows 8.Read More

How To Download Any File Using Safari For iPhone [Cydia]

By default, Safari only supports downloading very few file formats, and if you want to grab any other file, you will need the assistance of some third-party app. However, if you are familiar with iFile, you are sure to have noticed that it can handle almost all popular file formats. Now combine iFile with Safari, and the possibilities are endless. That’s what Safari Download Enabler does, to some extent, at least. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this newly-released Cydia tweak will let you download any file, opening it in iFile or any cloud service of your choice (like SkyDrive or Dropbox). Does Safari Download Enabler sound like a tweak you can use? Read on to learn more about it.Read More

Capture Timed Screenshots & Copy Them To The Clipboard

Screenshots are a great way to make boring and complicated tutorials easy. Moreover, there are times when you can't explain something only in words, and a screenshot does wonders for in getting the message across. Imagine how bland the articles here at AddictiveTips would look if we stop adding screenshots with the text. We have covered a lot of useful screenshot taking tools, such as GreenShot (reviewed here) and Shotty (reviewed here), which let you take screenshots of your complete desktop screen, a particular window or a specific region. Today, we have another screenshot application called Gadwin PrintScreen, to add to the list of good screenshots taking tools. The application allows you to take screenshots using a hotkey, has four capture modes, saves the captured image to a file as well as Windows Clipboard, and specify the file format and image size for saving the screenshot.Read More

PersistentAssistant For iPhone 4S Makes Siri Hands-Free [Cydia]

Siri is nearing the end of its first year in the market, and by now, the novelty has certainly worn off. If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4S, however, there are still plenty of ways to customize Apple’s talking assistant, or to make it more useful. A considerable number of Cydia tweaks are focused on Siri, and PersistentAssistant is the latest in a long line of these Siri-specific offerings. PersistentAssistant brings a feature to Siri that I have always thought should have been there by default. Using this tweak, you won’t have to hit the Siri icon each time you are done saying something to Siri. Siri will automatically sense when you are done talking, and move on to replying to your query. This way, you can have a conversation with her without needing to touch the device at all, and even when you are driving!Read More

Directflights.com Brings Its Flight Tracking App To Android & iOS

Tracking, searching for, and booking flights to your required worldwide destinations from your mobile device is fast becoming a norm. People nowadays no longer feel the need to rely solely on their browsers to sift through each individual airline’s website to get the cheapest flight deals, as there are plenty of useful alternatives available in the form of flight tracking and booking mobile apps. Directflights.com is one comprehensive travel comparison web service that has been around for quite some time, and has just recently launched its official Android and iOS client. Unlike the service itself, the mobile app of Directflights.com is currently all about flight searching and booking. The app aims to connect you to worldwide airline services so that you can search for, compare and book the most economical flights to your preferred destinations.Read More

PaperLock Adds Paper-Themed Lock Screen Animations To Your iPhone [Cydia]

Looks like the Unfold Cydia tweak (reviewed here) has started a really good epidemic. First, there was Unlockize (review), a tweak that borrowed the main concept behind Unfold but with more diversity, and now, PaperLock has arrived in the Cydia store. PaperLock is another collection of unlock animations for iPhone and iPod touch devices, and although it lacks the variety on offer in Unlockize, this new addition to Cydia brings a completely new flavor to lockscreen animations. The tweak has three animations (or themes, as it labels them) and all of them are designed to emulate some sort of paper. You can peel away the lockscreen of your device to reveal the Springboard or passcode screen. Read on for details regarding all the animations available in PaperLock.Read More

Use Any Image As Background For Stock Photos App In iPad [Cydia]

For many people, Windows Phone 7 isn’t mainstream enough to be included in most smartphone discussions, but I have been a fan of the Mango platform for quite a long time, and that’s why I couldn’t help comparing the new Cydia tweak 'RollPaper' with a stock feature in WP7. RollPaper is a pretty single-purpose jailbreak tweak, using which you can set any image as the background for the stock Photos app in a jailbroken iPad, just like WP7. RollPaper is available only for iPad, and that makes perfect sense, as the background is visible clearly only in the iPad version of the Photos app. The tweak has options to let users set both downloaded and system images as the app’s background, and if you want, you can even choose distinct backgrounds for all your albums within the Photos app!Read More

Smthngs For Android: Elegant Task Management App With Cloud Support

Apps and web services based on the concept of Get Things Done (GTD) are a great way to enhance your productivity, as they let you easily manage complex organizational tasks, collaborate with concerned people to brainstorm ideas, and keep a close tab on the progress of your overall goals. Personally speaking, Smthngs is easily one of the most user-friendly GTD-based online task management services that I’ve come across thus far. The service takes care of your long-term, as well as short-term, tasks and projects in a simple way by providing you with various time-based categories. In addition, it lets you define new tasks, complete with the required tags, collaborators, notes, deadlines, reminders, geo-tagging, and provides you with all the various tools that are required to specify project details. Although not as functional as the web app itself, the (recently released) official Android client of Smthngs helps you keep an eye on your Smthngs projects while on the move.Read More

Captionitis: A Community Where Users Write Funny Captions For A New Image Each Day [WP7]

Not every app in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has to be related to productivity and usefulness. In fact, users love apps that are related to humor, or are there just for entertainment. Captionitis is one such app, present in the Marketplace to provide some lighthearted fun. You might call the app just another time-waster, but we have to admit that the concept is quite amusing and fresh. The Captionitis staff selects one image each day, and all users of the app are free to add their captions to the photo. Even the photos are chosen from among those submitted by users. At the end of each day, one caption is chosen as the winner, based on the number of votes it receives from the Captionitis community. So what's in it for you, other than laughs? Captionitis has a badge and rating system of its own, giving the app a game-like feel so that you can brag among your friends who are on Captionitis as well. Read More

LocKIEBuzzr: Location-Based Reminder App With Multimedia Notes [Android]

When it comes to note-taking and reminder-based apps, most users prefer simplicity over extensively feature-laden options. The logic behind this is quite clear, too, for the simpler such apps are, the easier it is for the users to avail the maximum out of them. Fresh to the Google Play Store, LocKIEBuzzr is one such location and time-based Android alarm app that combines pleasant aesthetics with ample functionality. Unlike most others apps that are based around the same concept, LocKIEBuzzr lets you create several custom folders that you can use to store your reminders accordingly. You can create reminders for a specific time, location or using a combination of both. Each reminder can be further supplemented with a relevant voice message, photo, text description and more. The app also sports a multipurpose homescreen widget that keeps you informed of the upcoming reminders and unread text messages, lets you create new photo, voice and text-based notes, and allows tagging current location to drafts (for easy reminder additions) with a mere tap.Read More

sTabLauncher: Tabbed Toolbar To Launch Files, Folders & Applications

Shortcut managers, application launchers and context menu editors all have one thing in common: they are all designed in way that they can enhance your Windows experience. In earlier posts, we have covered a lot of applications that allow you to easily access different programs and menus through hotkeys, right click context menus or the system tray. Other programs install toolbars on your desktop that provide you with a quick way to access applications and manage shortcuts without creating a lot of clutter. Applications like Gizmo Toolbar (reviewed here) provide you with an eye candy interface that not only makes your desktop look neat and organized, but also catchy. Today, we have another shortcut management application called sTabLauncher that allows you to launch your favorite files, folders and software from a pull-down launcher on your desktop. It allows you to create separate groups and provides you with easy options to change the look and feel of the launcher. Read on to find out more.Read More

FBFlicker: Create And Share 3D Photo Albums Out Of Your Facebook Images

Who doesn’t like sharing photos on Facebook? The social networking giant’s arguably the most popular feature is perhaps its photo sharing capability. However, if you think that sharing photos in a conventional Facebook-style manner isn’t your cup of tea any more, and those snaps you took during the vacations need some special treatment, then FBFlicker is probably what you need. It’s a small utility designed to let you create 3D photo presentations of your Facebook photo albums within the web browser. The application provides an Adobe Flash based UI, which automatically integrates with your Facebook albums so you can easily create photo presentations for all your existing albums. There are five different 3D effects (as of now) that you can play with, along with changeable album background color. Is it worth a shot? Let’s find out.Read More

20 Features Of KMPlayer That You Probably Don’t Know About

When it comes to choosing a media player that supports a slew of audio and video formats, there are certainly many applications at your disposal. While most users opt in for widely popular VLC player, many of us look for a media player that comes packed with better media organization features. KMPlayer is a media player which has seen a lot of improvements in the past few years. It offers a stupendous amount of audio and video processing related features, eye-candy GUI, (the now recently added) 3D video playback support and a powerful rendering engine. While it has the ability to play almost all types of media files, it also includes most of the decoders that are essential to render a wide range of media files and supports external decoders that can improve both the video rendering quality and color reproduction. Keeping all that in mind, we decided to go ahead, into the very depths of KMPlayer itself and unearth twenty awesome features that you may not know about.Read More

Relive: Sync Photos Between Android, iOS & Windows PC, View Them In A Timeline

Relive is a cross-platform photo aggregating and exploring app for Android, iOS and Windows-powered devices. Unless you’re one of those few users who always carry their entire photo collection with them, Relive can prove to be a more than able companion, since it serves as an online photo aggregator as well as a reliable photo backup solution. The app aggregates photos from your smartphone, tablet, computer and even Facebook on its own cloud, and helps you easily keep in sync with all your various photo albums, regardless of the platform you’re currently using. Apart from collecting your photos under on roof, Relive also lets you explore all the photo albums by year, week, month or source on your mobile device and/or a web browser.Read More

Audiolip Is Like Twitter For Podcasts; Lets You Share 15-Second Audio Recordings [Web]

Audiolip takes the micro-blogging concept (the one that drives Twitter) a step forward, and allows you to record micro-podcasts up to 15 seconds long, which can then be shared with all your buddies on social networks the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Using the service, you can listen to, share, interact with and add replies to every recorded message available. Additionally, you may add new podcasts and comments directly from the browser, or via a toll-free number if you live in the US or the UK. More after the break.Read More

Cookiepix: Create Collage Desktop Backgrounds; Apply Several Effects To Individual Images [Mac]

Finding a simple plain textured desktop background or a complex color rich one isn’t difficult, but nothing beats family photos or anything else that you may have personally snapped. Cookiepix Lite is a free Mac app that lets you combine your favorite pictures and create a desktop background out of them. The app is much like a collage maker that can help you create a wallpaper featuring whatever images you want. It comes with several styles that you can apply to images, and also has color and corner effects for better customization (where the latter simply makes the image look as if it were folded from a corner). Images can be zoomed in to focus on a particular spot, tilted and placed one over the other. More after the break.Read More

Search For Notepad++ Settings With A Plugin That Indexes Them

Notepad++ is a popular substitute to the Windows' default Notepad app. It's less a text editor and more a fairly powerful code editor with support for lots of languages. Being an extensible application, it supports a number of plugins, which not only extend its native text & code editing functions, but also allow users to quickly use off-the-shelf code modules in their development projects. If you're an avid Notepad++ user, and have installed a number of plugins, then you must've been dealing with a lot of menus and options' dialogs. Since Notepad++ doesn't provide an option to quickly search a menu or options' dialogs, it becomes quite a wearisome task to manually search menus for accessing the required options. NPPMenuSearch is a plugin for Notepad++ that allows you to quickly search for a particular option from the available menus. For instance, if you are looking for the Settings dialog box of a particular plugin, use the NppMenuSearch's search box to find the option or settings window you want to open.Read More