Send Any Link From Mobile Safari To Chrome For iPhone & iPad [Tip]

Chrome for iPhone and iPad came out a couple of days back, much to the delight of the iOS user community. The browser brought with a lot of the familiar goodies of its popular desktop and Android variants, including Google Sync, speed dial tabs and loads more. We even did an article elaborating the goodies in Chrome for iOS just yesterday. Whether Chrome is the best browser our there for your iDevice or not, is yet debatable, and while there are mixed feelings on that ground, a majority seems to believe Chrome is definitely better. faster, and more feature-packed. Wherever you lie in the spectrum, sometimes we do things just because we can. And so it turns out, while you cannot change the default browser in iOS (well, actually you can, if you are jailbroken), you can still play a cool little JavaScript trick to launch any page that has been opened in Mobile Safari directly in Chrome, with there mere tap of a button!Read More

Flv Crunch: Audio/Video Converter With Unique Crop Tool [Mac]

Flv Crunch is a free Mac application that is built to convert FLV videos into MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MOV, AVI,3GP, WMV,FLV,MKV,MP3,M4A,and AIFF formats. Unlike other video and audio converters, it accepts an equally large number of file formats that includes the FLV and RealTime Media player supported files. In addition to being a video converter, Flv Crunch allows you to change the video size. You can use one of the preset sizes, or specify your own down to the pixel. Flv Crunch lets you change the frame and the bit rate of a file, and supports both audio and video formats. Files can be added and converted in batches.Read More

TraderClock Lets You Effectively Monitor Stock Exchanges Worldwide

Glued to the news-strip of your favorite business channel or website? Monitoring multiple trading clocks closely for better analysis and decision-making? Praying that you are the first one to chase the stocks as soon as the market opens? All of these needs are addressed by an application that is bound to transform your life as a stock market trader for the better. TraderClock integrates multiple markets with their start and end times on a single stylish clock that easily finds its place on your desktop. With automatic notifications informing you whenever a market of your interest opens or closes, this powerful utility enables you to follow intricate details of the global stock market from the comfort of your desktop. Upon hovering your cursor on the clock, all relevant details including the current stock index along with percentage change and graphical trends come to view.Read More

Unlock & Delete Empty Folders Using Wildcard-Based Rules

When you install a software in your computer, a new directory is automatically created to save the application's files. This directory is then used to store everything related to the application, such as project data, log files etc. After a while, when you are done using the application, you uninstall it. Sometimes, during the uninstallation process, it happens that the application files are deleted, but the directories initially created by the program are left behind. Manually locating and deleting these empty folders is not an easy task, since a computer can have hundreds of empty folders depending on how much it has been in use. This creates a lot of clutter in your system over time. Empty Folder Cleaner is an application for Windows that allows you to locate and delete empty folders from your hard drive. You have the option to send the deleted files to the Recycle Bin, delete them directly, or create a backup before deletion. If the located folders are locked, you can unlock them before deletion using the built-in file and folder Unlocker.Read More

Flick Widgets: Quick Launch Favorite Android Apps via Motion Gestures

Gesture-based control is perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of smartphones and tablets. You can find numerous apps out there that utilize various built-in sensors to provide you with control over a certain aspect of your Android device without having to press any buttons or touch the screen. Previously reviewed Brighntess Motion for Android is a fine example of an app that helps you toggle between different preset brightness levels of your screen using motion gestures. Based on more or less the same concept, Flick Widgets is yet another promising app that has just hit Google Play Store. The difference, however, between both apps is that while Brightness Motion supports just a solitary feature (screen brightness control), Flick Widgets lets you take control of as many as four different apps, each launched as a sliding widget through a different gesture. Both Brighntess Motion and Flick Widgets utilize your Android’s accelerometer, and can be activated from anywhere within the OS by just giving the device a slight jerk/flick.Read More

SyncLib: Sync And Share Photos, Videos And Music Across Web, Windows & iOS

Cloud computing is probably one of the finest inventions of the internet.  It’s free, it’s fast and works everywhere. Although quite useful, most cloud services provide you with limited storage, where additional space or unlimited plans being the prerogative of paid accounts. So, if you have got stupendous amount of media stored in your PC and want to share it across all your devices, for instance, your Desktop, Notebook, iPhone or iPad, for free, then give SyncLib a try. It’s a sleek Windows media suite that aims to help you share your Videos, Music and Photos across all your devices. What’s more, you can even stream the media directly from the web. Unlike storing on cloud, it syncs your media files to all the aforementioned devices from your local storage, while giving you the freedom to have access to your media wherever you are, provided you have access to the internet. In addition, you may share your content with your Facebook and Twitter friends directly from within the application, along with an integrated chat functionality.Read More

Remove Or Turn Off Facebook Notifications Directly From Drop Down

Facebook had the early-mover advantage when it comes to social networks, and although there were the likes of Orkut and Hi5 already in the market, the concept that the Paulo Alto-based giant brought to the market was entirely fresh and something that users took a liking to immediately. Despite its massive popularity, there were many qualms about a lot of Facebook’s offerings, privacy (or lack thereof) being the biggest among them. That aside, there were (and still are) the changes that are forced on users (Timeline, anyone?), and those that go unannounced altogether, until the blogosphere raises hue and cry over them. However, that doesn’t imply that all Facebook changes are evil, and some new ”features” can turn out really useful, too. One such unnoticed feature has been the ability to dismiss, remove and even turn off notifications from a certain user or application, right from within the notification drop down!Read More

Official Android App Of Social Video Sharing Service Klip Hits Play Store

Competing with some of the social networking giants, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, isn’t the easiest of the tasks. In fact, the latest update that the Android variant of Google’s very own social network has received makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest. That said, there are certain names that might be not as big as the aforementioned ones, but they certainly hold their own among the users, courtesy of the quality of service that you get from them. Take Klip – a simple, yet well-crafted social video sharing service that has its fans scattered all across the globe. Given the app’s beautifully laid out, thumbnail-laden interface, it won’t be entirely wrong to cite it as the Pinterest equivalent that is purely dedicated to catering for your shared video clips. Klip has its official iOS client available in the iTunes App Store, and the popularity of the mobile app can be determined from the fact that it has been named as Apple’s “App Of The Week” in no less than 15 countries! Wished you had an Android variant to play with? Your wish is now granted, as the official Klip Video Sharing Android app has just recently hit the Google Play Store.Read More

Google Drive App For iPhone & iPad [Detailed Review]

Google Drive has been, in my opinion, one of the best offerings from Google lately (well, maybe not so much after this year’s Google I/O, but that’s just me anyway). Since I’m a long-time iPhone user and prefer the platform generally over Android, one thing that really put me off was the lack of availability of an official Google drive app for iPhone or iPad. Granted, it was understandable, and Google even promised that they’d be released clients for Apple’s smartphone offering pretty quick, but still, it was something missing. Thankfully, yesterday, Google Drive became available on the iTunes App Store as a universal application, optimized for both iPhone and iPad. The offering brings to the table all the features that you might be familiar with from the Android variant of Google Drive, and offers a pretty good deal for viewing, managing, sharing and even downloading your cloud content on the go. We’ll explore all that the app has to offer just past the fold.Read More

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean On Samsung Galaxy S3

The Galaxy Nexus may be Google’s flagship device that gets all the Android updates before any other device does, but with the mass Galaxy S3 fan following and the fast paced development by users, I can confirm that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has found its way onto the SGS 3. Just a day back, we covered a detailed guide on how to install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean custom ROMs on Galaxy Nexus, and today, we bring you a guide on getting Jelly Bean running on the SGS3. The ROM is in fact a port from the very first OTA release that was ripped from the Galaxy Nexus GSM device, and therefore, there are quite a few things that will be missing from the ROM. Credit for releasing this ROM goes to XDA-Developers forum member Faryaab. The ROM is definitely not suitable as a daily driver if you’re wondering, and I’ll go across those reasons as I take you through the installation instructions after the break.Read More

How To Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean On HTC One X

The HTC One X gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! The Galaxy Nexus GSM (the tajku model) received an official OTA update, the HTC One X gets a ported ROM, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 soon followed with its own ported ROM. The top of the line Android devices seem to be going hard at this Jelly Bean craze and why not, this is what Android is all about! The ROM comes in from XDA-Developers forum member tgascoigne and it is important to note that this ROM like most early ports, is a work in progress, so yes it does contain missing features and you may encounter some issues. We’ll walk you through the installation, but first we take a look at what the ROM has to offer for now, after the break.Read More

Collusion: A Firefox Add-on Allowing You To Visually Track Your Online Activity

If you’ve enabled cookies on your browser, the online activity undertaken is usually sent from websites to third-party tracking websites. This creates a network of company-tracker linked list, which can be used to construct your long-term usage history. Although this is a major privacy concern by some, Collusion, an experimental Firefox add-on, lets you access this information for better and safer activity. Moreover, understanding the concept of intricate dependencies within websites has been simplified by the user-friendly animated layout coupled with relevant information displayed on the sidebar. Using this add-on, you can easily identify websites using third-party cookies, to track your activity while monitoring a spider-web of data dependencies, which motivates you to further pursue your online interests.Read More

How To Update To Windows Phone Tango Right Now Without Losing Unlock

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 a few days back, and consigned all current WP7 devices to the consolation update labelled WP 7.8. However, WP8 is still a few months away, and going by the news making the rounds on the internet this morning, the 7.8 update will arrive even later than Apollo. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that there will be no updates in the intervening period. In fact, the Tango roll out has started already. Although this is a relatively small update when you compare it to Mango or the upcoming 7.8 one, there are still a lot of performance improvements on offer, and that might be no small matter for many users. For Lumia devices, Tango also brings internet tethering. Officially, the rollout has started only for Nokia Lumia devices, but luckily, there is a method using which all Mango users can update to Tango right now! This force updating method can also prove to be useful for Lumia owners who are experiencing delay in receiving the update via Zune.Read More

Save Desktop Icon Positions & Keep History Of Any Changes

While some people keep their desktop icons arranged using the Auto Arrange option of Windows, others like to have a more personalized look for their desktop by placing their icons in positions of their own choice. For instance, a user might want to keep a certain type of icons grouped on the left side, while another group to be available on the right side of the desktop. There are a lot of applications that allow you to arrange your desktop icons. I like to use Fences, a software for Windows that allows users to create separate icon-holding boxes. Fences is, beyond doubt, a very useful program, but it is only useful for grouping icons together, and does not remember the position of icons on the desktop. So, if you have placed an icon, say, on the left top corner of your screen, and it gets moved by mistake, you can only return it by dragging it over to its original location. If there are a lot of icons on your desktop, you can easily forget where each one was placed before it got moved. DesktopSaver is an open source application for Windows that allows users to save the location of icons on the desktop in separate profiles, and return the icons to their saved positions if they get moved. Keep reading to find out more about DesktopSaver.Read More

Create And Automate Timelapse Videos Using Webcam Timelapse

Many of us have been left awestruck after watching time-lapse videos where the flow of time can be accelerated in order to give us a better view of changes in areas of interest over time. Now, creating, modifying and processing time-lapse videos through your webcam has been simplified and made accessible through the Webcam Timelapse tool. Although this utility appears simple, it equips you with advanced functionality through features including Daily SelfPic, Adjustable delay, Avi video creator, reverse video mode, manual capture mode and the like, making it relevant for time-lapse and stop motion applications. If you want to see yourself grow in age over the years, you don’t need to consistently record all your activities anymore, just use the Daily SelfPic feature, which takes your picture at a specified time every day, so that it can be compiled for a final video time-lapse all through your webcam.Read More

Secunia PSI 3.0 Brings Interface Overhaul & Automatic Updates

Do you know that any outdated application on your PC lead to greater the risk of compromising system security? Perhaps yes, and that might be the reason you are reading this, anyway. The primary purpose developers push newer software updates of their applications so frequently, is to implement various enhancements. The secondary, on the other hand, is to deal with a number of system vulnerabilities. As viruses and malwares are continuously on the rise (and some are even revamped), many obsolete programs on your computer can easily get infected. If memory serves you well, you might recall that we reviewed Secunia PSI that to update obsolete applications on your PC, which might be compromising system security. Secunia has finally come up with a new version (version 3.0) of Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector), giving it a facelift and a few other enhancements here and there. Should you unaware of the application itself (or you like spending time under a rock), the application is a one-stop-shop for updating all your installed programs from within a single location. It generates a SSS (Secunia System Score), letting you know of the chances of vulnerability, that is, the lower it is, the more cautious you should be. We went ahead to find out what changes have been made to this handsome utility.Read More

TapSocial: View Twitter Feed & Monitor Hashtags In A News Ticker [Mac]

Different Twitter clients for any platform come with varying interface and purpose, and Mac is no exception to the rule. Some make it easier to monitor your tweets, letting you keep up with what everyone’s say without getting distracted, while others may be there to properly fuel your Twitter addiction. Some of these may work from your Mac's Menu Bar, others via Growl notifications, and still others may have their own windows. TapSocial is a Mac app that’s gone temporarily free (originally priced at $4.99). It’s a Twitter client that works like a news ticker. A bar is added to your desktop that you can reposition to any part of the screen. Your Twitter feed appears within this bar, much like the news ticker you see on news channels. The appearance of the tweets can be modified in terms of the font and background color. You can also change the feed animation from news ticker to flipping (similar to the flight schedule at old airports).Read More

Chrome For iPhone & iPad Brings Tab/Bookmark Syncing & More To iOS

The Omnibar, a unique tab style, an impressive collection of extensions and seamless bookmark syncing are just some of the features that make Google Chrome many people’s favorite desktop web browser. So, it was big news when Chrome’s official client was released for Android a few months back. The app had its fair share of disappointing aspects (mainly the lack of Flash support and the missing extensions), but overall, Chrome users just loved it. It hasn’t taken Google too long to release an iOS version of the Chrome app as well, and now, you can enjoy the browser fully on your iPhone and iPad. The iPad variant of the app emulates the desktop browser pretty closely, while the iPhone one is charming in its own way. When it comes to features, the app offers real-time bookmarks and tab syncing. This means that if you are signed in to your Google account on both your mobile and desktop, the app will mirror the current state of your desktop browser. Chrome for iOS also supports the popular incognito mode, making it a worthy match for Mobile Safari.Read More

Google+ For Android Gets Another Facelift, Google Events Integration, Tablet Support & More

As if the news of the announcement of the latest iteration of Google’s mobile OS, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, alone wasn’t enough for Android users to digest, we’ve been presented with several completely revamped Google apps in the Play Store; the most noticeable of which, undoubtedly, remains the Android variant of Google+. The app has received yet another tremendous facelift that puts the previously introduced visual refresh to shame. The latest layout is very much reminiscent of a digital magazine, with your G+ Stream becoming much more vivid, and posts being displayed as a stack of cards. Though, that's just the tip of the ice berg. The latest update also sees Google+ emerge as a fully tablet-optimized app that enlivens the entire screen real-estate of your Android tablet (and soon, your iPad) with the same visually rich content. The app has also been updated with the newly-announced Google Events support, meaning that you can switch to a new Party Mode during an event, and share all photos and moments with your buddies in real-time, right from your Android device. Other additions and improvements include improved Hangout experience, instant thought (status message), image and location sharing options, revamped comments view and lots more.Read More

Install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM On Galaxy Nexus GSM

The Galaxy Nexus GSM fixates itself on some Android 4.1 Jelly Bean goodness! Just a while back Google released an OTA for the GSM based Tajku Galaxy Nexus that were handed to the conference attendees at Google I/O. Well, the idea was to keep the release exclusive, but we’re talking Android, and that fact alone, is enough to guarantee that Jelly Bean will be ripped out of one of those devices and released onto the internet. Well, guess what? XDA-Developers forum member PTzero has made that happen and the release went viral on the internet in no time. However, not to undermine PTzero’s effort, the release was actually an update to the Tajku devices running the IMM30B build and only a handful of people actually had that going for them. That said, those who did have that build, had to flash the update via Fastboot and some users were looking to flash the IMM30B build just so they can flash this update on their phone. However, all of this was too complicated and too sketchy where you were almost shooting in the dark. So while some dismayed and some eagerly awaited for a proper zip package they could flash, it has finally happened and that too, at quite some speed. Galaxy Nexus GSM users are now looking at not one, but three Android 4.1 Jelly Bean based custom ROMs, including a stock ROM, ready to be flashed on any Galaxy Nexus GSM device, without the worry about the current build you’re on.Read More