GeoCha: Location-Based Chat & Information Through Interactive Map [Web]

Ever wanted your map to tell you more about the location of interest. Many would wonder how exactly a map would benefit the common user. Imagine emergency situations at specific locations, a talk or a seminar that would interest you, being highlighted on a virtual interactive map. Moreover, private and public chat rooms according to location would definitely knit the community closer. GeoCha is a web application that allows you to locally communicate with the society with emphasis on events, happenings and details of locations. In addition, you can create POI (Points of Interest) to guide people on the road, the geographic interface simplifies the requirements of reporting and journalism as every individual begins reporting updates on the platform. In addition, features like real-time chat, meeting setup and channel pulse allow you to stay connected and alerted to every useful detail happening around you.Read More

Select Multiple Picture Folders For Windows Desktop Wallpaper Rotation

The Desktop Background section of the Personalization dialog box in Windows allows you to change your wallpaper with different options, such as the Picture Location (you can navigate to image folders for using them as wallpapers), Picture Position (specify the position of image on the desktop from Tile, Stretch, Center, Fill etc), Time interval to change the background image, and some other options. Even after all those options, there are still some things missing. For instance, if you want to add two or more image folders to change the desktop background from, no default option allows you to do that. You have to manually copy all the images into a single folder and select it in the Picture option of the Desktop Background settings. Today, we have an application for you called Desktop Background Tuner that lets you change some non-existent features of the Desktop Background by accessing some hidden registry entries. It lets you add and remove multiple folders and access them as one location in the Picture Location option, create separate groups for different images folders, sort images by different criteria, such as sort by file author, sort by file extension, sort by file name, sort by file date etc.Read More

InstallGuard: Monitor, Track And Block Software Installation & Removal

Have you ever powered up your PC, only to find that some unsanctioned software is installed and wondered where it came from? It could probably be your kids, or even spouse. Generally, children aren’t familiar with malicious software that usually gets installed when, say, they are playing an online game, or digging around the internet. Spyware, adware, toolbars, malware – such pieces of code are always looking for a way of entry into your computers. If you have been facing such a nuisance for a while, then what you likely need is InstallGuard. It’s software monitoring and blocking utility that aims to Guard (as the name implies) your PC against unauthorized software installation. It is password protected and when enabled, no one can either install a new or uninstall an existing software from your computer. It can also track and generate system snapshots on predefined intervals, giving you an idea about whether any changes were made to the installed applications. Along with applications, it can also monitor and block various background processes, and lets you grant permission to certain users to install or remove the software programs.Read More

Money Manager Ex: Effectively Organize & Analyze Personal Finances

Quite a few people struggle in effectively managing financial resources and end up succumbing to debt and default (in extreme cases). To avoid such grave situations, it is beneficial to use personal finance monitoring and management tools, but this option takes up some of the money, you’re about to manage. Money Manager Ex is a free, cross-platform, user-friendly personal finance management tool that focuses on optimizing the sources, methods and disposal of resources. With features like AES encryption support, budgeting, cash flow forecasting, one click reporting, maintaining multiple accounts such as credit card/stock/investment flows via an electronic checkbook, import data from Excel, CSV and QIF formats, export to CSV and Excel and more, you can effectively manage your finances to make the most of what you have. With multilingual support, you will be in a position to reclaim your life, wherever you are.Read More

MoboPlayer: Free, Feature-Rich Android Media Player With Floating Window

Android users have the option to resort to some quality media playing apps in order to enjoy their favorite music and videos on their devices. Previously reviewed MX Video Player, Wondershare Player and Super Video, Floating & Popup are a few names that deserve a mention in discussion of some of the most feature-rich, free media players for Android. While all aforementioned names are relatively new to the scene, there are a few candidates that have been around for quite some time now, trying to attract masses with their own set of goodies. One such very fine app has been MoboPlayer that is not only graphically rich, but packs enough quality and a broad set of features to be given a shot. As the article progresses, you shall be able to unveil the amazingly impressive features that the app possesses; however, it is worth mentioning here that with the latest update, MoboPlayer has transcended beyond being just a simple media player, as the Samsung Galaxy S III style floating window capability has been thrown into the mix as well. This particular feature of the app allows you to enjoy your favorite videos atop your Android’s homescreen or any other app that you want to have opened on your device without interrupting video playback. Read More

Counters: Track & Limit SMS, Call & Data Usage On Nokia Windows Phone

When the Lumia series was first unveiled, Nokia did not take full advantage of the OS customization rights that Microsoft had granted them. Nokia’s own version of Windows Phone wasn’t too different from the one rolled out for other OEMs, which proved to be a bit disappointing for most WP7 fans, but thankfully, the folks over at Nokia seem to be determined to make everything right and give their customers special treatment by rolling out a slew of Nokia-exclusive Mango apps. The latest addition to the Nokia Collection section of the Marketplace is Counters. The app is sure to prove useful for almost all Lumia owners, as the functionality it brings to the mix is pretty basic, yet important. Using the Counters app, you will be able to view all the usage stats related to your monthly calls, text messages and internet data. And that’s just half of it! The app can also be used to place restrictions on all the aforementioned items, so that you can stay within your phone budget each month.Read More

6 New Features In OS X Mountain Lion’s “Preview” App

In our extensive review of Mountain Lion, the latest installment for OS X, we briefly reviewed the new features that have been added to the stock apps. There are quite a few additions to almost all apps and many changes, like the addition of a Share button and the integration of iCloud, are ones that you will see implemented all across the OS. While some apps deserve more spotlight than others, we feel Preview, easily one of the most used stock apps, could do with better detailing. We found Preview to have 6 noteworthy features that we could only mention but not discuss earlier. The news that Preview now allows you to fill PDF forms has travelled fast and is perhaps now one of the more known features of Mountain Loin; however, Preview was zapped with these additional five tricks as well. For convenience, you can now rename files from the title bar, for peace of mind, you can now restore older versions of files, insert pages or images to a document from your camera or a scanner, annotate images or files with more shapes like ovals and call outs and finally, save files directly to iCloud.Read More

Speero: Gesture Activated System Toggles, Shortcuts & App Switcher For iPad

SBSettings might be perfect for the smaller screens of iPhone and iPod touch devices, but it loses some of its awesomeness if you try using it on an iPad. The tweak is not optimized for big screens, and that makes it a little less useful, and a lot less pleasing to the eye. However, as there is no good alternative available for it on the iPad, jailbreak users are forced to keep using SBSettings. Not anymore! Speero is a tweak that has the potential to replace SBSettings on iPad. The tweak has a lot of system toggles, app shortcuts and other similar features. In addition to that, one thing that really sets Speero apart from SBSettings is the presence of App Switcher within the tweak’s menu. You can also add app shortcuts and customized actions to the mix.Read More

WebCamEffects: Spice Up Your Video Chats For Good

Ever wanted to hide the background while video-chatting? You may want a suitable disguise just for fun to let the other know that you are different in a surprising way. Well, WebCamEffects is a fun application equipped with a wide range of filters, backgrounds, face masks, frames, text, time & date, static and dynamic objects to mention a few. Moreover, you can record your video conversation for the record. Organized into useful tabs like Effects, Sources, Snapshot, Options and YouTube Upload, using your webcam to customize yourself in popular IMs like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, AOL IM, etc., would never have been this easy.Read More

Get A Functional Download Manager In Chrome For iPhone & iPad

The intuitive interface, the real-time tab syncing and gesture controls in the Chrome app for iOS were enough to make it a worthy competitor for Mobile Safari, but thanks to all the amazing Cydia tweaks available for Chrome, Google’s web browser for iPhone and iPad has arguably become the best app of its genre for iOS. It does have its fair share of negatives, most prominent of which is its rather slow speed, but the features on offer in Chrome are so awesome that they have the potential to make anyone forget Safari. However, one thing that’s still far from perfect in Chrome is the ability to download files directly. Although a tweak named Chrome Download Enabler was released a few days back, it lacked any interface whatsoever, and was also really buggy. Thankfully, we now have a better alternative for downloading content via Chrome for iOS. Chrome Download Manager is a tweak that makes the whole process of initiating, managing and viewing downloads really smooth. With this tweak you will be able to download files belonging to almost all file formats, and then open (or save) those files via iFile or other similar apps.Read More

PubMyCal: Manage & Share Your Google Calendar With Just A Click [Web]

While dealing with extensive work loads and faced with the challenge of efficient task management in teams, it is quite useful for professionals to jot down time-relevant events overlaid in a user-friendly calendar simplifying access. The online interface allows portability and access from any device that can be used to sign in and manage challenges. For instance, you want your assistant to fully access the calendar configured according to your requirements while you stay away on vacations. PubMyCal is a simple web application that allows you to easily share calendar lists, which are maintained using Google Docs. In simple words, the fully loaded Google Calendar gets imported to this portal, for sharing beyond this domain ensuring ease of access, resource management and alerts. This can then be shared with friends and colleagues through email, instantly.Read More

Upload Videos To YouTube & Facebook, Manage Local Media Library

Time has taken us to the point where anyone can capture their precious moments in full HD. Smartphones, tablets and other expensive toys now hold enough prowess on their SoC that much of things we didn’t imagine these devices could do, now seem a thing of the past. Capturing videos isn’t the only thing that has been made easier though; sharing, too. Websites like Facebook and YouTube have opened the gateway to instantly broadcast favorite videos among your social circle and other people around the globe. While you can always upload videos via their web API, Framecaster provides a handsome and lucid alternative. It lets you easily capture, trim and upload videos to both of the video sharing websites, right from your desktop. It sports a simple yet beautiful UI, which is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Read on for more details.Read More

Contacts Share: Send & Receive vCards On Nokia Windows Phone Devices

The Lumia series has got a nice mix of Nokia-exclusive apps, and fortunately not all those apps are about glitz and glamor. The Finnish mobile manufacturer appears to be taking user convenience pretty seriously as well. It is good to remember that no matter how many awesome features your Mango phone gets, it still has to perform the basic functions of an ordinary phone. One such everyday functionality is quick transfer and sharing of contacts. Although it is possible to copy any data from the People hub manually, this is not as efficient as sending a vCard to someone. This is why Nokia has come up with the new Contacts Share app in the Nokia Marketplace. The app imports all the data from the People hub, and using it you will be able to create .VCF files and send them via email or SMS to anyone. Other than that, the app also handles the vCards you receive via text messages, and lets you export them to the People hub.Read More

AltMove: Resize, Move & Manipulate Any Dialog Box Or Window

There are some dialog boxes and application windows that cannot be resized conventionally using the click and drag method. For instance, the Internet Options window cannot be resized using the regular action. Previously, we have covered applications that allow you to resize any window, for instance, ResizeEnable is one such previously covered application that lets users resize the unresizable windows. However, it is limited to only enabling users to resize the windows. If you want a program that lets you resize windows and also provides you with other options, such as move windows, hide windows, change their opacity etc, try AltMove. It is a portable application for Windows that adds more functionality to your mouse for interacting with dialog boxes. The program allows you to perform several functions, including moving windows that do not support moving by default, resize windows that cannot be resized using the normal method, change the opacity of dialog boxes with intervals of 10%, minimize and maximize applications etc. Keep reading to find out more about AltMove.Read More

beeZee For Android Allows Schedule Based Auto Replies To Calls & Texts

Staying in touch with your friends, colleagues, clients and loved ones is, no doubt, of ample significance, but there ought to be situations when you’re busy enough to respond to their calls and texts in a timely manner. Surely, in all such cases, nobody fancies keeping their contacts worried about your whereabouts simply because you can aren’t able to get back to them in time, and this is where smartphone messaging apps with integrated automatic responding/replying feature comes into play. We’ve previously reviewed one such simple yet effective app called Can’t Text… that can automatically reply to all the missed calls and text messages on your behalf via context-specific custom SMS messages. New to the market, beeZee is yet another remarkable addition to the list of Android apps belonging to the aforementioned genre that takes said concept even further by letting users post the same automated custom text as their Facebook status updates. Not just that; the app also allows you to activate its scheduled auto-respondent feature in a couple of ways: by specifying an estimated timer or by setting an expiration time for the profile. Moreover, it can automatically enable silent mode on your device as soon as a beeZee profile is enabled, so that you may work, sleep or study uninterrupted while beeZee handles and replies to your contacts’ queries.Read More

Maximization Lets You Force-Run Any iPhone App In Full Screen Mode

Although the screen size of iPhone has always been kept rather small by Apple in order to keep one-hand usage possible at all times, there are still a lot of people who aren’t fans of the iPhone’s diminutive display dimensions. When you have got a smartphone with a 3.5-inch screen, every little area of the display becomes important. So, it is quite understandable if some users are disappointed when any app does not take full advantage of the available screen area by refusing to run in full-screen mode. Admittedly, nothing more than the status bar remains visible at the top of the apps that don’t support full-screen mode, but why even have that? Maximization is a new Cydia tweak that allows users to make any app (stock or third-party) run in full-screen mode, without the status bar ever getting displayed! Not only does the app give you the choice to select the apps that will be affected by Maximization, it also adds a battery percentage and time display to the Notification Center grabber, so that you don’t have to come back to the Springboard just to see the time.Read More

InstaCC: Get Photography Challenges & View Instagram Images On A Calendar [iPhone]

If you like photo effects and filters, there are iOS apps that offer more variety than Instagram. If you like photo sharing, you are sure to find networks that have more reach than Instagram. However, if you combine both these features into one app, you begin to understand the reason behind Instagram’s popularity. People love Instagram due to its intuitive interface and the way photo sharing works in the app’s own network. Although the official Instagram app is pretty good, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for third-party clients of the service. Having iPhone apps like InstaCC provides Instagram fans with an alternative way of browsing through their photo feeds. Not only that, InstaCC also spices up things by providing users with different photo challenges to capture their imagination. At times, everyone is bound to run out of ideas about photos they should post over their network, and InstaCC will help you get over this mental block by suggesting topics for photos.Read More

TabExplorer: Add A Colorful Multi-Tab Interface To Windows Explorer

There are many third party applications available that allow you to have a tabbed explorer to navigate through your files and folders. The advantage of having a multi-tabbed file explorer, instead of the regular one offered by Windows, is that the copy and paste functions, as well as browsing through multiple folders at a time, becomes easier. For instance, if you want a copy a file from one folder to another, the process requires you to open the source folder, then copy the file, navigate to the target folder, and then paste the file. On the other hand, if you have a multi tabbed file browser, you can just open both folders simultaneously and just copy the file from one folder to another. Why Microsoft has not yet added this option to the default Windows Explorer is something only they can answer, but instead of waiting for them to add it, you can use TabExplorer. It is an application for Windows that adds tabs to it and converts it into a tabbed explorer. It has the option to run on Windows Startup, too, so you will always have that extra utility. Keep reading to find out more about TabExplorer.Read More

Relevance: Intelligent Twitter & Facebook Feed Aggregator For iPhone

If you really want to be the first to know all the latest news, having an RSS Reader is never enough. A feed reader can give you details regarding any story, but it is not necessarily the first place where the news items are posted. You might be a bit surprised, but social networks (specially Twitter) provide a more efficient means of gathering quick updates related to just about any subject. A news channel or website might tell you about the Olympics opening ceremony, but you will have to look at your social networks in order to get a real feel of the event. This is the concept upon which the new Relevance app is based upon. This nifty little iOS app combines feeds from your Twitter and Facebook accounts (with Tumblr and Google Reader support to be added soon). The app does not show posts from your social networks in a chronological order. It tries to come up with posts that will be of more interest to you, or are more relevant to your preferences. Not only that, users of Relevance can also teach the app about their likes and dislikes regarding different authors. If you like a post from any particular person, you are likely to be shown more posts from them in the future.Read More

Pencil Project: A Powerful & Easy-To-Use GUI Prototyping Tool

Planning and sketching ideas before taking them to implementation is a useful quality that developers have learned to value. In website development, the concept of a wireframe, which is a diagram or sketch of a website ready to be handed over to a graphic designer, resonates with this need. On the other hand, prototyping deals with laying out a plan before execution for successful product development. Pencil Project is a useful GUI prototyping tool that equips creative individuals to lay out, sketch, analyze and finalize their ideas using a wide range of elements, including common shapes, basic web elements, Sketchy GUI, stencils and more. These can then be exported in PNG, SVG, HTML, PDF and ODT file formats for applications in various development domains with an artistic yet technically sound plan, ready for finishing.Read More