SnapPea: AirDroid Alternative With Wireless Android Management

When I first got my hands on Android, the open source platform delighted me in many ways. And being free from any mandatory “Tunes” utility brought that cool factor a few more notches. There were no absolute rules for data synchronization, having a unified interface, and provides a fine balance of what comes out of the box and what customized by the users themselves. Since it’s open source, it means you have plethora of ways to manage and control data on your Android phone through PC. SnapPea is a Windows application that lets you connect your Android smartphone to the computer through USB or Wi-Fi connection, so you may easily backup and organize your files. It packs plentiful features in its elegant looking interface, such as ability to install APKs through PC, send and receive music, videos and photos, write and send text messages, access Google Play Store from within the application window, import iTunes music and more.Read More

Blinq Turns Your PC Or Mac Into A Server For Sharing Photos

If you are looking for a quick solution to share photos with your friends and colleagues, you will love Blinq. It’s a brilliant, one-click application to share images stored on your computer without requiring you to upload them to any intermediary server. Your computer itself (whether Windows Or Mac) acts as a server, and therefore, you don't need to manually upload photos to any online location. The application is simple to configure. All you need is to specify photo collection folders that you want to sync with your Blinq account and grant the Share access to your friends for sharing your photo collection. The web interface offers a sleek image viewer with navigation controls to easily skim through the shared images and folders. Using its iOS app, you can instantly view the shared photos on your iDevice without having to navigate to shared locations.Read More

Automate Android Network Switching & Other Settings Based On Connection With Home WiFi

For our Android readers, we have frequently been bringing some very helpful home network management and automation solutions in the form of Sentry, Smart Settings, Better WiFi On/Off and Simplify etc. With each of the aforementioned solutions covering most of the bases required to gain complete control of your Android’s internet connectivity, one might so easily be forced to believe that there is no new potential area that can be exploited. As ever, you (just like me) are about to be proven wrong. New to the Play Store, FBarrosoApps’ Home Network Settings is a simple yet very handy Android connection and profile manager that has the capacity to automatically switch between network connections, device security settings and sound profiles based on whether you’re connected to your home network or not. Personalization lies at the heart of this nifty, Holo-themed Android app, as it allows you to select your preferred home network(s), and more importantly, the behavior of your device whenever it connects/disconnects to/from the specified network. Keeping your personal preferences in focus, the app can automatically control multiple parameters, including your device’s Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth, mobile data, auto-sync, sound profile, and even unlock method. Details past the break.Read More

FixYa For iPhone: Get Video Tutorials To Fix Your Car, Gadgets & More

Whenever any of your electrical appliances break down completely, you are sure to take them out to a proper repair shop, but what about the relatively minor nuisances that aren’t worth a trip to the market, but still have to be fixed sooner or later? Maybe your MP3 player’s screws need some tightening or the blender’s blades have gone completely blunt. A lot of people like to fix these smaller problems with their gadgets on their own, and while some of you might be naturally gifted at repair work, there are people out there who can’t tell the difference between a car’s headlight and its carburetor (yours truly included). Thanks to the internet, fixing things without having a repairman’s hands is not too difficult these days, as you can find solutions to almost all repair problems online. Having said that, text instruction can be a bit tough to follow, specially if they are for a complicated task. That is why FixYa can be the perfect iOS app for people looking to become handy around the house (unless your iPhone itself needs to be fixed!). FixYa has been around for quite a long time on the web, and is popular for providing comprehensive user-generated video tutorials that can be used to fix everything from automobiles to gadgets, home appliances and even software.Read More

How To Get The Color-Changing iOS 6 Status Bar In iOS 5

We might have included the status bar tint change in our list of lesser known UI changes in iOS 6, but the truth of the matter is that the feature is among the most visible changes in iOS’ latest update. If you haven’t used iOS 6 until now, however, you might not know exactly what change we are talking about. In iOS 6, the narrow strip at the top of your iPhone’s screen changes its tint to match the color of the app that is currently open on your screen. The tint change comes into action for both stock and third-party apps. Prior to this update, a lot of people deemed the unchanging status bar an inconsistency in Apple’s otherwise impeccable UI. Although the issue has officially been addressed in iOS 6, a lot of people are still on iOS 5 due to the unavailability of Google Maps and untethered jailbreak for the new update. If you are among those, and own a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, the Cydia store has got a simple solution for you. StatusColor is a tweak that will make your device’s iOS 5 status bar act like the one in iOS 6. Read More Remote Android Management & Control Suite With A Spy Camera

When it comes to remotely managing an Android device, most users prefer AirDroid or Moborobo over any other alternative solution. With both said solutions being so comprehensive with their respective set of features, it is somewhat hard for a new entrant to impress the masses. That being said, there are still some areas of interest that can be tapped to present users with a rather different and refreshing solution, and this is exactly what does. Fresh to the Play Store, this free Android app lets its user remotely control as many as five different aspects of their device from their desktop browsers. It supports managing text messages & contacts, viewing, editing & sharing Gallery photos, tracking lost device, triggering alarms, activating spy cam, capturing screenshots, and lots more, all completely wirelessly. Connection between the browser and the device can be established over Wi-Fi, as well as 3G, and the beautifully crafted layout of the web app makes accessing the required features a breeze. In addition, unlike most similar solutions, it supports multiple connection/pairing modes: using Facebook or Google ID, or by scanning a QR code from your device. Read More

Brewster Merges Your iPhone Contacts With Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & Others

Like most of the stock apps in iOS, Contacts is functional, but does not come with too many extra bells and whistles. In fact, it is not too different from the address book you could have had in an old feature phone. However, the thing that sets iOS apart is the availability of all the awesome apps for iPhone users. There is a plethora of contact management solutions in the App Store, most of them offering something unique for you. Brewster is an iOS contact manager that combines your address book contacts with the ones from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Gmail. The best thing about the app is that you just have to sign in to all these accounts, and everything else is done automatically by Brewster. The app acts like an address book, but it is also a useful tool to sort your contacts using a lot of filters.Read More

Launchbar: A Powerful Application Launcher With Multi-Monitor Support

Looking for an application launcher with multi-monitor support for launching programs from both primary and secondary display monitors? Launchbar is a freshly-baked open source application launcher that hosts a number of features with an option to specify command arguments to customize the functional behavior of your most frequently used applications. What makes it unique from other application launchers available out there, is that it supports multi-monitor setup; using the Configuration console, you can specify the display monitor from where you want to open the menu for accessing the specified applications. Just like any other app launcher, it allows creating submenus for organizing applications into different groups. Apart from menu-specific customizations, it comes packed with options to set the opacity of the launch bar and set the size of the launch bar as well as the options menu. Sadly, it doesn't support launching multiple applications at a time, but you can create a batch script file containing the location of your apps, and add it to the menu. It also contains an option to set application's process priority, which is applied to the application every time you launch it from the launch bar.Read More

Add Custom File & Folder Actions & Access Them From Menu Bar With MenuBrowser

There are quite a few app launchers available for Mac and almost equal number of apps that give you easy access to your frequently used files, folders and apps, but seldom do we come across an app that makes it easier to access these items as well as the context menu options. Context menu options mean more than just copying or pasting files and include other options like adding a file as an email attachment. MenuBrowser is a free Mac app that does all this with only one catch; some actions prompt you to upgrade and buy a $5 license to stop the prompts. You can dismiss the prompt and continue to use the app to its full potential, but if you find it extremely useful, you may want to get rid of these interruptions. You can add actions for opening a file with any app, adding a file as an attachment, sending it over Skype and adding custom scripts for file and folder actions.Read More

Create A Grid Of Custom Windows 8 Start Screen Tiles Out Of Any Image

A lot of us have condemned the usage of Start Screen, which has pretty much dominated the Windows 8 UI, although, sooner or later, we will have to embrace it anyway. Start Screen lets you pin apps, folders, webpages and other items right up front, for quick and easy access. Items that are pinned on the Start Screen appear as tiles – both static and dynamic – depending on the tile’s nature, which you may rearrange and even categorize in groups. To me, Start Screen has brought that svelte feel to the OS itself, since I always fancied the same look on Windows Phone devices. However, there is no way to add custom tiles to it for, well, any particular aesthetic reasons. Custom Tiles Maker (available at Windows Store) is a slick new app that allows you to create custom tile grids. You can create various tile arrangements from your favorite images, and pin these tiles to the Start Screen.Read More

WallMaster Brings Wallpaper Randomization & New Backgrounds To iPhone

Although it is possible to have thousands of wallpapers saved in the Camera Roll of your iPhone, iOS does not allow its users to innovate too much and there are no options for adding some extra spice to the Springboard of your iDevice. One of the biggest reasons people jailbreak their iPhone or iPad is to gain access to all the themes and interface-related tweaks available in the Cydia store. While themes are popular among jailbreak users, a lot of people don’t want to change the complete look of their device. That is where tweaks like WallMaster can be of use. WallMaster comes with a nice array of options related to wallpapers on iDevices. You can use the tweak to automatically change Springboard backgrounds continuously, while there are some pretty decent wallpapers available in WallMaster itself (including one that changes colors after every second, making your iPhone’s Springboard appear animated).Read More

Split & Join Files With MD5 Checksum Signature Verification

Splitting large files into smaller chunks is always an easier solution when it comes to sharing them over the internet. Even though most cloud storage don't employ any particular file size limitations (at least most of them), email service providers have still remained conservative with respect to file attachments. Although there are hundreds of ways now to seamlessly transfer files, I still fancy the old school method for sharing files, so email attachments are mostly what I use. However, when it comes to sharing large files, the size limitations come into play, and one can simply use a file splitting software to work around that. Split Byte is one such tool that can handle any kind of file splitting and joining operation. It can break up large files into smaller segments by part size, number of items, some specific DVD or CD size etc. Files can be lucidly encrypted with a password to preclude any unauthorized access. In addition, the tool can also calculate MD5 checksum signatures of files for comparison.Read More

How To Sync Photos From Windows Phone To SkyDrive In Full Resolution

Windows Phone 7 might not have been as successful as Microsoft originally meant it to be, but the Mango platform still enjoys a few perks that no other platform can ever have, simply owing to the impressive number of services owned by MS. WP7’s integration with SkyDrive and Office has earned it a small but loyal fan-base in a world dominated by iOS and Android. There are quite a few problems with Windows Phone 7, but when it comes to SkyDrive integration, things usually work out quite smoothly. However, there are a few minor issues with SkyDrive and WP7 integration, the largest of which is the automatic reduction of image resolution if you want to sync photos from your phone to SkyDrive via Zune. This is actually a feature in WP7, rather than a bug, as uploading full resolution images means using more of your data plan, which can be a big problem unless you are subscribed to an unlimited package, or always use Wi-Fi. Luckily though, it is possible to take matters into your hand, and choose the resolution for photos to be synced with SkyDrive from your WP7.Read More

15 Great Chrome Extensions For Reddit

Reddit may have started out as a simple website for sharing and discovering content, but it’s evolved into an entire community, and a very large one at that. Reddit is now spread over many subreddits and has played (and continues to play) an integral part in many online campaigns, often raising money for a charitable cause, while occasionally sending rappers to Alaska. The only thing is, as things get bigger, it gets harder to manage them. The website itself has built-in methods for managing the people/posts you follow, but there are still more ways to do it. This post lists 15 great Chrome extensions that will help you browser Reddit more easily and are equally effective if you actively participate in discussions, or are just a lurker.Read More

FlipToast Comes To iPhone, Merges Your Twitter & Facebook Feeds Together

At least once every day, I go through my Twitter feeds on my iPhone, and right after I have done that, my next step is to launch the Facebook app and see if I have got anything interesting there. I am sure that many smartphone owners follow the same daily routine, as mentally, we categorize Twitter and Facebook as two services that are closely related and form a major part of our social network. This is the idea upon which FlipToast is based. The service is not a new one by any means, and has been around for Windows for quite a while, but having a Facebook and Twitter aggregator on your iPhone is even more useful than having it on your computer. FlipToast is an app that can be used to view all the latest posts, photos, events and notifications on your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place. The app does not take the source of posts into account; rather, everything is categorized based on the type of content. For example, all the photos will appear in one section (no matter whether they are from Facebook or Twitter), while notifications and events have got menus of their own.Read More

Janetter: Multi-Account Supported Feature-Rich Twitter Client For Android

Third-party Twitter clients are a dime a dozen, but not all come with multiplatform support. One fine example of a feature-rich cross-platform Twitter app is that of Janetter. Initially available to Windows and iOS users, Janetter has eventually made its way to the Google Play Store to add to the list of ever-increasing unofficial Android Twitter clients, such as Slices, TweetLine, Plume, TweetCaster, TweetPixx, Boid and numerous others. Although not entirely Holo-themed, the app attracts with its clean and simple looks, and a well-laid out design. It contains almost all the goodies that an impulsive tweeter would love to have in their favorite Twitter client. However, the specialty of Janetter lies in a couple of features that it brings to the table; the first of which is the intuitive manner in which it lets users sift through their bookmarked items by just swiping sideways on the app’s home screen. Each bookmarked item gets added to the main UI in the form of a separate screen, and can be interacted with in a couple of ways. Other salient features of the app comprise multi-account support with option to check updates for the desired account without having to log out of the current one, complete Lists support, customizable actions for tap and long-press gestures, option to Mute content by keywords, users or apps, option to save composed tweets as drafts, enhanced search feature, previews of photo-containing tweets, user-selected photo upload service and a whole lot more.Read More

Automatic Launch Object Detection: Monitor Launch Agent Activity In Mac

Until only recently, an infected Mac was unheard of, but viruses and malware have both grown smarter and are able to find exploits where they previously didn’t appear to exist. One common way that Mac computers get infected with malware is that they use Launch Agent scripts. The script tells your Mac to load the malware and unbeknownst to you, you have an infected machine. Since the Launch Agent is there, it repeatedly loads/executes the malware. Of course, once it’s running, it can always install or copy more items on your Mac and it is already a little too late to do anything about it. All this is possible with a simple Launch agent. Automatic Launch Object Detection for Mac OS X is a free Mac utility that monitors folders on your Mac and alerts you each time a new launch agent is added.Read More

Dropbox Integrates With Facebook Groups; Lets You Share Cloud Files

Facebook may have had an impressive IPO and perhaps its vale in the market had decreased since then, but that doesn’t mean the Palo Alto giant is going to hang up its gloves. For many users out there, Facebook is still how they connect with friends, and other tech companies still seem to think it's still got potential. A leading such venture, Dropbox, is positive Facebook is still at the top of its game, and has recently announced integration with the social network which will allow users to upload files to groups from their Dropbox folder. The feature is being rolled out slowly and should be available worldwide soon.Read More

Streamweaver For iPhone: Team Up With Friends To Record Events From Every Angle

A video is supposed to capture the environment of any place more thoroughly than a photo ever can, but thanks to the panorama photography in iOS 6, still images are coming pretty close to videos in terms of covering maximum area in one shot. It is possible to shoot more detailed videos simply by changing your position and point-of-view while shooting, but you can’t be everywhere all at once. Or can you? With the new Streamweaver app, you can shoot a single scene from four different perspectives (with a little help from your iDevice-owning friends). Streamweaver adds a touch of social networking to the process of shooting videos from your iPhone. The app lets you invite up to 4 other Streamweaver users to join you in a shooting session, and when all of you have captured the same scene from different angles, the results will be merged automatically and presented to you as a single, split-screen video.Read More

RecThing Is A Social Network For Personalized Entertainment Recommendations [Web]

Have you already seen more than your share of films and TV series? Can’t find any thing good you haven’t watched yet? Try using the RecThing entertainment recommendation engine. RecThing asks you to like, dislike or recommend a few books, films, games, music and TV series, and then, depending on the gathered data, it finds other users with similar tastes for you to follow. Later, you see recommendations from these users in your feeds.Read More