Bookmark#: Organize & Search For Chrome Bookmarks Using Folders As Tags

A couple of days back we reviewed Bookmark Tagger, a Chrome extension that lets users add tags to bookmarks. The extension works independently of the default bookmarks that you save to Chrome, and has the option to import the bookmarks on the Bookmarks Bar. Bookmark# is a Chrome extension that is similar in functionality, but infinitely better than Bookmarks Tagger. It allows you to add tags to existing bookmarks and search for them from the Omnibar. Bookmark# doesn’t create its own separate set of bookmarks, it adds tags to Chrome’s bookmarks and makes adding these tags super simple by offering a tree like structure. The ‘tags’ are in fact folders and can be managed using the default bookmarks manager, albeit the extension’s own tag manager is more suitable and easier to use. When searching bookmarks, you can choose to make the search case-sensitive, ignore spaces, accent marks & punctuation marks. It also supports two search modes that you can choose to use; recursive (which includes all bookmarks in a child tags) or non-recursive (which excludes bookmarks in child tags). Read More

Flip Launcher For Android Adds Mini App Drawers Along Screen Edges

Multitasking on Android can be achieved in a variety of ways, as we have already seen with a number of different apps. For instance, with Dock4Droid, you get a scrollable roll of recent apps at the bottom of your screen. 1Tap Quick Bar and Taskbar Task Switcher let you quickly navigate to an app of choice right from within the notification shade, SwipeSwitcher allows you to quick launch required apps by swiping in from edges of your screen, whereas Popup Manager installs a ubiquitous on-screen button, tapping which launches a dedicated task manager pop-up. Flip Launcher, a fresh addition to apps from said genre, aims to add a bit more variety to the concept. Based on the same concept that governs SwipePad and SwipeSwitcher, Flip Launcher has the capacity to add a maximum of six different Flipppers (app drawer ribbons) along screen edges, each customizable in terms of its layout, screen position and the apps that it can hold. Read More

Google Search App For iOS Updated With Real-Time Voice Input

A lot of people might label the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad redundant, but once you use it, you are sure to realize that there’s more to this app than meets the eye. While the mobile version of the Google Search website has recently been revamped to include separate entries for Reader, Calendar, Drive, etc., the dedicated search app for iOS is no slouch either. The app's latest update has added real-time voice search to the mix, making searching the so much easier. Comparing the updated Google Search app to Siri or Google Now, however, doesn't really fit, as the update adds nothing more than simple voice input to the app. Having said that, the voice input is smart enough to understand long sentences, and yields Google Now-like interactive information cards. It will even speak some answers out for you if you set U.S English as the language. Google has really thought things through regarding the update, as is evident from the detailed list of options for voice features. Users can choose the language they want and configure the app to work with Bluetooth microphones. Read More

View A Log Of All Actions Performed On Your PC With LastActivityView

Spending more than the better part of the day in front of the computer has become quite common for most avid computer users. During these sessions, people open a lot of different applications, install new ones, uninstall the redundant ones and move data from one place to another. Sometimes, the number of activities we perform on the computer in one session is so high that it becomes impossible to remember everything that we did. Nirsoft has just released an application called LastActivityView, which allows you to view all the actions performed on a PC.  What makes it different from other file/folder activity monitoring applications is that you don't need to run it in the background to monitor the activities, instead it automatically fetches useful information from Event Viewer & Windows log files, and organizes it into readable form. You can even check which Dynamic Link Libraries were used to perform one specific function, and how often an app calls system files and libraries. It lets you view the recently accessed files, folders and applications and other recently performed operations including shutdown or restart the system, open a network connection etc. Read More

8 Zip Is A Windows 8 Store App To Create & Extract Archives

If you're using Windows 8, then you already know it doesn't offer any integrated file archiving app in the Modern UI flavor. Since file archiver is one of the most useful utilities to have on the PC, I wonder why Microsoft wouldn't add one to Modern UI environment.  Thankfully, Windows Store has now started to receive new apps every other day, and one of them that caught our attention is 8 Zip. This Windows 8 Store app is designed to let you view, extract or create ZIP archives on your Windows RT tablet or without having to switch to the desktop on your Windows 8 PC. The current version of the app only supports ZIP format, but according to the developers, support for 7z, RAR, ISO, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, MSI, NSIS is in the pipeline. Read More

Bring Back Display Resolution Menu Bar Item In Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion’s new features are great - so great, that they tend to let you ignore the little things that Apple took away from the OS. Among the casualties of the upgrade, was the battery notification in the Menu Bar that told you how much charge time you had left, the RSS in Safari, adding an external display to your MacBook and using it even when the lid is not closed, and the ability to adjust the display resolution from the Menu Bar. Mountain Lion doesn’t really tease you when it comes to working with multiple displays, but taking away this little functionality was a step backward. Like with the battery time issue that eventually found a solution in the form of third-party apps, you can bring back display resolution management to the menu bar with Display Menu. Read More

Gmail Introduces New Compose Message Window & Reply View

The paint on Gmail’s last interface redesign has dried, and you’ve probably settled into the changes, few as they were. The last Gmail revamp was more design centric, but it’s time for more changes and starting yesterday, Gmail has begun to roll out a new Compose message view which is quite different from the current one. Gmail users who click the compose a new message or reply/forward will be greeted with the option to try the new layout. The new compose message now sits atop of the rest of the Gmail interface allowing you to switch to a different mailbox or view the email threads and conversations without having to close it. The Compose message window is now more like the chat windows you have in Gmail, it can be minimized, closed, saved or discarded. All formatting options are still available and overall, the way they’ve fit the functionality in such limited space is pretty impressive. The reply/forward dialog box appears at the bottom of the email thread, whereas the compose message window appears in the bottom right corner. Compose emails windows can pop out of your browser like the chat windows. Read More

Create Photo Cutouts & Use Them As Augmented Reality Effects With PhotoWithMe For iPhone

Photo stitching and merging two images together might be an easy task for the Photoshop savvy, but most common folk spend hours trying to get the combination right. How many times have you wished that you could change the background of your photo, or add someone to a group shot? While there are many comprehensive photo editors available for iOS, PhotoWithMe offers a completely new take on adding details and objects to your photos. The app makes use of augmented reality to overlay any cutout (labeled seed) on the scene in front of you. You can create your own augmented reality effects, or employ any of the ones shared by other users. Read More

ADW Launcher For Android Receives A Complete Overhaul [Review]

Before Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its Holo goodness became mainstream, and the likes of Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher quickly emerged as two of the best contemporary custom Android home screen replacement apps, there were a select few home screen replacement apps that dominated the market. ADW Launcher is a name that instantly comes to mind in this regard. The launcher stayed out of the game for a long time, unable to keep pace with the changing competition. However, it seems ADW has will be making a strong comeback with its latest update (, which has just been rolled out into the Google Play Store. Designed from scratch, the popular custom Android home screen replacement of yesteryear is back in contention, courtesy of loads of new features, enhancements, transitions and buttery smooth performance available for all Android devices running anything from Donut to Jelly Bean (and above). Read More

Music Identification App Shazam Comes To Windows 8

Listening to songs on the radio is a great way to find out new tracks that you might like. However, sometimes it happens that you miss the name of the song when the DJ says it. One way to look up the name of a song, is to search its lyrics on Google (a method I personally use quite regularly). However, some tracks (of the trance genre, for instance) do not have a lot of lyrics to identify the song with, and you can only recognize the song if you hear it somewhere again. If you are not a fan of using the lyrics method, you may use music detection services to you to identify the artist and name of a song by listening to a small sample of the whole track. Shazam is a particularly famous music identification service that, other than fetching the artist and song name of a song being played nearby, also provides additional info, such as lyrics, album reviews, recommendations for similar songs, links to its YouTube videos, etc. The service has had apps on popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7) for a while now, and is now available on Windows 8 and RT as well. Read More

Toolbox For Windows 8: Use Multiple Tools At A Time In Adjustable Grid-Like Arrangements

Everyday we see new apps coming out for Windows 8, and with each passing day, the quality of apps seems to be getting better. Now, when the final version of Windows 8 is available for the general public, it seems the pace has further increased. While browsing through the new releases in the Windows Store, I stumbled upon an interesting app called Toolbox for Windows 8. It is designed to increase productivity on both desktops and tablets, by allowing you to use multiple tools side by side. You can choose from a total of nine tools and run six of them at a time on your computer screen in a grid-style arrangement of your choice. The Windows 8 and RT app comes packed with a bunch of arrangement presets, but you can customize an arrangement according to requirements by resizing each tool to take less or more space on the screen. More on Toolbox for Windows 8 after the jump. Read More

Use Basic Mouse Gestures To Navigate Quickly In Gmail [Chrome]

Gmail is possibly the best email service ever and it isn’t just because it’s fast, reliable and clutter free, but also because the interface itself is designed to make email productive. Among the many features that make email easier to manage in Gmail, there are built-in keyboard shortcuts that allow you to navigate through it with ease. The only problem is that Gmail does not have access to primary shortcut keys since these are occupied by the browser. This means the keyboard shortcuts you use in Gmail aren’t conventional ones; using 'c' to compose, 'k' to move to a new conversation or 'n', to the next message isn’t something you’re familiar with or can guess if you forget, which might lead to you skipping them altogether even though they could help you work faster. Gmail Mouse Gestures is a Chrome extension that allows you to perform three basic functions in Gmail using simple mouse gestures. It allows you to instantly navigate to your Inbox or move to the next or previous email while viewing a conversation. The gestures are triggered by holding down the right-click button and dragging the cursor upward, to the left or to the right. Read More

A Look At What’s New In Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 back in June, but we have had to wait more than four months for its official release. Fortunately, the wait is finally over. The new Windows Phone SDK and complete feature list already out, and by the coming weekend, you will also be able to get your hands on WP8 devices (in the US). As expected, not much has changed about the latest member of the Microsoft family since its introduction, but the June event did not reveal everything. There are a lot of features in Apollo that were previously mentioned in passing and have now been explained in greater detail. Everyone knew that Kids Corner had something to do with content control, but the release event familiarized users with its precise working and advantages. Past the break, we are going to briefly discuss all of the latest Windows Phone 8 announcements. For a look at previous announcements, read the summary of new Windows Phone 8 features we covered in June. Read More

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: New Features & Enhancements Detailed

Hurricane Sandy may have played spoilsport ahead of Google’s main event in New York, but that hasn't stopped the guys over at Mountain View from announcing their brand new Nexus smartphone (LG Nexus 4) and tablets (Nexus 7 32GB, 3G & Nexus 10). To users’ delight, both devices will be equipped with a new iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.2, that brings along with it quite a few enjoyable and groundbreaking features. As was rumored a while before the event, the latest firmware does not sport the 'Key Lime Pie' label. Instead, it’s simply being dubbed as “a new flavor of Jelly Bean”, which would lead one to believe that most of the features offered in this particular version are more or less enhancements of the goodies that came with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. On the contrary, Android 4.2 adds quite a few completely new features that may very well convince users from other contemporary mobile platforms to switch over to Google’s mobile OS. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at what new features the latest version has to offer. Read More

How To Create A Portable Windows 8 Enterprise To Go Workspace

If you’re an avid Linux user, then you may be familiar with the Linux Live CD/USB, which makes it possible to use a Linux distribution without having to go through the hassle of installing it on your primary storage device. Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint OS, etc., all provide an easy way to load the OS into the computer’s memory using just a bootable CD or USB drive. Windows, on the other hand, is devoid of such a feature, or has been, until now. The enterprise version of Windows 8 implements a fairly new concept of booting and running a fully-manageable Windows Enterprise OS from a USB drive using the Windows To Go feature. Read More

Quick Launch: Android Lock Screen App With Widgets & iPhone-Style Notifications

Adding to the ever-expanding list of Android lockscreen replacement apps is Quick Launch, which seems like a simple ring-style lockscreen with a search bar at first glance, but in reality, it is much more customizable than most of the alternatives that we’ve tried so far. For instance, it lets you place widgets of your favorite apps right on the lockscreen itself, and displays iOS-style lockscreen notifications for missed calls and unread text messages. The slider at the bottom lets you toggle between sound profiles with a mere swipe. Last but not the least, sliding the unlock ring to specific areas on the lockscreen, you can unlock directly to the camera app, or view and interact with recent contacts and apps. Read More

Chirp Uses Sound To Share Photos, Notes & Links With iPhone Users Nearby

There are occasions when you might find yourself inconvenienced by the lack of Bluetooth file sharing in iOS, but maybe it is a blessing in disguise, since a lot of developers have come up with really innovative solutions to this problem. In addition to a plethora of apps aimed at photo sharing over Wi-Fi, there are one-of-a-kind solutions like Bump, which lets you touch your phone to your computer’s keyboard to transfer files. While the end result is the same, it doesn’t hurt to add some extra oomph to your iPhone. Chirp is another iPhone app that has come up with a truly unique way of sharing photos, links or notes with other iOS users. As strange as it might sound, the app basically sings the data to nearby iDevices. You just have to select a photo, URL or note, and it well be transferred to anyone within earshot, as long as they are running Chirp. This method of data sharing is more useful than some other ones because you can broadcast photos to multiple devices simultaneously, without having to choose a particular device or signing up for an account. Read More

Disable USB Drives Or Enable Flash Read-Only Mode To Avoid Malware In Windows

USB Flash Drives have become a common storage medium for data transfers. They are smaller in size than portable hard drives, which makes them easier to carry around, while their maximum storage capacity is continuously on the rise. As much as these thumb drives have eased our lives, they can be equally dreadful if they get infected with malware. An infected thumb drive that is frequently plugged into different PCs increases the risk of spreading malicious content in multiple devices. Sadly, Windows doesn’t provide a feasible solution to temporarily prevent anyone from plugging USB flash drives into your computer, which is why third-party tools like Phrozen Safe USB exist, which allow you to enable or disable USB flash drive recognition with a single click. Today, we have another similar utility labeled USB Flash Drives Control. As the name implies, it lets you control a few different parameters of the drives, allowing you to enable read-only mode or disable running EXE files from within a drive. You can also password protect the application itself to prevent unauthorized usage, a feature that Phrozen USB lacks.

Read More

Create Your Own Games On Windows Phone With CYG

A glance at the Windows Phone Store should be enough to tell you that most of the games it holds are very simple. Just because a game does not have life-like graphics, or complicated gameplay, it might not necessarily be boring. After all, you can’t be in the mood for Call of Duty or PES 13 all the time. If you son't have any experience with programming, you might be a bit awed by the amount of effort even the smallest of apps require on the developer’s part. Create Your Game (CYG) is a Windows Phone app that’s bent on proving that anyone can develop games for the platform, without any knowledge of programming whatsoever! You won’t even need to be near your computer to do so, as it lets you create working games completely on your Windows Phone. Admittedly, the games won’t be too complex, but the thrill of controlling every aspect of the game’s environment and controls makes the whole thing very worthwhile. Read More

Best Windows 8 Start Screen Modifiers And Start Menu Apps

One of the most talked-about UI elements of Windows 8 is its Start Screen. Microsoft believes that Start Screen provides the ideal environment to interact with the latest operating system, but most Windows enthusiasts think otherwise. Needless to say, it’ll take some time for users to adapt to the new interface, but right now, absence of certain features that we've used for so long makes the whole experience a tad awkward for most. One of those features is the Start Menu. Many of us are so attached with it that the abrupt change seems almost like an anomaly. From what the word around the web tells us, users have little or no grudge against the Start Screen itself, but simply want to be given the choice to switch between the Start Screen and Start Menu. If you’re among those folks who miss the Start Menu in Windows 8, here’s a rundown of ten amazing, free third-party Start Screen modifiers and Start Menu apps that may satiate your needs. Read More