Rearrange Windows To A Previously Recorded Layout On Mac With Slate

Small screens don’t usually give you enough room for viewing multiple app windows side by side but a large screen does. Considering how big your screen is, you might be able to arrange two or three windows on it in any sort of arrangement. The only shortcoming with this is that you have to rearrange them each time you launch your apps. This is because while apps do remember their last window size, they don't keep track of their last position on the screen. Mac users on any version above Lion might find this a bigger problem since they have desktop spaces that apps can be assigned to, but the window arrangement is still not remembered. Slate is a free Mac app that partially handles this problem. It remembers the arrangement of windows in a single desktop space, and can restore it provided those apps are running. Read More

Get Breaking News Of Your Favorite Sports With Official ESPN App For Windows 8

All around the year, sports fans are kept engaged with their sports, leagues and clubs such as NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB etc. Each one of these has their own loyal fan following and attracts a considerable number of people. The more fortunate fans get the opportunity to witness the action live in the stadiums; however, those who miss the live action can get their fill either by watching the replays, or just checking out the scores and reading about the exciting moments in the game. You can turn on your television and wait for the news regarding your favorite sports to be broadcasted, or just log on to the internet and search for whatever you need. ESPN is a name every sports fan is sure to recognize. Its extensive coverage of all sports in different forms including television, podcasts, and website content make it one of the most popular sources for everything sports. Today, ESPN has released its Windows 8 app that lets users browse through all the information available on the ESPN website in a Modern UI interface. You can read the leading articles, view latest scores, watch videos and photos related to different sports events, listen to podcasts and much more. The app also syncs with your myESPN account to offer you a completely personalized experience and allows you to share your favorite sports highlights with your friends. Read More

Sorter Runs Rule-Based File Actions On OS X Without Automater Or AppleScript

Advanced Mac users can use AppleScripts to get a lot of things done. These simple scripts can be written to execute actions on files; files and apps can be opened or closed in response to another action, and processes can be started or ended. Not everyone can be good at writing scripts however and for the not-so advanced users, there are apps that help you automate functions like this. Sorter is a free app available in the Mac App Store that allows you to monitor folders for files and enter rules for executing actions like deleting or moving them, redirecting them to an Automator workflow, or running a script on them automatically. The app is useful for ordinary as well as power users. The rules you create with Sorter are executed manually or based on certain triggers, and there isn't any way to set the app to run them periodically, which might make it less useful for power users. However, this doesn't diminish its usability for the rest of us. Read More

Protect & Optimize Your Android With Advanced Mobile Care By IObit

IObit - the proud developer of several hugely successful computer protection and performance enhancement tools - has just released its very first Android app in Google Play Store by the name of Advanced Mobile Care. Available for free, this multilingual app is a power-packed suite of some highly sought-after system security and optimization utilities that can help you get the optimal performance out of your Android device, while at the same time ensuring that the device itself is protected from all sorts of malware including viruses, trojans, vulnerable installations, spyware and what not. Basically, Advanced Mobile Care is an attempt to provide Android users with a 1-tap scan-and-repair solution for most of their devices’ problems in as convenient a manner as possible. Besides supporting several conventional tools such as a built-in task & app manager, anti-malware, file locker, battery optimizer, cache cleaner and junk file remover, the app tries to impress even further with its sleek looks and the Game Speeder feature that helps you achieve a lag-free gaming experience on your Android device. There’s a lot more that the app has to offer, so let's explore all its features together after the break. Read More

How To Bring Back The Shortcuts Sidebar In iTunes 11 For Windows & Mac

Let's face it, iTunes hasn't really been known for changing with times and adapting to newer UI trends. So it came as a rather pleasant surprise when the new iTunes 11 finally shed all its extra baggage and came up with a neat interface. Having said that, many users have become so accustomed to the older way of doing things that this update has really left them feeling lost. The biggest change in the interface is iTunes’ apparent breakup with the sidebar view. By default, the sidebar that houses all the important shortcuts in older versions of the suite is no longer there in iTunes 11. If you are really missing it though, you will be pleased to find out that Apple has just hidden it instead of removing it altogether, and you can easily bring it back just the way it was before. Read More

EnhanceMy8 Is A Powerful Windows 8 Maintenance Utility

Windows 8 has allowed Microsoft to pursue new frontiers beyond its decades old Windows model. The hybrid new OS has opened fresh opportunities for its maker, both in the desktop and tablet industry. The number of new features, settings, UI elements and other tidbits that it comes with is incredibly impressive. Not only is Windows 8 fast, but the beautiful transition animations in its Start Screen and Modern UI apps are simply gorgeous. If you've already made your jump to Windows 8 and want to tweak it to make it even faster, try taking EnhanceMy8 for a spin. The software hooks you up with some system maintenance tools such as Disk Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter, System Info and Registry Cleaner, along with several of other tweaking options in order to – as the name implies – enhance your Windows 8 experience. Read More

Hands-On With New Features In iTunes 11 [Review]

In what might be the most delayed iTunes release from Apple ever, iTunes 11 was finally bumped to the users a few hours ago. The management suite’s major revamp was announced with the release of iOS 6, but it took a few months for it to actually become available. iTunes has always been unpopular, even with the most loyal Apple fans. With the recent update though, it is nice to see that almost all the issues that caused many horror stories of data loss and syncing failures have been addressed in the revamped interface. A lot of unpopular features (like Cover Flow and iTunes DJ) are gone and replaced by things that actually get the job done. Although still not perfect, iTunes’s iCloud integration is now much more comprehensible than before. In iTunes 11, Gift Cards can be scanned using a Mac or PC’s camera, which will surely save users a lot of bother in the upcoming holiday season. Read More

How To Disable And Delete Chat History In OS X Messages

iChat, OS X’s stock chat client, became Messages when Mountain Lion rolled out. For the most part Messages is the same as iChat with one major difference; it now saves your chat history and given someone has iOS 6 on their iOS device, you can make / receive FaceTime calls from them in Messages. Chat history was welcomed by many users given old conversations can be revisited, images and files can be sent, and reminders can be created from date and time mentioned in chat. Though chat history is a good feature, there's nothing to say that users wouldn’t like to disable it or occasionally clear their history. The process is extremely simple and detailed below. Read More

Get iPhone Style Lock Screen Notifications On Android With LockerPro

There is no shortage of quality Android lockscreen replacement apps in the Play Store, and most of them focus on aesthetics more than anything else. However, we have frequently shared with you certain alternatives that add some much-needed interactivity to the lockscreen, in addition to the cosmetic tweaks. For instance, almost a month ago, we reviewed Quick Launch – an elegant Android lockscreen replacement app with widgets and iPhone-style notification support. While the app worked flawlessly with both said features, its lock screen notifications were limited to missed calls and text messages only. What if you wanted to take a peek at notifications from other apps right from your device’s lockscreen? This is where LockerPro Lockscreen can come in handy. Apart from displaying iPhone-like multiple lockscreen notifications of your preferred apps, the app is capable of showing real-time banner notifications on your home screen as well. LockerPro Lockscreen is currently available for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher devices only. Read More

Gallery HD: Modern UI Image Viewer For Windows 8

Taking pictures of the important moments in your life is a great way to preserve those memories forever. With pictures, you can share the fun and happiness with your loved ones who weren't lucky enough to be there with you at the occasion. For showing your picture albums to others or viewing them yourself, a good image viewer is quite indispensable. If you are using Windows 7, the default Windows Picture Viewer qualifies as a basic image viewing tool and there are a lot of third party utilities available like Picasa, FastStone Image Viewer, XnView, Windows Live Photo Gallery etc. that providing you with several extended options. However, if you have already upgraded to Windows 8, there haven't been many Modern UI apps available for viewing your images. Gallery HD aims to change that. It is an app for Windows 8 that provides you with a user friendly interface to view the images stored on your computer. The application shows the images stored in different folders, allows you to select your favorites ones, and display the pictures in a slideshow. Whenever needed, you can view the metadata information of each image without leaving the app. Keep reading to find out more. Read More

Reboot From One Windows Installation Directly Into A Secondary One

Even after the final release of Windows 8, a lot of people, including myself, are still reluctant to upgrade to the latest operating system and leave Windows 7 behind. However, one should not form an opinion about anything without actually experiencing it first hand. In order to get a feel of Windows 8 (and because this line of work requires it), I installed Windows 8 as a secondary operating system on my computer. So, whenever it is required, I can now use Windows 8 without having to completely ditch my primary operating system. Since my work requires me to constantly switch between the two operating systems, I have to restart the computer a lot during the day. The biggest annoyance in this regard is that in order to boot into the required operating system, I am forced to sit and wait in front of the computer screen until the boot menu appears. Today, I came across a simple tool called Reboot-To that allows users to reboot directly into a specified operating system without having to wait for the Windows boot menu. You can select the operating system you want to reboot into while you're logged into one, and use the time the computer takes to restart to stretch your legs or get a cup of coffee. Read More

Quote Part Of An Email When Forwarding Or Replying In Gmail & Mail App

Lengthy email threads are difficult to follow, especially if you haven’t been included in them from the beginning. What makes it easier to follow them is text from old emails that’s forwarded along with a message, but just going through particularly long emails is itself time consuming. Even when you try to keep emails short and to the point, they can become extremely long. Filtering out unimportant information from one of these long emails can take quite a bit of time. A better way to keep everyone in an email conversation informed without subjecting them to the torturous task of reading long emails is to only quote the part of an email that’s important to the discussion. Gmail, the OS X Mail app and its iOS counterpart have a really neat little trick for quoting a snippet from an email when you forward or reply to it. If you select part of the message and then hit reply or forward, only the selected text is quoted in the message body. Read More

Restrict Time You Spend On Unproductive Websites In Chrome With Productivity Owl

Task managers, schedulers, promodoros and website blockers are all meant to force you to be productive. Some reward you with free time while others lock you out of time wasting websites. Productivity Owl is a Chrome extension that, like many others, tries to keep you focused on work. What makes it different is that it’s a very judgmental extension. It blocks unproductive websites and also sets a cap on how much time you have on a seemingly productive website. It has two purposes: to keep you from spending your working hours on unproductive tasks, and to ensure you get your work done with a sense of urgency. Productivity Owl has you schedule free time for yourself and lets you browse the web with a free hand during that time. Outside that time, unproductive websites are blocked, a few productive ones are open for unlimited use, and all others are available for a limited time (20 seconds by default) that you can choose yourself. Read More

How To Edit Spreadsheets With Google Drive For iPhone & Android

After the Google Drive app’s last update for iOS and Android, the lack of spreadsheet collaboration and editing was a rather glaring omission since the update did allow users to make changes to other types of documents. It has taken a couple of months, but Google has finally resolved the issue and now you can finally edit your Google Drive spreadsheets right from your smartphone or tablet. The editing options are quite thorough, allowing you to both style the text and tinker with the structure of the spreadsheet. Collaborative editing of spreadsheets works the same as collaboration for other documents, with options that include setting permissions for other users and seeing the exact point in the sheet that is being edited by a collaborator at any given time. Read More

500px iOS App Redesigned And Now Available For The iPhone

Almost a year after its iPad release, 500px has finally arrived on the iPhone. Unlike a lot of other popular apps, the iPhone version of 500px is quite feature-rich and sports just about everything on offer in its tablet counterpart. You can manage your 500px account from within the app, follow other users and, of course, view the staggeringly large collection of images that this service offers. The whole interface has been revamped, and users can now finally enjoy “Flow” on their iDevices. If you don’t already know, Flow is a customizable feed that can be used to view updates from your favorite professional photographers and other 500px users.  Read More

Find Files & Folders Taking The Most Disk Space With WizTree

Since the inception of hard drives, manufactures are pioneering ways to pack in more gigabytes into them than you could imagine. As a result, hard drives boasting 1 terabyte of space have become quite common and should be pretty much enough to store most of your digital content. Windows doesn't contain a native utility that quickly tells you about the amount of space each file and folder is occupying on the disk. On the flip side of the coin though, you can use a variety of third-party tools that suffice for the job. One such solution that I recently came across is WizTree. What makes WizTree stand apart from similar alternatives is its blazing fast scan speed. The tool uses MFT (Master File Table – the NTFS index about what a drive contains), completing the scanning process within a few seconds. Read More

Save Web Pages As PDF Documents For Offline Viewing

Saving webpages for offline viewing is nothing new. Almost all web browsers allow this functionality via letting you store web pages in HTML format, albeit also creating additional folders to store pertaining scripts, images, files and related content during the process. Even though offline HTML pages allow you to navigate just like you would while you’re actually online, this isn't always a solution. If you’re looking for a way to simply store the web page - for instance a page consisting of an article that you want to read later - it’s better to save it in PDF format instead. One of the advantages of PDF is that you don’t have to keep multiple files akin to HTML. To quickly Xerox a webpage into PDF, try locking your sights on Weeny Free HTML To PDF Converter. It’s a lightweight yet powerful software that automatically converts and saves a web page into PDF at a breakneck speed. You can either convert an existing HTML file, or try entering the website’s URL and the tool takes care of the rest. Read More

PowerTools Is A Powerful Windows Registry Cleaner & Backup Suite

Keeping your PC in top notch condition is integral for its longevity. There are many tools out there that let you perform maintenance tasks on your PC and the latest among them is PowerTools Lite 2013 - a highly robust Windows registry cleaner that determines the overall health of your computer by performing a number of registry scans. It lets you fine tune the registry, fix a variety of errors, and remove obsolete entries wherever required. In addition to cleaning the registry, it also contains an immunization feature that enables you to block malicious websites from accessing and spreading malware threats on your system. This in turn adds an extra shield of protection and keeps your privacy intact. Apart from being feature-rich, it also come with a user-friendly interface that's easy on the eyes. Read More

10 Firefox Shortcuts For Faster Navigation & Feature Access

Browser shortcuts are pretty standardized. Unless you’re working on different operating systems, it isn’t likely that you will have to learn new keyboard shortcuts when you decide to use a different browser for a while. Chrome and Firefox - two of the most popular web browsers - have very similar keyboard shortcuts, but if you were to compare the two, Firefox has quite a few extra ones, some of which you might just like in Chrome and a few other browsers. Apart from the normal keyboard shortcuts for navigating web pages, or just using the basic Firefox features, here is a list of ten other shortcuts that work in the latest version of Firefox (and probably will in all future versions to come). Read More

The Best Way To Resize Images In Windows 8 And RT

As a blogger, I have to work with screenshots, and one of the real pains (besides taking screenshots) is to resize them. There are many things to be kept in mind, like the maximum width, maximum image size, and so on. Resizing images one by one takes up a lot of time, so I planned to devise a solution for this: using batch image resizers. And since I’m using Windows 8, there’s a Modern UI app for that. And I thought, why not share this tip with our readers? So here you go, two of my favorite image resizing options for Windows 8 users. Read More