Get Attachment Icons In Gmail Based On File Type [Chrome]

Wouldn’t it be great if you could view the type of attachment an email has? Attachment Icons For Gmail, a Chrome extension, improves the way you search emails by giving you a much better view in general of what's coming in with your emails. With it, you can easily know what kind of attachment an email has. The extension adds specific icons for each file type, instead of the generic paperclip. The type of icon that is added simply depends on the kind of attachment an email consists of. The icon is added right next to the date in each email, as well as the mail headers, and in case an email consists of multiple attachments, then the icon of the last attached file is used. Read More

Windows 8 Manager: Manage, Clean, Tweak & Customize Your System

We, at AddictiveTips, have covered the Windows 8 Consumer Preview pretty extensively, since its release a few days ago. There are a lot of new features and options included in Windows 8, aimed at making the usage experience feel more user-friendly to the new users, as well as appearing to be modern to the old users. Yes, it will take all of us some time to get used to the flashy new Metro UI and the way we interact with the OS, but I am sure using it on a tablet will be a lot of fun even for the first time users. Microsoft has decided against the idea to release a separate operating system for the tablet and has designed Windows 8 in such a way that it can be used on both a desktop computer, or a tablet PC. However, some of the features will be more useful on PC's, while others will seem more practical, such as the Airplane mode, while using them on a tablet. The more experienced users, who are used to having a customized feel for their work space are the most reluctant ones (myself included) when it comes to upgrading to a new operating system due to all the new things that need getting used to. Windows 8 Manager is a tool that allows you to completely manage, clean, tweak and customize your Windows 8. Keep reading to find out more about the tool. Read More

Tagmarks: Organize Bookmarks & Add Tags To Them [Firefox]

Tagmarks is a Firefox add-on that adds a set of icons to the address bar, allowing you to quickly add tags to your bookmarks by clicking different icons. The add-on brings the power of using tags to organize your bookmarks and with it, you can click a lot of different icons when adding a site to your bookmarks, instead of just clicking the Bookmark star. When you click an icon, it will add the page to the bookmarks and associate that icon with the page, through the use of tags. Tagmarks works smoothly and stays hidden until you begin to use it. Tag icons are added to the address bar of Firefox, which can then be used to employ various tags. Read More

ScreenSavery: Draw Password To Lock/Unlock Mac Screen

You can lock or unlock your Mac with a simple alphanumeric password. By default, there are no keyboard shortcuts that will allow you to quickly lock your screen. While such a shortcut can be added, it is a bit of a long process, and that is why an app like  Lock Me Now exists. While this app provides an easy way to create a shortcut for locking your screen, ScreenSavery is a Mac app worth $2.99 in the Mac store that does all this and more. The app essentially does three things; adds animated screensavers to your Mac, lets you lock your screen with a keyboard shortcut, and lets you set up passwords in one of three ways. Passwords can be set the traditional way (alphanumeric passwords), they can be set up as a four digit number to be entered via a trackpad, or a swipe pattern that you have to draw on a nine dotted grid. Read More

Order In My Folder: Sort Files Using 8 Different Criteria

One of the most painful tasks you can perform is sorting your files out, especially when there are a lot of files to put into different folders, and when you randomly download and scatter files here and there. People usually have this habit of putting all their files in the download folder - leaving them unorganized and cluttered. If so they need a file later on, it becomes quite hard to find and can also leave duplicates, should they redownload them. The usual way to sorting the files is create new folders one by one and then manually move the files into each one of them, depending on your sorting criteria. However, each one of us who has gone through this exercise know that this method is inefficient, as well as how frustrating it is to move the files into folders, individually. What's more, no one has any time at their disposal to waste in these little things. Earlier, we have reviewed some great file sorting applications for Windows, such as, FileSieve, that automate the sorting process. Today, we have another awesome tool for sorting your files, called Order In My Files. It is a portable tool that allows you to reorder your files from a single folder into different, automatically created ones, based on different file sorting logics. Keep reading to find out more about Order In My Folder. Read More

My Tweet Pal: Filter Out Junk Tweets Without Unfollowing Anyone [iOS]

There is always that one person on your Twitter account who thinks the world is all ears to listen to their precious thoughts, and just won’t stop tweeting. A simple solution to this problem might be to unfollow them, and forget all about it. However, this can lead to a lot of complications, and that’s why the person stays there, littering out timeline, and there’s not much you can do about it. Or can you? You certainly can, if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Meet My Tweet Pal, an extremely useful iOS app which learns all about your Twitter taste, and shows only those tweets you are likely to appreciate. With this app, it’s you who decides what you want to see on your Twitter timeline. Read More

SocialShoutings Lite: Post To Twitter & Facebook In One Go [Mac]

We’ve covered apps in the past that allow you to manage multiple social network accounts from your menu bar. Facebox is one such app, covered last year, for viewing your Facebook feed, messages and posting updates. Social Lite is another app that lets you view feeds from Facebook and Twitter and view messages in your Gmail inbox. SocialShoutings Lite is a free Mac app that lets you post to Twiter and Facebook at the same time. The app shows a character count and supports URL shortners,,, and Read More

Locate Friends Near You & Chat With Them Using Peachy For iPhone

Messengers and other chat services make up a very popular genre of apps in the iOS App Store, and with the release of iMessage, people have started chatting even more than before. Texting is going out of the vogue pretty quick, and chatting has almost replaced it entirely. Every once in a while, an iPhone app is bound to come along which brings something completely new to even the most crowded categories of iPhone apps. Peachy is one such app. It is just another messenger app on the surface, but actually it is based on a rather interesting concept. Using Peachy, you can only chat with your friends when they are in your vicinity. The app will let you know whenever a friend (or group of friends) is within 3 miles of your current location, and then you can start a conversation with them straight away. Despite having a rather unpolished interface, the app can prove to be a useful tool for a variety of people, and in addition to being a location-based messenger, you can use Peachy to ask for user feedback regarding a number of items in your area. Read More

PicShop For Android: Photo-Editing & Sharing App With Meme Maker

We have no final word on when (or whether at all) the official Android client of the world-famous photo-editing and sharing iOS app, Instagram, will release. However, that does not imply that Android users are dearly missing the app on their devices, or lacking quality alternative options in the photography genre. Previously reviewed apps, StreamZoo,, Mobli and numerous others have already been lauded as handy alternatives to the photo-editing giant, and there are quite a few fresh players that are emerging onto the global scene with some additional goodies of their own to attract the users. Adding to the long list of Instagram-like Android apps is PicShop that gives the true power of photo enhancement, embellishment and sharing right in your hands. Initially launched in the iTunes App Store, PicShop has just made it’s way into the Google Play Store with full force. PicShop offers you a comprehensive suite of some of the most sought-after image editing tools including snazzy filters, effects, frames, sketching/doodling options, image enhancement, sharpening, cropping, flipping, rotation and correction tools, text boxes, comment bubbles, stylish stickers, horizontal and vertical tilt shift effects, a built-in Meme generator (yeah, you heard it right), Red-Eye and blemish remover, image auto-corrector, ample personalization and sharing options, and last but not the least, an unmatched ability to work on, and store images up to 8MP in size. Read More

ZeroPC Photo Connect: A Social Photo Aggregating & Sharing Android App

From the team behind ZeroPC Cloud Navigator – a cross-platform all-in-one cloud data aggregator – comes another nifty Android app called ZeroPC Photo Connect that serves as a universal standalone aggregator and management tool for all your photos stored on your device’s local storage, as well as various social media sharing networks. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox, Box, Instagram, Picasa, SugarSync, Evernote or any other popular online sharing platform, Photo Connect automatically fetches and aggregates all the photos shared on each supported service, and lets you view them on a specially designed chronological timeline, so you can easily scroll through the best moments of your life via memorable photos. The app also features a unique virtual album mash-up option, using which you can easily tag, manage and share the best photos from selected sharing services with your friends and family in an instant. In addition, the app supports automatic syncing of all the photos between your device, associated online services, and the ZeroPC cloud itself, so that you never have to worry about losing your invaluable snaps. More to follow. Read More

Personalize Windows 8 Start Screen With My WCP Start Screen Customizer

The Windows 8 Start Screen with the Metro UI has had mixed review by users with some welcoming this huge step towards modernization of the Windows operating system, while others complaining about the huge change in Start Screen, as well as the other new options and features that they will have to get used to. Check out the detailed review of the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen done by Usman. By default, the Start Screen has a sea green color and a simple looking background. These can be changed in the PC Settings menu, but you can only change the color and the background in a minor way using the given options. There are no extended options to customize elements, such as text, border color, icon background, group name, number of tiles rows etc. This is where MY WCP Start Screen Customizer comes in. It is a tweaking tool for the Windows 8 Start Screen that allows you to specify different elements of the Start Screen, including color, text, background image etc. Read on to find out more about the tool. Read More

FeedWizard: Simple RSS Reader That Regularly Deletes Old Items [Mac]

We covered quite a few RSS readers in the past, NewsBar is one such app that displays your feed on your desktop but costs $4.99. Cappuccino is another excellent RSS reader; it is free and lets you import feeds from Google Reader. FeedWizard is yet another free RSS reader for Mac that lets you manage your feeds. It is minimalistic and can be used to manage feeds without needing a Google account. The app comes with its built-in viewer that allows you to view a complete news item without opening your browser. No ads are displayed, and you simply view the text and the images in a news item with more article suggestions from the same site. Read More

Customize Windows 8 Charms Bar With My WCP CharmBar Customizer

When Redmond based tech giant first unveiled Windows 8 Consumer Preview, the reaction was somewhat mixed from users and critics alike. Some would even call the OS being doomed, as Microsoft has revamped the operating system we all loved since childhood. Metro UI is so far the biggest step forward MS has taken, which merge both desktop and tablet use. As the OS is hybrid, its optimized for both desktops and touch screen devices. Even though the company excluded some useful features in Windows 8 (Windows Start Orb, for instance), some new additions have also been made, making the OS appealing as a whole. Among the various new toolbars and options included in the Windows 8, Charms Bar is one of the major additions to the UI. It changes the way we interact with the system and access different options. You can read a detailed review of the Windows 8 Charms Bar. Microsoft has aimed to increase the usability of Windows, but has not included options to edit the UI much, other than the basic Start Screen color and wallpaper texture options. However, you don't need be worried much as My WCP CharmBar Customizer can do this for you. It is a portable tweaking tool for the Windows 8 Charms Bar that lets you customize the way it looks. Read on to find out more about how it works. Read More

Qute: Cross-Platform Eye Candy Text Editor With Mood-Based Themes

Different text editors offer you different types of options for performing both simple and complex text editing tasks. Simple tasks can be performing using the default Windows Notepad, while for the complex tasks, you can use Notepad++, an open source text editor massively reviewed on the AddictiveTips. Having a proper tool for the job is necessary in order to perform it smoothly and without glitches. Using a complex software to do something simple will only reduce your productivity. You will have to spend more time in learning how to use the tool than actually using it. Qute is a simple, open source, multiplatform text editor available for PC, Mac and Linux with Markdown and TeX support. It allows users to preview text paragraph wise, and lets them switch between editing and viewing modes. If your work requires you to work with text for long hours, Qute offers its users different themes to make looking at a single file for hours more appealing. You can quickly switch themes, as well as font effects. Keep reading to find out more about Qute. Read More

Viddy For Android & iPhone Is Like Instagram For Videos

Instagram has become insanely popular in the time it has been around for iOS. The whole concept of editing and sharing photos on the go seems to have captured the imagination of users all over the world. As good as the service is, it is only limited to editing and sharing photos. If you want are one of those people who make good use of the video capturing abilities of their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you are sure to find Viddy is interesting as Instagram. The app will let you shoot, edit and share videos, and you can also follow other users to stay in touch with their uploads. Read on to know more. Read More

Skip Tunes: Control The Default Music App In Mac From Menu Bar

If you use iTunes, you are likely to have an app that lets you control iTunes from the menu bar. Either that, or, at some point, you may have tried using one to make using iTunes more convenient. For whatever reason you didn’t stick with the utility you tried, Skip Tunes is a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac app store that lets you control music in your default music player. This means it can work for either iTunes, or any other app that you use as your default music player. The app adds play/pause and forward controls to the menu bar, but expands to reveal a complete media player with a seek bar, a shuffle button and a backward and forward button. Skip Tunes itself present a neat interface that Mac lovers like to see in apps. Read More

WebView: Save Content From Web As Refreshable Clippings [Chrome]

WebView extension for Chrome allows you to save parts of websites as clippings in a custom tab. This tab includes all important images, text or other content that you cut and save from different websites. The extension is somewhat similar to newspaper clippings, and helps users save interesting parts from websites for later viewing. After the extension is installed, a scissors button is added to the toolbar, which can be clicked to select content from webpages. Once an area has been selected, it is then saved in a new WebView page. Moreover, content can be refreshed and minimized. Details past the jump. Read More

Merge Events On iPhone Calendar With Your Social Network Using UpTo

We are human beings, and have been blessed with intelligence and cognition. That is why keeping track of important dates and times has become so important, which is apparent from the integration of calendars in smartphones and social media. Nowadays, you are less likely to forget the birthday of a close friend thanks to Facebook. However, there are many tasks and reminders you set on the calendar of your iPhone, but wish to make them a little more public at a later time. This is what UpTo is all about. This iOS app lets users share their events with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and using the app, you can also learn of all the upcoming important events from the profiles of your contacts. UpTo serves as an alternative calendar for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and has a pretty handy color-coded interface which will let you differentiate between busy and lazy days at a single glance. Read More

Collect Notes & Information Online, Access It From Any Computer [Chrome]

Often while we browse the web, we need to jot down notes, copy text or save parts of a webpage for later use. Clipping Note, a Chrome extension, is a useful tool for collecting notes and information from the web. With it, you can also create multiple notebooks and categorize your notes accordingly. Once you’ve made your notes, they can be accessed from any other computer or shared with others. The extension requires a simple sign up, after which you will be able to create and save notes online. Read More

Listen To Shared Music Playlists By Genre With MoodMusic For iPhone

If you are one of those people who are always listening to music, then it is very likely that you frequently run out of good songs to listen to. There are many solutions to this problem; you might ask your friends if they know of any new good songs, or you can make full use of your iPhone’s intelligence, and use an app like MoodMusic. This iOS app will let you listen to music shared by other users of the service, and also by your Facebook friends. The app can be considered a jukebox, which any user can customize according to their likes and dislikes, as it can be set up in a way that only songs from your specified genres will be displayed by MoodMusic. So, the app suggests music for you, but not at random, you are very likely to actually listen to most of MoodMusic's suggested tracks rather than just moving on to the next one. Read More