XapHandler: Directly Install, Manage & Update Homebrews On Unlocked WP7 Without Connecting To PC

Windows Phone 7 is trying to follow the example set by iOS when it comes to jailbreaking. Like the Cydia store, unlocked Mango phones have got access to Bazaar. There is still a lot of room for improvement, though. Just take a closer look at Bazaar for instance. Unlike Cydia, there is no way you can manage, or even view, the tweaks and homebrews you have already installed to your WP7 device. It will be cool if Bazaar gets an update which lets you do that, but for now, homebrew fans will have to be contented with XapHandler, a homebrew to manage, well, homebrews. Using this app, you will be able to update any XAP file you have already got on your phone, and it will also let you perform a clean install on homebrews, making sure that they function properly. However, the most useful feature of XapHandler is its ability to show users the data and relevant information associated with XAP files before you flash them to your phone. All these features might be great for users with custom ROMs, and access to Bazaar, but the best thing about XapHandler is that, with it, users having unlocked stock ROMs will be finally able to install homebrews directly from Internet Explorer, email or any other method without even having to connect your device to a PC. Read More

gleeBox: Complete Website Navigation Using Keyboard [Chrome]

gleeBox is the perfect tool for keyboard and command line lovers. This Chrome extension takes a keyboard-centric approach for navigating websites and provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse, such as clicking, scrolling, selecting text fields and more. gleeBox comes with various commands that allow you to traverse through different elements on a page, perform different types of actions, such as scroll through the headings, select linked images, open articles in a clutter free reader or Google Reader and more. Gleebox offers a highly customizable and intuitive way to navigate web pages via keyboard. To start off, hit the G key, type a part or all of the link name into the search bar, gleeBox will then immediately highlight all the link on the page. You can then press Enter to go to the URL or press Shift+Enter to open the links in a new tab. Read More

Feewhee: Use Mouse Scroll To Resize Windows & Adjust Their Transparency

When Windows Vista came out, the Aero-Snap feature revolutionized the way we resize our windows. It allowed users to quickly resize windows in different sizes to make efficient use of the available virtual work space. You can place windows side by side, place them vertically or automatically resize more than 2 windows horizontally and vertically to be able to access the content from each one. However, the default Aero-Snap feature is somewhat limited. It doesn’t allow you to stack windows in different positions. For instance, if you want to stack four windows on your screen in the form of a grid, you will have to manually resize them, or use a third party desktop manager that allows you to perform automatic window resizing and management of all open applications. Read More

Urgnt.ly: Give & Get Help For Any Problem From People In Your Vicinity

Finding adequate and timely help in dire circumstances can be difficult, especially if you are unsure about the availability of required services in your area. While there are various means to remedy this, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more effective than Urgnt.ly – a location-based web service that helps connect solution seekers to solution providers. The service also has mobile clients for Android and iOS to help users find and offer solutions to various everyday problems on the go. While the service’s official iOS has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, its Android counterpart has just arrived in the Google Play Store. Using the Urgnt.ly mobile app, you can create various profiles, complete with your contact details and all the the skills that you possess, and let other nearby users trace (and contact) you with ease. The best thing about the app is that its scope of search is not constrained only to your current location; you can specify any location to fetch details of all the solution providers therein. Read More

Quickly Open, Download Or Bookmark Multiple Links At Once [Firefox Add-On]

If you want to open multiple links from a website, you either have to hold down the Ctrl key and click every link, or you can select the open in new tab option from the right-click context menu for each link. This entire process can not only be time consuming, but it can be quite irritating. This is where Multi Links, a Firefox add-on, comes in handy. Multi Links lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time, rather than having to open them individually. With it, you can open, copy or bookmark websites simply by drawing a selection box around the links. By default, the add-on allows you to right-click and drag a box to open multiple links in new tabs. In addition to that, Multi Links Preferences allow you to fully customize the mouse button actions and appearance of the add on. Read More

Use A File As Template & Prevent Overwriting A Master Copy In Mac [Tip]

Have you ever unintentionally modified a really important file that you have no other copy of? That is probably the best time to say ‘Duh’ if life has yet to give you an opportunity to use the word. The thing is, deleted files can be recovered by recovering older versions of the file that’s been modified. For important files that you frequently use as a template (but do not want to modify) or just ones you hope to never overwrite even in your dreams, Mac provides you a simple  yet widely unknown way of doing both from the general menu of any file. Read More

PhotoBox!: View, Batch Download/Upload & Untag Yourself From Facebook Photos [Android, iOS]

All the usual gripes of Android users regarding the annoyingly slow official Facebook app aside, the app is currently missing the option to un-tag yourself from any photo. Enter PhotoBox! – a comprehensive Facebook photos explorer for Android and iOS devices that claims to be the very first solution to the problem. Initially exclusive to the iTunes App Store, PhotoBox! for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can browse through, like and comment on your Facebook photos uploaded by friends and pages that you've liked, upload and download photos in bulk, and apply filters to them. The app also lets you search across the network for photos by album or friend name. Read More

Endomondo Tracks Workout Stats, Burned Calories & Plays Music [WP7]

Not everyone can hire a personal fitness trainer, and even if you do, who can match the efficiency and diligence of a machine? This is the reason there are many fitness apps available for iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 7. A few workout-related apps we have covered include Fitness One, iMuscle Nova, Nokia’s Sports Tracker and Sports Tracker for Android. From the apps we just listed, only the Nokia one is for Mango phones. Now, however, there is an app in the Marketplace which has the potential of giving Nokia ST a run for its money, and that app is Endomondo Sports Tracker. We have to say, Endomondo is one of the most comprehensive fitness training apps on any platform. It uses GPS data to determine the change in your position during a specified activity, and based on those calculations, the app will tell you stats like your average speed, distance covered and even the number of calories you have burned by indulging in the activity. Most people like listening to music while working out, and that’s why Endomondo Sports Tracker also lets you play music from within the app. There are many more features this app boasts of, and you can learn about all of them by reading on. Read More

Good Screen Recorder Lite: Screencast Tool With Mouse Click Capture [Mac]

Finding a halfway decent screencasting tool is hard enough, but finding a free one is next to impossible. Admittedly, not everyone needs to record what they’re doing on their screen (unless it is some seriously fancy clicking and swiping), but for those Mac users who need to create instructional videos or demos, Good Screen Recorder Lite is a free Mac app that lets you record whatever transpires on your screen and also capture mouse clicks. The app lets you record your entire screen or any area on the screen. You can chose the width and height of the area by dragging the edges of the frame, chose the frame rate, mute sounds in the recording and customize the count down time before the app starts recording once you’ve clicked Record. Read More

Autorun Manager: Disable & Re-Enable Autorun Feature In Windows

Whenever you plug in or insert a new device into your computer, Windows tries to automatically run it for you. Sure that is convenient, but this is one of the most common ways that viruses spread in to systems. If you plug in an infected USB flash drive or a CD drive, the Autorun feature of Windows automatically executes an autorun.inf file located in the root of removable devices. This option can be used by malicious programs to run any unwanted script or program on your computer if it contains some malicious code to gain administrative privileges on your computer. The damage can be anything from someone else using your computer to stealing files from your computer. Previously, we have written an article to guide you through the process of disabling Autorun behavior in both Windows 7 and Windows 8. We also covered a tool called Windows 7 Autorun Disabler that allows you to disable autorun feature for CD/DVD Roms, Ram Disks, Removable devices and Network Drives. Today, we have a portable application called Autorun Manager, which lets you quickly disable and re-enable autorun feature for a lot of devices. More on Autorun Manager after the break. Read More

Weeny Free Video Cutter: Trim Videos & Export In Various Formats

There are times when you come across this amazing movie and you want to save a few scenes from it on your computer for later viewing. There are numerous video cutting tools available for download, and AddictiveTips have also covered several of them, like SolveigMM AVI Trimmer, a compilation of great online video editing tools (here), as well as top five desktop tools (here). Weeny Free Video Cutter is another video trimming software which can cut various video file formats within a few seconds. Not only that, it also enables you to set the output files to other popular formats after the cutting process, for example, .mp4, mp3, .avi, .mpg etc. The application is simple to use with nice interface and satisfying output quality. More to follow after the jump Read More

FireAlpaca: Powerful Eye-Candy Image Editor With Layer Support

When it comes to photo editing, Adobe Photoshop may click your mind. Due to its vast amount of feature sets and mind-boggling photo effects, it has attained an almost godlike status among other similar image editing applications. Because of this much popularity, many other photo editors have opted for a similar route. Well, instead of bragging about its top-notch quality, let’s take a look into another similar application, which to be very honest, I’d call a slimmed down version of our beloved Photoshop. FireAlpaca is a fabulous and light-weight image editing tool that will let you enhance all your favorite shots that you snapped during the vacation. Though, it doesn’t contain any preset photo filters, you may find most of the basic, and then a few advanced features that come packed in other quality image editing tools. The interface is cool and easy to work with, and feels quite like Adobe’s brainchild, and the best thing is, its available for free. Take an inside look after the jump. Read More

How To Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8 [Tip]

Apart from Start Orb and classic Start Menu, what most Windows 7 users, who decided to take Windows 8 for a spin, miss in Windows 8 is ability to create ad-hoc network. If you’re a power users, you might’ve noticed that Windows 8 doesn’t include an option to create and setup ad hoc network connection to share files and internet with Wi-Fi enabled computers and devices. Windows 7 ad hoc connection feature does nothing except creating a shared connection with separate IP address to register the device on the virtual network. This allows users to use router’s default or specified DNS server address to easily connect to internet. Even though Windows 8 comes with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature to allow devices  to connect to yours PC internet connection, it doesn’t allow creating a wireless network connection to share the internet. In this post, we will look at some tools that let you easily create and manage ad-hoc connections in Windows 8. Read More

Disable Mac Dashboard & Rearrangement Of Desktop Spaces [Tip]

Desktop spaces are, by far, one of the most intuitive ways of managing your apps’ windows. For those that don’t know, the Desktop spaces don’t just group your windows; they’re actually smart to remember which ones you use most frequently, and rearranges them as per your preference. The feature is great, but if you prefer to maintain a particular order for the spaces, this rearranging can be quite frustrating. Should you be looking for a simple way to maintain your preferred order for the desktop spaces, this tip is the solution. If you also find the Dashboard to be either useless or annoying (or both), there is a way to disable that as well. Read More

iHome Sleep: Customizable Alarm App That Displays Social Media News When You Wake Up [Android]

There is no denying the fact that we all love sticking to our beds in the morning for as long as possible. Most of us rely on our mobile devices’ alarm apps to remedy that. While I have no specific complaints about the stock alarm app on my Android device, there are lots of users out there who crave for a more feature-rich alternative, but what better can an alarm app achieve than to wake you up from sleep? iHome Sleep might be able to answer that. The favorite alarm app of many iOS users has just made its way into the Google Play Store to re-define the way you use an alarm app on Android. Apart from being a handy alternative to your stock Clock app, iHome Sleep brings a plethora of useful features, including option to add multiple alarms with personalized tones and other settings, the Gentle Wake feature that plays a mild tune at whatever time you plan to wake up, customizable background sporting a beautiful clock and weather widgets, ability to log sleep timings and other relevant statistics, option to display important notes on wakeup and bedtime alarm screens, a homescreen widget to keep you apprised of the next alarm, and last but not the least, the luxury to natively sift through the latest overnight news from your Facebook and Twitter accounts immediately after switching off the alarm. Read More

Auto Delete Archives/Files After Extraction Or Compression In Mac [Tip]

Desktops can be (and are) among the most cluttered places on your Mac, so much so that apps like Clean My Desktop exist to help you manage it. The thing is, your desktop isn’t the only biggest repository of junk on your Mac; the Downloads folder is often brimming with files that you’ve downloaded, used once and never needed again. Of these files, zipped files and extracted folders are one type. Even if you move the extracted files to another location, the archive remains taking up disk space in the original location. If you use the default archiving and extraction utility i.e. the Unarchiver, you can set it to automatically delete the archive folder once it’s extracted the files. Similarly, you can set the utility to delete files once they’ve been compressed. This tip shows you how. Read More

Downloader For iPhone: Download & View Almost Any Music & Document File Format

Safari is a pretty good mobile browser, and that’s why most users don’t feel the need to look for a new one in the iOS App Store. There are a few web browsers that hold their own against Safari, like the previously covered Dolphin browser, specially since it got its Sonar update recently. However, it is not just a two-horse race when it comes to iPhone web browsers, there are other apps out there which can let you do stuff other apps can’t dream of. As a web browser, Best Music & File Downloader Pro might not be the best option out there, and it isn’t meant to be, either. The app is all about letting you download files in popular formats, and then managing those downloads any way you want. Read More

Imgup: Upload Any Image Or Screenshot To Imgur From Menu Bar [Mac]

Imugr is a popular image sharing service and is widely preferred by Redditors. Whether you’re a Redditor or not, the service is excellent nonetheless. The best part is, for images you don’t care to protect by privacy settings, you can upload and share them without even needing an account on the site. Imgup is a free Mac app that sits in the menu bar and lets you upload any image directly to Imgur. Additionally, it integrates with the default Mac screenshot shortcuts, and by pressing the Option key in addition to the hotkeys, the app uploads the screenshot directly to Imgur and you can view thumbnails of them from the menu bar. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the direct link of the image in your browser. Read More

ChromeTunes: Add YouTube Playlists & Listen To Tracks via A Slick Popup

Wouldn’t it be great if we could listen to music on YouTube and work online at the same time, without having to sift through multiple tabs? ChromeTunes is a Chrome extension that lets you listen to tracks and playlists from YouTube through a slick pop-up. Not only does the extension allow you to search and listen to tracks, but it also lets you add your favorite playlists right through the pop-up. After you’ve installed the extension, you can directly add playlists by accessing the settings and enter a List ID. You can also click the search button and enter a query in the search box to find tracks and playlists. ChromeTunes will then instantly retrieve playlists or tracks from YouTube, along with a thumbnail preview of an album or track. Read More