Share Any Web Image To Facebook Wall Or Page From Chrome Context Menu

Facebook may be a social network for most of us, but we often overlook that it is also used as an online identity. It lets us sign in and use web apps, services and participate in online forums. Most, if not all of us benefit from our Facebook ID in this regard; we can share articles that we find interesting and our friends know when we’ve left a comment on a website or forum. For websites that have mostly, if not purely, picture content, we can use our Facebook ID to share images. Now imagine wanting to share an image from anywhere on the web, without having to copy and paste its source URL. Upload Photos To Facebook Pages is a Chrome extension that lets you share images on your Facebook profile or to one of the pages you manage from any webpage via the right-click context menu.Read More

Selectively Share Content From Any Web Page With Pluck For Chrome

Sharing articles from the web is common enough, but problems arise when sharing particularly long articles from which you are trying to call to attention a particular snippet and it’s lost in the full length of the article. It’s further complicated because you’re trying to provide both context and get a particular point across. Pluck is a Chrome Extension that lets you select the content you share from a web page. The selected content is gathered and added to a new page that Pluck generates with a link to the original page. The page can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or via a link. Content, text or images, are selected the same way you select text, i.e., click and drag your mouse over whatever you want to share after activating the extension from its button. The selected content is highlighted in blue and can be previewed before sharing.Read More

Here Are This Week’s Best Apps, Tips And Tricks [12.30.2012]

We’ve covered plenty of useful apps, tips and tricks this week. From a (now failing) Snapchat clone app, a super-customizable keyboard app for Android and the now-available free variant of Bitdefender Antivirus to tips on how to get rid of your Instagram account for good, and setting your iPhone's display to be turn off when in your pocket. Check it all out after the jump. Read More

Get Google Reader Desktop Alerts, Quickly View & Manage Unread Items In Chrome

You’re probably tired of the ordinary Google Reader extensions that you come across in the Chrome Web store. They all do one thing more or less; provide you with a live count or desktop notifications for new items in your feed. If that's the case, try Checker Plus for Google Reader. It offers you a world of features and just as many options to customize how it works. At the core, Checker Plus for Google Reader gives you notifications for new items in your feed, but it lets you choose not just the items you receive a notification for, but also which feeds to include in the unread item count. There's even more to the extension, so let's get into the details after the jump. Read More

Download Popular Windows Apps From One Place With DDownloads

Sometimes it can be quite tedious to find the exact software you’re looking for, especially if you can’t seem to find the developer’s page. There are many application repository websites out there, but some of them tend to bundle unwanted crapware with the actual application. If you’re looking for an alternative solution, give DDownloads a shot. It’s a Windows application downloader that aims to offer a better and more convenient way to download your favorite programs and utilities. This freeware provides direct download links for some of the most popular Windows applications of all types including web browsers, system optimization tools, drivers, security tools, codec packs, file managers, uninstallers, backup programs and many more.Read More

Generate & Play YouTube Playlists Without Leaving The Current Page [Chrome]

YouTube channels and user-created playlists help you find videos similar to those of your interest, explore a particular type of video, or look for the best clips of a TV show or songs by a particular artist. In the event you can't find the right playlist or you'd just like to watch a larger selection of videos without investing time in searching for and creating a playlist of your own, YouTube™ ListPlayer is a Chrome extension that might prove to be of help. It lets you search for YouTube videos and creates a playlist of the results. You can move to the next or previous video, play a video out of order, and repeat or shuffle the ones in the playlist. All videos will be played in a tab that opens when you hit play, and not in a separate window or pop-up. The extension lets you save the playlists you create and resume playback later.Read More

Get Galaxy Note II Style Smart Screen Rotation On Any Android Device

The Galaxy Note II by Samsung brought along with it a pretty useful feature in Smart Rotation – an alternative Android screen rotation mechanism that relies on facial recognition instead of the accelerometer to switch between screen orientations. The feature utilizes your device’s front facing camera to determine your facial orientation, and controls the screen orientation accordingly. So far, the feature was exclusively available to a select few Galaxy series devices including Note II, S II & S III, but thanks to the efforts of XDA member StupidIdea and his colleague, we now have GMD Smart Rotate – an awesome Android app that brings the Note II-style Smart Rotation feature along with various other goodies to any rooted or non-rooted device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or above. As evident from the above description, the app is meant to work only on Android devices that sport a front-facing camera.Read More

Pin Steam Games To Windows 8 Start Screen With Steam Tile

Steam is a digital distribution and communications platform developed by Valve corporation. Other than allowing people to play games with each other on the network, it lets you communicate with your friends, and manage your games across multiple computers. It provides gamers with a stable platform mostly free from glitches and crashes, to get together and enjoy their free time. Being a Steam user myself, I use game shortcuts placed on the desktop to run my games, instead of the steam library. Just like on Windows 7, you can place the shortcuts on the desktop in Windows 8 as well. However, since Start Screen is the home screen for Windows 8, opening the desktop first before launching the games just adds an extra step to the process. Today, we present to you an app for Windows 8 called Steam Tile that lets you pin your steam games to the Start screen and launch them directly from it.Read More

This Battery Analyzer For iOS Sounds An Alarm When Charging Completes

Battery life is one of the biggest positives iOS devices enjoy over their competitors. Some of the latest Android phones have pretty decent batteries too, but people mostly associate marathon battery times with iDevices. Regardless, the App Store has more than its fair share of battery managers. A good battery app estimates the usage time of an iPhone for different tasks like making calls, playing games and streaming videos based on the juice you have left. Battery is an app that does all that, but can prove to be more useful than your average iOS battery manager. Wanna know how? Let's find out after the jump.Read More

AntennaPod Is A Feature-Rich Podcast & Vodcast Manager For Android

Over the past few months, quality podcast management apps for Android have slowly but surely started to show up in the Play Store. Just recently, we saw a very promising Holo-themed podcast app Volksempfanger that supported some nifty features such as auto-downloading of new episodes, downloading over Wi-Fi or in charging mode only, and plenty more. Today, we’ll take a look at AntennaPod – a full-featured podcast and vodcast manager for Android. Besides sporting a gorgeous Holo-themed UI with multiple shades, AntennaPod boasts quite a few handy tools that are hard to find in a single package, and that too for free!Read More

Podcasts! For Windows 8 Offers Tons Of Free Audio & Videocasts

Podcasts are audio or video recordings that are released in episodes - usually released on a daily or weekly basis - that can be downloaded and played by anyone interested. They can be based on any type of content such as a political discussion, an opinion, a review about cars, etc. Unlike a radio or a television show, anyone can create and release a podcast, and they are hugely popular among bloggers, independent media producers and YouTube personalities. There are various application that let you download and listen to podcasts. A few days ago, Waqas wrote about the official Windows 8 app for SlapDash - a very popular podcast service.  Today, we present to you another Windows 8 podcasts app aptly named Podcasts! that lets you listen to and watch audio and video podcasts neatly organized by different categories. You can also search for particular podcasts directly to quickly access them.Read More

Set Your iPhone’s Screen To Turn Off Automatically When In Your Pocket

The iPhone is called a smartphone because it is meant to stay apprised of your needs and surroundings in order to automatically optimize usage to the maximum possible extent. You might have installed a lot of luxury apps on your device, but at times, it's the little things make the most difference in daily usage. One such feature is the iPhone’s ability to turn off its display whenever you hold it to your ear during a call. This behavior is controlled by the proximity sensor located at the front of your device. There might not seem to be too many uses of this sensor by default, but no part of an iDevice escapes the notice of the crafty developers working to keep the Cydia store populated. Always On Proximity is a new tweak that puts the proximity sensor in your iPhone to good use. With this tweak installed, you can quickly enable or disable the sensor from anywhere within the OS using an Activator gesture, causing the device to respond to it and power off the screen when, say, you put the device in your pocket.Read More

Bitdefender Antivirus Now Available Free Of Cost For Home Users

Bitdefender has long reigned the consumers’ wallets with its various security applications, including its ever-popular antivirus software. Though the trend of using a paid antivirus has started to decline lately, apparently because companies like Avira, AVG and Microsoft are offering their antivirus solutions without costing a dime. This has finally compelled BitDefender maker to release a free edition of its own that - apart from looking gorgeous and apparently performing better than its arch rivals - is ready to combat even the most obnoxious of malware including viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits and other threats. More on Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition after the jump.Read More

How To Disable Camera Shutter Sound On Any Android 4.0+ AOSP ROM

In certain countries like Japan and Korea, you and the manufacturers making your phone are required by law to keep your camera’s shutter sound enabled at all times. This is in place to protect perverts from snapping what are called 'creepshots' – creepy, privacy-invading photos that are taken without permission of the photo’s main subject. But not all people disable shutter sound to take creepshots. They may be required in situations where you don’t want to disturb your photograph’s subject; this could be your pet or, perhaps your sleeping baby. If you have a device running AOSP-based Android 4.0 or later and have a custom recovery installed, doing this is a piece of cake. Let's find out how. Read More

Get Weather Updates By The Minute With SkyMotion For Windows Phone

Live tiles are the flagship feature of Microsoft's latest operating systems and while they are handy in displaying info at a quick glance for a lot of different types of apps, they particularly shine when it comes to weather apps. Microsoft’s own weather app has a rather simple live tile, but there are many fancier options available in the Windows Phone Store that utilize live tiles to the max. Usually live tiles get updated after an hour or so, which is fine in most cases. However, if the weather of your city is really unpredictable and has the tendency to go from sunny to stormy in a matter of minutes, even live tiles can’t do enough to forewarn you. That’s where SkyMotion can be of assistance. This new Windows Phone app provides minute-by-minute weather updates, and can tell you about a coming onslaught of the elements that might slip under the radar of an ordinary weather app.Read More

Radio Tuna Is A Neat, Compact Desktop App For Online Radio Streaming

Listening to online radio is probably the best way to stream music for free. Online radio services like, Spotify and Pandora have long been fairly popular and are used by millions around the globe but due to their limited availability – Spotify being available only in selected regions for instance -  many of us are left in the dust. Previously, we have covered various radio applications for Windows that doesn’t put any regional or country constraints on their users such as RarmaRadio, InLight Radio and RadioZilla. Today, we’re bringing you another such app called Radio Tuna. The application houses a massive number of radio stations and lets you stream thousands of streams ranging from Rock and Rap to Pop, HipHop, Classic and so on.Read More

Manga+ Is A Windows 8 Manga Reader App With Character Profiles

If you've ever read comics, you'd know how each comic series has their own world with their own cities, background, characters, friends and foes. When it comes to normal cartoons such as the famous Tom & Jerry or Pink Panther etc., there is no need to know the history of each character in order to enjoy an episode; you can just start watching right in the middle of the episode and still have a fun experience. However, when we talk about manga, it’s a different story. Every manga series has its own story, set of characters, teams and history and in order to completely enjoy an episode, you need to know the appropriate information about everything. If you are thinking of watching a new manga that has already had a few episodes or season aired, you will need to catch up on the story. One way is to start watching the series from the start but if you would rather just enjoy the current seasons or episodes, getting to know some history about the characters and series is always a good idea. Manga+ is an app for Windows 8 that allows you to not only read manga but also get detailed information on the characters of each series, including the characteristics of a character, its friends, enemies, teams it was in, and biography.Read More

What Is VoIP And How You Can Use It To Reduce Your Phone Bill

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP – is the next big revolution in the telecommunication industry. What it does, essentially, is turn analog voice signals into digital packets that can be sent over the Internet instead of going through your wireless carrier, in a way that is no different from other data that is transmitted through the Internet. It’s a lot cheaper for both the customers and the service provider, offers higher quality audio than your standard phone call and is a lot more reliable in many cases. And it’s got wireless carriers scared out of their wits. In what follows, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using VoIP over traditional telecommunication methods.Read More

EasyTodo Is An Android To-Do App With Google Tasks Sync & Auto Task Creation

To-do list and task management apps – whether free or paid; minimalist or option-rich – are available by the dozens in the Play Store, and there are enough quality options to fit the task management and reminder needs of everyone. Amidst such a plethora of similar apps, it can sometimes prove tough to part the best from the rest. As is often the case, we keep a close eye on apps that offer something new and is worthy of recommending to our readers. One such app is EasyTodo that has just arrived in the Play Store. Barring a home screen widget, EasyTodo has almost all the features one would expect from a quality to-do list manager. From complete online syncing of your task lists with the cloud, to automatic contact and action suggestions for creating new tasks, EasyTodo has plenty of options for everyone.Read More

MetroTextual Is A Minimal, Elegant Text Editor With Syntax Highlighting

If you’re a programmer, web developer or even a casual user looking for a simple and minimal text editor that keeps the UI out of your way while writing code or plain text documents, Metrotextual is worth giving a shot. This easy-to-use text editor lets you do all your coding in an aesthetically pleasing interface that is bound to make you ditch notepad for good. While it is not exactly a very feature-rich program, that’s exactly what it boasts; lightning fast performance over number of options and no compromise on minimalism. In addition to being a basic text editor, the application can come really handy for software developers due its Scintilla-powered syntax highlighting for several programming, markup, scripting and database query languages.Read More