Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery Touch On AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket

ClockworkMod Recovery touch is already available for the AT&T Galaxy S II, but the Skyrocket is yet to find itself getting the touch goodness. Since Koush released his touch based ClockworkMod recovery onto a handful of devices, porting the recovery onto devices that are yet to get the touch based recovery, is all the rage right now. Guess what, XDA-Developers forum member sk8erwitskil has managed to port and already ported recovery by gweedo767 to the Skyrocket, but in doing so, has tweaked up it up a notch as well. We’ll show you what those changes are, along with how you can install this recovery on your device as well. Read More

Enable Apps2SD On Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Using ClockworkMod Recovery

The 158mb internal memory on the Galaxy Ace can quickly become a real pain for a user fond of utilizing the maximum apps on an Android cell phone. Almost most old, and budget oriented devices are plagued by this very issue where the internal memory runs out and you find yourself wondering which app to delete in order to make a new one. Luckily for the users of the Galaxy Ace, these worries can now be bid farewell to if your device is already rooted and has ClockworkMod recovery 5 installed. Unlike before where users had to partition the SD card on the PC using programs like gPart, this can now be done through the recovery. Read More

NoVirusThanks Uploader: Upload & Scan Files With Multiple Antiviruses

There’s a saying that prevention is better than cure. That is the main principle that antivirus programs work on, but there are situations where just having an antivirus is not enough. With thousands of new viruses coming out each day, it is possible that a new viruses slips out of the database of the antivirus you are using. Viruses can effect the computer in a lot of ways - installing malicious software on the system, stealing personal information and exploiting security holes to let hackers in and out without any hindrance, thus making the data saved on our hard disks vulnerable to theft. With everything going digital, even extremely important things like our finances and financial details (online banking, shopping etc), one has to be really careful in keeping the system secure against people with malicious tendencies. NoVirusThanks Uploader is one such application that can be used in addition to your antivirus for helping you take care of your computer security by uploading files to an online scanning server. Keep reading to find out more about the application. Read More

Janus: View Likes/Dislikes Under YouTube Video Thumbnails [Firefox]

Browsing YouTube can be quite entertaining, but sometimes you get to a point where you start coming across ridiculous videos, even though they have high view counts. This means that a view count can be quite misleading and you shouldn’t really judge a YouTube video based on that alone. Previously, we covered a Chrome extension called YouTube Ratings Preview, that displayed a like bar on YouTube video thumbnails. Janus is s similar Firefox add-on that adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails in both featured videos, search results and related videos. This like/dislike bar allows you to decide whether or not to watch a particular video. Read More

Use The Inspector Tool To Remove Page Elements In Websites [Firefox]

There are quite a few add-ons out there that let you remove and edit page content before you print it, but most of them are either too complicated or come with too many options. Remove Temporarily is a simple, but handy Firefox add-on that adds a Remove Element button to the inspect element toolbar. This button conveniently allows you to remove parts of a webpage of your own choice. Remove Temporarily can be used to remove parts or items on webpages before printing or for reading purposes. It helps you get rid of all the unwanted content, such as advertisements, sidebars and more. Moreover, the page goes back to its original form once you reload it. After installing the add-on, simply right-click an page element that you want to remove and select Inspect Element option from the right-click context menu. As you do this, the inspector tool will appear at the bottom of the page with the Remove Element button. Click this and you're good to go! Read More

360 Fashion: Newsreader For The Latest From The Fashion World [WP7]

At any given period of time, there is so much going on in the fashion industry all over the world, that you can not hope to stay up to date with everything if you scour through multiple sources. Thus arises the need for a single place where you can find everything related to what’s in vogue these days. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, the official 360 Fashion app is here, which aggregates fashion news from all over the world. Not only does the app cover news stories, you also get to see backstage videos and photos from various shows and fashion weeks. The app also ensures that you always know when and where an event is planned. Read on to discover more. Read More

Smart Screen Off Uses Proximity Sensor To Turn Android Screen On/Off

Android apps, such as, SpeakerProximity and Prox, have already shown some very effective ways to putting your device’s proximity sensor to good use. Developed by XDA Member DDeleted, Smart Screen Off is yet another fine addition to the list of such apps that utilize the proximity sensor to offer you some sort of convenience. The app acts as a switch/toggle which, when enabled, detects any movements around the proximity sensor of your device. If the sensor is covered, or the device is lying face down, the app automatically turns the screen off to save you some precious battery life. As soon as the proximity sensor is uncovered, or the device is held face up, the screen is activated. It’s as simple as that. The app’s working is based on the same concept that is used during your phone calls where the screen is not actually locked, but only gets turned off so that your battery is not drained out in a hurry. Read More

Scripted: Download & Read Any Movie’s Script On Your iPad

For all the movie buffs out there, Scripted is just the app you have been looking for. If you are one of those people who like to discuss what exactly was the meaning of the last dialog in “Shutter Island”, or what were Gandalf’s words upon returning to the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings, then there’s no better to place to look for answers than the actual script of those movies. You can try and search for movie scripts on the internet, but it is sure to prove to be a rather complicated endeavour. If you own an iPad, however, you can simply download Scripted, and dive in to the fascinating world of cinema and movies. Scripted lists screenplays of almost all famous movies, and you can read those scripts online, as well as offline after you have downloaded them. This iOS app’s database is constantly growing, and it is the ultimate place to boost your Hollywood knowledge. Read More

Codepoints: Search & Copy Unicode Characters To Mac Clipboard

Whether you’re a developer or a simple user, there comes a time when you might need to use unicode characters and something gets in your way. Developers might need them as part of their syntax, and an ordinary user might need them to swear on a public forum. In the event that entering such characters has been disabled or you aren’t quite sure how to type them, you have Codepoints, a Mac app worth $2.99 in the Mac app store that not only lets you search among over 20,000 unicode characters, but also copy them to your clipboard. The app sits in the menu bar and you can toggle the app window via keyboard shortcut. Read More

Simple Data Backup: Powerful On-Demand Data Backup Software With Desktop Shortcut Feature

Almost every data backup and synchronization application allows you to create, run and also schedule the data backup/sync jobs to keep the target location updated with most recent files, but if you don’t schedule the backup operation, you have to open the data backup application to manually backup data to target location. If you’re looking for a simple, yet quick data backup utility that doesn’t force to open the main interface to backup the required data, check out Simple Data Backup. Apart from providing all conventional data backup options, it offers an on-demand backup option namely create backup job shortcut at desktop to quickly perform the backup operation. You can also schedule the backup tasks, and set post-backup job actions, such as log off, shutdown system, put computer to sleep, show errors and more. Read More

URL Notification: Send Links To Notification Bar For Easy Access [Android]

Most desktop and mobile web browsers these days offer the option of bookmarking URLs for the sake of accessing links to our favorite webpages with ease. However, if you do not fancy bookmarking URLs of webpages that you won’t be requiring to access more than once, then you must try URL Notification. The purpose of URL Notification is simple; to save you from cluttering your bookmark list with any such URLs that you need to access only on a temporary basis. To help said cause, it lets you send a shortcut of all such URLs from an Android browser to the notification bar. Once that is done, you may continue with your routine browsing chores, and when required, you can pull down the notification bar, tap the URL shortcut, and instantly open it with the browser. No need to remember, bookmark or note down the URL separately. A good thing about URL Notification is that it lets you add multiple instances of URL shortcuts to the notification bar. URLs shared via URL Notification remain present on the bar for as long as you don’t wipe your notifications, utilize them, or power off/restart your device. Read More

Monitor File Creation Activity Across Disk Volumes Using File Extension Monitor

You may know that when you uninstall an application, it doesn’t remove all those files and folders which were created during the execution of the application. The applications’ left over data has to be manually removed to save precious disk space, but what if you can’t find the locations where files and folders created by uninstalled applications are residing? File Extension Monitor is a small application that lets you monitor files that are being created by both system and user applications’ processes. The utility may come useful in situations where one needs to monitor activity of any application’s thread. It also helps you identify thread(s) of uninstalled application, which is surreptitiously creating files on the disk. By default, the application monitors all types of files, but you can specify the file formats which are to be monitored. The application silently monitors file creation activity from system tray. You can choose to disable the monitoring process from system tray menu. Read More

Dock Designer: Customize Mac Dock Backgrounds & Switch Between 2D/ 3D

We’ve reviewed a lot of Mac customization tools in the past; some that allow you to tweak hidden features in OS X Lion, and others that are meant for customizing a particular feature. Dock Designer is a free Mac app that lets you customize the Dock. It lets you switch to a 2D or 3D dock view, allows you to add spaces between apps and folders for a more organized looking Dock, and lets you change the background to any image on your hard disk. The app's interface is simple and, in the event you don’t like the changes, you can revert back to the default Dock using the reset feature. Read More

linesmART: Adjust & Apply Sketch/Line Art Effect To Your Images [Mac]

Sketch and line art filters are some of the most common image effects that picture editors let you apply. While the effect is very common, there are few apps that execute it well. linesmART is a free Mac app that renders the line and sketch effect fairly well for animate objects, and exceptionally for inanimate ones. The app allows you to import any image, and applies the sketch effect to it. As opposed to turning the entire image black & white (which most apps do) this app retains the color and allows you to adjust the intensity, contrast, brightness, exposure and saturation. Read More

Yankee Clipper Brings Quick & Easy Management Of Large Clipboard Data

Most clipboard managers allow saving only text clippings and perform text-related operations over clipboard data like change letter case, remove characters etc. Although such tools don’t apply limit on number of text clippings that can be saved, users have to separately manage non-text clipboard data. Yankee Clipper is an all-in-one clipboard manager for Windows that can capture widely used clipboard data formats, including text, image, rich text, and web URL. Apart from supporting multiple clipboard data formats, it doesn’t apply size limit on clipboard item, allowing you to save large clipboard items and quickly use them in required applications. Moreover, it comes with a global hotkey support to quickly hide the application from the screen and reveal it to manage & paste the saved clippings. Read past the jump for more. Read More

The Web Blocker: Block Websites Using Read-Made Category Templates

With billions of webpages, parental control on the internet usage of young kids is a big issue. Many parents are concerned about not knowing what their kids are watching or reading on the internet when they are alone. Other than that, it is very easy to get distracted from the work at hand. It starts with you opening a random link on YouTube or Facebook, and ends with an hour or two wasted before you even realize that you haven’t finished your work. Some months ago, we covered a very good web based parental control application called Qustodio, that allowed you to easily block websites and keep track of your kids’ online activities. Today, we have another website blocker for you called The Web Blocker that lets you block selected websites, and also provides you with built-in templates to block a certain category of websites, such as Social Networking, Adult Material, Games, Videos etc. Read More

Stay Within The Budget & Manage Your Accounts With MoneyMgr For iPhone

No matter how much (or less) you earn, it is always important to keep track of your cash flow, and devise a way of spending your cash in the most optimal manner. If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there are many apps which can help you in managing your financial life without ever having the need of an accountant, but MoneyMgr just might be the easiest to use app of them all. This iOS app is focused on letting users make a budget for their monthly expenses, and in addition to that, it can also be used to manage multiple accounts and generating fiscal reports regarding the money you have. Read More

Channel-Based Video Aggregating App Plizy Released For Android Tablets

Plizy is a slick and stylish category-based online video aggregating service optimized specifically for Android and iOS-powered tablets. Using the app, you can create a personalized channel list to enjoy high quality videos from a slew of featured video categories, as well as from various social media and video sharing services, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google etc. Ranging from comedy channels to the ones based solely on music, Plizy has you covered quite nicely. The app sports a neat and uncluttered interface that lets you explore only the preferred video content from virtually any facet of life. Just pick a handful of favorite channels, and enjoy a seamless playback of favorite videos on your tablet. The app also sports a plethora of sharing and bookmarking tools to help you easily filter out and access the best content in just a few taps. Plizy is available to Android 3.1 and above Honeycomb users, with all its nifty features. Read More

Slideshow Creator: Create Slideshows With Audio & Transition Effects

Slideshow presentations have become quite mainstream during the past few years. If you go to professionals for getting a slideshow made with music from pictures of a party or a wedding, they usually charge you some serious amount of money. With the amount of time people spend on social networking websites, they have become the main portal for sharing photos with each other. Social networking services like Facebook and Google+, and the now obsolete MySpace and Orkut, have been mostly used for one thing – Photo Sharing. These days, pictures of any event, both important and unimportant, are uploaded to a person’s social account almost in real time. Some days ago, we covered PhotoPixar, a slideshow creator for Windows that lets you create slideshow of photo albums in minute with effects, audio and captions. However, PhotoPixar asked you to add a background frame or image for your slideshow. If you want to quickly create a slideshow without the added frames out of your selected images, along with audio and transition effects, try Bolide’s Slideshow Creator. Not only is it so user-friendly, but also contains sufficient options to create slideshows in a flash. Read on to find out more about the application. Read More

Streamified For iPhone: Create Your Custom Feed From Various Sources

Google Reader is pretty widely used by a lot of people to stay in touch with the latest happenings around the blogosphere, but some times you just need an app which will let you personalize the stuff you want to stay in touch with. Won’t it be great if there was a way to combine your social network feeds with those of the blogs you like to follow? Streamified is an iOS app which lets you do just that. Using this app, you can create a customized stream, tapping into feeds of various sources pertaining to humor, science, technology, social media and just about anything you can possibly think of. Read on to know more about this simple, yet useful app. Update: The Android version of Streamified has been released, and you can find its Google Play Store link at the end of this post. Read More