Unload Inactive Tabs After A Defined Period Of Inactivity [Chrome]

Chrome is fast gaining market share and there are several reasons behind its popoularity. Unlike Firefox which has been around much longer than Google’s browser, is favored by developers, and has an extremely impressive hub of add-ons that make it all the more useful, Chrome is popular among users with simpler needs. Its clean minimalist interface means just about anyone can use it to its full potential. While both Chrome and Firefox are impressive browsers, they are both guilty of leaking memory. Leaving a Chrome or Firefox window running on your otherwise idle computer is not something you want to do. With Chrome, if you even have one too many tabs open, the browser begins to slow down. All your tabs, although useful, in the long run drag down your system resources.  TabMemFree is a handy tool for all those who work with a bunch of open tabs and forget to close the ones they are done with. This Chrome extension basically reduces memory and CPU consumption by unloading tabs. It does this by forwarding the tab to an empty page. When you focus the unloaded tab next time, the extension forwards this tab back to the original page i.e. it reloads the tab. Read More

How To Root HTC One X On Android 4.0 ICS

The HTC One X gets rooted, even before being released. We’ve seen devices getting rooted in no time at all earlier, but rooting a device before the official release in down right wicked. The One X is shaping up to be HTC’s flagship device, running the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset and sporting the second generation of SLCD with an HD resolution at 1280 x 720 on a 4.7” screen. Best of all, the device will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The root for this monster of a device comes in from PaulOBrien over at Modaco, who has released a modified boot.img called Superboot for the device. More on it and how you can root your HTC One X, after the break.

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Apply Different Color Schemes To Webpages & Elements [Firefox]

Color Transform is a simple Firefox add-on that enables you to apply multiple colors schemes and transforms to webpages according to your preference. For instance, you might want to reduce the brightness of a page, invert its lighting, change its color scheme or more. These changes can either be applied for reading or printing purposes. After you’ve installed Color Transform, a toolbar is added right next to the address bar which provides access to multiple color schemes and transformations. The add-on includes 12 color schemes, such as White on black, Green on green, Pink on purple, Cyan on blue and so on. Moreover, you will be able to apply 16 different color transforms, which include increasing or decreasing the contrast, decreasing lighting, inverting color hue, decreasing or increasing saturation options and more. Read More

Proxy + Privacy Browser: Anonymously Surf Blocked Websites On Android

Developed by XDA member, smart_desk, Proxy + Privacy Browser is an Android web browser that lets you access all such websites that are either blocked using a firewall, or have been banned in your country altogether. This may include several social networking and media sharing sites, entertainment-oriented sites, blogging platforms, web hosting services or virtually any website that is blocked in either just your premises, or the entire region. Apart from letting you bypass all sorts of proxy barriers, the app maintains your privacy by letting you surf the web anonymously, lets you chose the user agent to browse a device/OS-specific variant of a website, and provides you with several other customizable settings to give you a secure and liberated web browsing experience. The app sports a simple web browser interface with just a minimal set of features; however, it does its job of letting users anonymously browse blocked websites quite effectively. In doing so, the app utilizes several IP addresses as well as proxy servers to bear the amount of load that might be laid on it by worldwide users (many of whom are likely to be students). Read More

Shoot & Share 360 Degree Photos From iPhone With SpinCam

If you have read our list of 15 best photo editing apps for iOS devices, then you must have noticed that the one app which stands out from the crowd is Microsoft’s Photosynth. The panorama-stitching service brings something pretty unique to your iPhone, and lets you capture the scene around you in great detail, and from almost every angle. SpinCam is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which is based on essentially the same concept (though it is nowhere near as advanced as Photosynth), and using it, you can shoot photos in 360. This means that the targeted objected will be captured from all sides, and then the app automatically stitches all the images to provide you with a single animation. Confused? Read on to know more. Read More

Right Click Tweaker Enhances The Functionality Of Windows Context Menu

Whenever we are faced by a situation where the limitations of Windows operating system do not allow us to perform the required functions, a little bit of googling can help us to find a software or a tweak to over come that limitation. One of them is the right-click contextual menu. This menu of Windows is a very powerful quick-list for performing the most common tasks without wasting time in opening different menus for locating them. For the same reason, there are several tools designed to edit and tweak the right-click context menu of Windows, such as CMenu, Moo RightClicker, Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer and Right Click Cascading Menu Creator. Some of these software add additional functionality to the right click context menu, while others only allow you to add and edit current items. Right Click Tweaker is one such portable tool, that increases the functionality of your right click context menu by adding different frequently used tools to it. For example, Encrypt, Create File List, Search and Replace, God Mode, Control Panel, System Configuration Utility, Problem Steps Recorder, Copy Content To Clipboard and so on. Continue reading for more information on Right Click Tweaker, including screenshots. Read More

Kiwi System Info Lists Detailed Computer Hardware & Security Information

If you have ever performed troubleshooting on your system, you must know that the first thing you need in order to fix the problem is your system information. You have to know what you are dealing with before you can start fixing it. Previously, we have covered some very good System Information tools, such as Speccy (an advanced system information tool providing complete information abou the system to the users), SIW (System Information for Windows), and BGInfo, a tool from Microsoft Technet that displays information about the system. There is even a screen saver featured on AddictiveTips called UsefulSaver, that displays important system information when the computer is in idle state. Today, we have another system information tool for you, Kiwi System Info, that lets you browser through system information related to specific hardware components and system settings. You can view system information of different hardware and software components according to categories, including Hardware Info, Data Storage, Memory, Network, User & Security etc. Read on to find out more about Kiwi System Info. Read More

Wake Up Time: Use Your Mac As Alarm Clock With Customizable Snooze

If you’re in the habit of leaving your Mac on all night, either because you don’t see any point in turning it on/off again and again, or because you’ve started downloading a huge file that will probably take all night, you’ve basically got a highly sophisticated machine running all night but doing very little. Wake Up Time is a free Mac app that lends usability to an idle sitting Mac by allowing you to set an alarm on it. The app, although simple, has an excellent interface, lets you customize snooze interval, choose from one of three alarm sounds, and set to fade the alarm out. Read More

Schedule Android Data Backup To Cloud With inDefend Mobile Backup

Data backup & restore solutions are present in the Google Play Store in large numbers, but how many of them actually support encrypting, scheduling and uploading backups of your personal Android content to the cloud? Developed by Dataresolve Technologies, inDefend Mobile Backup is an Android app that serves said purpose in fine style. Using inDefend Mobile Backup, you have the choice to select whatever personal Android content you wish to backup to the cloud. This may include your text messages, call logs, calendar events, contacts, browsing history and/or your personalized system settings. inDefend Mobile Backup comes with the capability to store as many as 10 different uploaded backup instances per each individual account, so that you can always decide the exact package that you wish to restore from cloud upon requirement. Read More

CSS Gradient Editor: Generate CSS Code For Gradient Background [Mac]

CSS is all that governs how your web page or app will appear to the end user, but writing the basic sheet can take a while. It’s probably why you will find lots of auto CSS code generators that let you add effects, create objects or simple gradients. CSS Gradient Editor is a free Mac app that lets you create gradient backgrounds. The app provides you a simple GUI, letting you select any color for the gradient, add up to five stops and select where each stop is place. The gradient can be vertical or horizontal, and the app lets you create presets and generates CSS code compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 10, Opera, all matching the W3C standard. You can enter colors as RGB, HSL and Hex codes. Read More

Colorwheel: Convert HEX & RGB Values, Preview Colors In A Pop-Up [Chrome]

Getting colors to look just right or finding the best color theme for a website’s design is critical because websites being developed nowadays are works of genius. They combine minimal design, functionality and possibly some of the best color themes you can image to make a good website. If you’re a designer or just thinking of having a website designed, it’s a good idea to play with colors and developing a good sense of which colors render well. There are many apps and extensions out there that let you preview different colors using HEX and RGB values, but most of these are way too complicated. Colorwheel is a simple Chrome extension that converts HEX and RGB values and lets you preview colours in a pop-up. All you need to do is enter HEX and RGB string values in the universal input bar, the output for which will be displayed right there. Clicking on the preview box places the content of the box into the universal input bar. Users should also note that HEX values can be entered with or without the hash tag. Read More

Adobe Shadow: Remotely Browse, Inspect & Debug Websites [Android, iOS]

Adobe Shadow is a cross-platform app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS-powered devices that lets front-end web developers remotely and simultaneously test, debug and inspect their web projects on various screen sizes and OSes. Be it a web browser on your desktop, smartphone or tablet, using Adobe Shadow, you can easily check how would your web designs appear on different device screens. The method involves installing Adobe Shadow desktop application and Chrome extension on PC, and the mobile client on your smartphone/tablet. Provided all the devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection, all you need to do is pair them to the computer using a unique passcode. Form thereon, you can remotely browse and sync your projects across various devices. Any changes made to the original code of the website are immediately reflected on each connected device. Read More

Speak To Hear A Sentence’s Translation With VoiceTranslator [WP7]

Most of us have used Google Translate at some point in time, or maybe you got the prompt pushed by the search giant automatically when you are on a webpage which is in any foreign language. Similar apps exist for Windows Phone 7 as well, like the recently covered Babylon Translator for Mango phones, but VoiceTranslator is so much more than a mere translation app. To get a word or phrase translated to any language, you just have to speak it to the app, and you will get the desired conversion. Not only that, VoiceTranslator will even speak the translated text out loud for you, so that your pronunciation of the foreign language is correct. To learn more about this awesome app, read on. Read More

Friendsheet: View Facebook Photos With Comments & Captions In A Panel-Like Interface [Web]

Friendsheet, a brand new web application, displays Facebook photos in compact panels, just like popular social bookmarking site Pinterest. According to the developer, Friendsheet was inspired by the Facebook Timeline. The app works by retrieving all Facebook photos and displaying them in a visually appealing interface. The site works smoothly with speed and great performance. Each photo is displayed with captions and comments, so you can easily view details for each album and photo. Moreover, Friendsheet settings allow you to hide photo captions and comments for a more visual experience. Furthermore, users can comment, like, and search friend’s photos, and upload their own right from within Friendsheet. Read More

Set Task Reminders For Your Friends With Get Tofu For iPhone

You can use the iPhone’s stock Reminders app to keep track of things you are supposed to do, and there are many popular third-party alternatives available as well. However, there are many things we simply can’t do alone, and have to depend on other people to get them done. One way is to continuously remind them via phone calls, email or text messages, or you can make full use of your iOS device and Get Tofu. It is an app which will let you create reminders, but not for yourself - for your friends. Once you are connected with a person via Get Tofu, you can set Missions for them, and when they have accomplished the assigned task and marked it as done, you will be notified immediately. Read More

SnapTag Reader Scans Graphical Codes & Gives You Info About Items [iOS]

QR codes have become a pretty popular way of finding about everything pertaining to a certain product, or even app. You will find many barcode and QR readers in the iOS App Store, but the concept of QR codes has been reimagined by the folks over at Spyder Lynk, and they have come up with a variant of the technology known as SnapTag. A QR code might be pretty good for compressing a lot of information in a small image, but it is not possible to comprehend such a code without a reader. That’s where SnapTag differs from its older counterpart, as instead of providing users with a black and white superficial view of the code, it has a comprehensible and colorful front, and just a look at it is enough to convey some part of the concealed info, and details can be extracted using the companion iPhone app named SnapTag Reader. Read More

View Amazon Product Images In A Slick Gallery [Chrome]

Amazon does not provide users with the best layout or viewer for product images, as they are either too small or you have to hover your mouse over each image to view it in a larger size. ImageFlow For Amazon, a Chrome extension, offers users with high resolution customer and marketplace pictures, all in one powerful and slick gallery. With it, you can also get instant previews of product images by hovering your mouse over the thumbnails. ImageFlow inserts a Imageflow gallery to all Amazon products. It works by scanning all images and putting them in one gallery. After you’ve installed the extension, a small play button will be added to the top left of the page. Click this to launch the ImageFlow gallery to view product images easily and in a larger size. Read More

Create A Will & Make Your Own Medical Choices With iLivingWill [iPad]

Not many of us give too much thought to the matter of death, which is a good thing probably, but it is an irrefutable fact that everyone has to die some day. The same holds true for growing old. While many people are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who are trustworthy, and you can rely on them to take care of you even if you are in no condition to make decisions yourself, still it never hurts to be a bit careful, and that’s why the concept of leaving a will exists. A will is not only a document to be used after a person has died, it can also contain clauses that take effect in emergency situations when a person is not in full command of their faculties. iLivingWill is an app for the iPad that lets you create a legally acceptable will of your own, which deals with most medical scenarios you might be faced with in the future. Read More

Safe Makes SSL & Extended SSL Connections More Visible In Firefox

Firefox browser displays an HTTPS protocol in the address bar for websites, but sometimes we tend to ignore this indicator. For such situations, Safe is a Firefox add-on can be quite useful, as it makes SSL and extended SSL connections more visible in the browser. After you’ve installed the extension, it adds a green or blue border around the page, which indicates that the connection to the site is secure. The tabs are also colored along with the border (which might cause some problem in viewing the tab titles), and those with a blue border sport an SSL connection, whereas the green border indicates an extended SSL connection. Users who find the border quite thick can change its thickness from the add-on's options. Read More

Create/ Share Colorful Notes & Convert To PDF With Cool Writer HD [iOS]

By now, the iOS app collection has reached a point of saturation where very few apps have the potential to surprise you and entice users to download them. The same holds true for notes app, and there are many good contenders which offer a variety of features for people wishing to experiment a little with the way they write on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Cool Writer HD is another notes app, and the customization options it brings to the mix are impressive, to say the least. Not only does it have many cosmetic features, the app can also be used to sync notes to Dropbox and convert them to PDF or image formats as well. Read More