Kinetik’s Hip For iPhone Combines Social Networking & App Discovery

It’s been over a year since we covered Kinetik, the gorgeous app discovery client for the iPhone. While Kinetik has some pretty decent sharing options, it would be a long stretch to say that it is a social network. Hip, on the other hand, focuses quite a bit on the social aspects of finding new iOS apps that are suitable for you. Hip has been developed by the same folks who came up with Kinetik, and it appears that they eventually plan to replace the latter with Hip. Hip is designed like a news reader, but with app suggestions based on different criteria and reviews from major tech blogs. You can get location-based recommendations for the "hippest" apps around, view suggestions from your friends, or gauge the overall popularity of an app among Hip users. The app offers a Twitter-like system for following other users and their tastes, and lets you easily share your favorite apps with the community as well.Read More

Schedule Windows System & Browser History Cleanup For Any Time & Date

The history of whatever you do on your computer and in your browser is saved in different locations. Automatically created logs such as MRU (Most Recently Used) list, recently used documents and files, run commands, search history etc. all have their own storage location. While browsing, every page you visit, every word or phrase that search for, and any information that you fill in forms is stored and can be retrieved by anyone who knows how to access it. All this data is stored on your computer for your own convenience to provide you quick access to your recently accessed files and websites, help you with filling forms, keep your browsing sessions active so that you don't have to log in to web services each time, and speed up browsing by caching some web content. However, cleaning this data from time to time is advisable. Free Internet Eraser is an application for Windows that lets you protect your privacy by allowing you to delete such data. You can schedule the cleaning process to be performed at regular intervals, and set to restart or shutdown the PC once cleaning is done.Read More

Scrobble Your Music Preferences From Fourteen Services To

With the large number of music streaming services and radio stations available online, you no longer really have an excuse for not being able to find a good song for a particular mood or moment. From popular services like Pandora to relatively lesser known ones like we7, music that suits your taste is pretty easy to come by. If you have your music preferences spread out across different services, perhaps you’d like one service to rule them all. Since all online radio services have their own way of finding songs for you, you might want to try something different like channeling your all preferences together into just one service. scroblr is an extension available for Chrome and Safari that lets you scrobble songs from one of fourteen services to It supports SoundCloud, Google Play, Amazon Cloud Player,, AccuRadio and many more.Read More

Upload & Transfer Videos Across Cloud Services With Vilynx For Android

Just yesterday, we covered the official Android app of the photo aggregating, sharing and hosting service, OpenPhoto. The service caters to your online photo backup needs by aggregating images from your local storage as well as various social networks, and then uploads all of them to a cloud storage service of choice. If you feel that you need something similar for your videos as well, take a look at Vilynx – a multilingual cross-platform video backup and sharing service capable of uploading to transferring videos between multiple cloud storage services. While the iOS and Kindle Fire variants of the app have been around for a while, the Android app has just recently been released. As of this writing, Vilynx for Android supports uploading to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive & YouTube, and lets you share these clips on two of the world’s most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. That’s not all – like its web and iOS variants, the official Android app of Vilynx generates multiple 5-second clips of each hosted video to provide you with a glimpse (summary) of the shared content.Read More

Quickly Share Mac Clipboard Over Email, Messages Or Social Media With Wrap

Mountain Lion’s new sharing options and its Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter integration is one of the best ways that social media could have been built into an OS. The only disappointing thing about it is that, for now, it’s limited to the stock apps only. You can use the share options from Finder or Safari only, so if you favor apps like Chrome or have a desktop reader for your RSS feeds, you will find that these options are not as conveniently accessible for you. The integration isn't as deep as one would hope, but that's where third-party apps (such as Eggy) come into the picture. Wrap is a Mac App worth $1.99 that takes these sharing options and puts them in the Menu Bar. It reads the text or images you’ve copied to your clipboard and, depending on the type of data you’ve copied, allows you to share it via email, Messages or Airdrop over Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.Read More

How To Opt Out Of The Arbitration Clause In Instagram’s Terms Of Use

Instagram’s controversial terms of service update has been one of the most hotly discussed topics of the month within the technology blogosphere. It included this one set of terms, agreeing to which meant you were fine with businesses using your uploaded photos for advertisement. Instagram later revised the terms of service, reverting the controversial term back to its original pre-2012 version that, according to legal experts, is actually more dangerous because of its ambiguity. Read More

Create Email Templates & Notification Center Reminders With Affix For iPhone

Affix is an iOS app that combines task management and Email templates under one roof, creating a tool that can add much convenience to the daily routine of professionals and students alike. The app is great if you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to manage all your tasks by going through labyrinthine menus. You can edit and create new task lists and make entries in them with just a few taps. What’s even better is that Affix uses the Notification Center to list all the important tasks you have to complete. These persistent notifications will stay in the NC until you tap them, thus providing a good way of staying up to date with what needs to be done. Moreover, the app even lets you specify the recipient in mail templates. The interface is quite simple in looks, and a sprinkle of gesture control makes it simple to use as well.Read More

Free Archiving Tool KuaiZip Boasts Better Compression Than 7-Zip

There’s an umpteen number of file compression utilities out there but 7-Zip easily wins hands-down for most users due to its open-source nature, light memory footprint, wide range of compressed archive format support, and price tag of free. Most archive utilities that we come across nowadays tend to support various archive formats irrespective of their default extension. Though usually, a file archiver works best with its native format for the best overall compression ratio. KuaiZip is a Windows file compression utility that recently crossed my way and left me utterly impressed, to say the least. Not only does it seem to be more powerful than 7-Zip, but its intuitive UI makes it extremely easy to use, even for novices. The tool allows extracting most of the popular archive formats including ZIP, 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z, as well as KuaiZip's own KZ format.Read More

Decorate Instagram Photos With Weather Or Location Info Using InstaWeather & InstaPlace

Apps like Textgram and Overgram belong to a budding niche that focuses on making Instagram photos more interesting by offering gorgeous typographical options for them. InstaWeather and InstaPlace might be classified under the same genre, but these apps differ from their competitors owing to the fact that the typography and skins they apply to images are intelligent enough to reflect the current weather conditions and your location. You can use InstaWeather to generate your very own personalized weather report, as some of the skins overlay quite detailed weather stats of your location on your images. InstaPlace - on the other hand - offers captions and skins that can let your Instagram followers know about the place you are visiting, and your thoughts about it. Both these apps don’t offer filters of their own, but that means you don’t have to spend any time on tweaking the skins to get the right look; just select a suitable skin for your photo, and you are good to go!Read More

resonicplayer Is A Minimal Music Player With A Built-In File Browser

Having a playlist of your favorite music playing in the background while working on the computer is a regular habit of a lot of computer users. However, most major media players such as Windows Media Player and several third-party alternatives have flashy interfaces and too many options that can easily distract a person from their actual work. Moreover, having so many options is useless for someone who just wants to listen to some music in the background. Some days ago, we covered the newly released GOM Audio by the developers of GOM Player that boasted a compact design and impressive features. However, if you are looking for a lightweight music player that does not put much stress on the system, does not have a lot of flashy options, and offers a simply way to play music from your audio collection, try resonicplayer. It is an audio player currently available only for Windows that provides you with a simple and user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can set a timer on the application to perform a number of operations after a certain time, making it useful for people who like to go to sleep while listening to music.Read More

Photo Aggregating & Sharing Service OpenPhoto Launches Android App

Created by a former Yahoo engineer, OpenPhoto is an open-source photo hosting, sharing and aggregation service that supports photo backups both locally and on various renowned cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, CX and Amazon S3, etc. When we reviewed it earlier in April, OpenPhoto was only available as a web and iOS app. However, the company recently decided to expand its user base by releasing a companion app for Android in the Play Store. Sporting a clean UI, the official Android app is capable of displaying your OpenPhoto images aggregated from various affiliated services in an elegantly laid out gallery. Using the app, you can filter your uploaded images by albums and tags, sync images between your OpenPhoto cloud and device, share public photos with your social or mail contacts, and upload fresh or existing photos to your OpenPhoto account after applying custom tags and effects. In addition, the Android app supports Facebook, Google+ and Dropbox-style instant, automatic photo uploads, as well as the option to limit uploading to Wi-Fi only.Read More

Preview Links & Info On IMDb Without Leaving Current Page [Chrome]

IMDb is always the first source of information for movies and TV series. It helps you find something good to watch, get information on the cast and release date of your favorite upcoming movie or TV show and much more. IMDb is possibly the Wikipedia of TV and Film, and many websites not only credit it as a source, but also link to it when providing details for a movie. If you’re a movie junkie or a film and TV trivia fan, you'll definitely like the Chrome extension IMDb Info. This customizable extension shows previews of IMDb links within the same tab, allowing you to enjoy a world of information with as little effort as possible. By default, the extension will display previews for almost all IMDb links that point to additional info, but you can choose to skip information about directors, writers, genre, length, titles and much more. Additionally, it lets you add an option to the right-click context menu for quickly selecting and searching text on IMDb.Read More

Receive Email Alerts With Screenshots When Apps & Services On Your PC Start Or Stop

Have you ever been worried about what’s been running on your PC in your absence? Don’t want your kids to play video games all day? Process Notifier is probably what you need. This well-thought Windows application is designed to keep an eye on multiple processes on your computer, and notify you via email when a process such as an application like Google Chrome or Firefox starts or stops. The tool scans and monitors the selected processes according to the time interval defined by the user ranging from ten minutes to a day. This can come really handy if you have to share your PC with others and want to keep a tab on their activities while you’re not around.Read More

Easily Delay OS X Mountain Lion System & Display Sleep By Set Time

Mountain Lion is one very sleepy kitty. When it first debuted, users had problems trying to stop it from going to sleep, since it didn’t listen to the power settings in System Preferences. The caffeinate Terminal command is what came to the rescue then. The thing with the caffeinate command is you can’t reverse it. Once you’ve used it to disable sleep for a particular time period, you'll have to wait for it to complete its job. Sleep No More is a feasible alternative to this solution. It is a free Menu Bar app that stops your Mac from going to sleep. Using the app, you can tell your Mac how long it should stay awake and it will bypass the corresponding settings in System Preferences. The time period can be set as short as 10 minutes or as long as 24 hours. The app can be stopped any time and runs only in the Menu Bar.Read More

Add Terrain View (Topography Layer) To Google Maps App For iPhone

As can be expected for all major iOS releases, Cydia tweaks have started coming out to enhance the already awesome Google Maps app for iPhone. MapsOpener lead the way, and now Ryan Petrich has utilized a hidden gem from the app in the form of Topography for Google Maps. Apparently, Google Maps is capable of displaying the Terrain layer to users of any region, but the feature is hidden and there is no way of accessing it without the Google Earth app for iOS. For those of you who aren't familiar with Google’s Terrain view, it presents a 3D topography of an area, so that you can get a fair idea of the plane’s characteristics and elevation. Terrain differs from Satellite view in that it doesn’t offer a full aerial picture but merely focuses on the natural shape of the land.Read More

Change Position Of Notification Badges On iPhone App Icons With Boover

Notification badges for icons are a great feature in iOS to quickly let you know at a glance if you have any pending notifications in those apps. Though when it comes to the placement of these badges, it's another one of non-customizable features of the OS. Having said that, they have been around in the top-right corner for so long that people have gotten used to it and changing their customary place might not sound like a really good idea to most iPhone users. However, if you do want to move them anywhere else on on the icon, Boover is for you! It's a new Cydia tweak that allows users to change the default position of notification badges for all apps. The tweak offers several presets for placement, and you can also tinker with the position manually. As an added bonus, Boover can be used to hide icon labels of all the folders and apps on your iPhone’s SpringBoard.Read More

Movie Twist For Android Recommends Movies By Mood, Tags, Genre & More

Who doesn’t love watching movies and adding new titles to their personal movie collection? However, the problem lies in the lack of quality and reliable sources to get useful and accurate movie suggestions from. Everyone has their own personal tastes and preferences, which could vary considerably from yours. Therefore, relying solely on the word of your friends or anonymous IMDB commenters regarding ‘good’ movie recommendations might not always prove to be too useful. How about a mobile app that helps you get near-perfect suggestions regarding the movies based on your mood, choice and liking? This is what Movie Twist brings to the table. Fresh to Google Play Store, Movie Twist is a free Android app supporting a well-crafted online movies exploration platform that lets you discover and bookmark some of the best film titles in a number of ways. Furthermore, each movie title suggested by the app is supplemented with relevant IMDB rating, star cast, YouTube trailers, tags, brief description and a slew of assisting tools to find more relevant matches.Read More

Easily Create GIFs From Videos With Freemore Video to GIF Converter

(Graphic Exchange Format) files are animated images created by stitching together still images and playing them like a movie clip. The format is widely used on several entertainment websites such as Tumblr, 9gag, Memebase, 4chan etc., as it allows users to create simple animations without having to use a complicated image or video editing application. Previously, we have covered a lot of application that allow you to create GIF images, such as GiftedMotion. However, if you want to create GIFs from video files, you will need a different tool. Today, we present to you an application called Freemore Video to GIF Converter that lets you easily convert video files to animated GIFs. It support a lot of popular video formats including AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MOV, and 3GP. Other than converting the whole video to GIF, you can also select a specific part of the video for conversion.Read More

Find Interesting Twitter Users To Follow With Discovr People For iOS

Despite the fact that an average Twitter user follows well over a hundred people, it can be difficult to come across new people who regularly tweet what you find interesting to read. Twitter offers the Discover section of course, but that's quite limited, to say the least, and does not focus much on people due to the presence of Trends, popular tweets and region-wise hashtags. Discovr People might be the best choice for anyone who wishes to find interesting and relevant Twitter users, and that too in a really neat and easy-to-understand manner. All you have to do is enter anyone’s Twitter handle, and this iOS app will come up with a graphical connection chart, listing all the important and active people who have interacted with the target user in the recent past. You can expand the connections tree by hitting the icon of any profile shown as a node of the original chart. Discovr People even lets you view public profiles within the app, complete with past tweets, listed connections and other parts of their account. Read More

How To Create A Smart Playlist For Multiple Artists In iTunes

A smart playlist in iTunes is better than several regular ones for the simple reason that you can set parameters for the list to update itself. As opposed to being dependent on you for manually updating it, a smart playlist will maintain itself automatically. It can be created based on multiple parameters and this post details how you can create a self updating playlist of your favorite artists. It requires nothing more than your music collection and iTunes. Any version of iTunes should work but we’re using iTunes 11.0.1, (the latest one) so if you’re on an older one, you might see options appear slightly differently.Read More