Stress Tracker For iPhone: Identify & Log Your Anxiety Patterns

Unless you have lost your mind, it is impossible to lead a completely stress-free life. There are bound to be things which bother you and leave you tense and anxious. A few people are good at dealing with stress, be it related to home, work or their love life, but most have to struggle a lot to avoid giving in to their worries completely. In most cases, you can go a long way in defeating your tensions if you can just figure out the root cause behind them. Once you have them figured out, getting rid of stress is easy. That’s exactly what Stress Tracker for iOS is all about. This useful iPhone app will et you keep a thorough record of your moods and problems, so that you can analyze them at your leisure and work out what the things are that keep you stressed out. Read More

MediaInfo: Identify Codecs And Tag Information For Audio & Video Files

When playing video files, the most common problem faced by most users is the non-availability of media codecs in your system required to display the video. The most annoying thing in this situation is that whenever the player tries to download the required media codec from the internet, it fails to do so. What you can do is that manually search for and download the driver for the media codec, that is, if it's available for your video player. The process, however, will take a lot of time and you might not even find it after wasting precious minutes searching for the codec. Instead, give MediaInfo a try. It is an open source application for Windows that supplies technical and meta tag information about video and audio files, and allows you to visit the website of the codec required for playing the selected file and download it. Keep reading to find out more about MediaInfo. Read More

Online Music Alarm: Set YouTube Videos As Web Alarms

Online Music Alarm is a web application that lets you set your favorite videos on YouTube as an alarm. After installing the app, simply search a song/video on YouTube, set a time and the video will be played as an alarm. Online Music Alarm is perfect for people who regularly work online and want to set reminders for different tasks, such as lunch times, deadlines and so on. The app can also be used for entertainment purposes, so select multiple videos and play them whenever you want. Online Music Alarm allows you to set multiple alarms, so you will never miss an important task or appointment. Read More

CorkBoard In The Cloud: Add Notes & Images, Sync With iOS Device [Mac]

Note taking apps for Mac that sync either via iCloud or through an online service aren’t hard to find - they just have a price. If your note taking is mostly confined to simple text and images and you don’t mind a slight delay in sync time, CorkBoard in the Cloud is a free Mac app that might do the trick. The app is accompanied by a free iOS app that must be installed on your iPhone or iPad. Its interface resembles a traditional corkboard, where images can be added by dragging & dropping them onto the app window. The iOS app lets you add images from your phone or snap new pictures using the camera, and add those images to your board. Read More

Real-Time Photo, Text & Voice Sharing App Coco Voice Comes To Android

Coco Voice is a free cross-platform IM client for Android and iOS-powered devices that allows users to share text, photo and voice messages with each other in real-time over the internet. Initially available only in the iTunes App Store, the app has just made its way into the Android Market, sporting all the cool features that we get to see with its iOS counterpart. Using Coco Voice, you can initiate a conversation session with other app users to share voice messages in real-time, just like a walkie talkie. Each shared voice message is played almost instantly in high quality, and gets stored as an individual audio clip within the conversation history. In fact, the app supports saving your entire conversation sessions, so that you can take a glance at your recent chats with friends, and listen to their messages as many times as you like. The app also lets you natively post status updates on the Coco Voice network, Facebook and Twitter. It also supports sharing text as well as email messages from within the app. Real-time status bar notifications keep you apprised of any friend/chat requests, as well as other activities from the network that involve you in one way or the other. All in all, a fast, simple and fun way of interacting with your buddies via your smartphones/tablets. Read More

DS Marketplace: Get Homebrews, Wallpapers, & Games For Unlocked WP7

Despite its being rather new to the Windows Phone 7 development scene, Bazaar has become a fairly popular homebrew store for Mango phones running custom ROMs. It even has a desktop version, letting users manage their homebrew collection on a PC. However, it is always nice to see some competition, and it’s good to see that Bazaar isn’t going to monopolize the WP7 jailbreak scenario like Cydia does for iOS. This is owing to the fact that an alternative homebrew app store has been launched, titled DS Marketplace. The functionality offered by the store is almost identical to Bazaar, but with a few welcome additions. In addition to homebrews and tweaks, DeepShining Marketplace also features a lot of exclusive wallpapers, games and even a few rare apps. Read More

Bill Organizer Manages Your Bills & Gives Reminders About Them [WP7]

No one likes missing the due date of an important bill, but in today’s world, we are swamped with so many of them that it is getting harder to keep track of all your financial responsibilities. If you pay your credit card bill, you might forget the mortgage money, and if you also manage to remember that, there is always your child’s school fee or other similar dues. That’s where smartphones get the chance to flaunt their smartness. Bill Organizer is an app for Windows Phone 7 which will do all the remembering for you, and also ensures that you know all about the money you owe to different people or services. The app is a combination of financial manager and a reminder service. You can learn more about it by reading on. Read More

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up: Superb System Optimization Tool For Android

First Avira, then Trend Micro and now Bitdefender, seems like all the major computer/internet-related security solution providers have eventually realized the importance of covering the smartphone & tablet bases, too. In a short span of just a couple of days, all said companies have launched their own solutions in the Android Market with a view to providing Android users with reliable and effective system protection/optimization tools. While Avira came up with its remote device tracking and controlling tool, the recently reviewed Longevity by Trend Micro offered a reasonably sound battery optimization feature. Fresh to the Android Market, Power Tune-Up by Bitdefender, however, features several very useful system and battery optimization options that would otherwise be found in, at least, a couple of different apps. Options supported by Power Tune-Up include, a system cleanup tool to help you get rid of all the junk from your Android’s system as well as SD card storage, a feature-packed RAM, CPU and battery optimizer, and an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style data monitoring tool to help you keep your mobile data usage under control. In addition, the app offers the all-important 1-tap system optimization option to enhance your Android’s performance in one go. It also boasts ample customization options so that you can get the most out of your beloved device, and last, but not the least, it lets you take a quick glance at the remaining battery time right from the homescreen via a nifty little power widget. Read More

Cloudfogger: Drag & Drop Files To Auto-Encrypt & Upload To Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive & More

Cloud services, such as SkyDrive, Dropbox, and SugarSync, are a great way to store and access important data across all the configured systems without having to manually move the files around. With multiple devices like PC’s, tablets and even mobile phones becoming capable of creating and opening a large number of file formats, it is a tedious task to manually copy each file to every required device. This is where cloud services come in. The number of cloud services have increased a lot in the last few years, and with each new service, users get a considerable amount of cloud storage to store more and more data online. Even though the cloud-based services for syncing data provide you with a convenient way to access your data across all the configured devices, there is always the issue of security. We have found a service named Cloudfogger, that simplifies the two step process of manually encrypting and then uploading the files into one single step. Update: Now has an Android client and supports Google Drive. Read More

Print-it-Easy: Quickly Print Text Snippets Without Saving Them [Mac]

Have you ever needed to print text super quick? Text like an address to paste on a package or perhaps a phone number, the name of a book, reference to a journal? Basically, anything that you need to print but will be as likely to use again as you are to watch Twilight. If you’re viewing the information in your web browser and you have an extension on hand that allows you to selectively print text snippets, you’re good to go, but in the event that you’re reading it is as PDF or your extension just decided not to work, you will have to copy, paste and save that snippet to a text editor and then print it. Print-it-Easy is a free Mac app that lets you print snippets. It isn’t a text editor; rather, its sole purpose is to get you printing any text as fast as possible. Read More

Andmade Share: File Sharing Menu For Android With Batch-Select Support

If you’re an Android user, you must be well-aware of the fact that using the default file-sharing option of the OS, you can only send/share selected data (files, apps) via just one compatible app at a time. What if there was an app that enhances the file sharing experience on Android by letting you share desired data using multiple apps of your choice, so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of sifting through multiple screens and options to achieve said purpose successfully? In fact, what about an app that not only brings said option to the table, but also empowers you to select the exact order in which you wish to share files via all the selected apps? Say hello to Andmade Share – an alternative (and enhanced) file sharing menu for Android that supports both said options. In effect, Andmade Share replaces your Android’s native file sharing context menu, and lets you pick multiple apps at once through which you wish to share your required file(s). That’s not all, you also have the option to select the exact order in which the sharing should be done. In addition, Andmade Share also supports a unique Fast Share option that automatically prioritizes sharing jobs for apps such as Evernote. Read More

TinyGrab: Capture Screenshots Using Mac’s Native Utility & Upload To Cloud

Last year, we reviewed TinyGrab for Windows, a screenshot sharing app that allows you to take screenshots and upload them to your online account. At the same time, the app also copies the URL of the file to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it anywhere for sharing. For Mac users who would have liked something similar, TinyGrab now has a Mac app available in the Mac App Store, for free. The app, like the Windows version, requires you to sign up for a free account and has a killer interface. It adds a simple icon to the menu bar and shows upload options and progress in a small popup. Read More

Calculate Total Time Of Audio & Video Playlists With PlayTime

Sometimes, while creating playlists, we want to create playlists according to the number of minutes they will last. For instance, if we are making a playlist of songs to listen to during a particular journey in our car, or we want to get a collection of songs together to play as background music in a party, we want to make sure that the music lasts for the whole time period and the songs are not repeated. Similarly, if you are planning a movie or TV series marathon to watch with your friends, you might want to know how long all the video files will last in order to make appropriate plans for having enough pop corns and drinks to last till the end of the session. What you can do is go to each file, check its properties, see its total running time and manually add them together to calculate the total running time, but that can turn out to be quite a time consuming and annoying task. Today, we have an application for Windows that automates the whole process and gives you the answer in an instant. PlayTime is a portable application for Windows that allows you calculate the total play time of a list of any type of music or video files. Read More

hott notes: Message, Checklist & Drawing Notes With Alarm Support

These days, you can find a lot of applications that perform the same task, and some of them are really also really good at what they do. So, how can one software set itself apart from others which have the same functionality? There are several options that developers can choose from for having that individuality, while retaining the basic purpose of the tool and providing utility to the users. Differentiation can be achieved though different elements, such as a better interface for making the application user friendly, or an extra option or two for increasing its utility. In the end, it’s the users that decide if a tool is good or bad, complete or requires improvement. Due to the same reason, we see lots of third party software perform the functions that are already included in Windows; they provide something extra to the user compared to the default application. One such application of Windows, Sticky Notes, was massively praised by the users due to its usefulness, as well its simplicity. Previously, we have covered some alternatives to Sticky Notes, such as Sticky7Notes, Stickies and Stick A Note, which allow you to perform extended functions during and after creating a sticky note. Today, we have another application, hott notes, that lets you create checklist notes, draw pictures on notes and set alarms on them. Read More

Automatically Enable Particular Extensions On Specific Websites [Chrome]

If you have a large number of extensions installed and want to manage them more effectively, then Extension Automation can be quite useful for you. This Chrome extension allows you to enable and disable particular extensions for specific websites. Extension Automation makes it easier to manage other extensions by automatically enabling or disabling them based on the webpages you visit. The extension helps you work easily by removing the clutter from the toolbar, and prevents unnecessary running of extensions in the background. Read More

AppAppeal: Find The Right Web App By Reading Professional Reviews [Web]

Web applications have gained immense popularity over the past few years, and you will come across a massive collection of all kinds of web apps online, which means finding the right web app can be a difficult task. AppAppeal is a handy tool that helps you discover new web apps and find other useful ones. AppAppeal offers detailed and up-to-date reviews of web applications to help you find the best web apps for your needs. These reviews are not only comprehensive, but are created by professional writers. Moreover, users will be able to view high-quality screenshots of the web apps with each review. AppAppeal adds a ranking to each category, which is created by gathering information from Alexa. Read More

Hanso Tagger: Batch Tag Music Files With Case Sensitive Corrections

Properly tagging files allows you to easily locate them when you need to. A lot of people like to keep their files, such as their music, organized in separate folders. Tagging your music files helps you in searching for the required file in any music player. Tagging files using the default Windows options is a lengthy process of opening each file individually and correcting the tags separately for each file. Windows Explorer lists down all the tags of selected images in image preview pane, but it is both time consuming and wearisome to manually select each image in order to edit tags. What you need is a proper tool designed to perform the job without making you input much effort into it. Previously, we have covered some very good file tagging tools, such as Elyse, MusicBrainz Picard and Tigo Tago. Today, we have another great tool for editing file tags called Hanso Tagger, which lets you edit ID3v1.1 and ID3v2.x meta tags of files. Read on to find out the more about it. Read More

Reader Filter: Get Rid Of Unwanted Items In Google Reader [Chrome]

A lot of us use Google Reader to read Atom and RSS feeds online, but sometimes, reading about the same topic over and over again can become quite boring. Reader Filter For Google Chrome is an extension that filters unwanted feed items in Google Reader. With it, you can filter and hide RSS news items in Google Reader by keywords or regular expressions (RegEx). Simply enter a name or word, and all items containing that word will be reduced to a colored bar or will be completely hidden. Moreover, filters can be applied to the subject line and the body, or only to the subject line. The extension also comes with a pop-up menu that can be used to add filters, and toggle them on and off. Read More

WeeCloseApps: Use An NC Slider To Kill Background Apps [Cydia]

The task switcher tray is a really useful feature of iOS, as it allows you to navigate among multiple apps at a quick pace. However, its usefulness decreases as the number of apps in it increases. If you have a lot of apps in the task switcher tray, you will have to spend more time looking for the one you actually want to resume using, and that is why it is important to keep the task switcher relatively clean. There are many Cydia tweaks which let you kill background apps in bulk, like the previously covered KillBackground for automatically keeping the App Switcher tray clean, and there are even some Notification Center widgets that serve the purpose like WeeKillBackground. WeeCloseApps is another Notification Center widget which lets you kill background apps, but apart from that, it offers some additional functions as well, and has a refined interface. Read More

Official Fashion TV App Released In The Android Market; Videos Galore!

If you’re a fashion-loving person, then you ought to be a fan of the hugely popular Fashion TV – one of the most feverishly followed fashion channel all across the globe. Admired and acknowledged by men and women alike, Fashion TV brings you all the latest and hot-running stuff from the glorious world of fashion, courtesy of its beautiful models, designers, live events, TV shows, picture galleries and lots more. Here’s some good news for Android users. The official Android client for said channel, Fashion TV, has just been released in the Android Market. Featuring all the exclusive and most sought-after Fashion TV content, including top models, weekly fashion updates, outfits, fashion films, events, parties, backstage stuff, VIP downloads and lots more, the app ensures that you do not have to resort to any websites or various third-party Fashion TV clients to get your dose of the latest fashion. The app features hundreds of high quality videos that you can watch, like, comment on, add to favorites, and share from your device on the go. There is also an option within the app to subscribe to the Fashion TV exclusive members list in order to download all the VIP content such as ringtones, wallpapers and plenty more on your mobile with just a few taps. Read More