Bitcasa & Its Unlimited Cloud Storage Come To Android, Windows 8 / RT [Review]

Bitcasa is a relatively new cloud storage service that first appeared on the scene in July with its dedicated desktop client and a mind-boggling offer of virtually unlimited cloud storage for your data backup needs. Basically, the service offers 10GB of free cloud storage to each registered member, who can then subscribe to a $10 per month plan or simply refer the app to friends to get their hands on limitless storage. Adding to its repository of cross-platform clients that till now included a Chrome extension and a Windows app, the service has just released dedicated Windows 8/RT and Android apps to help you easily browse and share your Bitcasa content from your desktop PC as well as mobile device. However, it won’t be till January next year that iOS and Mac users will be able to play around with a Bitcasa clients on their respective platforms. Past the break, we’ll take a closer look at the various features that the newly-released Windows 8 / RT and Android apps of Bitcasa have to offer.Read More

Get “Now Playing” Notifications When YouTube Playlists Switch Videos [Chrome]

YouTube is great for finding videos but often, you aren't looking for just one or two of them to watch. For many users, the playlist feature provided by YouTube is a major reason why they visit the world's largest online video repository. These playlists can be of songs, TV series, tutorials, or just some videos on the same topic. They help group similar videos together and make it simple to queue them for playing. That’s all taken care of very well by the service itself, but what if you have queued up a playlist of some music videos for playback in the background, and would like to take a glimpse at the title each time a new video starts playing, without having to switch to the browser window or the YouTube tab for the purpose? Now Playing Pop-up for YouTube is a Chrome extension that provides desktop notifications for just that. The extension is straight-forward and has a singular purpose. The notification appears when the next video page loads, so the video doesn't even have to start buffering or playing for you to see the notification.Read More

Turn Your USB Drive Into A Portable Apps Launcher & Media Manager

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite Windows apps with you and use them wherever you have an access to any Windows PC ? CodySafe is what you’re looking for! It’s a handy portable applications manager that lets you install portable apps on a USB thumb drive or external portable drive. Both the software itself and the downloaded apps are directly installed to your flash drive. In addition, you can carry you favorite media files with you in its pre-configured and well-organized Music, Pictures, Videos and Documents folders. You may also enable the integrated autorun option for CodySafe to automatically launch itself as soon as you plug in the drive. Likewise, the installed apps can be set to auto-execute similarly as well.Read More

Backup, Share & Sync Data Securely Across Platforms With Norton Zone

With the likes of Bitdefender, Acronis, Comodo and numerous other renowned system and internet security providers already having released their dedicated cloud storage solutions, it was about time that Symantec came up with a solution of its own. Available as a free (limited) beta, Norton Zone Cloud Sharing is a cross-platform online data backup and sharing tool for web, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS laced with quite a few sought-after features. As with several already existing services, Norton Zone Cloud Sharing is offering an initial 5GB of free cloud storage to each registered member, which can be further expanded by subscribing to various paid plans. In addition to the conventional online file backup, restoration & sharing tools, the app also offers stringent data protection mechanism through patent-pending encryption key management, complete control over shared folders, multi-account online collaboration, universal file format support, on-the-fly malware scanner integration, and the luxury to track, browse & restore file versions dating back as far as 3 months.Read More

Set Wallpaper To Automatically Change By Time, Mouse State Or At Logon

Changing your Windows wallpaper helps keep your desktop fresh with a new look every now and then, as keeping the same one for long makes the look rather stagnant. One way to change the wallpaper is to select the image in Windows Explorer and choose the “Set as desktop background” option. Furthermore, Windows already offer you to automatically switch the wallpaper after a specified interval under Personalization options, and we have already covered tools like Kuvva for setting a new wallpaper each day, and Mourao Wallpaper Changer for more control over automatically changing it after an interval. However, if you want a trigger other than time for changing the wallpaper, none of these third party tools or the built-in Windows Personalization option do the job. Today, we bring to you a free Windows application by the name of Wallpaper Change Scheduler that allows you to change the wallpaper using different triggers including weekly, daily, on mouse idle, on mouse move and at logon.Read More

Add Realistic Wood, Metal & Fabric Textures To Images With Elemento EZ For Mac

Whether you’ve grown tired of Instagram and its filters, or you’re just upset the company sort of almost said it was going to sell your pictures for money, you might be in the market for something new to do with your pictures. If you’re interested in a desktop app that can make pictures more interesting, Elemento EZ is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that is a fairly good option. While it isn’t Instagram, doesn’t work on your iPhone, and won’t make your morning cup of coffee any more interesting than it is, what it will do is allow you to add textures to your pictures. With the free version of the app, you get two textures each of metal, wood, and fabric. While the color scheme for each texture is fixed, the app allows you to make some adjustments and change the brightness level.Read More

Download Any File Or Media Stream On Windows Phone With GetThemAll

Before WP8 came out, a lot of people weren't fans of Windows Phone because it was a little too restrictive compared to its predecessor Windows Mobile, or Android.. There was no easy way of sharing media, external memory was not supported and Internet Explorer couldn't download most file types. The latest refresh of Microsoft’s mobile platform has addressed file sharing and external memory issues, but it is still not possible to download most file types while browsing on your phone. That’s why the release of GetThemAll is good news for all Windows Phone users. This new web browser for Mango and WP8 has some comprehensive download capabilities. You can use it to grab HD videos, audio, images and other HTML5 content from any website. The app has a great download manager that lets users create folders for keeping data easily accessible.Read More

RockPlayer2 Comes To Android; Offers A Sleek UI, WiFi Media Sharing & Online Streaming

It’s been quite a while since RockPlayer2 was made available to iOS users, and now it’s time for Android fans to enjoy the revamped version of one of the most feature-rich cross-platform media playing and streaming apps for smartphones and tablets. RockPlayer2 has just been released to the Play Store with a completely redesigned UI and a whole bunch of powerful features including universal media format support, wireless media sharing across devices via RockShare, the reinvented seek bar (aka FreeSeek), native UPnP client, improved media file management, subtitles support, HDMI mirroring, fully customizable control bar, and various gesture to control media playback on your device with minimal effort. All in all, it’s a massive update considering the significant changes in terms of the revamped UI as well as the new features.Read More

Extract Specific Words From Text, Remove Duplicates & Punctuation With SWEAT

If you have to extract a particular word or phrase from a large amount of text or make some changes to its formatting, doing it manually can be quite frustrating and take up a lot of your time. Spending hours going through a large article, looking for those double spaces and wrong letter cases is sure to be a tedious task. Working with large text files to perform editing tasks similar to the ones we just mentioned require special features not found in common text editors. Today, we are bringing you an application called SWEAT (Search Word Extractor Tool) that allows you to extract a keyword or a phrase from large amounts of text, or perform other advanced editing functions such as removing multiple spaces, unnecessary punctuation or a custom list of works, only showing words repeated more than a particular number of times, fixing mIxEd cASe etc. More on SWEAT after the jump.Read More

Discover & Listen To Free Audio Books On iPhone With Audiobooks HQ

Some people consider Audible as the only reliable source of quality audiobooks, and that service takes full advantage of its reputation when it comes to prices (not a lot of freebies there). While it is true that not many services and apps come to par with Audible in terms of database size, fans of audio books still have a few decent alternatives at their disposal. Audiobooks HQ is the latest to join the the ranks of audiobooks apps for iOS. This iPhone app is different from its competitors though, in that all the books it offers are available for free! This is possible because Audiobooks HQ features free, public-domain books that are read by volunteers. Admittedly, the app’s collection hasn’t reached even the mark of 600 yet, but you can still use it for hours of fun if you are not too picky.Read More

Add Quick-Reply Buttons For Received Messages In Gmail [Chrome]

A while back, we covered Batch Reply for Gmail, a Chrome extension that lets you reply to multiple emails in your Gmail Inbox at once. The one problem we had with the extension was that it replied to those selected messages with a single email. This resulted in a separate thread created for a group of emails. It wasn’t a bad solution, but it was only passable. Meet GmailWiz, a Chrome extension that lets you set up four quick-reply messages that you can send in response to any email with the click of a button. The buttons are all integrated with the Gmail interface and sit well with it. Each button is assigned its own meaning: Like, TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read), Got it, and Let’s Discuss. The extension provides its own reply messages, but you can customize each one of them.Read More

How To Fix The Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Microsoft Surface

After a long development cycle and some cheesy advertisements, both Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet finally made their way to the consumers on October 26th 2012, apparently to mixed reaction from critics and users alike. Rather than encouraging the UI overhaul, various users have found the latest version of Windows to be schlocky and flawed. According to some recent reports, a number of Surface users (including ourselves) have been facing limited Wi-Fi connectivity issues since day one. The tablet sometimes shows ‘Limited Connectivity’ error in network status, thereby leaving you unable to use the internet unless you reconnect to the Wi-Fi router or access point. Although Microsoft has released an update to combat this issue, a lot of users are still facing the same conundrum. On the bright side, however, the issue can be easily fixed by following a few simple steps.Read More

Get An Omnipresent Clipboard, File Storage Area & Notepad In Mac With Unclutter

Unclutter is a very simple Mac app available for $2.99 in the Mac App Store. It acts as a clipboard manager, a file storage area, and a note pad. You can probably find other apps that do this, but Unclutter is different in two very significant ways. It is a clipboard manager and file storage app in one. Most clipboard managers only capture multiple instances of copied text and do not support images. Unclutter supports all types of files, and the storage area acts as a temporary file repository that helps move files around. The best feature, though, is how easy it is to call the app. It comes down to ease of access, and Unclutter does an excellent job in that area. Where most apps rely on keyboard shortcuts or Menu Bar icons, Unclutter makes use of gestures and mouse movements. It is omnipresent; you drag your mouse to the top of your screen and scroll downwards to get the Unclutter panel to open. Text or files on your clipboard are automatically copied to the clipboard section, files are dragged & dropped to the File Storage area, and the note can be edited to include important information.Read More

SketchBook Express For Windows Is A Great Modern UI Microsoft Paint Alternative

Yesterday, we covered a feature-rich image editing app for Windows 8 called Fotor that provides users with Instagram-like filters, borders and effects to make your images look like they are professionally shot. While it's a great photo editor, Fotor does not let you create any art on a blank canvas or provide you with brushes and other similar paint tools. Today, we have a Windows Store app that fills this void and provides you with different brushes and tools to create professional style drawings and paintings. The collection of different types of brushes offered by Autodesk SketchBook Express, such as Pen, Pencil, Paint Brush, Fill Tool, etc along with a color palette and different sizes for each brush makes both casual and serious drawing a lot of fun. Moreover, the mirror mode offered by this Modern UI app lets you mirror everything you draw or paint, both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to create beautiful mirror paintings and drawings. Keep reading to find out more about SketchBook Express.Read More

Toones Is The Simplest Gesture-Based Music Player For iPhone

As evident from the interface of successful apps like Clear and the new Google Maps, simplicity is a trait greatly admired by iOS users. When it comes to music players, you can find a lot of feature-rich ones in the App Store but once again, the apps that have a minimalistic interface and easy navigation options rule the roost. About a month ago we covered Tunebooth, an iOS music player that had an uncluttered interface and lots of gesture controls. Although there is not much wrong with that app, you might not find it fit for daily use due to the amount of time required to master all of its controls and features. Toones, on the other hand, is a minimalistic music player for iPhone that has just the right number of gestures for easy playback control without getting too intimidating for users. The interface looks good with emphasis on album art, and everything about the app works like a charm. Read More

Install Popular Audio & Video Codecs On Windows 8

Whenever we install a fresh copy of Windows, limited codec support often ruin the initial media playback experience. The limited number of codecs out of the box has always been a major set back in Windows Media Player and apparently, the story hasn’t quite changed in Windows 8 either. Perhaps this is the reason most users avoid using Windows Media Player as their default application to play audio video files. Even if you download your favorite media player off the internet, the problem of missing codec can still occur one way or the other. If you have recently jumped on to the Windows 8 bandwagon and are looking for a way to install all the required codecs to play almost every audio and video format out there, give Windows 8 Codecs a shot. It’s an audio and video codec package for Windows 8 that installs most of the popular codec packs in one go, and the installed codecs work with Windows Media Player, Media Center, and third-party media players. Read More

Edit & Upload Videos To YouTube From iPhone With YouTube Capture

The official YouTube client for iOS, which was released a few months back, turned out to be quite similar to its Android counterpart. There were, however, a few glaring omissions for mysterious reasons, the most obvious one being the option to upload videos. The layout of the account page is similar to the Android app, but the Upload button is nowhere to be found. This mystery just got cleared up a few hours ago with the release of YouTube Capture for iPhone. Apparently, Google wants you to have a standalone app for uploading videos, but to be fair, YouTube Capture does have some extra goodies that make having the app worthwhile. You can enhance your videos and add background music to them. It is also possible to trim clips before uploading them, and there are options for managing your past uploads as well.Read More

Voxeet Brings Free HD Voice Conferencing To Android & iOS

Voxeet is a cross-platform VoIP conferencing app for Windows, Android and iOS that is acknowledged for its high quality voice technology, 3D audiovisual indicators to easily identify the currently speaking participants, and the option to transfer ongoing conferences across devices on-the-go. Besides being a handy voice conferencing tool for individuals and professionals alike, Voxeet happens to be one of the most user-friendly apps of its type. It requires minimal configuration, and its intuitive virtual conference table UI helps you with recognizing and organizing participants to make the experience as close to real life conference as it gets. Once a conference is initiated, you may invite new participants or leave the meeting without interrupting the current setup. You may also initiate a private one-to-one conversation with select participants from within an ongoing conference. In case you’re required to switch locations, you can carry your current conferences along with you without having to disconnect and then redial afresh. More to follow.Read More

How To Set One Wallpaper For All OS X Desktop Spaces At Once

First introduced in OS X Lion, Desktop Spaces provide an excellent platform for window management. Since then, the feature has become one of the most popular additions in OS X, though it is considerably limited in some areas. It’s the closest you get to a virtual desktop available system wide, so you won’t see too many complaints. At present, each desktop space operates somewhat independent of the other. You get the same desktop icons no matter which space you’re on, but you can keep windows and apps separate. You can also, by default, make the wallpaper for each space different. This might seem useful, but a fair number of users would prefer the same background across all desktops, and that isn’t possible in two clicks or less in OS X. It lacks any way to change the background for all desktop spaces at once, which is why you might need an app or script for that. We haven’t yet found an app that does so, but a simple script does the trick fairly well. The process of creating the script is simple, but a little lengthy, so we’ll break it down as best as we can to make it easier to follow.Read More

Customize Microsoft Surface Trackpad Gestures & Reverse Two-Finger Scrolling

Microsoft’s Surface tablet has earned its fair share of interest since its inception. Although it’s the company’s first foray into the modern tablet market, Microsoft has created a device that not only looks good, but performs well too. But of all its design splendor and solid build quality, it’s the multi-input functionality that stands out the most. Along with touchscreen gestures, the slab also lets you fiddle with it via the detachable touch (or type) cover, and lets you switch between the former and latter navigation on the fly. The touch cover is a full QWERTY keyboard with an integrated trackpad (touchpad) that you’d normally see on your notebook. By default, you cannot customize any trackpad settings according to your preferences. For instance you cannot turn the trackpad off to avoid any accidental finger tapping. Luckily however, the software giant has finally released a Windows Store app for the job called Trackpad Settings. The application not only enables you to turn off the trackpad, but also lets you toggle a few more settings.Read More