PC Image Editor Provides Basic Adjustments, Tons Of Effects & Filters

Image editors come in all different shapes, sizes, feature sets and price tags. Some boast incredible features at a premium price that equals your month’s grocery, while others give you a lot of options to play with without costing a dime. And then there are the very basic ones targeted at novice users who simply want better alternatives to the Paint utility with a short learning curve. If you lie in this category, give PC Image Editor a go. This free app for Windows does a great job in letting you edit most of the image files and supports a wide range of input and output formats including the ever popular PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIFF, EMF, RAS etc. It also shines in the number of image effects and filters it supports; you can sharpen your images, add blur effect, increase or decrease brightness and contrast, change image saturation, and much more. Read More

Fotor Brings Its Instragram-Like Photo Filters & Tilt-Shift Effect To Windows 8

Ever since the release of Windows 8 and RT, apps that were previously available only for iOS or Android are also coming out for devices running Windows. We have covered similar Windows Store apps, such as Shazam that was available, and very popular, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Windows Store still has a very low number of apps as compared to the other platforms, however, apps related to various categories are coming out on daily basis, making the platform better and easier to use. Today, we present to you another app, previously available on iOS and Android, called Fotor. It is a feature-rich image editor for Windows 8 that allows you to apply filters to images, add borders, tilt-shift and other effects. Moreover, the 1-Tap Enhance option lets you quickly improve the quality of an image without having to manually tweak its Brightness, Contrast and Saturation levels. controls. Read More

Lock Individual iPhone Apps & App Switcher Tray With Icon Passcode

Lending your iPhone to a colleague for a round of Fruit Ninja might not be much of an issue for the most part, but you don’t want them to be able to access your private texts and photos. Putting a passcode lock on the entire phone is certainly not gong to do any good in this scenario, since you need something that can password-protect individual apps while leaving the rest of the device accessible. For obvious reasons, you won’t find such an app in the App Store, but Cydia has some pretty good options for this purpose. Personally, I use a Cydia tweak called AppLocker, which is quite comprehensive and has options for locking both apps and folders. However, it costs $0.99 and takes some time to configure. Icon Passcode, on the other hand, couldn’t be simpler. This free tweak can be used to put a four-digit passcode not only on apps, but also on the App Switcher tray, which sets it apart from its competitors. Read More

VSDC Free Video Editor Offers Non-Linear Editing And Several Audio & Visual Effects

Editing videos using professional tools such as Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premier is not an easy task. The high learning curve of these applications require you to spend a lot of time on them, plus the huge price tag can be a deterrent in acquiring the software. On the other hand, when it comes to free video editors, the list of decent ones is not that long. Many of them aren't feature rich enough for serious video editing, while the ones that do offer good options often embed a watermark with their name in the final product, or have restrictions on the output file. VSDC Free Video Editor is one great exception that lets you edit all popular video formats without any restrictions. Read on to learn more about this free tool and its features. Read More

TouchPal Keyboard Brings Swype-Like Sliding Text Input To iPhone

TouchPal Keyboard has been a worthy competitor of Swype on Android for quite a long time. Swype might be the more popular of the two, but TouchPal is the first choice of a considerable percentage of Android owners. Swype has been available for iOS via the Cydia store for more than a year, and now, TouchPal has been released for the platform as well. The big news is, however, that TouchPal Keyboard is not limited to Cydia only, since it has been released in the App Store and works with almost all iDevices! Despite being a fresh release, this standalone app does not disappoint one bit. It supports English, German, Spanish and a few other major languages. The word prediction seems to be great, and text exporting options make it a convenient alternative to the default input method. Read More

Access Downloads, Bookmarks, Add-Ons & More Within Firefox Start Page

Back in Firefox 13, Mozilla introduced a new Start Page that allowed you to access the Downloads, Bookmarks, History, Add-on, Sync, and Settings pages from it. The pages all opened in a new tab. In Firefox 15, it allowed users to access the Options page in the same window. This feature hasn’t been extended to other Firefox pages, and so far, you can only view the Options page in a separate Window. Cockpit Home Page is a Firefox add-on that changes all that; given that you’re on the Firefox Start Page, you can click any one of the page buttons to view them in the same tab. The tab splits itself into two; the top portion allows you to return to the Start Page or visit one of the other pages while the bottom portion displays the contents of whichever page it was you selected. Read More

Strum For iOS Combines Short Music Videos With Instagram-Style Effects & Social Sharing

Smule has always been creative when it comes to app concepts, and they have done it again. If you're a fan of Instagram but aren't content with sharing mere static images, you might grow to love their newest app, Strum. The app won’t make you sound like T-Pain, turn you into a rapper or let you sing karaoke with the world, but it’s still fun to use and can come in handy every once in a while. Strum is a video sharing app for iOS, aimed at short clips that are no more than 15 seconds in length. To add some color to the mix though, you will get to apply various filters to your recordings, and Strum will also add background music and some extra effects to make the video look like it has been professionally shot. Like with most Smule apps, Strum has a social aspect to it, with a news feed that lets you follow people and discover friends. Read More

Get The Stock iPhone Keyboard To Read Aloud Everything You Type

The VoiceOver option found under the Accessibility menu in iOS might have the primary purpose of helping the visually impaired, but a lot of other people use it due to the convenience and freedom it brings to the table. One annoyance in using this feature with typing is that you have to type a whole sentence and then select it to make your iPhone read it out loud. A new Cydia tweak called Speaking Keyboard rectifies this by adding text-to-speech to the equation, speaking everything you type, so you don't have to look at the device’s screen constantly. The tweak goes a step further and can be configured to speak separate words (complete with spellings, if you want) or entire sentences. The best part is that you don’t even have to select anything for it to work; Speaking Keyboard speaks as you type. Read More

TeeVee Is A Virtual TV Guide For Android With Detailed Per-Season Info

Can’t recall how Michael Scofield managed to escape the Fox River State Penitentiary in Prison Break? Want to find out when you’ll be able to see The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and his friends in action next? Want to sync airing times of your favorite TV shows with your Google Calendar? If your answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’, you should give TeeVee a try. Developed by XDA member Masterwork and his mate, TeeVee is a Holo-themed Android TV guide that aims to keep you in touch with your favorite shows in a variety of ways. Be it the synopsis of the show itself, the complete episode-by-episode details of its various seasons, or its TV schedule, this multilingual app lets you follow and sift through all this information through a well-laid out interface.  Read More

Here Are This Week’s Best Apps, Tips And Tricks [12.16.12]

We cover dozens of amazing apps and useful tips every week, so it’s not uncommon for our readers to miss out on some of them as they skim-read through our posts on their way to college or work. To solve this issue, we’ve decided to round up the best apps, tips and tricks we’ve covered at the end of each week. This is the first of such roundups, so be sure to give us feedback in the comments section! Read More

Disable Windows 8 App Notifications Or Change Their Duration

Microsoft's decision to release the exact same interface for both the PC and tablet versions of Windows 8 has its pros and cons. On one hand, this means users won't have to learn two different types of operating systems to use different devices, while on the other, it makes certain features seem redundant, depending on the device you are using. While Windows 8 offers default settings to enable or disable some of these features, there are a lot that cannot be toggled without the use of third party tools. One particular feature, Windows Store app notifications, however, is something that can be tweaked according to your liking using native options. You can either change the time that an app notification stays on the screen, or disable Lock Screen and app notifications altogether. In this post, we will explain how you can alter both settings. Read More

Auto-Sort Your Music Library Into Folders According To Song Meta Tags

These days, hard disks are able to contain several terabytes of data. This means you can now store thousands of files in your computer without worrying about running out of space. However, if your files are not properly organized, it is very difficult to find what you are looking for in that huge pile of data. Sometimes, we save a file in a folder and forget where we put it. If you can't remember its exact location, you can use the built-in search function to look for the file, but in order to take full advantage of this function, you need the files to be properly tagged, as it helps Windows identify exactly what you are looking for. Today, we found a portable tool called Tag 2 Folders that extends the usability of metadata and allows you to sort your locally saved audio files according to their tags. For instance, you can put all the songs related to one genre or a particular artist in a single folder. If you do the same activity manually, creating folders and moving files into them will take up a lot of your time. Read More

Hands-On With New Features In Google+ For Web, Android & iOS

Google’s been pretty busy in the past few days updating almost all its major Android and iOS apps with some significant feature additions, and there’s no way the company was going to leave the official mobile client of its dedicated social network, Google+, out in the cold. In fact, big G seems to have reserved the biggest update of the season for it. The latest update to Google+ is aimed at web, Android and iOS users, and it covers no less than 24 different features, with each platform getting its own share of goodies in one way or the other. So fasten your seat belts and get ready to learn in detail about the various features that the latest Google+ update has in store for all of these platforms. Read More

Customize Windows 8 Installation & Create Unattended Setup ISO

Windows 8 is not just about its new and fluid Modern UI; the installation time and the amount of disk space consumed by the OS has also been greatly reduced compared to its predecessor. However, this fast installation does come at the cost of less customization options; in fact, there are hardly any. You cannot choose the components to be installed or leave out the ones not required. If you’ve been looking for a way to customize your Windows 8 installation, WinReducer 8 is what you need. This freeware lets you customize Windows 8 setup from scratch via creating an ISO file from an existing installation disk or ISO. Furthermore, it lets you create an unattended Windows 8 installation ISO, so you won’t have to sit in front of your computer during the whole setup process. Read More

Get Tasker-Like Task Scheduling On iOS With Timer Options

Reminder apps and task managers are abound in the iOS App Store, but getting notifications about your chores is not the same as scheduling them for automatic completion (and no, we are not talking about turning Siri into your housemaid). How many times have you set a reminder for something related to your device, like calling someone in the noon, or maybe turning your phone off at a particular hour? If you want to actually automate these tasks rather than setting mere reminders for them, we've got Cydia app that offers you this level of detail and control over the main functions of your device. Timer Options is a new release in the jailbreak store, and lets you schedule a lot of system-related actions for a later time. To make things convenient, you can set a timer by performing any Activator gesture of your choice. Read More

Append Text To Previous Snippet Copied Onto Firefox Clipboard

Clipboard managers, whether for your desktop or for your web browser, usually extend the clipboard's functionality to hold more than one instance of clipped text or media. Apps and extensions like that are great when you have to copy and paste a lot of text across multiple apps, and they serve as a useful temporary repository to hold text so you don’t have to repeatedly return to its source to copy another part of it. Append to Clipboard is a Firefox add-on that lets you append additional text to the previously copied clips using an option it adds to the right-click context menu. The add-on takes care to keep the option separate so that it doesn’t interfere with the default copy function. It recognizes the need to clip text independently and does not always append it to the previous clip. Currently, Append to Clipboard only supports text and not images or links. Read More

memoloo Is A Free, Location-Based Social Photo Sharing Android App

Whether you want to get a collection of the best landscape-centric images out of your favorite photo sharing apps, or simply want to feast your eyes on some of the most awe-inspiring photos from different locations the world over, we've got a great solution for you. Available exclusively for Android devices, memoloo is a social photo & video sharing app that allows you to explore, track and share some of the most scenic locations of the world. Each image and video shared via memoloo is a short story in itself, describing its significance to the user and the specific category under which it appropriately falls. Also, memoloo automatically geotags each shared image and presents it on a map via its individual placemarker to help users learn about the exact location where it was captured. Moreover, the app supports several customary socializing tools to rate an image/video, comment on posts, follow a user, explore trending locations, share your own memoloos, and keep a close tab on your activities on the memoloo network. Read More

Manually Download & Install Windows Phone Apps Through SD Card

It was a big deal when Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 will have SD card support, since WP user had been asking for this feature for a long time since the launch of Windows Phone 7. Although WP8 devices have been around for more than a month now, not a lot of people have gotten around to getting really familiar with everything their phone’s SD card can do. You might not know, for instance, that the card is not only for media files, but can also help you in installing large apps that you don’t want to download directly on your phone. This feature can come handy if you don’t have Wi-Fi or high speed data connection on your phone, and the app you want to install is really large. The process is quite easy, especially since WP8 assist you in every step along the way. Read More

How To Open All Map Links In Google Maps For iOS By Default

You must’ve heard about this one maps app this really big company released on iOS a couple of days ago. Citing the significantly better maps data with more points of interest, accurate directions, turn-by-turn navigation, Street View, and fast-loading vector maps, this particular app has received critical acclaim from everyone in the technology blogosphere, and from iPhone users in general. We are, of course, talking about Google Maps for iOS. Yesterday, we talked about how you can use Siri to get Google Maps directions and today, we’ll be discussing a very useful new hack that, when applied, will open all map links on your iOS device in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. Read More

Turn Off App Switcher & Charms Bar Hot Corners In Windows 8

Hot Corners is one of the major new features in Windows 8. They are basically the four corners of the screen that bring App Switcher, Charms Bar and Start Tile into focus when you move the mouse pointer over their pertaining areas. App Switcher appears when you move the cursor to the top-left; likewise Charms Bar resides on the right edge and appears when the pointer touches the top or bottom-right corners. However, both the top-left and right corners can be quite distracting and annoying under certain circumstances. We have covered a few tools to disable these corners, but if you’re looking for a way to prevent the Charms bar and Switcher from appearing via hot corners without entirely disabling them with a tool, a simple registry hack can do this job. Read More