‘Should I Remove It?’ Helps You Decide Which Windows Apps To Uninstall

Free apps are a great way to get more out of your computer without spending a dime. Even though paid applications often contain more features, there are a lot of free apps that surpass them in usability. However, free software often comes bundled with other free software, such as unnecessary browser toolbars and programs. Previously, we have covered some very useful applications that allow you to remove unwanted software from your computer, such as SlimComputer and Toolbar CleanerShould I Remove It? is another Windows application that performs the same function, but in a different manner. Instead of automatically deleting the software, it analyzes your installed programs and provides you suggestions regarding the ones you can safely remove.Read More

Holiline Displays A Ticker Of Reminder Alerts In Windows Taskbar

Holiline Reminder is a simple task reminder utility for Windows that aims to help you in keeping a tab on your daily agenda. It lets you specify various types of reminders for important tasks or events such as your best pal’s birthday, or a long anticipated concert of your favorite artist. The application displays event notifications directly on the Taskbar - a neat feature that makes it stand apart from other similar apps, most of which employ notification bubbles or sound alarm for the purpose. This minimalistic approach also keeps things less cluttered and confusing for the users. Read on for more details.Read More

Airmail: OS X Mail Client With Dropbox Support, Easy Filtering & A Great UI [Review]

Mail and Sparrow are two of the most popular email clients for the OS X platform. Being the default email client, Mail enjoys a larger user base, while Sparrow is usually preferred by those who have used its iOS variant. Both these clients are quite good in themselves but there will always be room for improvement, new features and better apps. Airmail is a great new option. It is a Mac email client for Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and iCloud that syncs attachments to your Dropbox account, supports multiple accounts, and has an excellent email filtering feature. Let's learn more about this app after the jump.Read More

Attach To Gmail From Cloud, Image Hosting Services & Facebook [Chrome]

Google Drive has been integrated in Gmail so that you can attach a file to a new email directly from your Google Drive cloud storage. The feature is very handy for Google Drive users, but it’s of no use to those of us who primarily use some other cloud storage service. Cloudy is a Chrome extension that lets you attach files to your emails from a large number of cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram, Flickr, Github, FTP, Evernote, and more. Furthermore, it can also connect with your computer’s webcam and record a video or take a picture to directly attach with your email. The extension also gives you the option to upload files from your computer, pick attachments from other emails in your account, and search & attach images from Wikipedia, Flickr, and Google Image Search. The best thing about the extension is that it works flawlessly with Gmail’s new Compose view.Read More

ShadowDrive Social Cloud Storage & Sharing Service Comes To Android

Relatively fresh to the scene, ShadowDrive is an attempt to provide mobile, web and desktop users with a true ‘social cloud drive’ service that is not just capable of handling your online data backups, but also lets you share files with utmost ease. ShadowDrive offers each registered user an initial free cloud storage space of 1GB that can be used to store your files, with options to share any of your stored files with anyone using public links, or privately with your specific social media contacts only. Past the break, we'll be taking a look at ShadowDrive's Android app that has recently been released in the Play Store with almost all the features that the web app of the service has to offer.Read More

How To Update To Windows Phone 7.8 Right Now

Almost all Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) users were frustrated at the announcement of Windows Phone 8, since it sounded like the end of major updates for WP7 devices as they weren't to get updated to WP8. However, Microsoft surprised everyone with their intentions to bump all Mango devices to WP7.8, bringing several features of WP8 to them. After months of anticipation, the Portico update has finally started rolling out, and unsurprisingly, the Nokia Lumia series is the first to get the goodies. The rest of you don’t have to despair either, since there is quite an easy method of getting Windows Phone 7.8 on any Mango device right now. If you know for a fact that the update won’t be rolled out for you in the near future, go ahead and try this rather safe method; all it requires is a simple desktop tool and some spare time.Read More

Crop iPhone Photos Using Different Shapes & Patterns With SymbolGram

Earlier this month, we covered PIP Camera that allows iOS users to put your images in photos of different objects like screens, bottles, frames of different shapes and sizes etc. The newly released SymbolGram is based upon a similar concept, but this app is much simpler and doesn't ask you to do much before you can see the final result. Sure, there aren’t as many effects available in SymbolGram as there are in PIP Camera, but you get a full-featured photo editor to go with the ready-made shapes. The shapes offered by the app include stylized text, hearts, balloons, and geometric patterns, among others. The available sharing options include Instagram and Twitter, and you can also save a picture to the camera roll and send it to anyone from there.Read More

Koush’s Carbon Allows Scheduled, Local & Cloud Android App Data Backup [Review]

Update: This app has been renamed to Helium.While there are quite a few app data backup and restoration solutions available for Android users, not many allow creating backups of personal app data, and the few that do often require you to have a rooted Android device to fully utilize them, or come with with a price tag. Koushisk Dutta (aka Koush) - the renowned developer of the world-famous ClockworkMod recovery, DeskSMS, TabletSMS, ROM Manager, and Tether - has been quite busy over the past few days prepping an app data backup and sync tool of his own called Carbon. Initially released as a limited beta for just rooted devices, Carbon has now officially made its way to the Play Store with quite a few additional handy options. Let's find out all about Carbon after the jump.Read More

Search & Browse The History Of All Web Browsers On A PC From One Place

Every major internet browser saves the history of all the webpages that you have visited, including all your web searches. The purpose of this feature is to let you easily locate a web page that you have visited in the past, and can be a lifesaver if you have forgotten an important URL. A lot of people use more than one browser (I myself use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser and Google Chrome as the secondary one). Sometimes when you are looking for a particular URL in your browser history, you forget which browser you originally used to access the webpage, and Windows does not allow you to search the history of all browsers at once. Internet History Browser is a free portable tool for Windows that changes that, by letting you view and search your complete browsing history across all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.Read More

Lock Your iPhone’s Screen In Landscape Orientation With tsLock O

It has always bugged me that the iOS orientation lock is not smart enough to detect your device’s current orientation, and locks the screen only in portrait mode. Admittedly, most of the times you need your iPhone screen to stay vertical, specially when you are lying down, but there are some occasions when you might want to keep the screen in landscape mode, for instance when watching a video in a player that supports both orientations, web browsing, or even reading an eBook in some situations. tsLock O is a new Cydia tweak that brings this much0needed functionality to jailbroken iOS devices. The tweak simply endows the orientation lock toggle with the ability to lock your device orientation in the whatever mode is active when you press the button. You won’t lose the default portrait lock, as the new addition is really unobtrusive and comes into action only when you need it.Read More

Add ‘Keep On Top’ & Other Handy Options To Application Window Menu

In the past, we have covered several tiny Windows utilities that help you with your workflow by providing quick access to certain actions. For instance, Peek Through allows you to make any window transparent and even click elements of the underlying window through it, and Volumouse lets you control several system components using the mouse wheel. Applications like these give you greater control over your system without interfering with its normal functionality. WindowMenuPlus is another similar tool that adds a set of options to the right-click context menu of every window. These extended options allow you to keep the window on top, move or  maximize it to a particular area of the screen, change its transparency, kill its process, view extended information about the program, change the process priority, and minimize the window to system tray. Keep reading to find out more about WindowMenuPlusRead More

Fireplug For iPhone Tracks Reading Habits & Creates Smart News Feeds

News apps that learn your preferences with the passage of time have been around for quite a while now, but Fireplug has just made this concept novel once again. Released by the team behind retickr, Fireplug combines social networking, automation and a sense of competition to bring you the only news reader you are ever likely to need on your iPhone. Like most modern apps of this genre, Fireplug has a ‘smart’ news stream that offers more relevant stories as you interact more often with the app. You can also maintain separate streams for different topics, but the best feature of the app is that everything you read is reflected on your profile. This makes Fireplug a good app if you are interested in keeping track of your own reading trends and showing off your expertise on your subjects of interest based on what you read. Read More

Hands-On With The Official XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ For Android [Review]

XBMC is likely the best and most feature-rich cross-platform media center application available for almost all leading computer platforms. The immensely powerful open-source software has always been revered for the wide array of media discovery, playback & streaming tools it supports, and things only seem to get better with the release of version 12 of XBMC codenamed ‘Frodo’ that not only brings with it a slew of brand new features, but also introduces us to the official Raspberry Pi and Android variants of our beloved media center. As with both recently-supported platforms, the latest release of XBMC now lets Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ATV and iOS users enjoy full HD audio support, improved AirPlay support, new translations powered by Transifex, advanced content filtering in media library, better UPnP sharing support, video library tags, improved image support, and most importantly, integrated Live TV and PVR support. More to follow.Read More

Discover Fun Places Recommended By Friends With Scoopt For Android & iOS

Looking for a simple location discovery app that helps you easily find the best nearby and worldwide amenities recommended by your very own friends? You might want to give Scoopt a try. Utilizing the trusted and widely used services of Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare, Scoopt is a free location discovery social app for Android and iOS that claims to offer the best recommendations for interesting places to eat, drink, shop, sleep and visit. It does so by presenting crowdsourced location-based information from actual visitors, app users and your friends instead of fake advertisers and promoters. The app sports arguably the best interface that we have seen in a while. In just a few taps, you can end up finding some of the most fascinating places to spend your weekend, or you may let your friends know about a nice little food spot you’ve just discovered in town. The app’s Holo-ish UI is curated in a way to help you easily explore all the recommended places by their order of submission, proximity, categories or a point of interest anywhere on the map.Read More

How To Select & Copy Text From A File In OS X Quicklook

OS X comes equipped with everything a regular user might need to complete everyday tasks. You will, of course, need to install apps to serve your specific needs, but even in their absence, OS X ensures you can manage the basics like opening/creating documents, viewing pictures, chatting, and sending & receiving emails without the need for third-party software. For viewing documents, OS X has Preview - a feature rich app that opens a large number of file formats, allows you to fill PDF forms, and open old versions of a file. In addition to Preview, OS X also offers the Quicklook feature that, as its name implies, gives you a quick view of a file. It’s the go-to app if you want to see what’s in a document without actually opening it even in Preview. The only problem with it is it won’t let you select text when you open a text or PDF file. That’s not to say it can’t be done; the feature is very much there and can be enabled with a Terminal command detailed after the break.Read More

Screenhero For OS X: Screen Sharing With IM & Multi-User Collaboration

Screen sharing apps can be really handy for getting remote assistance by letting someone else control your computer remotely, or simply showing others something you're doing on your computer while staying in control yourself. Screenhero is a Mac app (with a Windows client still under development) that allows you to share your screen with anyone who has a Screenhero account, while adding a handy feature to the mix. You retain control of your Mac while the person you share your screen with can also control your system if you choose. It might sound confusing to work with, as you will have two cursors moving around on your screen, but Screenhero makes it easy to distinguish the two by adding the name of the user to their cursor. The app allows you to share your entire screen or just a single app’s window. It also features a built-in chat client and you can switch to sharing an app's window during a live session.Read More

Auto Trigger Multiple Actions On Your iPhone When It’s Plugged In

Activator has claimed its position among the very best Cydia tweaks available due to its sheer usefulness. Any tweak that is even remotely related to gesture control is either Activator-based, or improves upon some functionality provided by it. PowerActions is another tweak of this kind. Activator already enables you to define certain actions whenever you connect your iDevice to a power source. PowerActions does the same, but goes one step further and lets you define multiple actions for this single trigger. It also offers some additional actions that are not to be found in Activator such as displaying a customized alert, starting music playback, toggle some of the most frequently used system settings, or mute/unmute your device each time you put it on charging.Read More

Easily Correct Perspective & Vertical Line Distortion In Photos

Whenever we go on holidays, most of us snap a lot of pictures and bring them back to share them with our friends and family, or just to preserve our precious moments. Digital cameras have allowed us to capture thousands of images without worrying about the camera reel running out. However, due to the lack of any such limitation, most people don’t put a lot of thought or spend a lot of time in getting that perfect shot just right, and many of our pictures turn out to be a bit out of proportion. You surely wouldn't go back to the place just to retake the picture from a different angle, but what you can do is try to fix the original image. Previously, we covered an application called ShiftN that automatically fixes line distortion from images. Today, we have an open-source tool for you called PerspectiveImageCorrection that lets you correct the image perspective, but this one allows you to manually select the 4 points for specifying the correction criteria. You can draw a 4-point polygon for perspective correction and thus, have more control over the correction process.Read More

8StartButton Is A Unique Modern UI Start Menu App For Windows 8

During the last year, we have seen a large number of free and paid Start Screen modification and replacement tools for Windows 8. Some provide you with a Windows 7-like Start Menu and disable the Start Screen, while others change the way the Start Screen looks. Back in October, Waqas compiled a list of the best Windows 8 Start Screen modifiers and Start Menu applications to get back the old Windows 7 feel. However, several new applications from the same genre have appeared since and if a new tool offers something different, we try to review it for our readers. 8StartButton is one such Start Screen replacement utility that caught our attention. It allows you to replace the Start Screen with a highly customizable Start Menu providing you full control over the system. You can access all the installed programs as well as system options, and pin your favorite programs as tiles inside the Start Menu. You can choose to open Start Menu or the Start Screen as the default function for the button, disable the Start Screen hot corner, and choose to boot Windows directly to the desktop.Read More