The Best Apps, Tips & Tweaks Of The Week [03.31.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we discuss last week’s most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips, and tweaks that you may have missed due to the busy-ness of the hectic, modern workweek. In this week’s roundup, we discuss an iOS-oriented web app that looks and works like a native app, a browser-based screen-recording app that can work outside the browser, and an interesting new app that aims to ensure a complete, duplicate free contact book, among other cool apps, tips and tweaks. Read More

Mac OS X Tips & Tricks That You Might Not Know About

OS X has some really great features that Windows’ users might envy; There are the well documented and much talked about features like Mission Control, Desktop Spaces, and the Launchpad, but OS X is also stocked full of several smaller and less hyped about features and tricks that even some veteran Mac users are unaware of. Regardless of how long you've been using the platform, it's always nice to learn a new trick or two that your Mac can do, and we've complied whole list of them to help you use your Mac more efficiently. Read More

How To Make YouTube Streaming Significantly Faster On Windows

I do not know about you, but in recent times, YouTube has been acting agonizingly slow across all my computers. I have a 1mbps connection, which should technically provide smooth streaming of 480p video, but it regularly has trouble even with 240p video. Thankfully, we have come across a very simple hack that will significantly improve your YouTube video-viewing experience. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Photo Date Is An iOS Photos App Alternative That Shows Date Taken

The iPhone has partially (or, in some cases, fully) replaced many expensive portable gadgets within the space of 3-4 years. Starting with lower-cost items like graphing calculators, to more expensive ones like a point and shoot camera.  I say the iPhone has partially replaced such devices because despite all the significant advances in hardware within the last couple of years with the iPhone 4S and 5, small things like, for example, not being able to see the date you took a photo are incredibly frustrating. Read More

Get Chrome Desktop Alerts For Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube

A while ago, we reviewed Chime - a Chrome extension that connects with your personal accounts on multiple social networks and gives you notifications for any activity. Chime stands out for two reasons: its gorgeous interface, and the multitude of services that it supports. The Notifications for everything is a Chrome extension that does something similar but supports fewer services and slightly greater customization. Chime kept a historical record of activity in your different account while The Notifications for everything is like the notification system that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube lack. You can select which of the four mentioned services you want to receive notifications for, start receiving desktop notifications for them or simply view them on the extension’s icon. Read More

Customize iPhone Lock Screen & Add Live Widgets To It With LockHTML2

Widgets are certainly gaining popularity among iOS users. The Cydia store has a nice collection of interesting widgets for the Notification Center and SpringBoard. If you are a fan of making the lock screen more useful, there are tweaks like Dashboard X and LockHTML. Both of these tweaks have their shortcomings though; Dashboard X is a bit too complicated if you just want a simple widget on your iPhone’s lock screen, while LockHTML makes users do a lot of work in order to get the widgets configured properly. Fortunatel, the developer behind LockHTML has revamped the tweak, adding support for iOS 6 in the process. With LockHTML2, the wallpaper can be kept active in the widget’s background without having to go through a lot of hassle. The list of its customization options has lengthened considerably as well, making the tweak a lock screen customizer as well as a platform for widgets. Read More

Add Aviary Photo Editing Tools & Filters To Facebook In Chrome

Aviary's powerful image editor is widely used in photo editing apps for smartphones. Though it's far less common to see it integrated in on the web, since most web services do not provide a lot of editing options, or offer their own tools instead. Fly Photo Editor for Facebook is a Chrome extension that integrates Aviary's photo editing tools in Facebook. The extension lets you enter an edit mode from the theater view of any photo, and you can then proceed to add filters and frames to the image, crop it, add stickers to it, draw on it with a free hand drawing tool, and more. Once you've made the desired changes, the extension uploads your edited image to the same album as the original one. Read More

How To Use Vine’s New Sharing & Embedding Options

Since its release, Vine has enjoyed a decent run, but it hasn't become as big as Instagram or some of the other older services available to smartphone users yet. There might be other factors involved as well, but Vine’s absence on Android and its lack of easy sharing options has certainly hindered the app from becoming even more popular than it currently is. Twitter finally seems to have realized this, and decided to do something about it. No, there is still no Android app but starting today, you can conveniently share any public Vine post with your social network. In addition, users can also embed Vine videos into websites now. This means any of these popular six-second animations can now be shared via social media, email or on any third-party website with ease. Read More

Screenbird Is A Java-Based Screen Recorder With On-The-Fly ‘Do Over’ & Online Sharing

One good web app can often end the whole ‘which platform has better apps’ debate, and Screenbird is arguably one of those apps. It's a screencasting tool that runs entirely in your browser and allows you to record anything and everything on your screen. Unlike most browser-based screen recording tools, Screenbird is not restricted to recording inside the browser window. The recorded videos can be saved locally and uploaded for sharing as well. The service’s free version allows you to upload up to 150 minutes of videos to the cloud. That isn't Screenbird's best feature though; it has a 'do over' feature whereby you can select any point in a recording and re-record from that point onward. The portion of the video before that point remains intact, while the rest is overwritten. Read More

HyperSwitch Is A Windows-Like Preview-Focused App Switcher For Mac

App & window switching in OS X is separated into two different shortcuts. For users who have migrated from a Windows PC, this is often hard to get used to. Mac users are less likely to have any problems with it but that’s not to say the feature can’t be improved. HyperSwitch is a free Mac app currently in beta that lets you get more out of app switching. At the core, it works like Mac’s default app and window switcher; both functions are still separated by keyboard shortcuts but unlike the default feature, it allows you to preview app windows as you move through them. Additionally, HyperSwitch lets you continue to use the default app switcher, and adds options for accessing functions like launching a new window or tab, and control iTunes. Read More

Get A Gesture-Controlled Music Widget In iPhone Notification Center

With iOS 6, Apple proved that Notification Center widgets can come in handy for things other than just viewing information at a glance. The stock Share widget can let you post updates to your favorite social networks with ease, while users of jailbroken devices have access to a whole world of NC add-ons that can be used to do some truly useful stuff. NC widgets related to almost all areas of iOS have been released in the Cydia store, and music playback is no exception. Previously we covered Now Playing for NC - a Cydia tweak that can let users control their music using a couple of buttons placed inside a widget. NCMusicGestures does something similar, but uses gesture control for the purpose. You can scrobble your music to Twitter and Facebook, while changing a song takes merely a swipe. Read More

Autorun Angel Is A Cloud-Based Security Analyzer For Startup Items

My first hand experience tells me that Windows Task Manager is not the most efficient way to find out the integrity of currently running processes or applications that auto execute during Windows logon. Although it allows you to kill unresponsive applications or disable them entirely from running, you can never be so sure whether a process or service is malicious, or harmless to your system. This is where tools like Autorun Angel really shine. This nifty little app scans your computer for autorun entries against its own cloud database, and highlights only those services or autorun programs that seem dangerous to your system or may be the root cause of an ongoing problem. This can include all sorts of malware including spyware, adware, trojans, viruses et al. According to the developer, the scan engine is powered by NictaTech Antivirus Engine, which is the company’s native cloud engine for checking for viruses. Read More

How To Import RSS Feeds Into Microsoft Outlook For Windows

As most of you must have heard by now, Google Reader is retiring this summer and we've guided you through the process of backing up your Google Reader RSS feeds as well as given you a healthy list of alternatives for Google Reader to switch to, once it's gone. Though our list focused on apps that were always meant to be RSS feed readers, and we purposely left out the ones that offered RSS subscriptions as a side feature. Outlook - one of the most popular desktop email clients out there that's known mostly for helping you organize your contacts, remembering appointments, and sending emails - actually supports RSS feeds natively. The feature has been ignored by most so far, but the death of Google Reader has finally brought it much attention. If you use Outlook for your email, contacts and calendar already, there's no reason why it can't take care of your RSS subscriptions. So let's take a look at how you can import your feeds from Reader to Outlook, and switch to it as your RSS app. Read More

Configure iOS AssistiveTouch Button To Quickly Perform A Specific Task

While they might not be considered as the most populated genre of Cydia tweaks, there are a few offerings available in the jailbreak store that might make you frequently use the awesome accessibility options offered in iOS. Anyone who doesn't have visual or auditory impairments might not have used the accessibility options even once. So, wouldn't it be nice if there was some way of turning accessibility options into gesture control? In the past, we have covered tweaks like Speaking Keyboard that makes use of the Voice Over feature to make the stock iOS keyboard more useful. MyAssistive is another similar tweak but instead of Voice Over, it focuses on AssistiveTouch. By default, AssistiveTouch can do a lot of things; in fact, some might say it can do too many things, which makes it very confusing and kills its original purpose of making lives of users simpler. MyAssistive lets you program the hovering button to perform just one task of your choice, which can make you feel like having a brand new hardware button. Read More

Lingo Is A Foreign Language Translator For iPad That Remembers Your Queries

If you want to learn a new language using your iDevice, you can find several apps such as Duolingo and Babbel that serve the purpose. Though these apps take a rather traditional approach towards teaching you new languages. The freshly released Lingo, on the other hand, is much more practical. When using Duolingo, you might feel the need of having a dictionary of the language you are learning, but Lingo itself doubles as a language teacher and a dictionary. This iPad app supports Spanish, French and Italian, but won’t force you to go through endless lessons in order to get proficient at these languages. You just need to know enough English, and Lingo does the rest. The app works by offering word-by-word English translations of text snippets in the three supported languages. However, rather than showing you the translation and then forgetting all about it, Lingo remembers the words you have learned. This word list can then be viewed any time you want, or you can even email it to someone (or yourself). Read More

QuiteRSS Is A Powerful, Multi-Tabbed RSS Reader For Windows & Linux

Google Reader’s inevitable demise that’s only a couple of months away now has sent many on a wild goose chase to seek an equally good service that matches the quality and simplicity of this leading RSS platform. Feedly, for instance, is being considered as the top contender right now that goes neck to neck with Google Reader, but that doesn't mean we don’t have any other option. Just a couple of weeks ago, Fatima compiled a list of some of the best Google Reader alternatives for Windows, Mac and Web around. And today, I’m adding another one to list called QuiteRSS. Let’s take a closer look. Read More

Add Stylized Weather Info To Photos With CamWeather For Android

We have seen countless weather apps with several different approaches, but CamWeather delivers on what has crossed my mind quite a few times, and I’m sure there would be others out there too who have wanted something like this. The app works on a simple yet novel idea - it fuses local weather and social elements together, enabling users to share not just the weather for their location with others, but also add a picture to it for their friends to see. In short, let's say you're out on a vacation and want to share with others how it is there; you run CamWeather, take a photo, overlay your location and weather information on it, and share away via Instagram, Facebook and more. With several weather layout presets and an interface that even a child can easily understand and use, the app gives a whole new dimension to weather info sharing. Read More

Get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Style Toggles On Any Device With AntTek Quick Settings

There are plenty of Android devices out there running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 4.0 ICS, and ever since Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was released, users have been trying hard to get those sweet looking Quick Toggles on their devices. Needless to mention, even Jelly Bean 4.1 users had to ask around for some developer support to get the feature working on their devices as it did in 4.2. Though in a short while, quite a few apps surfaced mimicking the Jelly Bean 4.2 Quick Toggles. All was well till AntTek Quick Settings arrived on the scene. Forget all you know about Jelly Bean style quick toggles; this app takes the concept to an entirely new level with customizations that will definitely make any other Quick Toggles app feel primitive. Read on after the break to learn more about the various features of this app. Read More

Discover & Stream Free Music On The Go With For iPhone has been around on the web for quite a long time, and has managed to established a decent reputation as a place where you can easily discover some good emerging artists. Much like Grooveshark, has a mobile-optimized website, so some of you might have been using the service on your iPhone through the browser already. Having said that, an HTML 5 website isn't always good enough to make up for the lack of a dedicated smartphone client. This is why the team behind has released the service’s very own iOS client. Now you can discover new music, browse through your activity feeds and listen to the best songs floating around the blogosphere, all on your iPhone. Read More

Remotely Manage Your Android Gallery From Chrome With SnapPea Photos

We've covered quite a few tools that let you move files between your phone and your desktop. What most of these apps do is let you transfer photos over the same Wi-Fi connection. The point is to be able to transfer files without needing to connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. SnapPea Photos is a Chrome extension with an Android app that collectively work to let you manage the photos on your Android device right from your browser. The operative word here is ‘manage’, since you won't just be copying files from your phone to your computer, but will also be able to rotate and delete them. Read More