Nemp Is A Themable Music Player & Media Server With Cover Flow & Built-In Tag Editor

If you start counting the number of audio players available on Windows, you'll probably lose your count sooner than you can imagine. Even here at AddictiveTips, we've covered plenty of media player and music management apps for our readers such as Audacious, Xion Audio Player, and Winyl, just to name a few. If you’re on the hunt for a feature-rich, elegant looking media management application, try Nemp. Abbreviation of Noch ein MP3-Player, it's an open-source app that not only looks quite impressive on the surface, but also carries many advanced features under the hood. Apart from letting you listen to music from your local drive, the application can also act as a web server, enabling users to stream music remotely. In addition, it also allows connecting your Last.Fm account with it to stream music directly from there. Other nifty features include MP3 tag editor, supports for playlists, iTunes-inspired Cover Flow-like feature and more.Read More

qrSend Lets You Scan QR Codes To Transfer Files From Windows, Mac & Linux To Android

Do you transfer a lot of files from PC to your Android device? What sort of connection you mostly prefer for the purpose? If it’s, Wi-Fi then today we have an impressive app for you that will make file transfers dead simple. qrSend is an Android app with desktop counterparts for Windows, OS X and Linux that lets you transfer files by scanning QR codes. That’s right - no more drag and drop or copy-pasting files around, because all you have to do is scan the QR code that's displayed on your computer and bingo, your desired item will instantly be transferred to your phone or tablet. Click the Read More button for the details.Read More

biteSMS For iPhone Updated With A New Quick Compose NC Widget & More

Whenever I jailbreak an iPhone, biteSMS is among the first Cydia apps I download. It offers so much in terms of convenience that once you get used to biteSMS, it becomes nearly impossible to go back to the stock Messages app in iOS. Having said that, some other tweaks in the jailbreak store have recently starting coming up with decent alternatives to the features available in biteSMS. Fortunately, the team behind biteSMS isn’t resting on its laurels, and are always looking to make the famous app even better than it already is. Quick Compose is the feature of biteSMS that has managed to attract most fans to the app, and with the app’s latest update, it has become even better! In addition to a plethora of performance improvements and bug fixes, the beta version of biteSMS 7.6 also comes with a brand new Notification Center widget. This widget provides shortcuts that can be used to quickly get in touch with your favorite contacts.Read More

Unification Brings Cross-Platform Notification Sync To Windows 8 & RT

The lock screen notifications in Windows 8/RT isn't entirely a new concept, but it’s quite refreshing for Windows OS as it was never seen in any of its prior versions. These push notifications allow third-party apps to display real-time on-screen notifications for events like new email, weather updates, Facebook messages, Twitter mentions and the like. Although, its quite a nifty features that can save one a lot of time, there’s no central location where you can view all your pending notifications related to every app together. Earlier this month, we covered a Windows Phone app named Unification, aimed for somewhat similar purpose i.e. to bring all your notifications under one roof. The app has now arrived on Windows 8 and RT as well. Unification, being a cross-platform app, is designed to to automatically sync your notifications across all Windows based devices, including WP7, WP8, Windows 8 and Windows RT.Read More

Fidelity Investments Just Might Be The Best Stock Market App For WP8

Fidelity Investments is among the biggest names in the market when it comes to financial services. A lot of big players in the stock exchange rely on data acquired from Fidelity to conduct their businesses and make investments. You can stay in touch with your Fidelity Investments account using its web version of course, but it is always nice to get on-the-go access for any service in form of dedicated mobile apps. If you work in the finance indistry and own a Windows Phone, the service’s WP8 app can prove to be an asset. It supports account login but even if you are not a registered Fidelity Investments user, you can use the app to keep an eye on the stock market, read latest news stories related to companies of your interest, and get detailed exchange stats for any particular stock.Read More

Contribute To Wikimedia Commons On The Go From Android & iPhone

In today's world, it's considered almost impossible to go through college or professional education without a little help from Wikipedia. As you might already know, Wikipedia is a non-profit project, and has been running successfully for a long time because a lot of its users are also among the website’s major contributors of data. If you have ever submitted anything to Wikipedia, specially an article containing a media file, then you are probably familiar with Wikimedia Commons. The service allows users to upload photos to a platform from where anyone can access and use them without having to pay anything. The images that appear in Wikipedia articles are generally from Wikimedia Commons as well. Since the world is shifting to smartphones and tablets from computers, it seems like a perfect idea to have a Wikimedia client for major mobile platforms. It has taken some time for the organization to realize that, but the Wikimedia Commons app is finally here. The app has been released simultaneously for iOS and Android, letting users of both platforms upload images to their Wikimedia accounts on the ago.Read More

PullAll Adds Custom-Colored Pull-To-Refresh To Any iPhone WebView App

The ‘Pull to refresh’ gesture has been around in iOS for a long time, but its inclusion in the stock Mail app with the release of iOS 6 showed that Apple knows how much convenience this little gesture can bring to the life of users. Apart from the Mail app, the little arrow icon is also present in various shapes and forms in different third-party apps. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular apps to support ‘pull to refresh’ on their main pages, while a lot of smaller players in the App Store implement it pretty neatly as well. If you really like the gesture, you must have noticed that it could have come in handy in a lot of other apps as well. With PullAll, users of jailbroken iOS devices get to add a customizable ‘pull to refresh’ icon to apps. The tweak doesn't work with every app you might be using on your iPhone, just any stock or third-party apps built-in WebView, including the likes of Safari, App Store, as well as different sections of Facebook and Twitter (in addition to the default main screen).Read More

Google Now Finally Launched On iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

One of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s most surprisingly useful features was Google Now: the intelligent personal assistant that – besides processing basic commands like Siri on iOS – would very intelligently present you with the “right information at the right time”. Now, the acclaimed service is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Check out the details after the jump. Read More

How To Continue Using Windows Live Messenger Without Switching To Skype

Not even a decade ago, Windows Live Messenger – Microsoft's foray into the IM apps – was the most popular online communication medium around, and was heavily used by the youth. Although, it remained renowned for years since its inception, people eventually lost interest in the app, specifically after the introduction of Skype. As Skype and Windows Live Messenger are both owned by Microsoft now, the company decided to shut down the latter, forcing existing Messenger users to update to the former. Though for certain regions, Microsoft is still keeping the service alive and its servers running . Messenger Reviver 2 is a Windows app that can bring Windows Live Messenger back from the dead by patching necessary application files and bypassing the forced upgrade window. Read on for more details.Read More

How To Change iOS App Icons Without Jailbreak [Guide]

Apple's mobile operating system isn't exactly known or praised for offering users a lot of control. In fact it is notorious for being a walled garden, with Apple pretty much enforcing upon users what it thinks is right, and not giving them many options to tweak it to make it suit their individual needs best. Without jailbreak, iOS offers significantly limited customization when compared to Android; you can’t replace the keyboard, switch to a different launcher, customize app icons… or can you? Yes, we've come across a method that allows you to change the appearance of your app icons without fondling saurik’s beard! Check it out after the jump. Read More

Identify Songs With SoundHound, Shazam & More From Android Lock Screen

No mobile platform beats Android when it comes to customization; you can tweak every single bit of the operating system – from replacing the home screen interface or the look of your lock screen to flashing entirely different ROM, it gives users complete flexibility and control over their devices. In the 4.2 Jelly Bean update back in November last year, Google unleashed another great feature by allowing users to customize the lock screen of their Android device with various widgets. This feature further extended Androids customization abilities and apps like DashClock quickly emerged in the Google Play Store to take it to the next level. In case you don't already know about DashClock, it’s an awesome alternative to Android’s stock clock widget, but that's not all; it allows adding several extensions to it for all sorts of other information like weather, Feedly, calendar, Gmail and more. Today, we've got an amazing DashClock extension for you called Sound Search for DashClock  that brings Google’s ‘What’s this song?’ feature to the lock screen, with support for several other popular sound identification services as well.Read More

Watch Video Lessons & Take Time-Synced Notes Side By Side Using

A great way to learn online is through Coursera, an award-winning site that collects video lectures from some of the best university professors and academics out there and makes them available to people around the globe, for free. All you need to do is sign up and try to follow the study guidelines, week-to-week. is an online, paperless solution to video note-taking, that saves you the trouble of overusing notepad or Evernote while watching Coursera, Khan Academy, Udacity, edx or educational YouTube videos. Not having to first pause the video, restore notepad, and then write your thoughts can make learning even Computational Neuroscience a bit more breezy.Read More

Get Easy Access To System Toggles On iPhone Lock Screen

If Infinity Blade (or any other game, for that matter) has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot stay on top without being occasionally challenged. SBSettings has been the king of Cydia tweaks for a long time, and not many alternatives have come even close to garnering the same following as it enjoys. The only criticism that you can direct at SBSettings is that it offers too many options, including some you are never likely to need. Also, the lock screen integration of the tweak isn’t too good, and the screen turns off even if you are going through the toggles listed in the dropdown window. Flusterless and similar tweaks cannot be considered alternatives of SBSettings by any stretch of imagination, since they are too limited in terms of features. LockscreenToggles, however, might be the first Cydia tweak in a long time that can make you leave SBSettings. The tweak doesn’t have as much toggles and customization options as SBSettings, but that also means you don’t have to go through endless manual configuration to get started. Read More

Add Seek Bar To iPhone Lock Screen Music Controls With LSScrubbing

As tweaks like Tempus and LSMusicGestures have shown in the past, the iOS lock screen has a lot of potential when it comes to controlling your phone’s music library on the go. An average iPhone user doesn't need access to their entire song collection from the lock screen, while gestures are only useful to a certain extent and might even become annoying if you have to remember too many of them. Personally, the only thing that has ever bothered me about the default lock screen controls for the stock Music app in iOS is the lack of a scrubber (seek bar). The lock screen controls do include a slider to control the volume of the playback, and you can forward/rewind the song to some extent using the two arrow icons presented there, but it’s not the same as having a proper seek bar, which forces a lot of users to launch the Music app whenever they want to skip to the favorite part of a song, thereby killing the whole purpose of lock screen controls for them. LSScrubbing is a new Cydia tweak that solves this problem by adding a seek bar to the lock screen music controls in iOS.Read More

Export Twitter DMs, Mentions, Tweets & More To A Document With twDocs

Twitter is undoubtedly the most popular micro-blogging platform on the planet. Back in December 2012, the bird chirping social network introduced an option to users download an archive of all their tweets to their local drive, and it received positive response from users. Although not something really groundbreaking as there were a few services already offering this, it’s a handy feature nonetheless. twDocs is another web app that allows you to download not just your own tweets, but also tweets from people you follow. In addition, it can download your favorite tweets, mentions, direct messages you sent or received, search results and so on. The app can save this content in a number of different formats such as PDF, DOC, HTML, XML, TXT, XLS or CSV.Read More

BatteryDoctorPro Is The Ultimate Power Saving & Monitoring App For iOS

A lot of apps are often labeled as the most comprehensive in their genre, but rarely does one justify the tag more than BatteryDoctorPro. Battery Doctor has been around for Android and iOS for a long time, and BatteryDoctorPro comes from the same developer. There is one main distinction between the two apps though. Unlike Battery Doctor, BatteryDoctorPro has only been released for jailbroken devices. There are some pretty clear reasons for that, since the app incorporates widgets for both NC and SpringBoard. You also get a bunch of toggles to control system actions, just like SBSettings, and there are other similar features that you aren't likely to ever see in an Apple-approved app.Read More

Xion Audio Player Offers Powerful Features & A Winamp-Like, PSD-Skinnable UI

If you remember the early 90s, you can probably recall the craze of large tape recorders people used to carry on their shoulders, and Sony’s Walkman line for more discreet music listening. Then came the PC era and audiophiles turned to finding the best audio player on Windows. Fast forward to 2013, we don’t have to carry any extra gadgets anymore - not even our music collection on computers or smartphones, because it can now be streamed straight from the cloud on our smartphones, thanks to music streaming services like Spotify and Though if you’re an avid music listener who still prefers the old ways of keeping an offline music collection, and are on the lookout for an elegant media player for the purpose, try Xion Audio Player. The compact audio player is designed with many advanced features, and its fully skinnable interface is also something to brag about.Read More

Change UI Accent Color Of iPhone Apps With Emphasize

I know a lot of people who aren’t really into Winterboard themes despite having a jailbroken iDevice. While theming can give your device a completely new look, it does come with a few drawbacks. For one thing, your device’s battery life might be negatively affected if the theme is a bit too flashy, and you also end up losing all the finesse that defines iOS. So, if you don’t have any serious issues with the way things appear in iOS by default, Emphasize might still manage to win you over. The tweak lets you change the color of basic UI elements in iOS. In iOS 6, the status bar changes color to match the current app’s theme. There have also been tweaks like WeatherBar in the past, which are aimed at making your iPhone’s screen appear more interesting and colorful. Emphasize goes one step further, and lets you choose the basic UI color of a third-party or system app. Read More

The Best Apps, Tips & Tweaks Of The Week [04.28.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss a novel way of syncing files between two computers, an app that helps you maintain good posture when using your Mac, three Facebook-related apps and tweaks, and Tumblr’s newly released app for Windows Phone 8, among other excellent apps and tips. Read More

BetterDesktopTool Brings OS X Expose & Spaces-Like Features To Windows

Formerly known as Expose, Mission Control is one of Mac’s most talked about features. It gives a productivity boost to your everyday computer tasks by giving you a bird’s eye view of open windows, letting you easily locate the one you want to access. This feature has been absent from Windows since ever, and chances are that it may not likely make its way to Microsoft’s OS in the near future either. On the bright side, Windows has many third-party tools that replicate, or to some extent even beat, Expose by letting you use and control multiple virtual desktops on one screen. BetterDesktopTool is one such app that provides this facility in a user-friendly design. The application boasts plenty of features and is fairly easy to use.Read More