USB Extension Auto Creates Desktop Shortcuts For Plugged-In USB Drives

USB Extension is a sporty little click-saving application that’s designed to detect a removable device when you connect it to your system, and automatically create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Now you don’t need to go to Windows File Explorer and sift through all the other USB devices, network drives, CD-ROMs or flash cards in order to find the right one. Simply plug in a portable device and click its newly created desktop shortcut to see its contents without having to click or navigate anywhere else. Removing the USB drive automatically removes its shortcut as well.Read More

Schedule Encrypted Backups On Android & Save To Dropbox With truBackup

A timely data backup can save you a lot of hassle. Android users have long been using NANDROID backups to make a ditto copy of their phone’s system and data storage to the device’s internal or external sdcard. These backups prove very useful in case you need to revert back to previous working state of your phone, especially if something goes wrong. However, NANDROID backups don’t let you store separate copies of each category of items, which means you cannot specifically backup or restore only your SMS, photos or applications separately. There are many solutions out there for this, Titanium Backup being the most famous, and truBackup is the latest one that you might like to give a try. This Android app works perfectly as advertised and lets you create as many backups as you want, allowing you to backup only the type of files you want, be it contacts, SMS, apps, or media files. Besides letting you store backups on internal/external storage, the app can save files straight to your Dropbox account as well.Read More

Quickly Scroll To Top Or Bottom In Chrome Using Middle Mouse Button

The keyboard was created so man could navigate computers better. But man soon grew tired of pressing keyboard keys to scroll and created the mouse instead. The mouse soon had two buttons, then three, the latest addition being the scroll wheel. In our quest for laziness, we have seen some pretty neat solutions making quick use of mouse buttons such as MouseControl for Firefox and the feature-laden Mouse Button Control for Windows, but as far as reducing scroll-time is concerned, the Least Effort prize goes to Middle Click Scroll - an ingenious one-click solution for Google Chrome that transports you to the top and bottom of a webpage instantly. Scrolling through those long web pages will never feel like a finger-marathon again.Read More

Official imgur Android App Now Available For Download In All Regions

If you’re a frequent redditor, you've most likely heard of imgur. It’s a simple and fast image hosting service that lets you easily upload and share pictures, with or without an account. imgur has been around for quite a while and has become almost as popular as Reddit (or perhaps made popular by Reddit), but it’s official Android app debuted only last month, and that too with download restrictions based on your country. The restrictions have now been lifted, and you can download the app from any part of the globe. The app is just as fast as its web interface and allows you to upload images from your camera roll without signing in. You get an email and deletion link for any and all images that you upload. You can set a number of days to browse past images from, explore images uploaded to a particular sub-reddit, or simply browse images randomly. Playback of animated GIFs is also supported.Read More

How To Enable, Disable & Use The New Gmail Tabbed Inbox

Gmail is rolling out a tabbed inbox for its users and if your initial reaction to this is panic, then you’ll happy to know that the new interface is opt-in, and should Google decide to make the change permanent for everyone, you don’t have to worry because firstly, it’s just awesome once you start using it and secondly, you'll still be able to choose one of the older views if you want. The new tabs act as filters for the messages already in your inbox. Messages can be moved from one tab to the other, and Gmail can be told to treat all future emails from that address the same way. At present, you’re limited to the tabs that are available by default i.e. you can’t create and name your own tabs, but we’re hoping Gmail will allow users to customize that in the future. Read More

Change Color Set & Get Cycling Wallpapers On Windows 8 Lock Screen

Along with all the other major changes in Windows 8, Microsoft also introduced an all new Lock Screen in its latest OS, and unlike the Start Screen, a lot of good things have been said about it. Besides displaying app notifications, the new lock screen also shows time and date, and lets you apply a wallpaper of your choice. However, it still feels quite primitive when it comes to customization, as it only allows users to change the background at most; you can neither change the time format, nor the display language. Lock Screen Customizer by WinAero is a new Windows 8 application that has come forth to provide a handy solution. It doesn't boast an enormous amount of features, but the ones that it does offer can be pretty useful. Lets dig a bit deeper. Read More

Make Your Own Ringtones With Ease On Windows For Various Devices

Ringtones are serious business; they are the first thing you as well as people around you hear whenever someone calls you. In the past, we have covered many ringtone creator apps for all major desktop and mobile platforms, and AVGO Free Ringtone Maker is another great option for Windows users. The application enables you to convert your favorite audio or video clips into ringtones for all sorts of mobile phones including the iPhone, Android devices, Windows Phone devices and many other smartphones as well as feature phones that are compatible with one of the ringtone formats the app supports. Over a dozen file types are supported for input, among them .mp3, .wav, .flv, .mp4, .mov, DivX, XviD and 3GP. Ringtones can be created individually, or in a batch of as many as you want.Read More

Browse & Watch Free Online TV Channels On iPhone With Universal TV

There are already a number of TV streaming services that offer iOS clients of their own., Ustream and even relatively newer names like Vinson have a presence on the iPhone. You can also enjoy YouTube’s live channels on your smartphone but despite all these choices, one might argue that there is still room for an app that doesn't make it overly complicated for users to find a channel. Universal TV is a Cydia app but while using it, you might easily forget that you didn't download it from the App Store. The interface of Universal TV is pretty neat, and it supports gestures to let users easily switch between channels. The search feature is quite comprehensive as well, and can be used to browse through channels from different regions and categories.Read More

Adobe Kuler For iPhone Lets You Create Color Themes From Images Or Your Surroundings

Some people are tone deaf, others just fail trying to mix, match, contrast, or create color combinations. This might pose a problem for people in everyday life and occasionally, for designers who have hit a wall trying to come up with a good theme. One really easy way to come up with a great color theme is to look at your surroundings for inspiration; anything from a soothing landscape to the floral arrangement on your desk can be instrumental in finding a nice combination of colors to use in your project, and Adobe’s new iOS app Adobe Kuler is is a helpful tool that lets you do just that. The app, which is available for free in the App Store, lets you take pictures and detects the different colors in them to give you a theme. You can either snap an image and extract color themes from it, use an image from your camera roll to do the same, point your camera at anything in the room and have the app pick colors from the input, live, or use the built-in color wheel to create themes from scratch. Adobe Kuler also has a web app that gives you a color wheel for creating themes but doesn't allow you to pick them from an image.Read More

LISTSP Is A Windows Task Manager Alternative With Search & Driver Monitoring

For the vast majority of us, Windows Task Manager provides all the required information regarding currently running processes, programs, services and network components, and gives a lot of flexibly and control over how you can handle these items. Though that doesn't keep third-party alternatives from popping up every now and then, and the latest from the lot that we stumbled upon is LISTSP. I won’t really call it an effective replacement to the built-in Task Manager from Windows 8, but it does have a few nifty features that make it stand on its own, the first and foremost of which is the integrated search function that lets you instantly look for any running process or service.Read More

Flipbeets Is A Region & Topic-Based Magazine-Style News Reader For Web

Filtering out relevant news items from an overflowing feed can sometimes be quite frustrating. If you’re the type who likes to keep things tidy and organized, you could give Flipbeets a shot at assorting your news. Relying on specialists in a dozen countries, this self-described global news aggregator curates news and information articles from some of the most popular sites on the web. Specially designed for fly-by readers, the website features ready-made categories of topics, and makes discovering new content and sharing it on social media a breeze. Precision and concision rhyme well on Flipbeets.Read More

Create Slideshows With Over 172 Transition Effects Using Special Image Player

Presentations and slideshows are widely used in multiple fields, be it academics, professional life or social events. You use them for stage presentations, year-end university projects, business meetings and even sharing your photos, to name a few use case scenarios. If you simply want to view your favorite photos with your family, complete with fascinating slideshow effects, Special Image Player might be just what you’re looking for. We have previously covered quite a few slideshow makers for Windows including Slideshow Creator, DVD Slideshow and ezvid, just to name a few, but Special Image Player's over 172 transition effects clearly make it stand out from the lot. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Toggle Viber Online Status Visibility On iOS Unlimited Times In A Day

A discussion of iOS messenger apps can never be complete unless you mention Viber. The app is truly cross-platform, and is well-known for its great quality voice calls and other features. A testament to Viber's popularity are the tweaks that have come out in the past to make the app even better. Previously we covered Quick Reply for Viber, which allows users to reply to messages without actually launching the app, thanks to the power of interactive notifications. Such tweaks are great if you just want to make the existing app fancier, but there is one problem with Viber that needs to be fixed before thinking about adding new features. A bit annoyingly, Viber doesn't allow its users to change their online status visibility more than once each day, which might seem problematic if you have a lot of Viber contacts that you wish to avoid. Thankfully, the Cydia store finally has a convenient solution for this problem. ViberOnlineStatusUnlimit removes this limitation from Viber for iPhone, letting you change your online status as often as you want.Read More

How To Prevent Mac OS X Spotlight From Indexing A File Or Folder

Hiding files on your Mac is not easy, and Spotlight is the reason why. Without a doubt, OS X has a very smart file indexing feature - a little too smart even, making it really hard to get around it. Hiding or protecting your files in the absence of an efficient encryption tool is a challenge in itself. The problem with encryption tools is that you have to go back & forth between encrypting and decrypting files whenever you need to access or modify them. It’s one area where Windows’ users have it easy. Coming back to Spotlight, the feature is what will most likely help someone find the files you want to hide the most. There is a built-on option to mark files that Spotlight shouldn't index but it isn't as effective as it should be. Here’s a much faster way to get the same results.Read More

Remotely Access Your Mac Files & Move Them To Dropbox With Spotdox

With services like Dropbox, you rarely have to worry about not being able to access an important file because of problems in your USB drive, forgetting to bring the drive along, or forgetting to copy files to it. The problem you might have now is forgetting to move an important file to your Dropbox folder in the first place. After all, if the file never synced to your Dropbox account, you most certainly will not be able to access it from elsewhere. For Mac users, there’s a simple solution: Spotdox. It’s a Mac App available for free to the first 10,000 users (no indication of what it will cost after the limit has expired) that allows you to access files on your Mac from any device that has a browser and active internet connection. You can then move any of those files to your Dropbox folder and access them from Dropbox’s web interface or application.Read More

Popular Language Learning App Duolingo Now Available On Android

Let’s just admit the fact that learning a new language isn’t as easy as it might seem. No matter how hard you try, it takes quite a period of time to become as fluent in a foreign language as you are in your mother tongue. But wait, you don't have to go through unpleasantly rigorous hours of practice to make that happen, especially when there are solutions like web-service-turned mobile app Duolingo. When we reviewed its iOS version back in 2012, it left us fairly impressed by its auspicious teaching lessons that treat each language learning task as a game. As good as it could get, the app is now available on Android and we must say that it was definitely worth the wait. Read on for further details.Read More

Shazam Updated For WP8 With Free Unlimited Tags, Start Screen Tagging, Nokia & Xbox Music Support

Shazam was among the first apps to come to Windows Phone 7, but the mobile team behind the service took a rather lengthy sabbatical after that. Shazam only came to the iPad last week, after years of iPhone-exclusive presence, and today the Windows Phone app for the service has been updated with WP8 compatibility. The update takes full advantage of everything Windows Phone’s latest iteration has to offer, including lock screen access for third-party apps and better live tile support. The app’s own features have gone to the next level of awesomeness as well, with support for both Nokia Music and Xbox Music. The best thing about the revamped app though, is the fact that you can now tag an unlimited number of songs for free, just the way Shazam Encore works!Read More

Get Windows 7-Style CPU, RAM & Disk Stats Gadget In Windows 8

Windows 8 has had a penchant for being irritating, and for most of us, it began right there with the Start screen. But even if you don’t really mind it, you’re sure to have had felt a twinge of disappointment when you realized Windows 8 had no native support for gadgets and widgets; Microsoft retired the Windows Desktop Gadgets in late 2011, and hasn’t given a thought to reinstating them since. But that isn't the end of it. Ever feel like collecting them one by one again? We could start with the Windows 8 CPU Meter!Read More

Twitter Mobile Apps Get Easier Image Sharing, Richer Notifications On Android

Twitter has just released an update for both its iOS and Android apps and it comes with new features, an improved interface, as well as the removal of a few features that many active Twitter users will miss. The interface change, in Twitter’s own words, gives you wider timelines across the app. This interface change is for the iPhone only, and not the iPad. More functional changes to both iOS and Android app include viewing a thumbnail of the image you’re sharing instead of the cropped-out top half only, along with the ability to preview your tweet before sending it, toggle location information on/off for it, and switch between accounts as you compose a tweet. For users running Android 4.1 or above, the updated app also brings richer notifications, complete with user avatars and markers that tell you if it's a reply, a retweet, a DM etc.Read More

Windows Phone Desktop App Gets Auto Updates, Better Podcast Management

While it will be unfair to brand Windows Phone 7 a complete failure, a lot of people ran into problems regarding almost every aspect of the platform. The objections on Mango aren't just about apps and bugs, as the Zune management suite has never been too popular either. Windows Phone 8 is Microsoft’s attempt to right all wrongs that have lead to the downfall of their previous two forays in the mobile arena. The OS itself is pretty decent, and the management tool that comes with it is way better than its predecessor as well. The Windows Phone desktop app has been in beta until now, but hasn't been a cause of many complaints. A few hours ago, the tool just came out of beta, and now flaunts a lot of improvements in performance and features. The update is a must-have for you if you like listening to podcasts, since it handles them much better than before. It is also possible to easily change the source folder for syncing podcasts, thanks to the tool’s improved iTunes compatibility.Read More