How To Stream Songs To Any UPnP/DLNA Receiver Device From Google Music

Ever since Google revealed its $35 Chromecast dongle that lets users stream content from Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and YouTube to their TV by simply plugging their device into it, many third-party developers have taken on the task of making it possible to stream content from many more sources to it. That said, some developers have also looked into hacking the Chromecast software support in the aforementioned apps to make them stream their media to devices other than the Chromecast itself. Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic is one such free app that lets you stream music from Google Play Music to any UPnP/DLNA device by simply using its Chromecast streaming feature.Read More

Collagerator Helps You Make Great-Looking Collages With Minimal Effort

A photo collage is one of the most beautiful ways of sharing photos with your friends and family. Previously, we've covered a plethora of collage creators for all mobile and desktop platforms and today, we're bring you yet another such great piece of software for Windows and Mac OS X called Collagerator (an assemblage of the words Collage and Creator). The application is not only free, but also pretty awesome at letting you create fascinating collages in no time. It even includes support for retina display and contains templates designed for retina screens.Read More

Easily Hide Your Sensitive Files In A Password-Protected Hidden Folder With Sneaksy

Personal privacy is considered one of the basic human rights, and has been an important concern in pretty much every walk of life. Whether you are sharing a computer or are concerned about people who occasionally have access to your machine, you may want to store your sensitive information in a safe place so nobody can mess with it. If you're looking for a freeware solution for Windows that can help you easily hide such data from prying eyes and don't want to have to deal with complex encryption methods, Sneaksy might be something you're looking for. There can be numerous situations where this little software can prove to be really handy. For instance, you can use it to hide your username and password lists, your financial information and the like from anyone who uses your computer. More details about usage of the app right after the jump!Read More

How To Post Playable Animated GIFs To Facebook Using GIPHY

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which makes moving pictures worth millions of words, doesn’t it? That’s why GIF files have been immensely popular over the internet, as they allow us to express our views and emotions in an animated way when a still picture just wouldn’t do, and a whole video would be overkill. While the blogosphere, forums and image boards are exploding with these animations, Facebook hasn’t been too kind to them, as the world’s largest social network doesn’t allow users to post animated GIFs to its timeline. No, Facebook hasn’t started to offer that option and you still can’t post your own GIFs to it, but there is now a way of posting GIFs from GIPHY’s collection to the social network in a playable format. Let’s find out how after the jump.Read More

Aviate Is A Google Now-Like Intelligent, Context-Aware Launcher For Android [Review]

The Android app ecosystem is undoubtedly the biggest among all computing platforms today, and we daily test dozens of apps to bring you some of the best among them. That said, it’s not very often that we come across one that just leaves us absolutely spellbound at just how intelligently useful it is. Aviate – despite being in closed, invite-only alpha stage right now – is a perfect example of this. What’s even more surprising is that this isn’t just a regular app, but a launcher instead, and yet instead of merely letting you add widgets to your home screen and launch apps from it yourself, it aims to act like a virtual assistant of sorts as well, presenting you with the right information at the right time when you need it. Its context-sensitive approach of showing you relevant information at the right time without you asking for it makes it closely resemble Google Now, which it resembles in aesthetics as well. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent new launcher right after the jump.Read More

Selectively Reopen Closed Chrome Tabs Beyond Default Limit Of 10

Google Chrome is known not only for being simple, fast and lightweight, and supporting the latest web standards, but also for its several decent features that come built-in, such as letting you easily restore or reopen recently closed tabs. If you are one of those people who work with many tabs open, you would likely be aware of the importance of the tab restore feature. For instance, sometimes when you accidently close one or more tabs the restore function allows you to get back up to 10 of your last closed browser tabs with ease. Although very useful, this option is quite unintuitive for a couple of reasons. Not only are you limited to 10 tabs max for restoration, but you also don't get any option to open a specific tab from the recently closed ones without having to go through them in chronological order. Closed Tabs is a small extension for Chrome designed to take care of these limitations.Read More

Shifu For Android Tracks You & Intelligently Suggests Relevant Tasks

The most productive people and groups always keep track of their due tasks in order to complete them efficiently and in time. In this digital age, we are fortunate enough to have many options for desktop, web and mobile platforms that can assist us with our task lists. Using task management apps, you can easily organize your tasks, access your to-do lists, and keep track of your daily productivity. Shifu: To Do & Task Manager for Android might sound like just another app in this genre, but it adds some creativity to the mix. It acts as your sidekick and tries its best to remind you of your most important tasks that you've set it to monitor. Unlike many other task managers where you simply put a reminder and get notified later on, Shifu is context-based and automated, making it much more intelligent.Read More

How To Buffer Full YouTube Videos Before Playing

Unless you have always been using YouTube on a high-speed T2 or T3 broadband internet connection, you surely must have noticed how the YouTube streaming experience has deteriorated over the years. A few years ago when I had a terrible 256K 'Broadband' connection, I had to leave a YouTube tab open for about half the total viewing time of the video before I could start playing it smoothly till the end. Now when I have a better connection speeds, YouTube decides to switch to 'Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP' (DASH); it is purportedly better for faster connections, but on relatively slower ones like mine, it seems like a step backwards! Recently, we came across a browser extension called YouTube Center that lets you mitigate at least one of the issues I have - and I know you have, too - with the world's most popular video streaming website. Read More

TinyDO Is A Neat, Gesture-Based Reminder App For Windows Phone

Windows Phone doesn’t have any shortage of to-do list apps, and even big names like Indigo grace the WP Store with their presence. Having said that, many of he truly unique apps belonging to this genre are yet to arrive on the platform. In the recent past, no reminder app has gained more popularity than Clear for iOS. The thing that makes Clear such a success is its ability to perform almost all of its tasks through gestures. This is exactly why TinyDO for Windows Phone might prove to be a hit with users. The app comes with a host of gestures, along with some additional useful features like voice commands and the ability to organize playlists into multiple folders. You can also make the app place upcoming tasks on the lock screen.Read More

Instapaper On The Web Gets Major UI Redesign; Should Pocket Users Shift?

A few months ago, Marco Arment sold his breakthrough iOS, Android, and web-based read-it-later service 'Instapaper' to Betaworks, Inc. - parent company of other properties like Digg, bitly, and Dots - after he very publicly announced that he just could not maintain it any longer. Betaworks promised to improve and extend Instapaper, and they've already started delivering. Earlier today, the company announced a completely redesigned Instapaper Web experience consistent with their excellent mobile apps. Read More

How To Dual-Boot TouchWiz & Any AOSP ROM On Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One have a lot in common. Both these devices represent the very best in terms of both hardware and software that the Android smartphone industry has to offer, and are the pride of their manufacturers. Also, both these devices come in two variants: the standard version running the respective manufacturer’s tweaked OS (Samsung’s Touchwiz and HTC Sense), and the Google Play editions that run stock Android the way it’s built by Google and shipped on Nexus devices. Though what if a user wants to experience both variants of the OS on the same device? We recently took a look at dual-booting HTC Sense and Google Play Edition stock Android on HTC One using MoDaCo.SWITCH, which was later made available for Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. Grarak’s Rom Switcher is a similar tool that let's you dual-boot TouchWiz and any AOSP-based ROM on the S4. Read More

Easily Create GO Launcher EX Themes Right On Your Android Device

The excellent theme support of GO Launcher EX has always received a lot of praise by its users, but there has never been a newbie-friendly way of creating your own themes for the launcher. All of that has changed now, with the release of GO Launcher Theme Maker. As the name of the app suggests, it lets users make a custom theme including including icons, docks, folders, icon size and more. The app also gives you control over colors, transparency, rotation etc. and you can add stickers via pictures or icon packs downloadable through the app, or simply draw an icon by yourself. The possibilities are quite endless and you can end up creating some stunningly original designs. More so, all themes created via this app can be uploaded to a Themes Hub, which means you have access to themes created by other GO Launcher Theme Maker users. Such crowdsourced theming was earlier seen in Buzz Launcher, though GO Launcher Theme Maker employs a rather basic and simple approach. Let's take a closer look at how the app works, right after the jump!Read More

Easily Schedule Windows Apps To Launch Periodically Or At Set Times

The Task Scheduler utility in Windows is an excellent feature of the operating system that allows you to schedule programs, processes and services for automatic execution at a custom time. It can come really handy to trigger tasks on your computer when you’re not around, such as shut it down at night, or defragment its hard drive on certain days. While Task Scheduler is quite powerful and lets you schedule numerous different actions, most novice users get confused when it comes to using it. If you are also skeptical of your abilities to use Windows Task Scheduler, or any other complex scheduling tool for that matter, it'll be a better idea to make friends with Freebyte Task Scheduler instead. It’s a useful and very user-friendly Windows application that allows you to start other installed applications automatically, be it periodically or at predefined times. More about its interface, usage and installation right after the jump.Read More

Material For iOS & Android Shows Latest News Based On Your Social Media Activities

Many apps available for smartphones claim to have enough intelligence to sniff out a user’ preferences from different sources, and then come up with content that is bound to be of interest. Quite recently, we covered an app named rabt for iOS, which creates a video collection based on your feedback. Other similar apps learn from your reading habits over time, and then there are a few like that show posts depending upon your activity on different social networks. Material is not very different from, but in our experience, the app looks much neater. Also, Material is great at arranging posts into a variety of topics, and discovers your interests with great precision, too. The fact that the app is available on both iOS and Android simply adds to its overall appeal.Read More

Autodesk Factory Design Comes To The iPad; Lets You Create & Edit Industrial Floor Plans On The Go

Autodesk has long been making apps that let users perform professional-level designing tasks on the go. In the past, we have seen releases like Instructables, Pixlr Express and Autodesk FormIt from the vendor. Most apps from Autodesk set themselves apart from the competition by providing users with designing options that feel almost too good for mobile devices. Autodesk Factory Design is a tool that has been available on the desktop for quite some time now, and has managed to garner a fair amount of appreciation because of the way it handles the creation and editing of equipment designs and building plans. The service has just been released on iPad as well, and the great thing is that the app isn't too different from its desktop counterpart. You can do just about anything on an iPad that is possible on Autodesk Factory Design on your computer.Read More

Get Rid Of Potentially Harmful Cookies From All Major Browsers With MAXA Cookie Manager

Web browser cookies are snoopy little text files that are put on your computer by websites to improve your browsing experience. Although cookies are useful for things like not having to sign in or providing a website with your site-specific preferences each time you visit it, they also raise privacy concerns by tracking your location and browsing habits to present ads (that you may not otherwise like), monitoring (and in some cases storing) your site login information and the like. Sure, you can get rid of them manually as well as by using extensions and various system cleaning tools like CCleaner, blocking all cookies may adversely affect your internet browsing. That’s why using an app like MAXA Cookie Manager to get rid of bad cookies while keeping the good ones can be a great solution.Read More

imo Instant Messenger For Android & iOS Gets Free Video Calling

In the four years since it was released, imo has managed to become a lot more than merely a medium for merging your multiple online messenger accounts. Thanks to the imo apps on Android and iPhone, users can stay in touch with their friends on the go. In recent times, the service has continued improving with the addition of new features and frequent UI changes. The biggest shortcoming of imo, though, has always been lack of video calling support. A few months back, it was announced that imo will get video chat in the near future, and the announcement was soon followed by the rollout of the feature to some alpha testers. Finally, the wait is over, and imo can now be used by all Android and iOS users to make video calls to their friends.Read More

breez Is A Beautiful WP8 Weather App With Interactive Animations

Windows Phone certainly has no shortage of good weather apps. In the past, we have seen the likes of SkyMotion and Bing Weather dazzle users with their neat UI and useful features. While the Bing app has a beautiful live tile, SkyMotion can claim to be the most up-to-date weather app available on the platform. Despite that, breez is a new WP8 app that has shown that there is always room for improvement in even the most crowded categories of the Windows Phone Store. You just have to launch the app once to see why it is unlike other weather apps available for WP8. For one thing, breez is largely gesture-based, and functions almost entirely button-free. The app’s UI is really eye-catching as well, with animations responding to the user’s touch and the tilting of their device.Read More

ActionsNotifier Displays Notification Banners For Different iPhone System Actions

Recently, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of NotifyWifi, which came with the ability to display a notification every time users connected to a WiFi network. There are many reasons that tweak can be useful in your daily routine. On an iPhone, information can get lost at times, because not everything is shown automatically, and the Settings app is the only place where you can see everything about your device with ease. Of course, options like SBSettings can help you in this regard, but that’s still not as convenient as getting a notification every time the state of a setting on your device changes. ActionsNotifier is a new tweak that expands the concept of NotifyWifi to a bunch of other actions. With ActionsNotifier, users get to choose the actions for which they want to get notified, thus ensuring they always know what their device is up to.Read More