Directly Export Or Add Attachments From Cloud In Gmail With Kloudless

During the past few years, cloud storage has becoming increasingly popular among everyone. One of the many benefits it has is that one can easily share a file with many people after uploading it just once to the cloud. Although I personally prefer Dropbox for my cloud storage needs, you can choose from a vast range of other options, each having its own set of features and pricing. But where sharing is the key element of the cloud – other than backup, of course – having an option for the cloud files to be sent directly as email attachments can also be quite useful. Similarly, many of us can use the ability to export our email attachments directly to our cloud storage. A handy service called Kloudless for Google Chrome and Firefox aims to help in this regard by allowing you to integrate multiple cloud storage services in Gmail. Read More

Get An iOS 7-Style Customizable New Tab Page In Google Chrome

iOS is one of the most popular mobile platforms in the world. Apple recently upped the ante with iOS 7 by bringing a drastic aesthetic revamp. Cupertino did a complete renovation from top to bottom, the result of which was positively received by many, and shunned by others. Apart from the aesthetics though, the changes weren't groundbreaking or revolutionary when compared to iOS 6. If you really fancy Apple’s new version of iOS and want to bring something similar to your Google Chrome desktop browser, give iOS 7 Home a shot. It’s a small extension that turns Chrome’s New Tab Page into an iOS 7-esque home screen. Read More

Download Instagram & Vine Content On Rooted Android Via Xposed Modules

If you’ve been an Instagram or Vine user for a while, you must know that frustrating moment when while browsing your feed on the respective service’s mobile app, you came across a video or picture that you wanted to save, but couldn’t do so because of the lack of any such option. We have already covered methods for saving Instagram videos on PC and downloading Vine videos on iPhone, but if you primarily use Android for all your Vine and Instagram browsing and want to be able to download your favorite images and videos right to your device for later viewing or manual sharing, you’re in luck, as long as you have a rooted device. XDA Senior Member MohammadAG has released two Xposed framework titled Vine Downloader and Instagram Downloader that let you easily download content from both these popular video and image sharing networks with ease. Read More

Install Leaked Official Android 4.3 ROM On Samsung Galaxy Note II

With the next version of Android already on the horizon, the latest Samsung devices have been getting Android 4.3 updates pushed out to them lately. Though the previous (yet recent) iterations of these devices aren’t going to be left behind either. That said, as the history of Samsung’s updates go, newer devices get such updates before they are pushed out to older ones, and the same is true for Samsung Galaxy Note II. If you can’t wait for Samsung to officially start pushing the update to your Note II via OTA, we’ve got good news for you. The latest official (TouchWiz) firmware for the the International variant of the device (GT-N7100) based on Android 4.3 ROM and codenamed XXUEMJ5 has been leaked by SamMobile, and you can install it right away. Read More

Meet Flyne, An Offline Android News Reader By The Devs Of Falcon Pro

When the web was still new, keeping a tab on new content around the internet was not as easy as it is nowadays. Then came RSS readers, and everything changed for the better. RSS is a technology that allows you to keep track of your favorite websites and instantly receive updates from them. Google Reader was a popular name in this genre until Google pulled the plug on it. Now that we have all had some time to get the despair out of our way about its closure – and most of us have even settled with some alternatives – new reader apps are still pouring in. Should you have been looking one for Android, try Flyne. Developed by the folks behind Falcon Pro, what makes it different from most other news readers is that it can fetch data to your local storage for offline reading. The app also has a premium version that lets you connect your Feedly and Twitter accounts to it. Read More

Here’s What’s New In Firefox 25

Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular browsers out there, has just been pushed to stable version 25 yesterday for all supported platforms including Windows, Linus, OS X and Android. The new version was available on Mozilla’s FTP servers one day in advance, but now that the release has been made official in the Firefox stable channel, anyone should be easily able to upgrade their existing installations and take advantage of the new features that the update has to offer. Speaking of new features, let’s take a look at what Firefox 25 is bringing to the table. Salient highlights include Web Audio API support, unshared find bar between tabs, preservation of browsing cache, and mixed content blocking for Android. We’ll touch all notable ones one by one. Read More

ShotDrop Auto-Uploads Android Screenshots To Dropbox & Copies The Link To Clipboard

Screenshots can prove to be really useful when you need to show something about what's going on with your smartphone or tablet, or you just want to flaunt your setup at online portals like XDA-Developers or MyColorScreen. In their early days, Android devices required third-party tools for grabbing screenshots but since ICS, you can do it with a quick button combination, for instance Power + Volume Down on Nexus devices (Samsung's Galaxy devices have been using Power + Home for the function since pre-ICS times). But what good are screenshots when you can’t instantly upload them online to share with others? That’s where ShotDrop comes in. The app uses the power of Dropbox to automatically upload screenshots to the cloud the moment they are captured, and also copies their link to your clipboard for easy sharing. Read More

Photo & Video Sharing On Google+ Just Got A Big Boost: Here’s What’s New

Two years later, Google+ is still significantly behind Facebook, but Google is putting every possible effort into making it - at least feature-wise - the best social network on the web. As of yesterday, over 540 million users are active (logged in at least once over the past 30 days), while at least 300 million are actively posting in the "stream", which is a good bump from last year. Yesterday, Google announced a bunch of new photo/video-editing and sharing tools for Google+ that we'll be looking at in more detail after the jump. Read More

Ubuntu Touch 13.10 Saucy Salamander: In-Depth Review & Screenshot Tour

Over the past few years, Android and iOS have pretty much dominated the smartphone arena to the extent that even big names such as Palm (later HP), Microsoft and BlackBerry that were pioneers of the industry have either been driven out, or are having a hard time surviving against these two behemoths. So, in such a scenario, it has become immensely difficult for a new entrant to make much of an impact. However, that hasn’t kept Canonical from venturing into the smartphone market by developing a variant of its popular Ubuntu Linux distribution geared towards phones and tablets. Dubbed Ubuntu Touch, the OS received critical acclaim for its intuitive UI when its preview was released earlier, which we took on a test run in our detailed review of Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview. With the release of Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander for desktop this month, Canonical also made available the first release of Ubuntu Touch. While still not shipping preinstalled on any smartphone and not being 100% ready for everyday use, the build is stable enough to be usable, and is available for the four latest Nexus devices. In what follows, we’ll take a look at the OS in detail, along with screenshots of each one of its features. Read More

Roccat Power Grid Is A Customizable PC Remote Control, Gamepad & System Monitor For Android & iOS

Roccat is a popular name among PC hardware enthusiasts. The Germany-based company is completely focused on developing accessories for computer gamers and keeping a close connection with them as one of their strengths, which enables them to produce high quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets that meet the requirements of their users. The company has built an app by the name of Roccat Power Grid that enables you to manage your PC from Android and iOS. It’s a fully customizable PC remote that lets you create custom controllers to monitor your system and even play games without touching the keyboard or mouse. Read More

Easily Monitor All Incoming & Outgoing Network Connections On Android

The popularity of Android has surged over the past few years, driven by a huge number of excellent devices and apps that have been released lately lifetime. There’s an umpteen number of Android apps designed to help you get your work done in a faster and more efficient manner. On top of that, the vast majority of them are either completely free or work on a freemium model. Network Connections is another handy free tool aimed at network administrators and IT professionals to help them monitor inbound and outbound traffic from and to their Android phone. It tracks all internet connections used by the running services and apps, and let you monitor them via their IP addresses. The app tracks information about each connection including IP address, AS number, Abuse RBL data, PTR etc. and presents it in an easily understandable way. Read More

Remotely Control Multiple Torrent Clients From Android With Transdrone

Controlling torrents on your computer or seedbox from your mobile device may have sounded a bit far-fetched a few years ago, but it can be done pretty easily now, thanks to quite a few mobile apps built for the purpose. These apps give you control of your torrent applications from your phone or tablet so that you can start and stop them remotely, as long as you have access to the internet. Transdroid is a popular open-source app in this genre that offers remote control functionality to manage torrents on a range of popular torrent clients. A new project called Transdrone has recently landed in Google Play Store that allows managing all your torrents from your Android device. The app is built with code from the Transdroid project and thus, it can be configured in a similar fashion. Keep reading for more details. Read More

Block Incoming Connections From Malicious Websites With Bot Revolt Anti-Malware

Computer security is a crucial factor for everyone with an online presence or activities. Most of us use an antivirus program of some sort to get rid of viruses and other malware, and keep our computers protected from them. However, from time to time, a malicious piece of software still manages to get its way through our defensive measures. On the bright side, as these malware are continually evolving, the security experts are fighting back with equally robust, top-notch security solutions. Bot Revolt Anti-Malware, for instance, is a Windows application that provides effective protection against viruses and malware by blocking potentially harmful incoming connections to your PC via the internet. Read More

See Where You Rank In The World Financially With Global Rich List

They say money can't buy happiness but it's more comfortable to be sad in a Mercedes than to be so on the sidewalk. But even if we own all the fancy toys that we want in life, we still can't have it all, as coming across someone who has more than us in this connected age is quite likely even for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. If you have ever wondered what’s your current wealth really worth in comparison to the rest of the world? You might be surprised to learn how high you rank after using Global Rich List – site that compares your wealth and income against all others in the world, and tells you some really interesting facts about your monetary status. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Block Websites & Disable Links To Them In Firefox With Blocksite

If you have young children, you might want to prevent them from accessing websites that contain content not suitable for their viewing. Fortunately, there are a gazillion ways you can employ to hinder access to either specific or all websites with ease. Some people set up filters on their router or network access points to completely block incoming and outgoing traffic to undesired sites. However, if you just want the traffic to be blocked in your web browser and are using Firefox, you can do that using a simple extension called Blocksite by It’s completely free, doesn’t require any complex configuration and just takes a couple of minutes to get the job done. How? Let’s find out after the break. Read More

Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [10.28.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the new features in OS X Mavericks, how to use iCloud Keychain, quickly convert documents to PDF on Windows, the updated Vine app, and an Android app for boosting system performance, among other excellent apps and tips. Read More

How To Get The New iWork For Free On Mac OS X

With the release of OS X Mavericks, Apple have released a much-awaited update to the iWork and the iLife suite, which will be given away for free with the purchase of every new Mac bought on or after October 1, 2013 (and updated to OS X Mavericks) and every iOS 7 device activated on or after September 1, 2013. You are, of course, eligible for a free upgrade if you have ever purchased iWork in the past. However, If you haven't, there is now a way to gain free access to the new iWork for OS X legally. Read More

Cometdocs For Desktop Adds A PDF Converter To Windows Context Menu

A common situation many users face when dealing with digital documents is having to convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, JPEG, TXT etc. Fortunately, there are a bunch of PDF converters out there that can get the job done, though finding the best one can become tedious at times. Back in February, we reviewed a handy online service dubbed Cometdocs that allows you to host any kind of document to the cloud and perform PDF conversion to other formats via its web-based interface. Cometdocs for desktop a standalone tool by the same developer – brings the same conversion features to Windows. The tool makes document conversion a breeze, thanks to its context menu integration. And besides converting PDF to many other formats, it also lets you easily create PDFs out of other files. Details after the jump. Read More

OS X Mavericks: Hands-On With New Features & Changes [Review]

This has been a very busy time of the year for Apple. They have released the next generation of Mac OS X, 10.9 Mavericks, and it is available for free. With an overhaul of iWorks and iLife also announced, the news of the iPad Air and new iPad mini with Retina Display turned this into Apple’s week. We certainly have been waiting for the final, public release of OS X Mavericks for quite some time, and now that we've had a couple days playing around with its new features and changes, let’s get to what we think of the OS. Read More

Auslogics Browser Care Is An All-In-One Maintenance Solution For Chrome, Firefox & IE

If you’re one of those people who install a ton of extensions, add-ons and toolbars on their browsers, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that too many of these can eventually slow down or even crash your web browser and hinder your browsing experience. While many of these extensions and add-ons can be quite useful, unwanted toolbars like the infamous one from Ask toolbar and Babylon usually come bundled with freeware and are unintentionally installed by users. And even besides their shady installation methods, getting rid of such toolbars can be a tedious task. Previously we’ve reviewed a few applications such as Avast Browser Cleanup and Toolbar Cleaner that are designed to rid your system of the aforementioned pesky toolbars. Auslogics Browser Care is yet another great tool that aims to mark its name in this genre by letting you get rid of unwanted add-ons and toolbars, reset your browser home page and search engine, and clean up temporary browser data. Even better, it supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer all in a single package. Read More