5 Best Free Tools To Lock Or Password-Protect Apps On Android

The security of a smartphone is something that should be taken very seriously. Android OS does allow users to add a passcode lock to the lock screen, but many users find it very inconvenient and would rather risk their data getting into the wrong hands than enter the PIN or pattern lock every time. Majority of us use email and other messaging apps on our mobile devices, which contain sensitive data that we wouldn't want others to access. What if you could just password protect specific apps such as Gallery, Messages, etc? The Google Play Store has some decent tools that password protect specific apps so you don't have to lock the entire device. Past the break, we've compiled a list of some of the best apps from this genre.Read More

Beat: Android Music Player With Floating Controls, Dropbox, Google Drive Streaming & More

Being a die hard music fan, I’ve tried a ton of music players on my smartphone. When I got my first Android phone, I immediately downloaded Winamp for the platform and enjoyed its interface as well as various features that made it a great choice. But that didn't stop me from exploring more options in Play Store, and recently when I came across Beat, I couldn't help trying it out. It’s a fantastic music player that lets you listen to songs that are saved locally, or placed on your Dropbox or Google Drive. Besides that, it has many great features such a powerful software equalizer and floating controls to navigate the player from anywhere in Android.Read More

SPOTS Is A Chrome New Tab Page & Android Quick-Launch Panel With Synced Speed Dial, Calls & Texts

Tired of Chrome’s default home page? How about replacing it with one that not only gives you endless customization options, but also lets you sync it with your Android device and make information from your phone or tablet accessible right in your Chrome browser on desktop? SPOTS is an interesting duo of a Chrome New Tab page and an Android app that syncs across the two platforms. It turns the Chrome New Tab into a much more entertaining and feature-loaded window, displaying speed dials for your frequently accessed and favorite websites, access to flash-based online games and popular web services like Spotify, Twitter, 9GAG, YouTube, Hulu and more, view your Android texts and phone calls on your PC and even reply to messages. The Android app itself, which is essentially a quick launch panel that can accessed from anywhere in the OS, syncs with the extension to keep your personalized services accessible on your device as well.Read More

Get Google Chrome-Like On-Page Translation In Firefox

If you are Google Chrome user, you're likely aware that it comes with a default translation feature that automatically prompts you to translate a page when it detects you are on website not in the language set as default in your web browser. It’s a really neat feature that can prove extremely useful if you often visit foreign sites. Firefox, however, doesn't come with such a feature by default. However, there are several add-ons available for Mozilla's browser that you can use to easily translate foreign text to your own language without having to manually copy and paste the text into Google Translate or some other translation service. S3.Google Translator is one such extension that does the job perfectly, though the translation has to be initiated manually by you the first time you visit a foreign page.Read More

8 Free Mobile Apps To Find The Best Black Friday Deals

It’s that time of the year again, when the air is full of joy and thankfulness not just for the break from work that we’re getting, but also for the gifts of life. For avid shoppers, however, this time of the year marks another significant event – Black Friday. All the holiday sales are upon us, and if you live for the hunt to find the perfect deal, we’re here to help. What follows is a list – in no particular order – of some of the best (and unique) apps for iOS and Android that ease the Black Friday deal finding fiasco for you, allowing you to score the perfect bargain on your craved items. Read More

Get A True Download Manager In Chrome With Filters, Alerts & More

There’s no doubting Google Chrome’s success; it has come a long way to become the most widely used web browser in the world. There are areas where the browser itself is lacking, but for pretty much everything missing, there's an extension that does the job. If you aren't satisfied with the default download manager that comes with Google Chrome, you can easily integrate third-party download manager. Most download managers, however, are available as desktop apps, and integrate themselves in to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular web browsers via a plugin of sort. Fruumo Download Manager, on the other hand, is an extension that lets you manage and control all your downloads within Chrome without the need for any external download manager. Previously, we've covered Fruumo's other handy extensions such as a Tab Manager and Fruumo Notifier, both of which were fairly awesome, and their download manager is equally impressive.Read More

SidePlayer Offers Edge-Activated, Global Music Playback Controls On Android

One of the benefits of having multitasking support on smartphones is the ability to listen to music while browsing the web or using pretty much any other app. While most music players available for Android come with playback controls in the notification shade for pausing or resuming playback and skipping songs quickly without having to open the music player app itself, you still have to swipe down from the top edge, which can get a bit inconvenient when using a large device with a single hand. Also, you don't just get to see the controls this way, but also the clutter of any other notifications that may be there. Another issue with these controls is that the notification bar isn't available when you're running a full-screen app. With SidePlayer, this problem will be a thing of the past. It's is an Android app that brings up a minuscule side panel for music playback control, which you can reveal via simple edge gestures over any running app. The app carries a ton of features (although most of them are part of the paid version) and supports many popular music players. It’s also quite customizable, letting you select among different skins that fits your needs. Details after the jump!Read More

Save Contact Details From Websites To Google, Outlook & More In Chrome With Evercontact

Among the countless experiences that have been vastly improved due to cloud computing, contact management is an area that still has a lot of room for further improvement. While we no longer have to worry about keeping all our contacts information saved in our locally stored address books, thanks to cloud contacts storage and syncing services offered by the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft and more on their respective services platforms, adding contacts to those services in the first place is still pretty much a manual process. What if there was an easy way to directly add contacts to your Gmail, Evernote or Salesforce account, or even save it locally for importing into any contact management software, right from LinkedIn, social media, personal websites or pretty much any online profile? Evercontact is a handy Chrome extension created for this very purpose, and it works like a charm! Let’s see it in action after the jump.Read More

Volafile.io Is An Anonymous File Sharing Service Built Around Chat Rooms

The Internet has made it possible to be able to share anything we want with anyone we want, thanks to the plenty of file sharing services around. But the problem with many such tools is that they don't let you share files anonymously. Services like Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive are deemed among the top cloud storage and sharing solutions, but they require you to create accounts with them first. So, if privacy is your utmost concern and you want to be able to anonymously share files without having to create a user account, try Volafile.io. It’s a very user-friendly service that lets you send files to others in real-time using what Volafile refers to as ‘Rooms’, which are basically chat rooms that allow groups of users to collaboratively upload and download files.Read More

Official MEGA App For iOS Now Available For Download

After the sudden demise of popular file sharing MegaUpload, Kim Dotcom re-entered the market with an all new modern cloud storage service called MEGA. Its redeeming feature - other than the generous 50GB of free space - is how it encrypts all your data so MEGA or anyone in between cannot access your files. I'm not too fond of the service since it has to be primarily used through a web browser, but they are slowly but surely coming up with native apps that make it a good alternative to its rather heavy competition. Read More

Genymotion Is A Fast, VirtualBox-Based Android Emulator For Windows, Mac & Linux

If you are into development for a particular OS, or just want to test it out without a dedicated device, running it in an emulator on your development or everyday use computer can be very useful. When it comes to emulating Android on a PC, there a bunch of options available, including the official Android emulator that comes with the Android SDK for developers, as well as the popular Bluestacks App Player that is more focused on letting end users run Android apps on their PC. Though the SDK's emulator is known for being very slow, while Bluestacks is feature-limited for development scenarios. If you are looking for a much faster full-featured emulation of Android on your computer, your search just might be over with Genymotion. Pronouned Genie+Motion, this new player in the game works by creating a virtual machine through VirtualBox to deliver a marvelous real-time emulation of Android on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC, complete with ADB access and support for various hardware sensors. It works so well, you'll wish you had a touch screen for a monitor. Wanna explore it further? Let's get started. Read More

Remotely Stream Music Between PC, Mac, Mobile & TV With OnAir Player

Not many years ago, listening to music was an expensive hobby. You’d have to buy an expensive CD or DVD player, and then keep your music collection on tape cassettes or optical discs at hand in order to play your favorite tunes. Then came the iPod era, and changed the scenario forever. Apple's popular portable music player and other similar devices allowed you to store a lot of songs and carry them around on the internal storage of the device for listening on the go. And now with the cloud and high-speed mobile internet access, anyone can stream music for free directly from the cloud using services like Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and many, many more. However, if you don’t like to rely on the cloud, yet want to stream your entire music library between mobile and PC, then OnAir Player is your best shot. It’s a music player that gives you remote streaming access to all the music files on your PC, Mac, tablet and phone.Read More

Google Voice Search Hotword Adds “Ok Google” Command Support To Chrome

If you're even a little bit into tech, chances are that you are already aware of the "Ok Google" hotword support found in Moto X, Google Glass (albeit a bit altered to "Ok Glass") and now the company’s own latest handset, the Nexus 5. The feature, which lets you trigger voice commands from anywhere on the home screen or in the search app, is now landing on to the desktop as Google Voice Search Hotword Chrome extension. That’s right, no more clicking the search bar and typing with your keyboard; you can now simply speak to Google’s search engine after triggering voice search by saying "Ok Google".Read More

F-Secure KEY Is A Secure Password Manager For Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Password managers provide a secure solution for keeping your user account info accessible to you, yet out of plain sight and safe from unauthorized access by others. There are a ton of such applications out there that are capable of making password management a breeze, with LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass and 1Password being among the popular choices. Antivirus and online security software maker F-Secure has now also launched its own password manager dubbed F-Secure KEY for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Working in a similar fashion as the other aforementioned tools, KEY lets you generate secure passwords and secure your existing user accounts by keying them all to one master password. Passwords can also be synced between devices, and are automatically filled out in login fields to make logging into websites a breeze.Read More

Backtick Is An Impressive Bookmarklets & Scripts Console For Chrome

It’s one of the universal facts that power users are keyboard junkies, just the way the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. And being so, we can end up accomplishing an entire task using our keyboard while our casual user friends are looking for and launching the tools required for the purpose, with their mouse. For this reason, whenever there’s a new command line tool that we come across, it feels almost like discovering a new element! And when the tool in question is as useful and powerful as Backtick, the excitement increases tenfold. This handy little Chrome extension lets you fire up a command console in your browser window by hitting the backtick (`) key, and use it to perform several actions on the current page using built-in scripts and bookmarklets, that would otherwise require you to use multiple extensions or bookmarklets and click them each time. Even better, it is an open-source project, and you can even create your own scripts in addition to using the built-in ones.Read More

Set A Custom Boot Logo For Windows 8 Or 8.1 With 8oot Logo Changer

When you boot your Windows computer, the first thing you see after the POST (the initial power-on self test) is the Boot Screen carrying a Windows logo at the center. This is a process during which Windows is loading the required system files to get the OS up and running. Swapping this boot logo with a custom image of your choice isn't a new concept, and there have been tons of tools available for the purpose for pretty much every version of Windows so far. However, most of these existing tools don’t yet support Windows 8 and 8.1. Fortunately, there’s now a new tool called 8oot Logo Changer that can replace the default boot logo of both these versions of Windows quickly and easily.Read More

Easily Download APKs Of Free Android Apps From Play Store With APK Downloader

Google Play Store allows you to install any app to your Android device by clicking the ‘Install’ button located on the app’s web-based Play Store page. But if you want to download it to your PC as an APK file, you’re out of luck because Google does not (and may never) offer such a feature officially. A while ago, we covered a Chrome extension that allowed you to download APKs to your computer from Android Market. However, that extension doesn't work anymore with the Play Store. On the flip side, we now have an even simpler solution in the form of APK Downloader, a new web-based service that enables downloading APK from the Play Store directly to your PC. For anyone who wants to grab APKs of free apps not available in their region or for the devices that they have configured with their Google account, this is a breath of fresh air as it eliminates the frustration of searching the web for those APK files.Read More

Desktop VLocker Is A Portable, Password-Protected Lock Screen For Windows

If your computer is placed in an area where other people may have easy access to it while it’s up and running, then you should consider setting up a password to lock it down when you’re not around. Fortunately, Windows allows you to easily lock your screen to prevent unauthorized access by using a username and password, but if it's a shared computer without a password-protected account configured for you, other users of the computer can easily unlock it. If you are looking for a third-party tool for the purpose, try Desktop VLocker. It’s a portable app that lets you quickly lock your screen on the go with a password of your choice that doesn't have to be the password of that computer, by simply placing the app on your USB flash drive. It’s user-friendly, lightweight and sports a decent UI, and also offers you a way to customize the lock screen background.Read More