How To Stop Windows 10 Randomly Waking From Sleep

Windows 10 is plagued by the oddest of bugs. One recurring problem that many users face is when they put their systems to sleep. The system will seemingly wake up at random times. It might stay awake or return shortly to its sleep state without any reason for it coming out of it. Turns out, there might be a legit reason it's happening; you're allowing it to (though perhaps you don't know it). Windows has for a long time, at least as far back as Windows 7, allowed 'wake timers' to wake up your system from sleep. By default, they are disabled but Windows 10 might have enabled them for particular power plans, hence your system is waking up for no apparent reason. Here's how to turn it off.Read More

How To Play Local Audio Files Over Chromecast [Android]

Android 6.0 has built-in support for the Chromecast making it easy to play videos and show photos from your device on your TV or monitor. The built-in support even lets you cast your Android screen to your TV without needing to install any additional apps, and without you having to purchase a smart TV to do it. That said, there isn't any support for Chromecast as far as the default music player is concerned meaning you can't stream your audio to your TV. If you use services like Pandora and Spotify, their apps might have built-in support for casting audio. If however, you have music files stored on your device's storage that you want to cast, the default music player cannot cast them to your TV. If you're looking for an app that does cast local audio files, Rocket Music Player is the answer.Read More

How To Clear The Google Play Store Cache In Android 6.0

The Google Play store is prone to generating odd sorts of errors. Sometimes it will fail to connect with the right service while other times it might fail to download, install, or update an app. The errors come and go on their own and for some users, the only thing they can do is wait for it to fix itself. That said, a lot of the errors that Google Play Store encounters can be mitigated by clearing the app's cache which is simple enough to do unless you're using Android 6.0. In prior versions of Android, resetting and clearing the data and cache of an app was obvious. All you had to do was go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications, tap on the Google Play store and tap the 'Clear Cache' and 'Clear Data' buttons. In Android 6.0, these buttons aren't there any more and the process is now slightly different.Read More

What Is The Difference Between Portable & Installable Apps?

When downloading apps, you might have been presented with the option to download the install or portable version of the same app. If it's the first time you're hearing of apps being 'portable' you might wonder if there's a catch to it. You might also question why all apps aren't developed to be portable since it is very obviously possible. We're addressing the pros and cons of using a portable vs. installable version of the same app and why some apps simply do not have a portable version when others do.Read More

Disable The Adobe Reader Splash Screen & Go Straight To Your File

Adobe's applications, Reader, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc., all have a splash or start-up screen. With heavier apps like Illustrator and Photoshop, the splash screens serve as a reassurance that the app has launched and is readying for use. Often, if you've opened a file with either of these two apps, the splash screen remains visible while the file and app loads. With Adobe Reader, the splash screen has little role to play especially if you're using the app to open a local PDF file. PDF files may be large in size but they aren't really considered 'heavy' files like PSDs are. If you find the splash screen that Adobe Reader shows to be pointless, you can easily disable it.Read More

Check If A Movie Is Appropriate For Family Viewing Or Not

Movies that are meant for the entire family are labelled and marketed as such. Most family movies will feature a family in them, have a serious lack of on-screen deaths, little to no blood, definitely no strong language, and no nudity or explicit scenes. They're limited in their story and scope and come off as recycled story lines but watching anything else with the family is a risk. You never know when a spatter of blood, an unexpected decapitation, or a bit too much skin will upset someone. CringeMDB is a little web app that tells you if a movie that isn't explicitly aimed towards families is okay to watch with your entire family. The app works for movies released between 1995 and 2015.Read More

How To Cast Your Desktop Audio To Chromecast

Windows 10 has native support for the Chromecast and it's terrible. More often than not, the OS simply fails to find the Chromecast device even though apps and browser extensions installed on the system can find it just fine. If you're using any version of Windows that isn't Windows 10, you have to rely on your audio or video app of choice to support Chromecast. Audio Caster is a free app available for both Windows and OS X that lets you cast all audio from your computer to your Chromecast. You need only launch the app and select your device to begin casting the audio.Read More

Quick Tip: Hold Down The Alt Key To Copy Words In Hyperlink

We've all at one time or the other needed to copy hyperlinked text. It ought to be easy to do but it turns into a dance we do with our cursor and browser trying to trick the two into letting us select the text. It's definitely do-able but with a lot of trial and error. Often, we simply end up copying more text than we intend to. With complex websites it gets trickier because we often end up copying the text in columns, and its various UI elements. There is however, an exponentially easy way to simply copy the text that is linked to a different location. Here's how.Read More

25 Useful Tips All Windows 10 Users Should Know About

2015 was a great year for anyone awaiting the arrival of Windows 10. Windows 10 promised to cure everything wrong with Windows 8 and it didn't disappoint us. We covered the new operating system extensively with posts on how to deal with the little bugs that plague it, and hacks for getting it to work better and more to your liking. Windows 10 had a lot for us to explore so here's a list of the 25  best Windows 10 tips and tricks we covered in 2015.Read More

How To Set Time Limit For Local Accounts In Windows 10

Parental controls in Windows 10 have changed so that they are tied to your Microsoft account. QUite a few features in the new operating system are dependant on a Microsoft account. You can use a local account on your computer but by doing so you lose out on some features, parental controls being one of them. At present, if you want to use parental controls, you need to connect your Microsoft account to the main administrator account and then add child accounts to it. If you'd rather use a local account, setting restrictions can be tricky. There is no GUI to add them but you can use the command line instead. Here's how to set up log in time restrictions for local accounts on Windows 10.Read More

How To Add A Full Page Background To An MS Word Document

If you ever wanted to print out an MS Word document on a colored page, you would likely just type the document out on a plain white background and insert a colored page in the printer when you print it. The same can't be said if you want to add an image to the background of a page. There's the watermark option to make do with but if you're interested in adding a full page background image to a document and have it tile properly if needed, there's a built-in feature to do just that.Read More

How To Queue YouTube Videos To Play On Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast connected to the same network as your computer, the player on YouTube will show a cast button so you can easily cast the video to your TV. YouTube on the web, and the YouTube apps connect very intelligently with Chromecast and they go so far as to allow you to queue up videos to watch. Once you've cast one video to your TV, you are free to browse YouTube and queue more videos that you find interesting to play. Here's how.Read More

How To Create Folders Inside The Photos App [iOS]

We've long been able to create albums in the Photos app in iOS. With iOS 9, the albums automatically generated now include one for screenshots and one for selfies. The screenshot album is accurate however the selfies album treats any and all photos taken with the front facing camera as selfies so it does get them wrong some time. What not many people might know (and I include myself among those people) is that as of iOS 8.3, you can also create folders inside the Photos app in addition to creating albums in it. Here's how.Read More

How To Properly Crop Pictures Inside An MS Word Document

Managing pictures inside an MS Word document has always been tricky. Simply moving an image is enough to upset the setting of an entire document. MS Word has lots of great pictures editing features one of which is the Crop feature. As the name signifies, this feature lets you cut out a portion of your pictures and it seems simple enough to use on the surface. If you have used it though, you know that the crop feature will not delete the cropped out portion of the picture. To do so, you need to perform one extra step.Read More

How To Stream Photos And Videos From Your iPhone To The Chromecast

For anyone that owns an Android phone and has just bought a Chromecast device, casting to it is easy and you don't even need to install the Chromecast app. For anyone with an iPhone or an iPad, things are trickier. Unlike Android, iOS doesn't support Chromecast natively and no matter what it is you want to send to Chromecast, you will need an app to do it. Take something as simple as casting your photos and videos via Chromecast. To do so you will have to look for an app. Most apps that cast to Chromecast are either choked full of ads, or are paid with Photo Video Cast for Chromecast being the exception. The app is free and lets you stream unlimited videos (and photos) to Chromecast. It adds a watermark at the bottom right of your screen but it isn't too imposing.Read More

Delete Photos From Your Camera Roll By Swiping Left Tinder-Style [iOS]

Smartphones have made it incredibly easy to take photos. It's so easy to take photos that we end up taking hundreds of them and just about everything is photo-worthy. It's only when space on our devices starts to run out that we sit down to delete them and at that point, it becomes a task in itself. Meet PhotoTrash, an iOS app worth $0.99 in the app store that lets you delete photos by swiping left. The app uses Tinder-style gestures to review and delete photos. It's a brilliant app that will let you favorite photos, keep the ones you like, and remove the ones you no longer want.Read More

How To Load External Subtitles When Playing A Movie On Chromecast

VLC player has yet to add support for Chromecast. VLC player can play just about any sort of file and it has some great features that are otherwise lacking in the default media players that come with our operating systems. People use it over their default players simply because it is so amazing and the lack of support for the Chromecast is a problem. One awesome VLC feature is the ability to load external subtitles. Windows Media Player simply won't let you do this and with VLC not yet supporting Chromecast, we don't have that many options in terms of media players that will do this for us. That doesn't mean we have no options though. Here are two ways to stream a video/movie to the Chromecast and load external subtitles from your Mac or PC.Read More

Block What Your Friends Like & See Only What They Share In Your Facebook Newsfeed

Your Facebook feed is comprised of two types activities; likes and shares. Every friend and every page that you follow can click the 'Like' button under a post and when they do, it appears as their activity in your Newsfeed. Similarly, pages and people can share links, photos, and videos and they too will appear in your Newsfeed. The difference between the two is that anything a friend or a page that you follow shares is likely very relevant for you. The likes, not so much. You don't need to know if a friend of yours liked a shruggie for cats and what you're exclusively interested in is what they share. Friends Feed is an extension available for both Chrome and Safari that hides 'Likes' by both your friends and pages you follow, leaving only what they share to appear in your feed.Read More

Use The Home Depot & Walmart Apps To Find Which Aisle An Item Is In

A single trip to Home Depot can take hours. The stores are large and you can literally find anything and everything there provided you're willing to invest the time in finding them. The staff is of course always there to help; they'll point you in the right direction, guide you on what tools and material you might need for a project, and more. That said, if you're going in knowing what it is you intend to buy and fully aware of your needs, the only help you might need is in locating the item you want to purchase. Home Depot and Walmart both have apps for the iOS and Android platform. These apps can guide you to which aisle an item is located in so you can find it easily with just a simple in-app search.Read More

Block Star Wars Spoilers And Browse The Web Safely In Firefox

It's amazing the lengths people are going to in order to prevent the new Star Wars movie from being spoiled. The lengths people are going to in order to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it are pretty impressive too and it's more or less the dark side versus the light side. If you're putting watching the movie off until the lines grow smaller at theaters, or you just can't make a show that isn't on the weekend, you're likely treading very carefully on the internet. Spoiler Jedi is a Firefox add-on built to aid you in keeping the movie a surprise. Once installed, it analyzes the words used on a web page and lets you know if it might contain spoilers or not.Read More