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Google Play Store may be getting new Android apps at a rate of knots, but there are enough alternative app discovery and exploration solutions out there to help you find exactly what you need. Just to mention a few of the previously-reviewed options in this regard, we have AndroidZoom and AppGenius, both handy alternatives to the Play Store app itself. AppDJ provides an easy way to explore the Play Store repository, whereas the likes of AppAware add a touch of social interaction to the concept. Appzlist, the latest entrant to the list of Android app discovery tools, lets you enjoy some of the best features of the aforementioned names from under one hood. Appzlist sports a sleek UI, a rich set of app filters, smart search suggestions and the ability to fetch content from user-specified categories. Not just that; Appzlist offers arguably the easiest way to keep a close tab on the recent price changes in the market, helping you get great discounts on your favorite Android apps and games.

Like any quality Play Store alternative, Appzlist displays adequate information about each featured app. Alongside every app title, you’ll see its details & description, star ratings, user reviews, number of downloads, price, screenshots, video intros and the Play Store link. You can add mark apps as favorites, and share them with your friends.

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A couple of tutorial screens at launch help you get a grip on the app’s various features. The screen that follows lists all the recent and top-rated apps to have hit the Play Store. Swiping towards the left from this screen, you can check other relatively old apps, whereas swiping vertically, you get to see apps in terms of their respective star ratings.

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In order to refine the content displayed on the main screen according to your preferred categories, hit the button at the bottom-left, and chose the required genres for apps and games and specify related tags. For example, you may set the app to just display business apps and sports games.

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Once you’ve specified your choice of filters, you can use the toggle at the top to view Free, Paid or All apps. Even for the apps falling under the Sales category, you have the option to pick only the Popular ones, or those with the biggest price deviations. The app’s home screen widget keeps you apprised of the recent price changes of apps specified by you.

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Although the app has support for notifications, we weren’t able to determine what they’re for exactly. It could be anything ranging from alerts about addition of new apps to the Play Store to reminders for whenever your bookmarked paid apps get a price discount.

Appzlist is ad-supported and available for free on the Google Play Store.

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