After The Deadline Plugin For Windows Live Writer Corrects Grammar Mistakes

Windows Live Writer comes with a default spellchecker which is quite helpful for identifying typos. However, one thing that Windows Live Writer lacks is the ability to correct grammatical mistakes. Such mistakes are not always caused by lack of knowledge about the English grammar but can often be the result of typos which might not fall in the realm of spelling mistakes. For instance, you can easily swap the word “weather” with “whether” or “an” with “a” due to concentration lapses and common typing mistakes. While these words are not spelling mistakes, such errors however, can result in horrible grammatical mistakes. A solution to this problem is now available with an open source plugin called Grammar Checker Plugin.Read More

Moderate WordPress Blog Comments From Desktop

Webmasters who use Wordpress on the backend to run their blog often have to face a daunting task: Moderating Comments. With millions of self-hosted Wordpress blogs and billions of spam messages that are posted as comments, a need arises to make it easier to moderate the comments without having to refresh the dashboard every few minutes.

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Create, Edit, & Generate Robots.txt Sitemap

Most of the time we want our website/blog content to be indexed by the search engines to gain more reputation over the Internet. But in some cases we don't want our content to be indexed or want only a specific portion to be indexed. If you have been griping about your personal content (Personal images folder, admin folder, or folder like cgi-bin) getting indexed, here is the solution.Read More

Faster Google Analytics Code

After Google announced Public DNS to speed up URL resolve time, Google Analytics rolled out a new tracking technology called Asynchronous Tracking. There are reports from webmasters that Google Analytics tracking code can sometimes stop responding and slow down the overall load time of the website.Read More

Create A Widget For Blogger’s Blog With Widgetbox

Are you familiar with the Widgetbox? It's the leading online resource to find and create widgets for your blogs and websites. Flickr, Twitter, Hulu, Youtube and many others are among the most renowned widgets that are offered by Widgetbox. This time in the honor of Blogger's 10th birthday, widgetbox has announced partnership with Blogger that will allow anyone who has a blog on blogger to quickly create a widget of his blog.Read More

Finally, Blogger Introduces “Read More” Feature

Blogger has been busy announcing new features as part of Blogger 10th Birthday. This time Blogger has announced the most waited features of all, the "Read more"  link. "Read more" link on the index page was missing since its beginning and bloggers, for years, have been implementing jump break themselves by manually editing their HTML code which was complicated and error prone.Today Blogger proudly announces the Jump Breaks.Read More

Is Your WordPress Up-To-Date? No? Then Do It Now!

We usually don’t post much about Wordpress but we have a whole category related to Blogging where we can sometime review interesting plugins and news. Today’s news comes as a warning to all self-hosted Wordpress users. If your Wordpress is not updated to the latest version 2.8.4 then you are under risk…..huge risk.

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WordPress 2.8.3 Can’t Move Widget Bug (Don’t Upgrade Yet)

Update: It is fixed now. The problem arises when you don't disable plugins while updating, some plugins can interfere during upgrade. Also don't forget to remove wp-admin and wp-includes before updating to latest version.This is a notice to all webmasters out there. If you are thinking of upgrading to Wordpress 2.8.3, then you should wait until Wordpress releases a fix. The biggest problem you are going to face is Widgets.You won’t be able to move the Widgets around and most people are having such problems, including me. As you can see on the right sidebar, all widgets have vanished. I can’t move the new widgets, nor restore the one that were lost.
Note: If you are reading from feed or email, you will need to click the link in order to visit AddictiveTips and see my sidebar.
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AddictiveTips Has A Brand New Re-Design

If you are one of those people who read my blog frequently, you would have noticed the new re-design for the last 12 hours. This is the design I was working on for the past 3 weeks. This new redesign is rebuild around Thematic Theme framework 0.9.5. Thanks to Crisiti for understanding what I really wanted and doing an awesome custom work.For those who want to get their blogs re-designed, I would highly recommend going over to Cozmos Labs and contacting Crisiti. He is one heck of a great guy to work with!Read More

Dear Outlaw Bloggers, Please Use Common Sense!

Editor’s Note: This is not a computer tip, all views expressed in this post are my personal opinion. The original intention of this post is to foster debate among readers and webmasters.

Suppose you discover a new fish species(let’s name it X) and tell your friend about it. Your friend goes to a group of people and tell them about a new fish called X without stating that it was discovered by you. Will you like it? Is this fair? Does it make a bit of sense? The answers is NO.

Now suppose another situation where you discover a new software and review it on your blog. Now your readers(both Direct visitors and those coming from RSS feeds) which include plenty of bloggers, will read about this new software and write about it in their respective blogs without mentioning that it was discovered by you. Will you like it? Is this fair? Does it make a bit of sense? The answer again is NO.

So what is this all about? It’s about using a bit of common sense. I have always tried to find the reasons why bloggers fail to credit the original discoverer and here is what I found.

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Blogging Tips: How To Keep Your Blog Secure By Hiding Your WordPress Version Number

Note: This tip is for those who wants to take extra precautions, otherwise if you keep your wordpress up-to-date, you will remain secure as far I know.

I know that the title of this post is a bit comprehensive, but it pretty much explains what I am talking about. Hiding your wordpress version is the first step in keeping your blog secure and I recommend that everyone should do this to keep themselves safe from amateur hackers. Forget Professional hackers, they can hack into anything(even Pentagon). Anyway this is how you can prevent your blog from small hacks.

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How To Create Your Own Website Or Blog For Free Using Weebly

Do you lack web designing skills or are you confused on how to design a website which looks professional, is attractive, search engine friendly, has columns, pictures, setup options, audio player features, setup to add photo galleries with instant uploading of pictures from your desktop directly without using a ftp software and lot more features?  Try Weebly, which is an online website creation tool helpful for designing a beautiful website or a blog within minutes and setting it up on your own domain name.

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How To Compress and Optimize Images Online With Smush-it

Images can give decent look to your Blog or Website. An average Professional Blog theme/design uses some where around 5-10 images. If these images are not optimized and are heavy in size, then your blog might load too slowly. This is not just with blogs even website do face this problem. It has become extremely important for us to Optimize And Reduce Images Size before using it in blog theme or on website. However most of Bloggers might not be professional in using Photoshop or any image editor or they are clueless on how to optimize or reduce image size. Yahoo recently introduced a web based tool called Smush -itto help you optimize the size of web images without affecting visual quality.Read More

Blog Statistics For The Month Of September, 2008

Note: This Blog’s statistics will be posted on monthly basis, they might not seem useful right now, but they will  come handy from January when I will start writing about blogging tips. If you hate such posts, you can skip it. :)

Update : I forgot to mention that the pagerank of this blog reached from 0 to 3 in just a month.

AddictiveTips has been alive for a month and our stats prove how loyal our readers are becoming. More and more people are looking for useful tips and we are working hard to keep up to your expectations. Before I start, I would ask you to first welcome our new author Muzammil Younus to our solid AddictiveTips team. Soon you will also find a short biography (with a picture) of every author, so that people can understand the team better.

Here are the detailed statistics for the month of September.

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Tips And Tweaks For The New Windows Live Writer Beta – Part OF Windows Live Wave 3.0

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a visual blog editor for Windows. It integrates with most blogging platforms (WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, and others), allowing you to see how your posts will appear in your blog's theme, even when you're offline. It isn't just another text editor. As a former Notepad coder, I was drawn to WLW as I began to use more photos and embedded content in my WordPress blog. In this post you will get a glimpse of  some new basic features and ‘tips and tweaks’ to make a better Windows Live Writer experience.Read More

A Sneak Peek On Different Social Bookmarking Services

Blogging is fun, no doubt. But besides from writing blog posts {or entries} one has to promote his site if he wants to be a popular blogger. Traffic for blogs come usually from three ways.

The first and most emphasized one is 'Organic' source. Organic means natural, it is natural in a way that people come to your site by typing in keywords in the search engines like Google, yahoo, ask.Read More