Keeper Is A Cross-Platform Password Vault With WiFi Sync & Cloud Backup


Many of us use weak passwords and to make things worse, reuse the same ones on different websites. The reason behind this is the difficulty in remembering different passwords; the lengthier and more complex a password is, the more secure it is, but at the same time, the harder it becomes to remember. Password managers provide a handy solution to this problem by letting you store your login information for different websites in one secure vault, and reuse it whenever needed. There are the basic kinds of password managers that store information offline on your computer’s storage, and then there are more advanced ones that not only save login data online, but also have apps for smartphones like iPhone and Android. Keeper is one such application that is quite feature-rich. Sporting a really great design, it protects your login information in an encrypted database, and sync it across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android.

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Roccat Power Grid Is A Customizable PC Remote Control, Gamepad & System Monitor For Android & iOS

Roccat is a popular name among PC hardware enthusiasts. The Germany-based company is completely focused on developing accessories for computer gamers and keeping a close connection with them as one of their strengths, which enables them to produce high quality peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and headsets that meet the requirements of their users. The company has built an app by the name of Roccat Power Grid that enables you to manage your PC from Android and iOS. It’s a fully customizable PC remote that lets you create custom controllers to monitor your system and even play games without touching the keyboard or mouse. Read More

Block Incoming Connections From Malicious Websites With Bot Revolt Anti-Malware

Computer security is a crucial factor for everyone with an online presence or activities. Most of us use an antivirus program of some sort to get rid of viruses and other malware, and keep our computers protected from them. However, from time to time, a malicious piece of software still manages to get its way through our defensive measures. On the bright side, as these malware are continually evolving, the security experts are fighting back with equally robust, top-notch security solutions. Bot Revolt Anti-Malware, for instance, is a Windows application that provides effective protection against viruses and malware by blocking potentially harmful incoming connections to your PC via the internet. Read More

Cometdocs For Desktop Adds A PDF Converter To Windows Context Menu

A common situation many users face when dealing with digital documents is having to convert PDF files to other formats such as Word, JPEG, TXT etc. Fortunately, there are a bunch of PDF converters out there that can get the job done, though finding the best one can become tedious at times. Back in February, we reviewed a handy online service dubbed Cometdocs that allows you to host any kind of document to the cloud and perform PDF conversion to other formats via its web-based interface. Cometdocs for desktop a standalone tool by the same developer – brings the same conversion features to Windows. The tool makes document conversion a breeze, thanks to its context menu integration. And besides converting PDF to many other formats, it also lets you easily create PDFs out of other files. Details after the jump. Read More

Auslogics Browser Care Is An All-In-One Maintenance Solution For Chrome, Firefox & IE

If you’re one of those people who install a ton of extensions, add-ons and toolbars on their browsers, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that too many of these can eventually slow down or even crash your web browser and hinder your browsing experience. While many of these extensions and add-ons can be quite useful, unwanted toolbars like the infamous one from Ask toolbar and Babylon usually come bundled with freeware and are unintentionally installed by users. And even besides their shady installation methods, getting rid of such toolbars can be a tedious task. Previously we’ve reviewed a few applications such as Avast Browser Cleanup and Toolbar Cleaner that are designed to rid your system of the aforementioned pesky toolbars. Auslogics Browser Care is yet another great tool that aims to mark its name in this genre by letting you get rid of unwanted add-ons and toolbars, reset your browser home page and search engine, and clean up temporary browser data. Even better, it supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer all in a single package. Read More

Easily Compare, Copy & Sync Files Between Two Folders With PathSync

Folder synchronization tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We’ve covered quite a handful of Windows applications that let you sync directories remotely, locally, or both ways. Backup Folder Sync, for instance, is an exceptional desktop app that can easily create backups and copy files between two directories. CryptSync is another nice tool that not only syncs files but also encrypts them during the process. And then there’s CodeTwo Folder Sync that synchronizes a pair of Outlook folders pretty quickly. PathSync is yet another handy, open-source application in this genre that allows you to compare and sync two different directories. It lets you seamlessly copy files from source folder to destination folder, destination to source folder, or in a two-way manner. Detailes to follow. Read More

[Ask The Readers] iPad Air vs. iPad Mini 2013 vs. Nexus 7 / 10 vs. Surface Pro 2

I have not one, but two primary computers. The first is your standard Windows laptop that, when connected with a nice ergonomic keyboard and mouse, along with a mid-sized LCD monitor, acts as a proper desktop. I create most of my content - whether it's writing blogposts, typing long emails, or editing images - with this setup. The second 'computer' is my iPhone 4S that I use on the go, mostly for consuming content from Facebook, Reddit, and for reading emails. Whenever I think of buying a tablet, what I have trouble understanding is where does it fit in? My laptop is great for content creation and consumption, and for on-the-go basic computing my iPhone does all I need. With ever-decreasing tablet prices, that question - despite not having a clear, attractive answer - seems easier to dismiss as overanalysis. Read More

Analyze Your Chrome History Trends Over All Time With This Extension

Google Chrome comes packed with its very own history manager that allows you to view all of the websites that you've previously accessed, and reopen links you didn't get the chance to bookmark. Though have you ever wanted to analyze that data to help you determine what sites you visit the most on your weekdays, or how many times did you search for a particular keyword? Well, there’s a really neat extension for that purpose called History Trends, which is designed to analyze your entire browsing history and display a variety of charts and statistics. The only caveat with that tool is that it doesn't allow you to analyze data beyond 3 months period due to limitations in Google Chrome itself. If you find History Trends useful and want to overcome this limitation, History Trends Unlimited takes care of it for you. Read More

Monitor Hard Drive Or SSD Health & Performance With HDDExpert

Manufacturers are always pushing boundaries trying to make hard disks as robust and reliable as possible. Despite that, HDD failure and data loss remains an inescapable reality. Therefore, there are RAID configurations, backup systems and other solutions designed to prevent data loss and minimize the impact to an organization when drives simply stop working. While there are various ways to help you prevent data loss, one of the easiest methods is to keep a check on your hard drive’s health using monitoring tools. One such utility goes by the name HDDExpert. It is a free Windows application by KC Software that displays health & performance of your HDD or SSD, decodes S.M.A.R.T. attributes into readable form and recommends ways to maintain the health of your drives. Read More

What’s New In Windows 8.1: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Windows 8 has been pretty controversial among desktop and laptop users because of the way it forces the whole Modern UI shebang in your face. 99% of the time I'm using my laptop is within the 'Desktop' environment, which I strongly believe is a big improvement over Windows 7, so I don't mind the tablet-esque, touch-optimized UI of the rest of the OS. With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has solved many of the problems Windows 8 had in terms of usability while adding a bunch of lovely new features, and in usual fashion, we have covered them all in good detail. If you're considering making the switch to Windows 8.1, be sure to go through our list of articles first so you know what you are getting into. Read More

Easily Backup Windows Drivers & Restore From Within Device Manager

Let’s face it, we've all been in a situation where we needed to reinstall Windows due to some issue, or after getting a warranty replacement because of some faulty component. In such scenarios, reinstalling everything from scratch can be a very tedious task, especially when it comes to hardware drivers that you had configured to a state where they were all working perfectly. While I've always been meticulous regarding creating PC backups, hardly have I ever thought of backing up all my device drivers to avoid extra time that would be wasted should I ever need to redo everything from scratch. That’s why when I came across Free Driver Backup – a Windows app that specifically creates driver backups – I found the idea very useful. With one mouse click, it creates driver backups to your computer’s storage that you can restore later at any time. Read More

Modify Timestamps For Files From Windows Properties With TouchPro

Every document, image, video, song and any other file on your computer has a few associated timestamps (that can be seen within the Properties window) for letting you know when was it created, modified or last accessed. The effective use of these timestamps comes into play when working on network drives where files from different timezones get mixed and matched, and you need to keep a tab on when the files were last accessed or modified by other users of the network. Should you want to change any of these timestamps for any purpose, there are a numerous apps available for the job. Previously, we’ve showed you different ways to change timestamp using tools like SKTimeStamp and Smart TimestampTouchPro is yet another similar app that allows you to easily modify these timestamps for any files on your local or network drives. Read More

Qmmp Is A Tiny, Multi-Panel Music Player With Plugins & WinAmp Skin Support

Addictivetips has covered a plethora of music apps since its inception, from nifty browser plugins to feature-laden media players for desktop and mobile platforms. When it comes to Windows, there’s a bevy of choices at your disposal including ever-popular options like WinAMP, iTunes, Media Monkey, etc. If you’re ready to make a transition from your current favorite media player or simply want to try something new for a change, then give the open source program Qmmp a shot. On the surface, the app looks fairly similar to WinAMP, and like the latter, comes with a wide variety of music management options. It lets you organize your music into custom playlists, tinker with equalizer and visualization effects, apply custom skins and more. Read on! Read More

WIPE Lets You Permanently Delete Internet Tracking Data From Your PC To Protect Your Privacy

Unfortunately, not many computer users realize the importance of periodic system maintenance until its performance goes down. One can easily prevent this from occurring by frequently removing junk data off their system, such as cached items from previous program installations, tracking cookies, temporary files and so on. Not only does it revert your system to its pristine condition but also ensures greater security and privacy, as a lot of temporary files contain personal information from sites that track your activities. New to the genre of system maintenance tools, WIPE is a simple application that keeps your system clean and privacy intact by allowing you to permanently erase (read: shred) index.dat, caches, temporary internet files, browser history, cookies and auto-complete form items so that they cannot be recovered using a data recovery program. Read More

Measure Your USB Drive’s Read/Write Performance With USBFlashSpeed

No matter what kind of computer hardware you purchase, one of the worrying factors is whether its performance will be up to the mark. Therefore one of the best methods to use is benchmark the required component against the specs mentioned by its manufacturer. Akin to the way the performance of the CPU, memory and hard drive of a computer can be determined using various software methods,  you can also check the actual performance of a USB thumb drive in a similar manner, thanks to tools like HD Speed and HD Tune. Though if you’ve already tried out those apps and are looking for an alternative solution, give USBFlashSpeed a shot. This Windows app can measure a flash drive’s read and write speeds, and also lets you publish results to an online repository, the objective of which is "to benchmark all USB Flash drives over the world." Read More

MetroSidebar Adds A Gorgeous Modern UI Widget Sidebar To Windows 8

You may have noticed the absence of desktop gadgets in Windows 8 and 8.1 by now, which Microsoft removed in favor of Start Screen ‘Live Tiles’, as the software maker believes the later can present information in a much more efficient way without being taxing on the resources or aesthetics of the OS. Introduced in Windows Vista and then later ported to Windows 7 as well, gadgets were basically those small handy tools similar to Android widgets that could be placed on your desktop to access information such as Weather, Clock, Sticky Notes, CPU meter, Picture sideshow etc. If you miss your gadgets in Windows 8, we've seen a way to bring them back with a third-party program, and MetroSidebar is another app that's worth a shot for the purpose. Fully embracing the Modern UI style, MetroSidebar is no ordinary app and looks really nice with a Start Screen-like design scheme. Details after the jump. Read More

MEGA Client For Windows Appears; Syncs Multiple Local Folders With The Cloud

Last year, Kim Dotcom unveiled a new cloud storage company called MEGA from the ashes of his now-defunct Megaupload – the popular file sharing service that made headlines after a forced shutdown by authorities due to copyright infringement. MEGA has gained worldwide acclaim since then, and in turn seen impressive userbase growth. Besides its intuitive web-based dashboard, MEGA also has an official Android client that lets you sync files directly from your smartphone or tablet to your online storage. However, when it comes to Windows, the company has stayed tight-lipped about any details pertaining to whether a desktop app is being developed or not. All that changes now, as the beta release of a MEGA client for Windows has finally emerged in the form of MEGASync, though there seems to be no official word regarding it from MEGA itself so far. Read More

How To Auto-Upload Screenshots With Dropbox & Easily Share Them

Dropbox single-handedly reinvigorated the cloud syncing and storage market, and for good reason. The team behind the service is constantly iterating on their product, coming up with inventive new ways to use it for saving and sharing files. After the highly useful "Camera Uploads" feature, they've now come up with an equivalent for screenshots. On mobile platforms, the screenshots you took already get uploaded to Dropbox and synced across all your devices if you have Camera Uploads enabled. With screenshot sharing, the feature comes to the desktop as well, along with a direct sharing option. You'll have to read past the jump to see how it works. Read More

Easily Edit Windows HOSTS File & Selectively Disable Entries

BlueLife Hosts Editor is a useful Windows application that allows you to edit the HOSTS file located in you operating system. For the uninitiated, this file allows users to create mappings between domain names and IP addresses, so that all those domain names are then resolved to those IP addresses within the operating system rather than on the DNS server of your LAN or ISP. In layman's terms, if you want that whenever you (or anyone else using your computer) enters, let's say, in the browser, they get taken to Google instead of Facebook, you can do so by mapping the domain to the IP address of This way, you can redirect any domain or website to any other website on the internet, any local website hosted on your LAN, or even just your local IP address. Read on for more details. Read More

Add Password-Protected Vault To Your USB Drive With Granite Portable

USB drives have become indispensable to us for storing all kinds of data and carrying it along wherever we go. Most people use USB drives to store media files or information that isn't sensitive in nature, but if the data you want to store is confidential, such as your financial documents or other personal info, you wouldn't want this info to be exposed to anyone in case your USB drive gets lost or stolen. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available for creating an encrypted volume on a USB thumb drive, and one such Windows-based app I recently came across and really liked is Granite Portable. The app provides 2-layer protection for your data by letting you store items in an encrypted vault. Details after the jump. Read More