Monitor Your Daily Facebook Usage In Real-Time With TimeRabbit

You will find a truckload of articles on the internet ranging from 101 ways to avoid wasting time on Facebook to 10 signs your dog doesn’t like you. Though have you ever wondered how much time do you really spend on the most popular social networking service on our planet? Or do you even waste it at all? Well, we’re not going to disclose another 'secret' on how to keep yourself from using Facebook, but rather share a simple utility to let you measure the time you spend on it and, at the end, decide yourself whether to do something about it or not. The Windows tool is called TimeRabbit and does a great job monitoring every second, minute and hour of your Facebook usage. So, how does it work? Read on to find out. Read More

InstaPic Is A Full-Featured Instagram Client For Windows 8 & RT With Upload Capability

The Windows platform doesn't seem to be high in the priority list when it comes to many major apps, though third-party developers try to fill in the gap quite well. Up until now, we've covered quite a few different Instagram clients for Windows 8, such as Metrogram LiveWinGram and Instametrogram, and InstaPic is a brand new Instagram app for the platform that comes with a host of features in its arsenal. Available for free at Windows Store, InstaPic is the first Instagram app for Windows 8 & RT that comes with photo editing and upload capabilities, letting you not just browse photos uploaded by others but also upload photos directly to Instagram servers. In addition, you'll find all the features that you'd otherwise be expecting in an official app. Read More

Convert FLAC Audio Files To MP3 With Custom Metadata & Bitrate

Although there a ton of different audio formats out there, many media devices such as iPods, smartphones and tablets, and desktop music players like Windows Media Player and iTunes are usually compatible with only a few specific ones. FLAC is one of the formats that not many devices and media players support out of the box. It is a lossless audio format that can carry uncompressed, high quality audio but comes at the cost of its large file size. Fortunately, there are quite a few different audio converters that let you convert FLAC to one of the commonly used audio types such as MP3 or WAV. If you’re looking for an easy way of converting FLAC to other popular formats in bulk, take Free Convert FLAC To MP3 for a spin. This small yet powerful Windows application is breeze to use, thanks to its well-designed interface, simple navigation, great output options and contrary to what its name would suggest, impressive output format support. Read More

How To Batch Download Coursera Lecture Videos In A Few Clicks

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) like Udacity, edX and Coursera have taken the world of online education by storm with their high quality, collaborative, work-when-you-want style of study. Coursera in particular is quite popular because it curates courses from multiple world-class universities. You can take up all sorts of courses: from Survey of Music Technology to advanced Computer Science programs like Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Read More

Instantly Hide Windows Using Keyboard & Mouse Shortcuts With HiddeX

Many of us work with information on our computers that we don’t want anyone else to see, be it confidential financial data, some personal communication, or a website that would freak other people out. There can be hundreds of such scenarios where you don’t want anyone to peek at what you’re doing on our computer and in such situations, it can prove useful if you’re able to quickly hide the active window, making it vanish from the taskbar as well. HiddeX is a tiny (about 270KB in size), portable freeware app for Windows that can easily hide any running program or window such as a web browser, game, document, video player etc. using mouse or keyboard shortcuts. Read More

Get Rid Of Those Zits & Marks From Your Selfies With Blemish Remover

Thanks to all the feature-packed photo editors out there, we have various tricks to remove acne, blemishes or any other skin imperfections that ruin an otherwise gorgeous portrait. If you take digital pictures and have a program like GIMP or Photoshop available, you can easily take care of these little quirks with a few simple clicks. But lets just face it, Photoshop is an expensive software, and GIMP, on the other hand, is not very easy to use. That’s where this apps like Free Photo Blemish Remover come in. The free Windows application lets you zap those zits and nasty black marks in no time. Read past the jump for more details. Read More

Download & Manage Torrents On Your Windows RT Tablet With Torrex

Unless you’re living in a cave, the term BitTorrent shouldn't seem unfamiliar to you. It’s a P2P (short for Peer-to-Peer) file sharing protocol that lets multiple users distribute the same file over the internet in bits and pieces. On the basic level, a torrent file or a magnet link contains metadata about files and folders that need to be distributed, for instance music, photos, videos, documents etc. In order to download torrents, a torrent client must be installed on your device. Applications such as Utorrent, BitTorrent and tTorrent are quite popular on PC and mobile devices. However, these apps haven’t yet been offered in Modern UI flavor. Torrex is a new (and purportedly, the only) Windows 8 and RT based BitTorrent client that lets you download all kinds of torrent files from the internet. Read More

Readiy Is A Full-Featured Feedly Client For Windows 8 & RT

Readiy-Windows-8-RT Feedly client
To many RSS fans, it seemed like the end of the world when Google initially announced that it would be shutting down its Google Reader service in July. However, a zillion new alternatives have emerged since then, sporting a variety of features and functionality. Fortunately, Google was kind enough to offer a Takeout option for migrating your existing RSS feeds to a new home. Feedly has been cited by many as the best alternative to Google’s variant so far, thanks to its loads of options and a similar-looking UI. Besides its minimalistic web interface, Feedly also offers iOS and Android apps. Though its Windows 8 counterpart is still missing in action. Readiy is a new Windows Store app that successfully brings the power of Feedly to Windows 8 and Windows RT while being loyal to the platform's Modern UI. The app syncs with Feedly, meaning you don't need to maintain yet another feeds list. Read More

Spyglass Is A Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer & Duplicate File Remover For Windows

If you’re wondering what exactly is taking up all your hard drive space and not sure where to begin rectifying the issue, a disk analyzer can come really handy in such situation. These tools enable you to quickly discover large files on your computer and allow you to organize them to optimize your disk usage. Disk analyzers also help you understand the file structure on your hard drive. One such app that I recently came across is Spyglass: a powerful disk analyzer for Windows that shows you a graphical representation of your disk space usage, along with some amazing visualization effects. It allows you to quickly switch between different directories and get rid of clone or junk files. In other words, Spyglass is a simple disk analyzer that doubles as an effective duplicate files remover. Read More

Kiwix: Download Wikipedia, Wikileaks & More For Reading Offline On Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular and up to date encyclopedia. It is like an external brain of sorts that we can access anytime to gain knowledge about hundreds of thousands of topics, but only as long as we have internet access. That really doesn’t have to be the case though, since you can use Kiwix to download and read the entirety of Wikipedia completely offline. Check it out after the jump. Read More

EagleGet Is An Elegant, Free Alternative To Internet Download Manager

We install a lot of applications on our computer, but one type of application any internet user should have in their arsenal is a download manager. These apps come in a host of shapes and sizes, and varying price tags. Not to mention, popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox and IE also have one out of the box. However, their built-in download managers just don't cut it as standalone downloaders simply have more features like the ability to accelerate, among other additional perks, depending on how feature-loaded the program is. Over the years, AddictiveTips has recommended several download managers to our readers, such as DownTango for Windows and Progressive Downloader for Mac. Today, we decided to test another one called EagleGet, which offers almost all the features of a paid download manager like IDM absolutely free of cost. Join us past the jump for a full review. Read More

Hide Files Including ZIP & RAR Archives In Pictures With Steganography

While with the advancements made in technology, our channels for sending secret messages have become much more evolved and sophisticated, many of the methods used for encrypting the messages are still quite ancient. Yes, I'm pointing towards steganography – one of the oldest and most genius methods man created to hide messages from prying eyes. Before the internet, email, phones and even coaches or horses, messages were sent on foot and if you wanted to convey a secret message, you either had to have the messenger memorize it or hide it somehow through various steganography techniques. The digital equivalent of that art still exists today in the form of a host of computer applications. Steganography is one such open source app for Windows designed to hide files in images. Although, we've covered similar tools in the past, what makes it different from them is its ability to hide file archives, including ZIP and RAR. Read More

8Stack Is A Windows 8 App Launcher That Runs In A Modern UI Sidebar

8Stack-Windows-8-Modern-UI-App List
Program launchers are the best way to keep your desktop shortcuts manageable, and provide a more efficient solution for running applications rather than having your desktop cluttered with icons. The approach adopted by these programs varies for each, with some being like the OS X dock, while others working via system tray icons, launcher rings at the center of your desktop, hot corners and what not. We've covered a handful of application launchers for Windows in the past, such as Concord, Krento and Zum, just to name a few. Developed by deviantART member LangLe, 8Stack is another application launcher designed to work with Windows 8 by taking advantage of the operating system's Modern UI. It displays a vertical sidebar on the right side of the screen, from where you can easily launch your applications. While it’s not a perfect solution for launching each and every file or program, the app does provide quick access to popular programs, eliminating the need to enter the Start Screen in order to find and launch them. Read More

MoviePile Is A Great Movie Manager With Support For Extracting Animated GIFs & Short Video Clips

When it comes to movie management and video playback software, there are way too many choices available, some of which are simply great, while others, not quite so. That said, it also comes down to personal taste and preference. We've covered some very fantastic movie managers in the past, such as the excellent jMovieManager and today, we bring you yet another one. MoviePile is a Java-based desktop movie manager for Windows, Mac and Linux that looks great and brings a host of interesting features to the table, the most terrific of which is dubbed Tagmark that allows you to tag specific parts in a video and play them directly with a single click later, or just turn them to an animated GIF. Pretty impressive, right? Read on! Read More

NPS Image Editor Offers A Blend Of Photoshop & MS Paint-Level Editing

Having high-res cameras in our smartphones gives us the luxury of capturing pictures anytime, but sometimes, the end results aren't quite up to the mark. Those of us accustomed to professional-grade photography and photo editing use Photoshop to remedy any flaws in their captured images, but the tool isn't built to be used by just about anyone. So how about trying out something simpler? NPS Image Editor is a great Windows image manipulation tool with user-friendliness as its main selling point. The UI looks quite plain and simple, and yet packed with all the essential tools and features that an image editing software of this kind should have. Keep reading for further details. Read More

Get OS X Folder Actions-Like Task Automation Feature In Windows

Whenever Apple offers a new version of the OS X, you get a lot of nifty elements that make everyday computer tasks easier to perform. One such element is Folder Actions that, when enabled, triggers events or actions when items are added or removed from user-specified folders. For example, you can automatically get an alert when files are added to a specific folder, or you can simply put a PNG file in a folder and have it automatically get converted to JPEG. You can easily toggle this feature for almost any folder you want. Having such a feature could save one a lot of manual labour of redundant tasks but unfortunately, Windows doesn't boast any such option, leaving a majority of computer users without such an option. Though fret not - Folder Actions For Windows is there to fill the void, by letting you perform actions on files automatically when they are dropped into a folder. Read More

Cloudup Offers Up To 200 GB Of Free Cloud Storage To Upload Files & Share Them As Streams

In this era of widespread broadband access, we are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of cloud storage services available. In fact, there are now even services designed just to manage all your cloud services in one place. Cloudup is yet another one to join the party with a promising design and awesome features. It gives users an ubiquitous file sharing platform for mobile and desktop, letting them store their videos, photos, music and documents, and share them with anyone as stream links. Each user can store up to 1000 files of up to 200 MB each for free, with premium accounts in the making to extend these limits. The service has applications available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Read More

OpenMusicPlayer Is A Feature-Rich, Open-Source Media Player With Lyrics, Radio & Themes

Remember the good ‘ol days when our living rooms were full of audio cassette and CD racks of our favorite artists? Fast forward to the present day, and almost everyone keeps their entire music collection on their computer, smartphone or even the cloud. Time has changed pretty quickly and with it, so has the way we listen to music. Although most people tend to listen to music using the default player that comes with their OS (like Windows Media Player, iTunes etc.), it’s not unusual to download third-party programs for the purpose, which usually provide a variety of additional features other than those included in stock media players. OpenMediaPlayer (or OMP) is one such open-source desktop application for Windows that lets you enjoy your music and video under one interface. While its video playback capabilities aren't all that impressive, it’s the audio side of the app that really shines. Read More

Easily Backup & Restore Your Mozilla Thunderbird Accounts & Their Data

I’ve used several email clients over the years, including Outlook for quite some, a while back. Though when I got the opportunity to try Thunderbird, I couldn't settle for any other email client since then. Mozilla’s open-source application is fairly powerful, and helps me keep a tab on all my work and personal email accounts from one place. If you're also a Thunderbird user, one very important thing you must consider when switching to a new computer is migrating your Thunderbird information, as you won't likely want to reconfigure your profile from scratch. If you're in such a situation, we've got an app for you today built for this very purpose, by the name of Backup Thunderbird. This free app is designed to do one thing: quickly backup and restore your Thunderbird data including your emails, newsgroups, RSS feeds, address book and accounts. Read More

Securely Delete Data From Your Windows 8 Or RT Device With Shredder8

Most people assume that emptying the Recycle Bin will permanently get rid of any files, but that's far from the truth. Though we won't indulge you in technical jargon about how data is stored on the drive or what those bits and bytes are, it’s still useful to have the knowledge that deleted files can still be recovered using several recovery tools. This is because Windows doesn't remove the actual files but rather only the information about where the data is kept, simply marking it as deleted rather than wiping all its bits and bytes.  That's where file shredders come to the rescue. These tools allow you to overwrite the data for deleted files with random data using several methods, or simply convert them into blank sectors. If you've been looking for Windows 8 or RT app for the purpose, try Shredder8 – a Modern UI app that permanently deletes files to ensure they can't be recovered. Read More