AquaSnap Adds Greater Control To Windows Snap, Shake, Aero Glass & More

Among the several features Microsoft first introduced with Windows 7 were the immensely well-received Aero Snap and the relatively less discussed but still useful Aero Shake. The former is a drag-and-snap capability that let you snap windows to left and right edges of the screen. Aero Shake, on the other hand, allows you to easily minimize all open windows other than the one you want to keep on the screen, by simply holding and shaking it with your mouse. Both these options were also included in Windows 8, though the name Aero was dropped from them, in addition to dropping the Aero Glass effect. If you want to tweak all these Aero features beyond their stock configuration, try AquaSnap. The application gives you fine-grained control over changing all the functionality that comes under the Aero umbrella, including Snap, Shake and Glass, and customize various additional options as well. Details after the jump. Read More

Transfer Photos From Android To PC Over WiFi With Different Gestures

Taking pictures on your smartphone or tablet is a lot more convenient than carrying a separate point-and-shoot snapper for the purpose. Over the past few years, smartphone cameras have been improving dramatically, eliminating the need to carry a separate point-and-shoot camera for the purpose. But what if your phone gets lost or stolen? If you’re worried about losing all your precious captured moments, you may want to backup them somewhere safe on your PC. Fortunately, transferring photos from your Android device to your computer is a hassle-free process, thanks to its plug and play USB interface. However, if you want to avoid all that cable clutter, the process has now been made even simpler with Cool Photo Transfer that does it over Wi-Fi. Read More

Easily Tweak, Backup & Restore Different Volume Profiles On Windows With Nirsoft SoundVolumeView

Nirsoft is well-regarded for creating top-notch and highly simple Windows applications that are small, portable, minimal and yet comprehensive when it comes to the task they are designed to perform. You won't find in them any redundant settings and options that might needlessly complicate things. Take SoundVolumeView for example, the developer’s brand new effort that allows you to control the volume for all sound devices that your PC has. Crammed in a small 75KB package and having support for both x64 and x86 architectures, the tool makes it possible to get a general overview of current volume for all active sound components and lets you individually control the volume of each component and application, along with the ability of selectively muting and unmuting them. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Epic Is A Chromium-Based Browser With Focus On Privacy & Anonymity

The NSA, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, your government’s spies – the list of agencies or organizations that have access to your data and may be spying on your activities just seems to keep on growing. The recent NSA leaks from whistleblower Ed Snowden have publicly confirmed that internet privacy has become a thing of the past, so the only thing standing between them and your digital footprint is the technology you use. A good VPN can go a long way when it comes to keeping your online activities private, but choosing the right browser is also important. Chromium-based Epic browser seeks to make your browsing as private and secure as possible by blocking internet cookies and tracking codes in an effective manner. While you can find many other such browsers out there already, Epic does offer some really great security features and sports the same great Google Chrome UI that we have all become accustomed to. Read More

Set Your PC Monitor To Only Wake From Sleep Mode With A Set Hotkey

Most computer monitors available today come with a sleep or power management mode that puts the screen to a low power state when not in use or upon the user’s discretion. This feature, if put to good use, not only saves electricity, but can also extend the life of that power switch present on your monitor’s front panel, because hitting it multiple times a day to turn it off or on can eventually have a negative impact on its functionality. However, there’s one little caveat that renders the sleep feature almost half-baked. Many background computer activities or processes , or even an accidental keystroke can easily wake up your monitor. Therefore, if you usually keep your monitor in sleep mode and want it to stay that way until you manually wake it up, a handy little app called Super Sleep can lend a helping hand. Read More

Easily Merge Contents Of Multiple Folders & Subfolders Into One In Windows

Most of us tend to store our files in separate folders to keep them manageable and organized. For instance, a typical computer user would be maintaining separate folders for downloads, music, videos, documents and pictures present on their hard drive. Though there are times we need to merge files located in separate directories into one single folder. A task like this can definitely waste significant time, especially if you have multiple folders and subfolders to merge. So, how about an intuitive app that can take this burden off your shoulders? Folder Merger is a portable freeware for Windows that allows you to merge separate folders or subfolders together and bring the content from all of them into a single folder. Read More

How To Change Start Screen Tile Icons And Labels In Windows 8

Every time you fire up your Windows 8 PC, you will see the Start Screen. Since it has such a constant presence in the operating system, you may want to personalize it a bit according to your preferences. Though it may come as a surprise to new Windows 8 users that the Start screen's customization features are not as extensive as those found on the desktop. For instance, one such quirk is the inability to easily change tile icons and labels. When you pin any application to the start screen, you’re stuck with its default icon and name, which isn't the case when you create a shortcut on the desktop because you can easily customize that shortcut in many ways. Thanks to Vishal at AskVG, we now have a simple way to make it possible to easily customize Start Screen tile labels and icons by following a few easy steps. Read on for complete instructions. Read More

Adobe Revel Brings Its Cloud Photo Sync To Windows 8 And RT

Adobe Revel is a cloud-based photo synchronization service by the software giant that automatically syncs your photos across iOS, Mac OS X and web. It’s one of the many similar options being offered by cloud providers, and aims to compete against the likes of Apple’s iCloud. While it could be accessed from a Windows computer through its web interface, a dedicated Windows app for the service hadn't been released by Adobe up till now. Fresh to the Windows Store and designed with Windows 8 and RT in mind, Adobe Revel brings all its awesome photo synchronization and editing features to Microsoft’s platform. Fully embracing the Modern UI design language, Revel automatically backup your photos to the cloud so you may access them across your other devices such as tablets and smartphones. Read on for our full review. Read More

MasterSeeker Is A Search Tool For Windows With Filters & Regex Support

File management and search tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are available in both free and paid forms. For the uninitiated, these applications are usually faster and more efficient at indexing files and displaying results for local file searches when stacked up against Windows' built-in search functionality. For instance, Everything Search Engine that we reviewed back in April remains one of the fastest alternatives to Windows native search option, and is widely acclaimed by users and critics alike. MasterSeeker is another such tool, with a few added benefits that you won't find in Everything. The application is designed to quickly find files and display them at lightning speeds, and allows you to narrow down your search using Regex, directory, and file size. Read More

ESET SysInspector Is A Comprehensive System Diagnostics Tool For Windows

Troubleshooting a critical system component, be it hardware or software, requires efforts as well as an in-depth understanding of what you’re dealing with. Many one-click system diagnostic tools available on the internet try to sell themselves by promoting false information, or are usually quite expensive for general users. Windows also comes with an integrated diagnostic tool out of the box, but if you need something that could go even deeper and isn't very tedious to use, try ESET SysInspector. Carrying a host of useful features and an intuitive UI, the application lets you inspect various aspects of your system and generates a detailed report comprising of running processes and services, drivers, registry items and so on. Read More

JSound Is A Windows Music Player With 31-Band Stereo Equalizer, Online Radio & More

Bored of your current music player and looking for something new for a change? JSound can help freshen things up! It's a music player for Windows that doubles as a radio app and a full-fledged audio suite. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and a wide spectrum of features - most of which typically come in separate apps - it lets you change various aspects of your audio files and as a result, improve the sound output of songs using a variety of filters and effects. In addition, you can also record sound from external and internal sources, convert audio files between different formats, listen to online radio, spice up music using software equalization and more. There’s even a CD ripper in there to quickly copy music from Audio CDs to your local storage. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

TimeDim Is A Simple, Dual-Pane Incremental Backup Tool For Windows

If you do not backup your data on regular basis, you are very likely to regret that mistake at some point. Backing up files is more like a routine exercise, which, if not done in a timely fashion, can have major consequences - just imagine a situation where all your data goes down the drain due to some hardware or software failure in your system. Fortunately, there are a lot of backup tools available these days that let you backup your data to an internal, external, network or cloud drive, and we've been frequently covering such apps for you. TimeDim is probably one of the simplest backup apps for Windows that we've come across so far. It is designed to handle your backups by letting you drag and drop your data from one directory to another using two side-by-side tree view boxes. Read More

Webroot System Analyzer Audits Your Windows PC In Detail To Identify Issues

Many PC users get worried about their computer’s deteriorating health over time. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of bucks on a machine that is unable to achieve its expected performance. But as there can be a bunch of different reasons why your hardware is not performing up to the mark, pinpointing these issue can be a bit tricky. PC auditing tools can prove to be really useful in such situations, because they allow you to identify the key system areas effected by the issue. Webroot System Analyzer is a free to use, portable application for Windows designed to help you with the task by doing a quick system assessment in just a couple of minutes, and providing you a detailed report of various potential or existing issues including hardware, software and malicious threats. Read More

Schedule Locked Files For Deletion On System Restart With Reboot Delete File Ex

Ever had those annoying "File in use", "Cannot delete file: Access Denied" or "The source or destination file may be in use." messages in Windows while trying to delete a file? You're not alone; this happens when the file is in use by some other program, which prevents its removal. This Windows feature is implemented to avoid accidental deletion of files while they are open in any running program. While the feature is quite useful, sometimes you're not sure which program has locked the file and is preventing you from deleting it. Fret not, as Reboot Delete File Ex provides one of the easiest methods to overcome this nuisance. The application is designed to automatically delete the file in question upon next system reboot. Read More

Naturpic Offers A Professional-Grade Windows Audio Editor For A Price Tag Of Free

Audio editing has always been an expensive hobby. People who do it on professional scale often have access to high-end equipment and software tools. The advent of powerful PCs has helped change that dramatically, but most professional audio editing packages can cost quite significantly. Though if you don't want to shell out your money, there are a number of free programs available for the purpose as well. If you've got a few audio files in MP3, ACC, WMA or WAV formats that you want to edit while still having access to advanced options for when you require, what you need is a good audio editor sporting a user-friendly interface and basic editing options like copy, paste, cut, trim, fade in and out etc. Naturpic Audio Editor is one such program for Windows that may look very plain on surface but deep down, you will find many editing features otherwise found in professional audio editing packages. Read More

Collagerator Helps You Make Great-Looking Collages With Minimal Effort

A photo collage is one of the most beautiful ways of sharing photos with your friends and family. Previously, we've covered a plethora of collage creators for all mobile and desktop platforms and today, we're bring you yet another such great piece of software for Windows and Mac OS X called Collagerator (an assemblage of the words Collage and Creator). The application is not only free, but also pretty awesome at letting you create fascinating collages in no time. It even includes support for retina display and contains templates designed for retina screens. Read More

Easily Hide Your Sensitive Files In A Password-Protected Hidden Folder With Sneaksy

Personal privacy is considered one of the basic human rights, and has been an important concern in pretty much every walk of life. Whether you are sharing a computer or are concerned about people who occasionally have access to your machine, you may want to store your sensitive information in a safe place so nobody can mess with it. If you're looking for a freeware solution for Windows that can help you easily hide such data from prying eyes and don't want to have to deal with complex encryption methods, Sneaksy might be something you're looking for. There can be numerous situations where this little software can prove to be really handy. For instance, you can use it to hide your username and password lists, your financial information and the like from anyone who uses your computer. More details about usage of the app right after the jump! Read More

Easily Schedule Windows Apps To Launch Periodically Or At Set Times

The Task Scheduler utility in Windows is an excellent feature of the operating system that allows you to schedule programs, processes and services for automatic execution at a custom time. It can come really handy to trigger tasks on your computer when you’re not around, such as shut it down at night, or defragment its hard drive on certain days. While Task Scheduler is quite powerful and lets you schedule numerous different actions, most novice users get confused when it comes to using it. If you are also skeptical of your abilities to use Windows Task Scheduler, or any other complex scheduling tool for that matter, it'll be a better idea to make friends with Freebyte Task Scheduler instead. It’s a useful and very user-friendly Windows application that allows you to start other installed applications automatically, be it periodically or at predefined times. More about its interface, usage and installation right after the jump. Read More

Get Rid Of Potentially Harmful Cookies From All Major Browsers With MAXA Cookie Manager

Web browser cookies are snoopy little text files that are put on your computer by websites to improve your browsing experience. Although cookies are useful for things like not having to sign in or providing a website with your site-specific preferences each time you visit it, they also raise privacy concerns by tracking your location and browsing habits to present ads (that you may not otherwise like), monitoring (and in some cases storing) your site login information and the like. Sure, you can get rid of them manually as well as by using extensions and various system cleaning tools like CCleaner, blocking all cookies may adversely affect your internet browsing. That’s why using an app like MAXA Cookie Manager to get rid of bad cookies while keeping the good ones can be a great solution. Read More