Browse iPhone Backups, Manage App Data & Media Files With iBrowse

iTunes might provide the only official way of managing data on your iOS devices, but there are many third-party desktop tools that do the same with a lot less hassle. iPhone Explorer and iDevice Manager are just two of the alternatives iOS users have for iTunes. Thanks to such software, you can drag and drop media, app data, notes, and contacts to your device without having to figure out the complicated syncing hierarchies that can make using iTunes a real pain in the neck. iBrowse is yet another tool that offers iOS file access, but it is unique to some extent, too. With iBrowse, you get to go through the backup data stored on your computer, without having to restore it to a device. When an iPhone is connected to your PC or Mac, iBrowse also shows full app data, along with the usual photo and video files. Read More

[Ask The Readers] WinRAR vs. WinZip vs. 7-Zip: What’s Your Favorite File Archiver?

For most, if not all PC users, a file archiver is among the first apps to be installed during initial setup. There's a good reason for it, since archived files are highly common and much of the content that we download comes in form of archives. Besides reducing overall file size, archiving is great for combining multiple files into a single file and then using that for easier, faster and more secure sharing and backup. We've covered a fair amount of Windows file archivers here at AddictiveTips; now it is time to decide on our and your favorite one. Read More

Auto Cleaner Removes Windows Temporary Files After A Set Interval

The Disk Cleanup utility, that comes packaged by default with Windows , is a useful tool to reclaim some of your disk space by removing items such as temporary internet files, Recycle Bin items, application dump files that are generated when various errors occur, backup and installer files generated when Windows installs a Service Pack, and miscellaneous items kept that aren't necessary for everyday functioning of Windows. But let’s face it, how many of us go through the manual process of running the utility on a regular basis? Not a lot, except for some advanced users who like to do all such tinkering on their own. So, why not try an application like Auto Cleaner that can take care of getting rid of such files for you automatically? While quite not as comprehensive as Disk Cleanup or other third-party tools, the application does a nice job of automatically cleaning up temporary folders and files left by various applications. It can do so every 24 hours, or after a custom interval defined by the user. Read More

Tresorit Is A Cloud Storage & Syncing Service With Focus On Security

One of the major concerns that many people have about cloud storage is how secure their data will be when saved to the cloud. Privacy-conscious people tend to hesitate in entrusting their confidential information to a company without the guarantee that no one else will be able to access it. There are countless cloud storage services out there such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Bitcasa that offer plenty of storage space to you for free, but they aren't exactly known for having strong data security and encryption, which has lead to the rise of third-party apps like BoxCryptor for adding that security layer. If security is what you look for in a cloud storage service, Tresorit is can be a good choice. It’s a simple cloud storage and file sharing & syncing app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that aims to provide the most secure cloud environment for your data, and comes packaged with an elegant interface. Read More

Faceless.ME Is A VPN App For Windows With Free 2GB Monthly Bandwidth
Looking for a way to privately browse the web, share files, and access websites that are restricted in your location? What you need is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) program. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices when it comes to VPN service providers, with some being better, faster, cheaper, and more reliable than others. We've also covered quite a few free options like Spotflux, Tunnel Bear and VPNium, all of which left us fairly impressed. Faceless.ME is yet another decent VPN application for Windows that aims to keep your online presence safe and secure by hiding your real IP address so no one can track your activity. It’s a decent option if all you need to do is anonymously surf the web or share files with others, making it a useful tool while on public Wi-Fi hotspots. You can also use it to access websites or content not available in your own location. Read More

Sync Chrome & Firefox Bookmarks With iCloud On Windows

It’s been a fantastic month for Apple fans. Last week’s biggest Apple news was the highly anticipated release of the iOS 7 update. And this week, the folks at Cupertino have begun dropping more, smaller additions to its software lineup, which now includes an updated iCloud Control Panel for Windows that lets you synchronize Safari bookmarks between iOS devices and Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome. While this feature was already available for Internet Explorer for quite sometime, it’s good to see the app’s expansion on to additional platforms. The iCloud Bookmarks extension enables you to save bookmarks on your iPhone or iPad, and have everything synced to desktop versions of Chrome or Firefox. Details after the jump. Read More

File Fisher Is A Feature-Rich Tool To Organize Files Into Folders Based On Type

The idea of organizing files and documents goes back to the good-old-days of physical file cabinets. Today, it’s still remains one of the most daunting chores on our computer. Boot up a brand new PC for the first time and you will find yourself with a clean slate. However, with daily usage and tossing files here and there, everything quickly becomes cluttered and untidy. Most people tend to avoid the tediousness of sorting files for a number of reasons; for the most part, it can take quite a bit of time to manually cut individual files from a folder and paste them into another, and most people simply don't want to waste time on such tasks. While an app like Files 2 Folder makes moving selective items simpler via the context menu, File Fisher aims to provide much more, such as the ability to move selective files by specifying their extensions. Let's learn more about the app and its functionality after the break. Read More

Dropcloth Lets You Dim Rest Of The Screen With A Hotkey To Focus On One Task

If the line of your work (or education) requires you to write often, you would already know the benefits of a distraction-free writing environment. To really get down to writing, you have to form your own little distraction-proof bubble that is not only free from people who could talk to you in the middle of your writing, but also free from those distracting elements on your computer screen such as web browsers, music players and other open windows, so that you don't lose track of your writing just because your Skype goes off or your friend wants to show you a new YouTube video. Previously, we've covered a few tools such as Le Dimmer and Ghoster that automatically dim everything on your desktop, leaving only the foreground window and the taskbar brightly lit. Dropcloth is another such app that does the exact same job in an intuitive way. It’s a Windows application that can prove useful if you want to focus on your word processor or other writing tool by dimming everything else. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

ClipboardFusion Is A Windows Clipboard Manager With Text Replacement, Scrubbing & Macros

Windows’ native clipboard feature gets the job done when it comes to basic copy-paste operations, but third-party clipboard managers like ArsClip, Clippy, or go way beyond the operating system’s limitations. Where the default clipboard copies data from the host application to the memory temporarily and one item at a time, clipboard managers can handle multiple items, store this data and/or modify it based on certain rules. A similar app dubbed ClipboardFusion offers additional features that you may not find in most other apps from this genre, such as ability to scrub clipboard text, replace text with pre-defined strings, and create custom macros using C#. Read More

Phototastic Is A Windows 8 & RT Collage Maker With Loads Of Grid Layouts

Phototastic-collage creator Windows-8-RT
Photo collage creating apps have always remained fairly popular both among mobile and desktop users. Despite that, we have yet to find any good photo collage app for Windows 8 yet – with the exception of Cool Collage – that is both free and feature-rich. Phototastic, though, looks quite promising, to say the least. This Modern UI app lets you create photo grids using a handful of templates and customize each individual photo to your heart’s content. Details to follow. Read More

Edit File Type Association, Actions & Icon From Windows Right-Click Menu

Certain file types, such as image and/or text documents, are supported by countless different applications, and you might have more than just a few installed on your computer. In order to decide which program should launch what kind of file, there’s a file type associations feature integrated into Windows. While Windows handles this job by using said built-in utility, should you wish to manage file type associations in a much more lucid fashion, try Types. It’s a freeware that lets you assign applications to all file extensions, as well as edit the icons and context menus associated with them, all from under one roof. The program is dead simple to use and integrates itself into every file’s right-click context menu for quick access. Details to be followed after the jump. Read More

New In iTunes 11.1: iOS 7 Support, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle & More

iTunes 11 was released more than a month after iOS 6 came out, but that wasn’t really a big deal because users were able to continue syncing their iDevices without any problems, and none of the existing features were affected. With iOS 7, however, it is a whole new story. iTunes 11.0.3 does not recognize devices running the OS’ latest version. Some users who immediately updated to iOS 7 hours ago after seeing its new features were left feeling somewhat stuck for the short period of time that iTunes 11.1 was failing to download. The download page seems to be working fine now, though, and not only can you use it to backup/restore your iOS 7 device, but it also has iTunes Radio built into it! Another major addition is ‘Shuffle Genius’, which makes sure that even when in shuffle mode, your playlists are created intelligently. Read More

Macrorit Disk Partition Expert Offers Zero Data Loss, Power-Off Protection & More

data storage space of a hard drive into separate areas for easy management is generally referred to as ‘disk partitioning’. Partitions are usually created on storage drives when installing an operating system on it for the first time, but sometimes a user may come across the need to perform further partitioning of a drive. Macrorit Disk Partition Expert 2013 is a Windows application that aims to make this process painless and hassle free. Sporting a variety of features, it can let you extend a volume to further partitions without any data loss. In addition, it provides you options to perform surface test, defragment, delete, hide, format and wipe drives, change drive letters, and more. Read More

Effectual Syncs Your To-Do Lists Between WP8 & Windows 8 / RT

Although some good options like TinyDO have recently started arriving on the platform, Windows Phone still has a long way to go before it has task management apps that are even comparable to their iOS and Android counterparts. When WP8 was announced, it seemed like a platform that would have deep integration with Windows, which made users expect to see a lot of to-do apps that would offer seamless syncing across the two platforms. There might not be a lot of apps that can do this, but there is one that syncs with Windows 8 or RT quite flawlessly. Effectual is a service that lets you create task lists with ease, and then makes sure that these lists are accessible across all devices associated with your Microsoft account. In addition to the syncing, Effectual also has some other decent features, like a comprehensive tagging system, the ability to associate specific/non-specific deadlines with tasks, and of course, a very useful live tile. Read More

AudioStreamer Allows Remote Streaming Of Music From Your Windows PC

Sometimes you want to access your music library during office hours, but taking your entire song collection with you on a portable music player or thumb drive doesn't sound all that convenient. Although you could upload it to one of the many cloud storage services out there, what if you could rather stream your music from your own computer remotely over the internet? A while back, we published a great article on how to stream iTunes music to any web browser via pulpTunes. Today, we've got another great local music streaming app at your disposal called AudioStreamer. It’s an open-source Windows app that acts as a streaming server, allowing you to stream your music collection over LAN or the internet, making it accessible from any computer, phone or tablet, anywhere. What’s even better is that unlike pulpTunes, AudioStreamer works without iTunes. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Safe In Cloud Is A PC & Android Password Manager That Uses Your Cloud Storage For Syncing

When it comes to password managers, LastPass pretty much seals the deal for most of us. That said, there are several other choices that keep popping up on the scene. One of them that I recently came across is Safe In Cloud for Windows and Android. The interesting bit about Safe In Cloud is that, unlike LastPass, it synchronizes your passwords to your own cloud storage and supports Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and The application has a really clean interface, and does a wonderful job of safely storing passwords, notes, credit card numbers, email accounts and more. It keeps your all passwords in an encrypted database shielded by 256-bit AES encryption, making it quite safe and secure. What’s more, it can also import and export data between other password managers, and sports full browser integration with Firefox and Chrome. Read More

AquaSnap Adds Greater Control To Windows Snap, Shake, Aero Glass & More

Among the several features Microsoft first introduced with Windows 7 were the immensely well-received Aero Snap and the relatively less discussed but still useful Aero Shake. The former is a drag-and-snap capability that let you snap windows to left and right edges of the screen. Aero Shake, on the other hand, allows you to easily minimize all open windows other than the one you want to keep on the screen, by simply holding and shaking it with your mouse. Both these options were also included in Windows 8, though the name Aero was dropped from them, in addition to dropping the Aero Glass effect. If you want to tweak all these Aero features beyond their stock configuration, try AquaSnap. The application gives you fine-grained control over changing all the functionality that comes under the Aero umbrella, including Snap, Shake and Glass, and customize various additional options as well. Details after the jump. Read More

Transfer Photos From Android To PC Over WiFi With Different Gestures

Taking pictures on your smartphone or tablet is a lot more convenient than carrying a separate point-and-shoot snapper for the purpose. Over the past few years, smartphone cameras have been improving dramatically, eliminating the need to carry a separate point-and-shoot camera for the purpose. But what if your phone gets lost or stolen? If you’re worried about losing all your precious captured moments, you may want to backup them somewhere safe on your PC. Fortunately, transferring photos from your Android device to your computer is a hassle-free process, thanks to its plug and play USB interface. However, if you want to avoid all that cable clutter, the process has now been made even simpler with Cool Photo Transfer that does it over Wi-Fi. Read More

Easily Tweak, Backup & Restore Different Volume Profiles On Windows With Nirsoft SoundVolumeView

Nirsoft is well-regarded for creating top-notch and highly simple Windows applications that are small, portable, minimal and yet comprehensive when it comes to the task they are designed to perform. You won't find in them any redundant settings and options that might needlessly complicate things. Take SoundVolumeView for example, the developer’s brand new effort that allows you to control the volume for all sound devices that your PC has. Crammed in a small 75KB package and having support for both x64 and x86 architectures, the tool makes it possible to get a general overview of current volume for all active sound components and lets you individually control the volume of each component and application, along with the ability of selectively muting and unmuting them. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Epic Is A Chromium-Based Browser With Focus On Privacy & Anonymity

The NSA, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, your government’s spies – the list of agencies or organizations that have access to your data and may be spying on your activities just seems to keep on growing. The recent NSA leaks from whistleblower Ed Snowden have publicly confirmed that internet privacy has become a thing of the past, so the only thing standing between them and your digital footprint is the technology you use. A good VPN can go a long way when it comes to keeping your online activities private, but choosing the right browser is also important. Chromium-based Epic browser seeks to make your browsing as private and secure as possible by blocking internet cookies and tracking codes in an effective manner. While you can find many other such browsers out there already, Epic does offer some really great security features and sports the same great Google Chrome UI that we have all become accustomed to. Read More