Firefox: Reset Multiple Accounts’ Passwords Concurrently

Do you have more than 8 to 10 accounts for signing in to different applications such as Google, Orkut, Facebook, Skype, internet banking etc which makes it difficult to remember each one’s password especially if you keep switching your computer from office or home. A safe practice is to keep all passwords in one secure location so that you may recall any password that you have forgotten or due to long time never login. However many of us tend to risk making the same password for every account in order to remember it easily. The common practice of most internet user has been creating the same password for all you accounts but if you think you regret this decision for security purposes and want to change multiple account passwords then you might want to know about Mass Password Reset.

Mss Password Reset is a Firefox add-on that lets you change passwords of multiple accounts simultaneously, the best thing about this add-on is that you can change the user name and password of a particular account right from your browser instead of going to each website and change the password manually.

masspasswordreset Firefox: Reset Multiple Accounts’ Passwords ConcurrentlyView in gallery

It lets you change your passwords either on the basis of domain, username or password. For example you can change password of all accounts under domain or reset the password of all accounts with same id or same password.

resetmasspasswordreset Firefox: Reset Multiple Accounts’ Passwords ConcurrentlyView in gallery

For further enhanced security this add-on lets you optionally create a master password  to access Mass Password Reset add-on so that anybody that uses your computer may not be able to change your password.

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