Google Labs Listen Podcasts For Andriod

Google Labs has launched a new project called “Listen”. This new app helps you find, download and listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet. Currently the app is available on Andriod devices. For Android smartphone and tablet users, it offers a handy way of searching, downloading and listening to podcasts while on the go, without having to use a PC or a web browser for the purpose.

Currently this app is indexing audio files from 3,000 RSS feeds. In future, it aims to index all web audio, talking head videos, and short personalized text-to-speech segments that can be found online.

The app’s interface is pretty straight-forward. You can subscribe to podcasts, view and manage your subscriptions, browse through popular searches made by others, or re-visit your recently played podcasts. Your subscribed podcasts are presented in a list with a nice thumbnail, the title, a description, the upload time and the download size, making it easy for you to decide what to listen to. Once you decide to play a podcast, you can control its playback using the standard play/pause controls and the seek slider, or skip to the next one by just a single tap.

Google Listen Google Labs Listen Podcasts For AndriodView in gallery google listen programs Google Labs Listen Podcasts For AndriodView in gallery

Google Listen is currently a Google Labs project, meaning it is supposed to be in an experimental stage. However, it is stable enough for day-to-day use and considering Google’s history with Labs and Betas, ‘experimental’ doesn’t imply buggy here.

You can download the app by going to Android Market from your phone and searching for “Listen”, or by using the direct Market link given below. After installation you can listen to the audios from a the list provided. Enjoy!

To read more about this product, visit Listen Google Labs page. Google Listen no longer seems to be available.

Download Google Listen from Google Play Store

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