How To Merge/Combine Multiple RSS Feeds [Exclusive]

Editor’s Notes: Since we have started covering various topics such as Ubuntu, News, Internet, etc apart from Windows Articles, most readers are not happy. Some want us to keep covering Windows tips like we did before and dump Ubuntu and other tips, but some want us to cover all tips since there is nothing wrong to learn about new stuffs. After reading various email feedback from my visitors, I decided it is time. PS…I will now be using the Exclusive tag with those posts that I believe are very important to my readers.

If you visit any Category on this blog, you will find a separate feed for that category. Suppose you want to subscribe to Windows tips only, you can subscribe to the Windows category RSS feed.

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But what if you want to subscribe to various categories, such as Windows, Ubuntu, and Internet and not subscribe to other categories? Adding 3 separate feeds in your feed reader is obviously not a good choice, since everyone loves to keep things clutter-free.

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FeedMingle is an excellent service that lets you merge multiple feeds into one simple feed. All you have to do is enter various feed URLs(one each line), give it a name, and hit Mingle Now button.

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It will then produce RSS feed, Atom, JSON and a HTML widget.

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Now copy the newly created RSS feed link and paste it in your feed readers. Below is the screenshot of how the feed looks like in Google Reader.

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Did you notice that all tips are in proper order? They are shown exactly the way they were published. 🙂

Now I am hoping my readers are not disappointed. My recommendation is that you should still stick to the main blog feed, since we always tend to cover the best tips that are useful to everyone. Enjoy!