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Are you sick of soaring prices for textbooks? Or you want to share your document with number of people? Scribd is a free, web-based document sharing community and self-publishing platform that enables anyone to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover documents of all kinds that includes e-books, presentations, essays, academic papers, newsletters, photo albums and school work. Scribd supports all of the most popular document formats that you can think of and you’re given unlimited storage with which you can store your documents. Once uploaded, you can easily share your documents with others and get their feedback. Even if you decide not to upload any documents, you can still use Scribd to find some great stuff that has already been uploaded by others.

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To upload a document , just create a username and password, by clicking on the sign up, located on the right top corner of the web page.

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Pop-up will appear,after filling the required information you will be able to upload your documents.

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After signing-up  you can log on to your account and can view number of documents available on different topics and categories uploaded by other users by just choosing Explore from the above tab.

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If you wish to add your own document on Scribd database its pretty simple and easy by clicking on the upload tab and you will be directed to the upload page.

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Each file is viewable in an attractive [and embeddable] Flash holder where you can scroll, zoom and print the document from.

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Scribd lets you publish and discover documents online. Its a big online library where anyone can upload a variety of file format.