Studio Design For iPhone & Android Is Like Instagram For Designers

Instagram’s success didn’t just happen in a day, but it’s no secret that the photography app has captured a lot of attention since its inception. Many apps and services have tried to mimic Instagram’s success through similar features for photography fans, though not a lot of them have succeeded. Studio Design, however, aims to bring an interesting proposition to the table, offering something that would appeal to designers who would like to create ravishing designs out of their favorite stills, remix designs shared by others by adding their own touch, and share the results with others. In other words, it’s the Instagram equivalent for designers. Available for iOS and Android, the app is fun, beautiful and just works!

Thanks to its more than decent UI, Studio Design makes it fairly easily to navigate between its menus and screens. Upon launch, you need to register an account with the service, which can be done in a few steps by connecting your Facebook profile with it. First time users can also follow popular Studio Design users for a headstart. The main screen carries the Intagram-esque feed that is automatically updated with new content. You may like other users’ designs, access their profiles, follow them, as well as remix their designs.

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When it comes to creating a design from scratch, you can start off by either taking a photo from device’s camera, or uploading an existing image from your device’s local storage. The editing area of the app is fairly intuitive, to say the least. For instance, you can easily scale the image via pinch gestures, or use the directional buttons and slider for the purpose. The editing workspace carries multiple tabs for resizing the image, modifying contrast, adjusting brightness and saturation, and adding a handful of photo effects.

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Studio Design allows you to work in layers. The Layers menu can be accessed by tapping the small button at the top-left, and lets you pick Overlays from several options including shapes, lines, text, boxes, textures and more. And if the overlays that came with the app don’t do it for you, you can also download more of them from the Overlay Market, where some objects can be grabbed for free, while others cost a dollar each.

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Akin to the background image, you may alter the size, position and color of each overlay that you add to your design. Switching between different layers in order to work on different overlays is also a snap, thanks to the Layers menu. Once everything’s ready, just tap the Tick mark button on the top-right, followed by hitting Publish on the proceeding screen to upload your design. You are also allowed to add a small description about your design if you wish.

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All in all, Studio Design is an extremely fun app to use for designers and casual users alike. It’s available for free at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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