10 Best Mac Apps For The Year 2014

2014 was a slow year for us as far as Mac apps were concerned. We found some really great ones though, and with the year over, we went back to see which were the best of them all. The list is short, but it’s got some great apps, some to boost your productivity, and some to make your Mac look a little better. Check out our round-up for last year.

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1. Screen Replay (Get the most out of your Mac screen and create screencasts in your monitor’s highest resolution)

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2. Draft Control (Track Document Changes In DOCX, Pages & Other Formats)

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3. StorageStatus (Monitor All Physical Storage Devices Connected To Your Mac)

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4. Recordit (Record Screencasts And Save Them As High Quality GIFs)

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5. FilePane (A Versatile Drag & Drop File Management Utility For OS X)

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6. VirusTotal has a Desktop App for Mac, Check It Out

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7. Copybin (Send Files & Text Between Mac & iOS Devices With Copybin)

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8. Control Center (Get The Popular iOS Control Center On Mac OS X)

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9. TagSpaces (Combine Text And Colors Into A Smart File Tagging System)

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10. OpenEmu (A Robust Emulator For GBA, SNES & Other Classic Game Consoles)

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