InstaMusic: A Free, Metro-Style Music Player For Android

Windows Phone might not be the most popular mobile OS right now, but that does not mean it doesn’t have anything that users of other platforms would want to see on their devices. Take WP7’s stock music player, Zune, for example. The visually appealing Metro interface of the player alone is enough to put any of its current counterparts to shame on any given day. The Android Market already has a handful of music players that replicate the looks and functionality of Zune Player. However, most of them are either paid (Ubermusic, for instance) or cluttered with too many needless features. That’s not the case with InstaMusic – the latest addition to the list of Zune-style music players for Android. What sets it apart from its competitors is the fact that it’s free, minimalistic and brings several new and handy options of its own to the table.

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Anyone who has had a chance to play around with Zune Music Player would instantly know what to expect from InstaMusic. To begin with, it sports the same style of browsing, with songs, albums, artists, genre and playlists arranged under separate tabs. Depending upon whether you’re listening to music by artist or album, the background of the app is adjusted accordingly. It could be the a photo of the artist, the attached album art or a background of your choice for the library.

InstaMusic Android Library InstaMusic: A Free, Metro Style Music Player For AndroidView in gallery InstaMusic-Android-GenresView in gallery

The app supports fetching artist images and biography. You must, of course, be connected to the internet for that to work.

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The app’s player interface itself is quite compact. Like in the Zune Music Player, player controls are arranged along the bottom of the screen and tapping the album art reveals the shuffle and repeat buttons.

InstaMusic-Android-ControlsView in gallery InstaMusic-Android-BiographyView in gallery

From the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings), you can specify the default Media location, enable Headset control and adjust Headset Button Timing, toggling album and artist background option on or off, select a custom Library background, set the player’s  Background Opacity, and plenty more.

InstaMusic-Android-SettingsView in gallery InstaMusic-Android-Music-FolderView in gallery

In a nutshell, the app is what its developer describes it to be – a “simple and beautiful” music player. So, if you’re a Zune player admirer, or like to keep things simple, then InstaMusic might just become your default music player.

Download InstaMusic for Android

  • Rob Josling

    What would be great is for future players to allow you to tap into your google music collection.  ATM I think only the official google music player allows you to do this, does anyone know of anything else that connects to your google music?

  • dredsnappa

    I thought this was the ideal player untill it said it needs to read phone state & identity & have full  internet access.

    • Andrew Fox

      Full internet access just means it can access the internet. If you look at the screenshots one of them has a biography, that info would be downloaded from internet.

      I believe read phone state is required for controlling the lock screen music player.

  • so rehman r u from india … music playlist hints in that direction 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I admire the keenness that you’ve shown towards the playlist in the screenshot, but liking a handful of songs from a particular region doesn’t imply that you actually belong to that place. 🙂

  • captu

    how can I set the album cover pic just like the screen shots?
    there is “cover.jpg” with every album folder in my sdcard, but the cover is still not display on  InstaMusic…

    help pls.