Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [07.28.2013]

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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the new features in Android 4.3, an excellent Instagram alternative for Windows Phone, cloud-syncing in SwiftKey for Android, and how to play GameBoy Advance games on iOS without jailbreaking, among other excellent apps and tips.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Coverage

Install Android 4.3 on Nexus devices Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [07.28.2013]View in gallery

Google announced Android 4.3 ‘Jelly Bean’ earlier this week. Be sure to check out our coverage:

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Google Play Games For Android: A Detailed Hands-On Review

Hipstamic Oggl Brings Its Great Photo Filters And Instagram Uploading To Windows Phone 8

Hipstamatic Oggl WP CameraView in gallery Hipstamatic Oggl WP FeedView in gallery Hipstamatic Oggl WP ShareView in gallery

One of the few remaining major apps and services that have still not made it to Windows Phone is Instagram. We have discussed alternative services here before, but they are no match for Hipstamatic’s Oggl, which not only has its own robust social network and awesome photo filters, but also supports Instagram photo uploads.

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New SwiftKey Beta For Android Includes Cloud Syncing And Social Media-Powered Trending Phrases

SwiftKey CloudView in gallery SwiftKey Cloud PersonalizeView in gallery SwiftKey Cloud SettingsView in gallery

Last week, popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey received an important, long-awaited new feature: the ability to sync your words, phrases, and typing style across multiple Android smartphones and tablets. They have also introduced “Trending Phrases” – it picks up new phrases from social networks as fast as teenagers can make them.

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Hands-On With The New Flipboard User-Curated Magazines On The Web

Flipboard-magazine-for-webView in gallery

In an effort to expand beyond mobile devices and specific platforms, the team behind Flipboard launched ‘Flipboard on the Web’ last week. It’s not the full Flipboard experience yet, but it allows you to read user-curated magazines from any computer with a modern web browser.

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Get OS X-Like Automated Folder Actions In Windows

Folder Actions for WindowsView in gallery

OS X comes with a neat feature called ‘Folder Actions’ with which you can automate certain tasks whenever items are added or removed from a folder of your choice. ‘Folder Actions for Windows’ unofficially ports that over to the more popular operating system, and it actually works better than expected.

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360 Mobile Security For Android Offers Per-App Malware Scan, Real-Time Protection, And Floating System Maintenance Window

360 Mobile SecurityResultsView in gallery 360-Mobile-security-Android-Floating-WindowView in gallery

360 Mobile Security has the feature-set of a premium desktop security suite, at the price of ‘free’ on a mobile platform, i.e. Android. It protects your device from malicious software in real time, advises you on privacy, fixes system vulnerabilities, and even comes with a ‘floating window’ for quickly toggling system features and reducing system load. There’s also an iOS app, but it isn’t nearly as impressive.

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Play GameBoy Advance Games On iOS Without Jailbreak

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Emulating games for older consoles like the SNES, GBA, and Nintendo64 etc., is one of the main reasons why people jailbreak their iOS device. As we recently discovered, you actually don’t have to jailbreak your device – provided all you wish to play right now is GameBoy Advance games. Although the installation certificate of the app that allowed this (GBA4iOS) was quickly revoked by Apple, there is a way you can continue using it.

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InstaLauncher For iPhone Is A Gesture-Activated Alphabetized App Drawer

InstaLauncher iOS FavoritesView in gallery InstaLauncher iOS ListView in gallery

If you have hundreds of apps installed on your iOS device, and use a few dozen on a regular basis, the iOS Springboard kind of breaks down because of its 12 apps-per-folder limit. You then have to resort to searching for your app from Spotlight in order to launch it. InstaLauncher remedies that by sorting apps alphabetically, and being gesture activated. It works with Activator, so that makes it easily accessible, too!

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Sparky Lock Screen Completely Revamps Android Lockscreen With Elegant Themes & Quick Gestures

Theme ActivateView in gallery InstructionsView in gallery Screenshot_2013-07-24-14-08-10View in gallery

Android is the most customizable mainstream mobile OS today. You can completely change major elements of the system – the keyboard, home-screen launcher, notifications system, etc. – without breaking a sweat. ‘Sparky Lock Screen’ is a new lockscreen replacement that completely overhauls how your lockscreen looks and feels like, with easily switchable, elegant-looking themes.

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Flash Blink Uses Camera LED Flashlight For Selected System & App Notifications

Flash Blink configuration screenView in gallery View in gallery View in gallery

If your Android devices lacks an LED notification light, your next best option is to use the LED camera flash as a way to inform yourself about new notifications. Flash Blink triggers your camera flash for calls, SMS, third party apps, and also quickly doubles as a flashlight.

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Download Any Vine Video To Your iOS Device With VineDownloader

VineDownloader iOS SettingsView in gallery VineDownloader iOS SaveView in gallery

Vine’s hilarious six second videos are all the rage these days. If you find certain videos so good that you wish to download them to your iOS device, you should check out VineDownloader for jailbroken devices that allows you to download videos to your Camera Roll in a couple of taps.

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Add Keyword-Based Filters To Feedly & The Older Reader In Chrome

reader filter optionsView in gallery

Reader Filter is a multi-faceted customization plugin for popular Google Reader alternatives Feedly and The Old Reader. Besides filtering stories based on your choice of keywords, it can also tweak layouts, and hide social media share buttons.

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Play Sega Genesis / MegaDrive, GameGear & CD Games On Windows Phone 8 With EmiGens Plus

EmiGens Plus WP8 ROMView in gallery EmiGens Plus WP8 SettingsView in gallery

Windows Phone is slowly but surely reaching up to Android and iOS’ level in terms of a strong app eco-system. Where it cannot provide users with exclusive, high-quality games, it delivers with strong emulators that open up your Windows Phone game library to thousands of classics. EmiGens Plus is an excellent emulator for Sega consoles: Genesis/Mega Drive, GameGear and CD.

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