Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [08.07.2013]

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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the official MEGA app for Android, a download scheduler for Firefox, a Mailbox-like Gmail client for Android, and multiple, useful Windows utility apps, among other excellent apps and tips.

Official MEGA App For Android Now Available On Play Store

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Kim Dotcom’s MEGA cloud storage service now has a place to call home on Android. The app allows you to manage files and folders, search through them, upload files, and automatically sync your camera roll. With 50GB of free space and this slick Android app, MEGA has gained a big advantage over competitors like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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PowerLine For Android Adds Bar Indicators To Screen Edges For Battery, WiFi, Unread SMS & Other Stats

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For people who like minimalism: PowerLine can display things like WiFi, cellular strength, memory, CPU consumption, battery level, number of unread messages and missed calls in the form of a line along the edge of your display so you can get your information with minimal use of screen real estate.

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Download Scheduler Lets You Schedule Firefox Downloads To Start & Pause At Set Times

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Mainstream browsers don’t come with powerful download managers, leaving it up to the developer community to come up with plugins like Download Scheduler to offer features like scheduling downloads to start and pause at custom times. Useful for those of you who prefer downloading big files off rush-hours.

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Discover Five Free Android Apps & Games Each Day With Spotlight By BlueStacks

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Spotlight is yet another app for discovering new apps, though because it is backed by BlueStacks (responsible for their namesake software that runs Android apps on Windows), you can bet you’ll find lots of great free apps. They are partnering up with big-name developers to release their paid apps for free.

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Swipes Is A To Do List iOS App With Gestures, Filters, Tags & Scheduling

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To-do list apps are a dime a dozen on the iOS App Store, but Swipes separates itself from the rest by combining some of Clear’s best UX elements with more powerful features like filters, tags and scheduling. It’s also completely free!

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Download Instagram Videos In One Click With Torch Browser

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This is the easiest way to download videos from Instagram: assuming that you have the Torch Browser installed, all it takes is one click of a button once you are on the video’s original web page.

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Download Amazing Free Lock Screen Backgrounds For Windows Phone 8 With Wallpaper Sky

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Wallpaper Sky makes good use of Windows Phone 8’s dynamic lock screen wallpaper feature by automatically cycling between hundreds of amazing wallpapers. You can, of course, choose and set a wallpaper manually, if you like.

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Combine Your Wallpaper With A Dynamic Clock On Windows With Dexclock

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Getting bored of samey wallpapers on your Windows PC? You should try out Dexclock. It allows you to set “wallpaper clocks” that combine – yes, you guessed it – a dynamic clock with a tasteful, static wallpaper.

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Boomerang Is A Gmail Client For Android With Scheduling & Mailbox-Like Remainders

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The stock Gmail app is nice and all, but it lacks features like scheduling emails and reminders that, combined with a gorgeous UI, are Boomerang’s greatest strengths. If you have a Gmail or Google Apps account, it is worth giving this free app a whirl. At the moment, it is the only high-quality Mailbox alternative for Android.

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Send & Receive SMS Messages And Access Photos From Your Web Browser With FoneLink For Android

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FoneLink is another BlueStacks-developed app for Android that allows you to send and receive SMS from your browser. This way, you don’t need to switch from desktop to phone every time you get a new text message, helping you maintain your work momentum. It also allows you to view photos stored on your device, but that didn’t work too well in our testing.

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cottonTracks For Chrome Overlays Visited Links History On Websites

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CottonTracks does something completely new to deal with browser history. Once you are on a certain website, you can activate the extension to view the pages from the website that you visit most frequently, or have visited in the recent past. It does this all in splendid style, albeit with a few functional bugs.

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View Stats For Windows Logon & Logoff Times With WinLogOnView

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Useful if you share a computer with friends and family: WinLogOnView shows you when a user logs on and logs off, along with other useful information like their Logon ID, domain, network address, and duration. You can even export this information to an HTML or XML file.

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Record & Repeat Any Sequence Of Mouse Actions On Windows With MouseController

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If there’s a set of tasks you perform every day that can be repeated with simple combinations of mouse clicks and movements, you should check out the portable MouseController app for Windows. It allows you to record these actions and repeat them after a certain time with custom delays in between.

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