Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [09.09.2013]

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It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss Pocket for Windows, the first interop unlock on Windows Phone 8 and an excellent solution for backing up and sharing your Android home screen setup, among other excellent apps and tips.

Pocket Releases Desktop App For Windows And ChromeOS

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Windows users have long relied on for reading their bookmarked articles while OS X users enjoyed perusing theirs in a native app. That is no longer the case, thankfully, as Pocket has launched a desktop app for Windows and ChromeOS. It’s better than the web app, but is a bit of a disappointment as a native desktop app.

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How To Interop Unlock Samsung ATIV S On Windows Phone 8

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At the end of the past week, Samsung ATIV S became the first device to get interop unlock on Windows Phone 8. If you own the device and have always wanted a little more room for customization, click the link below for the guide.

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Turn Your iPhone Or iPad Into A Chromecast Receiver With Chromecatch

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At $35, the Google Chromecast is one of the easiest, most recommended impulse purchases. If you want to experiment with the idea of it first, you should try out the $0.99 Chromecatch app for iOS devices, and if you already own a digital AV adapter for your iDevice, you can enjoy the complete Chromecast experience.

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ESET SysInspector Is A Comprehensive System Diagnostics Tool For Windows

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Power users know ESET for its excellent NOD32 antivirus, but what most might not know is how they also make a tool called ‘SysInspector’ that – you guessed it! – thoroughly inspects your system and generates a report on running services, apps, registry entries, drivers, potential issues, and more. We liked it, and recommend giving it a whirl.

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OSkin Is A Brilliant Platform For Saving & Sharing Your Android Home Screen Setup

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OSkin is a different kind of a backup app. It’s sole purpose is to allow you to take a snapshot of your home screen setup including the wallpaper, apps, and widgets, and share it with other people. It’s currently in beta, so it may or may not work well on your device, but we expect it to gain quite a bit of popularity when a stable version is finally released.

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TabCross Lets You Access Favorite Websites From A Collapsible Sidebar In Firefox

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Facebook and Twitter are almost always open in some browser tab for most people these days, so why not tuck said tab away in a sidebar, and keep tabs open for other, more important work? This is the idea behind TabCross. It is implemented pretty well, and we’re hoping it comes to Chrome real quick.

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doctape Viewer Opens All Popular File Formats From The Cloud On iOS

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iOS itself can’t read every file format you throw at it, requiring users to install third-party apps to deal with relatively less common file types. doctape Viewer allows you to import files from popular cloud services, social networks, and iTunes File Syncing, and view them after it optimizes them for viewing on small screens. This may be the only file viewer you will ever need on your iPhone and iPad.

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AntTek Explorer For Android Impresses With Customizable Layout, Built-in Music Player, And More

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File explorers are a dime a dozen on Android. New to the scene is ‘AntTek Explorer’. It differentiates itself with a clean, customizable UI, support for multi-threaded processing, a full-fledged built-in music player, cloud storage support, root access, and much more! We go through its major features in our hands-on overview.

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Create Awesome Looping Tunes On Android With Music Maker Jam

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Smartphones and tablets have always been considered content-creation devices, but apps like ‘Music Maker Jam’ are changing that image. I won’t pretend to know anything about music creation apps, so I’ll let the reviewer take it over from here. He really liked the app; considering it is free, musicians and artists ought to check it out.

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JellyReader Is An Offline RSS Reader For Chrome That Syncs Via Dropbox Or Google Drive

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Google Reader’s demise has actually been pretty beneficial for RSS reading apps. Although Feedly has since become the de facto Reader replacement, alternative solutions like JellyReader – an extension for Google Chrome that allows offline access by syncing data through your Dropbox or Google Drive account – are coming up with unique ways to read, and sync your RSS feeds.

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AVG PrivacyFix For Android & iOS Helps You Improve Your Facebook, Google & LinkedIn Privacy

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Maintaining online privacy while regularly using services like Facebook and Google – which make money off the data you share with them – is not a simple task, at least for non-tech-savvy folks. For such people, we suggest AVG’s PrivacyFix app for iOS and Android, which suggests, and helps you improve your privacy online on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

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Sidebar Plus Offers Multiple Side Panels For Access To Toggles, Contacts, Widgets & Apps From Anywhere On Android

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Sidebar Plus for Android takes toggles from the Notifications Drawer, widgets and favorite apps from the home screen, and puts the two together in multiple columns you can call from anywhere in the OS. It looks and feels right at home on Android, and works especially well on big-screen tablets.

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Arrange Chrome Tabs In Predefined Or Custom Grids With A Click Using Tab Resize

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Useful for people who have large, high-resolution monitors: Tab Resize can make grids out of your Chrome tabs so you can get a bird’s-eye view of what you’re currently working on.

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Wireless Minder Monitors & Automatically Turns Off Unused Radios To Save Your Android Device’s Battery

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Android smartphone battery life has dramatically improved this year, but with apps like Wireless Minder you can improve it further. The app automatically checks when you aren’t using WiFi, Bluetoot, mobile data, and temporarily disables the corresponding radios.

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