Words With Friends Official App Available On Nook Store For $2.99

The Nook Tablet hasn’t seen the resounding response that the Kindle Fire has, but people are nonetheless getting on board. As with all such new devices operating in a whole new ecosystem, the world of unbounded browsing isn’t yet open. So, while you may be enjoying reading books on the Nook, you still have to hold out on official apps to use a lot of services. For those addicted to Words with Friends, Zynga’s poplar game and viable alternative to scrabble, there is now an official Words with Friends app available on the Nook Store for $2.99. Read More

Root Nook Tablet On Linux & Mac With One Click Script

Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the Nook Tablet with one click, but unfortunately, that was for Windows only and Linux and Mac users were left with some annoying string of commands. Not anymore! Thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Loglud, there is now an automated script called NARS (Nook Automated Rooting System) that will do all the dirty work for you on Linux and Mac, having your Nook Tablet in no time at all. Further credit also goes to xIndirect, analog and Indirect. Read More

Install Alternate Keyboard Apps On Nook Tablet [How To]

Both, the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire came out rivaling each other and both were rooted almost a few days into their release. That said, both suffer from the same issue, that is refusal on the tablets part to allow the installation of third party keyboard apps. Earlier we covered the installation of alternate keyboards on the Kindle Fire, but the Nook Tablet has not been left behind either, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Robertely, who has devised a method to help you get your keyboard apps up and running on the Nook Tablet. Credit also goes to yaggermr and XIndirect.

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Root Nook Tablet In One Click On Mac [How To]

Earlier we brought you a guide on rooting the Nook Tablet in one click, and while the one click solution worked for users using Windows, Linux and Mac users had to go through a string of ADB commands. While that method wasn’t that cumbersome compared to most roots in the past, Mac users now have the chance to root their Nook Tablet easily, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member t-r-i-c-k . Read More

Unroot Nook Tablet In One Click [How To]

A one click solution to unroot the Nook Tablet, is now out. Earlier we brought you a guide on rooting the Nook Tablet, and that tool was a one click solution as well which seems to be the rage these days. The unroot solution is brought to you by XDA-Developers forum member Indirect, who also brought us the one click root for the Nook Tablet. According to him, “I'll rewrite it and make it useful but right now, it's basic and does what it needs to. Be sure you're back to how it came originally *meaning no altered system files* otherwise you might be left without a way to fix it.” Also, if you managed to install Google Apps on the tablet, this unroot script will also remove those for you. Read More

How To Install Google Apps On Nook Tablet

Google Apps on the Nook Tablet are as important on any other device. If you have just rooted your Nook Tablet, you would want to need the basic Google Apps on your device, most importantly to be able to run the Android Market and download apps. Installing these apps has been made easier by Indirect, the guy who brought us the the one click root solution for the Nook Tablet. The apps are neatly packed in a folder that will replace your existing app folder in the root directory. Read More

Permanently Root Nook Tablet In One Click [How To]

Root for Nook Tablet is here! Just a while back we covered a guide on rooting the Kindle Fire which really stepped up it's take on the iPad 2. If you have a Nook Tablet and were wondering when you will get the chance to keep up, you’re in luck, thanks to XDA-Developers forum member Indirect. Even better, the rooting method is meant to work not only on Windows as per popular trend, but on Linux and Mac as well. However, rooting on Windows is strictly a one click method as the famous zergRush exploit has been used in a one click script. Read More