Collect & Organize Music From SoundCloud, YouTube & More With Whyd

We reviewed Songdrop as a great way to gather all the songs you listen to online. The web service is like your online music folder that allows you to save music from online streaming services. Whyd is a similar service with a much simpler interface. It’s currently invite-only, but you can sign up for an invite  and it shouldn't take too long for it to arrive. Whyd works with a bookmarklet for your browser and lets you add songs from SoundCloud, YouTube, and any service that links directly to song files. The songs you add can later be listened to directly on Whyd. The service supports playlists as well as subscribing to other users and listening to music they've saved. Whyd isn't storage space for your music; rather it’s a way to gather all the online music you listen to in a single place for easy access. Read More

Get Album Art & Gesture Controls In The iPhone Volume HUD

The translucent box that shows up on your iPhone’s screen every time you change its volume might not be the most important feature of iOS, but the Cydia store already has a few tweaks that focus on this HUD to enhance it. Some tweaks let you add more information to the volume display but if you don’t want to alter it too drastically, there are options like Hud that add album art to the box whenever you are listening to music. Music HUD is a new Cydia release that can be deemed a combination of the two aforementioned tweaks. It doesn’t focus on a single particular feature, though everything it offers is related to music. Thanks to Music HUD, it is possible to control song playback by performing gestures on the HUD, add album art to it and tweak the music info that is displayed. Read More

Pokki Gets A Full-Featured Pandora App With Desktop Notifications

Many of us get tired of our daily hectic work routine, and listening to music is a great way to keep oneself going all day and replenish that relaxation meter again. Speaking of music, there are countless number of services that let you listen to your favorite tunes. Services like Spotify, & Pandora offer fascinating solutions to stream music off the internet at zero charge. If you’re an avid Pandora listener, Pandora for Pokki is a great app to use the service without firing up its webpage. This gorgeous app enables to sign in to your Pandora account to access your profile, playlists, radio stations and then some. Read More

Quickly Queue Songs In The iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

iOS’ Music player has remained pretty much dormant since its initial release on the original iPhone back in 2007. It can be argued that it is this way because Apple did everything right the first time, but that’s just not true when you compare the stock Music app with music players available on other platforms. One of the many features lacking in iOS’ Music app is the ability to dynamically queue songs without going through the process of creating a playlist. Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has developed a new tweak that solves just this problem. Check it out after the jump.

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Official 8tracks Radio App For Windows 8 Impresses With Great UI & Music Discovery Options

Being an avid music listener, I love fiddling around with different radio apps. After trying out services like Pandora, and Spotify, I recently stumbled upon 8tracks and found it to be pretty amazing to say the least, especially with all its social networking and mood-based music exploration features. After enjoying critical acclaim on iOS and Android platforms, the app has finally landed on Windows Store. 8tracks radio allows you to listen to user-curated music playlists and follow other 8tracks users (called DJs) in order to stay updated on their music collection. Read More

Gather & Play Music From Multiple Sources Under One Roof With Songdrop

We listen to music from a lot of different sources; SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Pandora, YouTube,, the list just goes on and one. At times, the services we use decide to play nice with each other and allow us to transfer our preferences from one to the other. At other times, we can use apps to help us connect these services and consolidate our listening experience in just one service. Songdrop is one such web service that acts as a song aggregator. It allows you to add songs to groups, which the service calls Mixes, from any website. There is a small catch though: you can drop a song (add it to the service) only from the song's own page. In addition to creating your own mixes, you can search other users’ mixes too and if you like the songs they have, you can drop them into your own collection. The service also has a dedicated Chrome extension, while users of other browsers can use the service’s bookmarklet to add songs. Read More

Import Music & Video From iOS Download Managers To Stock Media Apps

Apps and tweaks like Bridge and UV Downloader make the Cydia store really useful for anyone who wants to have access to online media files round the clock. While Bridge offers the option of exporting files to the stock Music or Videos apps without needing any intermediate computer connection, you still have to use the app’s own rather basic downloader. There are some pretty decent download managers available in the App Store, so won’t it be just perfect if they offered Bridge’s export options? Of course Apple will never allow such a thing, but that’s what the Cydia store is here for. UniversalMediaImporter is a tweak that adds the option of exporting media files from third-party downloader apps to the stock iOS app. The tweak supports popular media formats, including MP4, M4V, MP3 and M4R. Read More

Transfer Clipboard Content & Song Playback Position Between iPhone & Mac With BeamApp

We’ve covered about a dozen different apps that let you send files from your iPhone to your Mac and vice versa; some free, some paid; some gorgeous, and others ugly. What they all have in common is that they work over Wi-Fi. The apps are useful if you don’t want to connect your phone to your Mac with a cable, or if you don’t have your cable at hand. BeamApp is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store with an iOS companion app that allows you to send and receive items from your clipboard to your Mac over the internet regardless of whether they are on the same Wi-Fi network or not. The content you can bean could be email addresses, navigation directions, phone numbers, or a URL. When a website URL is sent from your iPhone to a Mac, BeamApp for Mac opens it in your default browser. In addition to sending and receiving content from your clipboard, you can also send the current song playing in the iPod app on your iPhone to your Mac. Read More

Highlight Played & Queued Songs In Playlists [Chrome] is a great service for listening to music with friends, or music that other people have picked out. You can listen passively or actively by creating a playlist for a room. If you enjoy the service and actively participate in its music rooms, TT QueueLights is a Chrome extension you might like. It highlights the playback progress for songs currently in your queue as they finish playing. The extension isn’t meant for passive listeners but for those who DJ in rooms often, it can be a helpful tool to keep track of songs and manage the queue itself. Read More

Discover Music People Are Listening To Nearby With Soundtracker For Windows 8

Listening to online radio is one of those activities that we enjoy the most during our work hours. For many of us, listening to music apparently keeps us coping all day with a hectic work routine. Spotify tends to cover all my music listening needs most of the time, but that doesn’t stop me from trying out new similar apps for myself as well as our readers. The latest such app to come across my way is Soundtracker for Windows 8 and RT - an online radio service that makes listening to music more engaging, thanks to its Foursquare-esque location-based concept. The app lets you discover music that’s being listened to and shared by folks in your vicinity. You can browse other Soundtracker users’ profiles and befriends those who share the same music taste as yours. Read More

View Now Playing Info For The Current Song In iPhone Status Bar

A Cydia tweak does not have to be of the magnitude of SBSettings or Activator to gain popularity among jailbreak users; some tweaks focus on just one feature of iOS, but are very useful in their own regard. NowPlaying on Status Bar is one such tweak offering something that might appear to be really minor at first glance, but has the potential of being useful to many. iOS already has a couple of decent ways of controlling music playback, and there are several music-related Notification Center widgets available for jailbroken devices. However, before you change a track or adjust its volume, it is nice to see its name at one quick glance. You can go to the lock screen to see the song and artist name, but what if you are using an app while listening to music? NowPlaying on Status Bar has been designed specifically for such scenarios; the tweak displays song info on the status bar both within apps and on the SpringBoard. Read More

Toastify Adds Global Hotkeys & Desktop Notifications To Spotify

The battle among audio streaming services has been turned into a blazing hot one for the past few years. Even though there’s no shortage of audio streaming services on the internet with names like, Rdio, Pandora etc. being some that come to mind instantly, Spotify probably takes the lead, both in terms of interface and functionality - not to mention its huge collection of audio library. For me, it’s unarguably the best music manager around that I simply can’t stop listening to. However, despite all these features, it lacks a few elements that many users would want, one of them being the lack of global hotkeys. Each time you want to change a track or turn the volume, you need to manually do it through Spotify's interface. Third-party tool Toastify has taken up the gauntlet to restore this missing functionality that should’ve been there in the first place. Read More

MediaMonkey Media Player & Manager Comes To Windows 8 And RT

Listening to music while working is a pretty common habit of most computer users, as it helps one relax and take the mind off of stressful things. It can also help people block off any disturbing sounds from the surroundings while working on their computers. Whether listening to music while working increases or decreases the productivity and efficiency is a debatable topic. After the default Windows Media Player, iTunes and Winamp, MediaMonkey is one of the most famous audio players available for Windows. In Windows 8, Microsoft has also included a new Modern UI-based music player. However, it does not provide you with a lot of options for playlist creation and metadata editing. Today, we have the Modern UI version of MediaMonkey that allows you to manage and play your music & video collection, create playlists, adjust equalizer settings, and edit metadata. More on MediaMonkey after the jump. Read More

EQuala Is A Social, User-Curated Radio For Android & iOS With A Twist

Social music discovery services are special in that they not only help you explore the top trending tracks from all across the globe, but also let you share your personal musical tastes with worldwide music lovers. The phenomenal aspect of most quality apps in this regard (like Hitlantis, MusicBunk, Exfm and Soundtracker) is that they add something unique to the concept in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. In EQuala, we might well have found another very impressive solution for discovering great music on mobile devices. Available for Android and iOS, EQuala (beta) presents you with a unique equalizer-like UI containing various sliders linked to selected EQuala users and friends. By adjusting the levels of these sliders, you can let the app know exactly what ratio of tracks to stream from the choice in music of each of these users. Based on your custom settings, EQuala will then begin playing a continuous stream of music, allowing you to enjoy the right blend of music from various users as you like. Read More

Serendip Brings Non-Stop Crowd-Sourced Music Streams To iPhone

Gone are the days when everyone just relied on their phone or iPod’s local music library to listen to songs. With the advent of 3G and easy availability of Wi-Fi at many public places, a lot of us services like SoundCloud and YouTube to stream content on the go. Another advantage of these services is the ease with which you can discover new artists and songs. Serendip combines the concepts of music discovery and social networking with non-stop streaming to provide you with an online radio of sorts curated by your friends and other users of the service. Serendip’s web service has been around for quite a while, but now you can enjoy its personalized audio streams on your iPhone as well. Serendip for iOS has everything that the web variant offers; you can follow friends from your social networks and discover other Serendip users who share your musical taste. The app offers endless streaming, which means you don’t have to keep pulling your phone out of your pocket repeatedly to select the next song. Read More

Music DJ Is A Great Alternative To The Stock Windows 8 Audio Player

There’s never been a shortage of music players for Windows, but the the exact opposite can be observed when it comes to Windows Store in Windows 8, which has yet to receive a top notch music app that can challenge the likes of iTunes and WinAmp. Since Microsoft has designed Windows RT to run Windows Store apps only, the need for a decent Modern UI music player is definitely not to be neglected. Even though the OS does include a native music app, it doesn’t even compare to the plethora of full-featured desktop media players for Windows. If you aren’t satisfied with the default Modern UI player, try Music DJ instead. While it's no WinAmp, this free app lets you listen to your favorite tunes and offers several features not available in the stock Music app. Read More

Jam For iPhone Lets You Create Original Songs In Seconds, Makes You Sound Like A Star

When apps like Songify and AutoRap were first released, the novelty factor played a big part in their success. Now however, the concept of converting speech into songs is not very new, and an app in this genre needs to have something really special to garner a following of its own. Jam for iPhone seems to have this extra bit of flair. The app offers a lot of styles, rather than concentrating on just hip-hop or pop. You get to decide the category of your song, and Jam processes the singing accordingly. You can even adjust the level of auto-tune you want to add to your singing, while the ‘beats per minute’ factor can be customized as well. Like most apps of this type, Jam has a comprehensive sharing network where all the publicly recorded songs are available for everyone's listening pleasure. Read More

Listen To Your Google Play Music Library On Windows 8 With gMusic

Google Play Music is Google's answers to the iTunes Store, Amazon MP3 and the like. It is a cloud-based music service by Google that allows users to listen to music and buy new tracks and albums from the Play Store. The mobile app for Google Play Music comes installed by default on Nexus devices and can be installed from Play Store on other devices running Google's Android mobile operating system. Using a Google account, you can also access the player from your web browser. It hosts both free and paid music depending on whichever mode of distribution the artist or the record label chooses. Each user is allowed to upload up to 20,000 of their own songs to the service for free and music can be played online as well as stored on your device for offline playback. Being a mobile platform, Windows 8 and RT-powered tablets are a great option for people who like to carry their devices around but if you are already an Android user, buying the same songs again from Xbox Music for your Windows 8 device seems like a waste of money. Today, we bring to you an app for Windows 8 called gMusic that allows you to access your Google Play Music library and listen to all the songs on your Windows 8 and RT device. It also allows you to rate songs, create playlists, and browse for new music from within the app. Read More

Fuzz Releases iOS App For Streaming Its People-Curated Radio Stations

Services like Pandora, and Rhapsody offer a huge collection of music for streaming, but all of them depend on automatic algorithms to judge your preferences and come up with music that you are likely to appreciate. While automation is good in most cases, listening to a playlist created by a computer can fall short of the mark at times. is an internet radio service that is popular for hosting radio stations created and managed by its users. In addition to searching for radio stations that match your interest, you can be the DJ of your own station to share your tunes with the world. has just released Fuzz Radio for iOS, which is essentially a mobile app for browsing and listening to radio streams from the website. The app scans the music library of your device and suggests stations accordingly. You can also browse through channels based on their genre or overall popularity. Read More