Install Custom HTC WP7 Mango ROM With XAP Sideloading Through IE

Great news for all you app sideloaders: a custom WP7 Mango ROM is now available for HTC devices with integrated support to sideload apps by downloading their XAP files using Windows Phone Internet Explorer. This will eliminate the need for you to connect your Windows Phone 7 to your PC to install downloaded XAP files. For more information on this ROM and the installation instruction, read on. Read More

Search & Download Ringtones To WP Mango Unlocked Devices [Homebrew]

There has been a lot going on about Windows Phone 7 and ringtones. Custom ringtones have been one of those things which WP7’s competitor's have boasted about whereas Microsoft’s mobile operating system lacked it. There have been a lot of solutions swirling around but sadly most of them need a developer unlocked device as you have to deploy a XAP file to get custom ringtones. If any of you were wondering if the case will remain the same with Mango, then here is the answer. There’s certainly an improvement on this front but you still need an unlocked device for getting ringtones of your choice on your device. R1ng3d manages everything about ringtones in WP Mango. Read More

PhotoTimer – Windows Phone Mango Camera App With Capture Delay (Timer)

Windows Phone 7’s latest update Mango and its promised 500 new features have become quite famous even though the update is just in its beta testing phase. For now, only developers have access to Mango (officially, at least, but you can get a taste of the Mango pie too using our guide to update to Mango on a locked device). According to rumors that we hope are true, Mango’s release is just days away. And even before the release, there’s already a healthy amount of Mango apps in the Marketplace. PhotoTimer is one such Mango app which brings timer/ timed capture options to the stock WP7 camera app. Read More

‘From Here’ – Navigate To Important Places Near You [WP7 Mango]

There are quite a number of location-based apps available for Windows Phone 7 despite it being a developing platform. Almost all those apps will be coming to Mango and even now, many have already rolled out their Mango updates in anticipation of the fruity update. But there are some apps which are developed exclusively for Mango, making full use of its new features and improved functionality. One such app is From Here, which lets you know all about important places in your vicinity and even plans a route for getting there. Read More

Time Your Tasks To Perfection With Timer For Windows Phone Mango

Some people might argue that no matter how idiotic it sounds, normal phones do have a lot of advantages over smartphones. You can’t transfer data as easily to your Windows Phone 7 as you can to a dumb-phone with an SD card (you can't on iOS and Windows Phone, at least). You have lots of restrictions which were unheard of in the pre-smartphone era. There isn’t even a stock app for countdown timer and stopwatch in WP7. There have been quite a lot of good timer apps in the Marketplace for quite a while, but since Nodo did not allow its users to run apps in the background, you always had to keep the timer apps running in order for them to work properly. However, in Mango this restriction has been lifted, and you can use the new app named Timer, which is a simple countdown stopwatch that keeps running even after you quit the app. Read More

Live Tile Now – Create Your Own Live Tiles For WP7 Mango Start Screen

One of the few things that sets Windows Phone 7 apart from its competitors (iOS and Android) is its unique metro interface. And what’s so different about metro? Well, it all boils down to one thing - Live Tiles. It is an extremely lovable, user-friendly concept but, unfortunately, on very rare occasions does any third party app get it right. Most self-proclaimed “live” tiles turn out to be mere tiles, clearly dead as a doornail. Even if they update, the process is so laggy that it nullifies the whole purpose of this feature. But there is good news on that front. Looks like with Mango, this issue has finally been resolved, as demoed by the StickyTiles app we covered yesterday. And to further reinforce this theory, Live Tile Now has been launched for Mango phones, which lets you create your own two-sided live tile complete with text and a picture of your choice.

Read More

Attentive Phone Adds Useful Options To WP7 Mango Settings Menu [HTC Only]

Well here’s a first (as far as I have seen). Finally there is an app which has the capability to make additions to Windows Phone 7’s settings menu! Admittedly the app belongs to a device manufacturer, HTC, but still is a refreshing addition to Mango’s arsenal. Attentive Phone has been around for some time in the Marketplace for HTC WP7 devices, but now there is a new app with the same name, functionality, publisher, icon and interface available in the Marketplace. The app differs from its predecessor in one way. It makes a new entry at the end of the options in the Settings menu and has a few really handy features listed under it. The features offered by Attentive Phone make your Windows Phone more smart and adds some pretty awesome gestures to the mix. The app brings back the "Phone" part in Windows Phone 7, as the tweaks offered by the app all deal with making phone calls more convenient for users. Read More

StickyTiles: Pin Up Two-Sided Sticky Notes To WP Mango Home Screen

It is pretty ironic that some of the features that bring Windows to your mind as soon as you hear their name, are absent in Windows Phone 7. The Sticky Notes feature gained popularity through Windows 7, but it’s a third party app which finally brings it to WP7. Sure, you can pin Office’s OneNote to your Start menu but that does not show its contents on the live tile, just the note’s name. StickyTiles for Mango does the trick by attaching a whole note to your start screen so that you can view what you wrote at a glance. Of course you can only write a small amount of text on such a note, but that is the whole point of the app. StickyTiles is equally useful for reminders, small notes and to-do lists. Read More

Add Connectivity Shortcuts To Windows Phone Mango Start Screen

Just the other day, I was thinking that why there isn't a toggle or shortcut on my Samsung Omnia 7’s Start screen that allows me to turn Wi-Fi on and off without having to go through the trouble of navigating all the way to the Settings menu and then to the connectivity options. Common sense demands that there should be some way to take advantage of the metro interface of Windows Phone 7. Luckily, users like me who have already switched to Mango don’t have to fight against our laziness anymore. ConnectivityShortcuts is a free app that lets you accomplish exactly what is described above. Read More

WhiteLight: LED Flashlight Finally Available For Windows Phone 7 Mango

Gone are the days when Windows Phone 7 was the subject of every Android (and iOS) user’s scorn and ridicule. We now have hidden Wi-Fi connectivitySMS photo and music sharing and lots more coming to Mango. One thing that’s still missing though (officially at least) is the long-awaited LED flashlight for WP7 devices. There are a lot of apps that claim to do it, but all of them do little more than bringing a white screen on your mobile. Not anymore! White Light is here, which is a third party app for WP7 Mango, using the actual camera LED to light up your world. Read More

Access DVD & Book Cover Scanning In Bing Vision Outside US [WP Mango]

Despite the latest update to Windows Phone 7 being a mere beta so far, we have been talking about Mango and it’s cool, new features for quite a while now (like connecting to hidden Wi-Fi networks, media sharing from messages and graphical emoticons). One thing we haven’t discussed yet, however, is Bing vision. Frankly speaking, the capacitive search button in WP7 can get a bit annoying (especially while within an app when you hit it accidentally). But Microsoft put it there for a purpose, and now that purpose just got one huge face-lift. Gone are the days when hitting the search button just took you to the Bing homepage, and in Mango Microsoft has decided to add a lot of new and cool features to the Search menu in WP7. Among the changes coming to the search area in Mango is Bing Vision. In the next update of WP7 you will be able to use your mobile's camera to scan book covers and QR codes, in order to learn more about these products. Read More

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango To Support Windows Live Messenger Emoticons

As we have boasted about the 500 magical new features coming to Mango on a number of occasions, you must be pretty familiar with the ongoing discovery of these features almost on daily basis. This time, however, we are talking about the lighter side of things. All of us text, and most of us put smileys at the end of our sentences (occasionally, at least). Windows Phone 7 keyboard even has a dedicated emoticon button on it, which just shows that Microsoft takes expressing your feelings quite seriously. With Mango, they have gone one step further, graphic emoticons are now supported on Mango! Read More

How To Cut The Cost Of Group Messaging In Windows Phone Mango

In recent times, SMS, or texting as it is commonly referred to, has become the primary mode of communication between all mobile users. A major factor that has led to this development is the cheap cost that is usually associated with text messages. Imagine the state of your monthly cellphone budget if you had to call someone every time you had something to say. But if you are a Windows Phone 7 user and have already updated to Mango (using our Mango update guide), or are soon going to (the official release isn’t all that far away), then your wallet can take a hit! How is that possible? Well, apparently, the fruity update of Windows Phone has the tendency to confuse a simple text message with an MMS, specially if you choose more than one recipients. Alarmed? Don't be, as thankfully there is an easy way to overcome this issue and bring everything back to normal. Read More

How To Install Leaked Mango 7720 (RTM) On Your WP7 Device [Guide]

For all the Windows Phone 7 users, a few days back Mango’s beta 2 version was released, and we covered it in our guide to get Mango beta 2 on any device. There were indications in this beta 2 build (for example the version number) that the real Mango (RTM version) is close to final release. And now here’s the big news, just a few hours ago Mango was leaked over at the XDA forum! The version number is 7720 and this makes it a genuine Mango RTM version. This is how you can get it on your device if you have Nodo or any of Mango’s beta versions running on your phone. Read More

How To Edit Office 97-2003 Files In Windows Phone 7 Mango

One of the perks of owning a Windows Phone 7 device is the ease and accessibility you experience while using products made by Microsoft such as Windows Live, Internet Explorer and MS Office. With the Mango update just round the corner, and developer versions available for anyone through a simple hack, this ease of access just increased manifold. You can now use SkyDrive much better than before in the IE9, and Office got an upgrade to its 2010 version. However the latter upgrade comes at a little cost. Now it is not possible for Mango users to edit Office files saved in older versions (97-2003). You can view them, but no editing is allowed unless your document is 2007 or later (for avoiding data loss according to MS). This can prove to be quite an inconvenience at times, so here’s a workaround for editing older Office docs in WP7 Mango. Read More

How To Enable Talking Caller ID On Windows Phone 7 Mango

Windows Phone 7 had a lot of missing features when it was first released, and that was enough to make it a bit of laughing stock for Android and iOS users. But in a short time, WP7 has come a long way from that half-cooked, copy-paste-missing operating system. And the best part is, it isn’t stopping, WP7 has kept on improving and with the Mango update expected to be released soon, things are looking pretty bright and rosy for the WP7-faithful. Hardly a day passes when a new feature (out of the announced 500) isn’t discovered hidden in the delicious layers of this almost-ripe fruit. The latest to join this list of discoveries is the introduction of talking caller ID in Mango. As Microsoft seeded the Mango beta to developers without any proper feature list, it took some time for people to come across this useful, little nugget. Read More

How To Change The Language Of Windows Phone 7 Mango Beta [Hack]

The whole Windows Phone 7 community is looking forward to the release of Mango, with the latest update to the OS expected to be publicly released soon. The beta is already out for developers and manufacturers (and even for a non-dev user if he follows our guide to getting Mango on any device). The excitement is incited by Mango in anticipation to all the new features promised to be coming to this update. Some have termed Mango to be everything WP7 should have been all along, as it fixes almost every known issue pertaining to the OS, and throws in a bunch of really awesome features while it’s at it. One such feature is the addition of many new languages to the update. However, if you are using the beta, the languages have been kept locked for now and can’t be accessed. There is a way however which lets you get a taste of this Mango goodness, and it involves a registry tweak. If you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone  device, along with Mango beta, you can change your phone's language from English to Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Russian, Japanese and Dutch! Read More

Custom ROMs For HTC WP7 Phones Released – How To Install

A few days back we covered the first ever custom ROM developed for HTC HD7. As common sense implied, if it could be done for the HD7, other HTC devices shouldn’t be too far behind. And sure enough, here is the big news. The Dark Force Team (DFT) over at XDA has launched a barrage of custom ROMs for all HTC devices. As can be expected, there aren't too many new or distinguishing features in the new releases, but you will still get a full unlock on all your devices, and the looks of each ROM aren't too bad as well. The DFT team has been into the business of releasing custom ROMs for Windows Phone for quite a while, and ceratinly know what they are doing. The HTC ROMs offers new languages, interface tweaks and of course, more accent colors. Read More

How To Use Messenger Integrated Music And Video Sharing In WP7 Mango

Previously it was thought to be a pretty cool feature in Windows Phone 7 that you could attach an image with your text conversations without using any specific tool or 3rd party app. All you have to do is to tap the attachment button at the bottom of the text conversation which will take you straight to the Picture hub, allowing you to choose any photo to be sent with your SMS. If you thought that was cool, wait till you hear what Mango can do. With Mango it is now possible to receive complete songs on your WP7 if you are having a conversation with someone using a PC! Of course this means you will have to be chatting on Facebook with the other party. Read More

Update To Mango Beta 2 On A Nodo-Powered WP7 Device [How To]

Windows Phone 7 is going through quite a lot of activity these days. There are a number of significant events on the horizon like the launch of the first Nokia WP7 device expected on the 17th of this month. The other big thing going on these days is the latest update to the OS named Mango. A few weeks ago Mango’s beta version was released to developers and manufacturers (although we did tell you how to get Mango even if you are a non-developer). As it’s a beta version, quite a lot of bugs were discovered, and to include the fix of those bugs, along with some new features, Mango beta 2 has been released. And here’s how you can get it on your phone. Read More