Tweak Your Ubuntu System With Ubuntu Tweak

It is never easy to tweak your Ubuntu system unless you use some graphical tool like Ubuntu Tweak. It lets you tweak your system in an easy and safe way, otherwise you will have to play with configuration files and it could lead to system crash. It is currently supported in Gnome desktop environment only and provides you many useful desktop and system tweak options. You can easily tweak the hidden settings, cleanup the unneeded packages, install up-to-date versions of applications, and do much more with it. Lets explore how we can install and use it in Ubuntu.

First of all go to System > Administration > Software Sources, then click Third Party Software tab in Software Sources dialogue box.

software sources1 Tweak Your Ubuntu System With Ubuntu TweakView in gallery

Now click Add, enter “deb jaunty main” in APT line box and click Add Source.add sources Tweak Your Ubuntu System With Ubuntu TweakView in gallery

Now, open terminal and run following command:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

It will take some time to install, once installation is over you can launch it from Applications > System Tools > Ubuntu Tweaks. Here is the screenshot of the main window.

ubuntu-tweaks1View in gallery

Now, you will see different categories in the left side of the window, here you can browse different categories and can tweak various settings of your system just like you can add and remove applications by clicking Applications option.

applicationsView in gallery

Similarly you can use Startup option to tweak the start up process, Desktop to configure different desktop settings, Personal to tweak different setting regarding folders etc and System to tweak your system settings. Enjoy!