BoxCryptor For Windows 8 Adds Security To Your SkyDrive

Cloud storage services have become a part and parcel of our lives. Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud etc., these are services, which, might have come across your way at some point of life – even if you hardly use cloud storage. Suffice to say, manufacturers are now shipping their smartphone and desktop devices with some sort of cloud storage services out of the box. Windows 8 is no exception and therefore it comes packed with Microsoft’s own SkyDrive. Earlier, we covered an application – for both Windows and Android platforms – called BoxCryptor that let users encrypt their cloud drives with AES-256 algorithm for that extra layer of security. The application supports Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. The developer of the app has now let out its Modern UI (Windows 8) variant named as BoxCryptor. Even though the desktop version was up for grab at Windows Store for quite while, the Modern UI-styled app is something entirely new. The application is still in Alpha and supports only SkyDrive at the moment. While integration with other cloud services is currently in the pipeline.

The app can be grabbed from Windows Store absolutely for free. To download it, head to Windows Store from the Start Screen and then either look for it in Productivity category or hit Win+Q hotkey on you keyboard and then use the Search Charms to filter the results. Once on the app’s page, click Install to the left.

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The interface of the application is extremely plain, so don’t expect any snazzy or bright colors. Upon first run, you only see the “Add” tile. Clicking it lets you configure and integrate your BoxCryptor and SkyDrive accounts. However, first off all you are required to add BoxCryptor Drive using the app’s desktop version. Simply refer to our Windows review to find out how to configure the drive.

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The next section contains the sole SkyDrive tile. It’s worth mentioning that as further services are added to the application, BoxCryptor will be updated with additional tiles. The standard desktop version already contains those services, so should you trying it hard to hold your horses, you may use the standard variant instead. Upon selecting SkyDrive, the app asks for permission to your account.

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The BoxCryptor.bc folder can then be selected after linking your SkyDrive account with the app. Connecting this folder will make it appear on the main screen of BoxCryptor for Windows 8.

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The application also asks for your BoxCryptor password that you use with the service. After typing the password, it shows the synced files of your SkyDrive which are fully encrypted.

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Overall, BoxCryptor for Windows 8 is still at the early stages of development. Therefore it lacks a number of basic configuration settings. Testing of the app was carried out on Windows 8 Pro, x64.

Download BoxCryptor for Windows 8