Capture And Share Elements Of App Windows & Webcam Images With JShot

We have previously covered a number of screenshot taking tools, GreenShot, Shotty, WebKut, just to name a few. Recently, we came across another feature-rich screenshot taking application, called JShot. It is a cross-platform application that provides many robust screenshot taking options. It enables grabbing screenshots of the whole desktop, current window and widgets (specific area of a window), as well as from the webcam (Windows only). You can also edit screenshots, assign custom hotkeys (in Windows and Linux) and upload screenshots to FTP Server and configured Dropbox, Twitter, Picasa, ImageShack, Skype and Minus accounts.

The system tray menu displays a list of options including capture delay (for taking screenshots automatically after a defined time frame), screenshot history (to open recently taken screenshots), hotkey configuration options along with screen capture methods.

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Apart from capturing a region, whole desktop and current window, you can capture individual elements of application window. This option is listed as “Widget” under the Capture sub-category in system tray menu.

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Perhaps one of the most unique aspect of JShot is its ability to capture images from a webcam. However, I must admit that the image quality for a webcam capture is pretty low.

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Once a screenshot is captured, you can save, share, copy or open it for editing.

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The image editor is quite comprehensive and provides all kinds of image editing options, such as brushes, color schemes, scales, color picker, arrows, pre-defined shapes etc.

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If you select Share option after taking a screenshot, it presents a list of services where you can upload the screenshot. When you select a service and click OK, it will redirect you to a page where you require granting JShot access to your account.

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Once done, it will upload the screenshot and provide you with a URL for sharing the image (e.g. a Picasa URL).

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During testing, we noticed some issues with the application. The most notable is that its system tray icon vanishes after a while. JShot can be run either by downloading a specific package for your operating system, such as an EXE or DEB file, or by running the JAR file. It works on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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