Delete Duplicate Files While Retaining Access From Multiple Locations

Duplicate files not only waste precious storage space, but can also make your PC dead slow by increasing disk seek times. So in order to keep your machine in optimal performance, it’s a good idea to periodically delete all those duplicates. One way to do this would be to find and delete each item one by one, which itself can be fairly time consuming. To save you from this tedious and repetitive task, there are tools like DeDupler that make the task of finding and removing duplicates a breeze. More details after the jump.

The application allows to search and remove duplicate items in a few simple steps. It boasts a rather bare bones, user-friendly interface. To get started, use the arrow button beside the directory path field and point DeDupler to the directory that you want to scan. By default, the application examines everything in the directory; however, you can click the second arrow button to make a few changes regarding the scanning process.

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You can select between two different file Verification Methods i.e. MD5 and SHA512. While MD5 would suffice for most users due to its fast verification operation, if you want to perform a more advanced scan, then SHA512 is your best bet as it ensures thorough examination of the items in question. You can also choose whether DeDupler should examine all files, or just particular file types by entering file extensions like JPEG, PNG, ZIP, RAR, TXT, EXE etc. Furthermore, you can specify indexing limitations such as halting the indexing process upon reaching a specified number of file count or file size.

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After configuring the file examination settings, click ‘Search for Duplicates’ button on the main window to let the application begin the indexing process. DeDupler also scans subdirectories under the selected folder to ensure no item escapes its examination process.

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A Results window pops up upon at the end of indexing. Along with displaying a list of duplicates that it found during the scan, the application also shows the pertaining information like number of duplicates found, files examined, duplicity and duplicity size ratio etc. You can mark the items that you don’t require and then select ‘Remove All Checked Duplicity Files’ before hitting Finish. DeDupler also boasts a Symbolic Link feature that turns the marked items into soft links (also known as references or symlinks) of original files. This feature is useful to delete duplicates while at the same time keeping them accessible just like real files from all concerned locations.

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Unfortunately, this feature didn’t’ work as advertised during our testing. If you decide you don’t want to delete any of the duplicate results found in a scan, select Do Nothing and click the Finish button.

The application works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are supported.

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  • tro

    Run as administrator!
    Replacing by simlinks tested on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and works great. You have to run DeDupler as administrator.

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