Disk Falcon Is A Sleek Disk Analyzer Tool For Windows 8

Built from the ground up, keeping both desktops and tablets in mind, Microsoft’s new operating system looks cool, and to maintain that cool factor, developers are trying to create Windows 8 apps that perfectly embellish the new Metro Modern UI. Although comparatively lighter on resources, the new operating system still needs a sufficient amount of disk space to provide you with a seamless experience. Available on the Windows Store for this very purpose, Disk Falcon is a disk analyzer that provides both eye-candy and excellent functionality. What makes it stand out is its user interface, which according to the developer, is based on Ultraviolet Dawn’s game engine. Using the engine’s full potential, Disk Falcon displays everything related to disk space usage in real-time on pie, bar and doughnut charts. Although the scan engine is not outstanding and a bit slow compared to other disk analyzers, it performs a deep scan of selected drive and folders, so you can easily identify which files are taking too much of your disk space.

Upon launch, you might praise the application’s sci-fi interface, but obviously there’s more to it. At the bottom right side, there’s a Volumes pane that displays the current disk drives on your machine. To start the scan process, click Scan Location at the bottom and then browse the drive or directory you want to analyze.

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Disk Falcon displays the progress of the scanned items in real-time. The Details pane to the right side gives an overview of the files/folder being processed, along with an allocated color.

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Apart from Age view, the application also lets you see and analyze files under Pie chart, Bar chart and Doughnut chart views. For instance, Pie view shows the files with their designated colors, while you can click or tap the color to interact. Hovering the mouse pointer over a particular disk space section displays the source file directories.

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Another nifty feature of Disk Falcon is Bin. It allows you to drag the superfluous files and folders from Details pane over its trash can to remove them from the disk.

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During testing, we noticed the application has quite a slack performance; it takes a considerable amount of time while scanning an entire drive. However, the time it takes to scan the drive depends upon the total used and available space.  The application is available at Windows Store and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows 8.

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