Excel 2010 Sparklines


Sparklines are mini-charts that you can place inside cells in order to view the data and the chart on the same table. In older versions of Microsoft Excel, third party add-ins were used to serve this purpose, but the latest Excel versions have embedded this functionality for the user’s convenience.

How To Insert Sparklines

Inserting a Sparkline is very easy, once you have your spreadsheet populated in Excel, go to the Insert option and choose your desired Sparkline from the Sparklines section.

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In order to draw the sparklines,  you need the to specify two values, the Data Range (it includes the column which you need to include into the chart) and Location Range (where you wish to draw the sparkline).

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Sparklines Types

There are three types of Sparklines which you can draw:

  • Line
  • Column
  • Win/Loss

With the proper use of Sparklines, data analysis is quicker and directly to the point.