How To Change Gmail’s Looks With New Themes

Google has release a new set of themes for its Gmail service which would be a great news especially for those who tend to get bore easily with the same interface and design with a period of time. A while back you could change the design and looks of Gmail with Greasemonkey scripts on Firefox that allowed you to spice up standard Gmail theme, in order to satisfy its users Google has finally released enough themes that you may like at lease one or two.

These themes can be divided into different categories and you can find them in Settings > Themes option. Some of the themes are shiny themes with chrome styling, like this:

chromestyling How To Change Gmail’s Looks With New ThemesView in gallery

You’ll also find some notepad retro themes.

notepadretro How To Change Gmail’s Looks With New ThemesView in gallery

And you also have nature themes that change the scene over time.

nature themesView in gallery

Also there are weather themes that can emulate weather on your mailbox as well as some with fun characters style for selection.

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Be patient to wait for one or two more days for those that haven’t gotten this feature available. These themes will definitely be able to attract wide users with different tastes that would like to personalize their own Gmail Inbox from time to time.

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Take a glance at all these themes and do let us know which one is you favorite. Enjoy !

Editor’s Note: My personal favorite is Ninja Theme. 😉

  • My favorite is the shiny theme. It has those glossy looks that I like.

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