How To Create Texture In Photoshop [Tutorial]

Creating your own textures can lead to great help when creating different designs for web and print. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will look into some basic steps involved in the creation of original textures by the usage of color and filters.

Create a new document, name it texture and set the size to 640 x 480. This size is a basic preset for web as well.

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Now choose the foreground color as red (#a80000) and fill the background with it using the paint bucket tool.

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Moving on, we will add some filters on the top of background layer. Navigate to Filter –> Noise –> Add Noise. Put the amount to 30.68%, keep the distribution as Gaussian and check Monochromatic.

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Now we will add a bit of dust and scratch filter to it. Navigate to Noise –> Dust & Scratches. Leave the radius as 1 and change the threshold to 29.

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Moving on, we will add some sharpness to the created texture. Navigate to Filter –> Sharpen –> Smart Sharpen. Set the amount to 70% and Radius to 2.0.

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In the final steps, we will add stained glass effect to the texture. Go into the filter gallery or navigate to Filter –> Texture –> Stained Glass. Adjust the cell size to 5, border thickness to 3 and light intensity to 2.

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Finally, we have a texture and it should look like this. Different filter effects can be used to gain different medium of textures.

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Looks awesome, right? Let us know which other Photoshop tip you would like to see!